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New Trends in Bathroom Design The homes within the Dr. Phillips real estate community are amenable to all of the new and fashionable trends in bathroom design. The interiors of these stylish properties can be enhanced by a number of additions and improvements to the bathrooms, which could include everything from new tiles and wallpaper to environmentally friendly low-flush toilets. Making these enhancements will add a modern element to any home, while also increasing its value. Porcelain Tiles One of the trendiest ways to decorate the interior of Dr. Phillips real estate is to use porcelain tiles on the floors and walls of each bathroom. These aren’t the traditional porcelain designs that you might find in your grandmother’s bathroom, however. The contemporary versions are designed to look like wood floors, thus adding a unique twist to the traditional bathroom aesthetic, which can be coordinated with other rooms in the home. Of course, these tiles—unlike actual wood—are water resistant, so homeowners do not have to worry about water damage in their bathrooms. Fancy Showers Homes that are part of the Dr. Phillips real estate community can also be outfitted with high-end showers. Showerheads can be equipped with different settings, allowing users to adjust not only the temperature but the water pressure as well. These latest shower designs, for instance, might be programmed to give off a light mist or steam, or be adjusted so that water comes out in high-pressure jet streams, turning the traditional shower into more of a massage-like experience. Some of the latest technology even infuses showers with aromatherapy scents. Toilet Functions Those looking to design their home in an environmentally sustainable way should be happy to discover that low flush toilets are now becoming the norm in many of the most stylish and modern homes, including those found in the Dr. Phillips real estate market. These low-flush toilets use much less water per flush than older models, ultimately saving thousands of gallons of water per year. For those who want a little bit more of a powerful flush, dual flush toilets offer the option of using more water when necessary. Low-pressure showers can also be installed to save even more water. Wallpaper While some might consider wallpaper in the bathroom to be an old-fashioned touch, this is actually becoming a popular way to decorate bathrooms. Those who want to add a unique spin to their Dr. Phillips real estate property might want to consider the wide range of design options that are opened up by the process of wallpapering. Homeowners who want to add a whimsical touch to their bathrooms, for example, can choose wallpaper that features flowers, animals or cartoons. Solid-color options are also available for a more traditional or minimalist look. Towel Warmers and Heated Seats During the winter, it sometimes seems as though is nothing worse than stepping out of the shower into a freezing cold bathroom. To combat this discomfort, many interior designers have started installing towel warmers and heated toilet seats in modern bathrooms. Towel warmers are typically built into bathroom cabinets, shelves or drawers to keep towels gently heated for up to two hours before the warmers automatically shut off to prevent overheating. As an added bonus, these warmers can act as an incentive to always fold and put away your bathroom linens.

Customizable Options Bathrooms in any of the homes within the Dr. Phillips real estate community can also be customized according to the specific preferences of clients and homeowners. Bright colors are making a comeback in bathroom designs, for example, but in varying degrees. Some people like to paint all of the bathroom cabinets in a particular color, while others favor just a splash of color to serve as an accent along the borders of the room. Modern bathrooms are also often customized with particular lighting schemes and fixtures, as well as with small details like drawer handles and mirror frames. Luxurious Tubs and Showers Lately, many people have been outfitting their bathrooms so that they can serve as rooms devoted to relaxation and pampering. Claw-foot soaking tubs are becoming increasingly popular amongst those who want to add a vintage touch to their bathrooms, while homeowners looking for a more modernist aesthetic have installed large showers entirely encircled by glass walls. These options add a luxurious feel to bathrooms that are part of the Dr. Phillips real estate community, making them resemble high-end spas as opposed to traditional home bathrooms. Better Lighting and Ventilation Dr. Phillips real estate property is also equipped to handle the enhanced lighting and ventilation systems that have become common amongst the most stylish bathrooms. For example, a recent trend in bathroom design is to add skylights to the ceiling, in order to open up the room and bring in more natural light, which is both mood enhancing and flattering. The latest bathrooms also include high-powered fans with built-in humidity controls, which turn on and off automatically to eliminate mildew-causing moisture. Unlike older ventilation systems, these fans are also pleasantly quiet. Increase in Size Another recent trend in bathroom design is related to space, as more and more individuals are opting to expand the area of their bathrooms to accommodate the aforementioned trends. These homeowners are rejecting the traditional full-bath design in favor of stand-alone, walk-in showers that take up a significant amount of bathroom space. Some simply want the bathroom to be large and airy, while others want to increase bathroom size in their Dr. Phillips real estate property in order to make room for more cabinets and storage space. Enhancing the size of the bathrooms in any of the Dr. Phillips real estate properties can also greatly increase the overall value of a home. Thus, anyone who thinks they might be selling their house down the line can make a hefty profit by investing some time and money in a bathroom remodel. Whether or not a house is on the market, however, a modernized and luxurious bathroom can greatly improve the home’s overall appeal and comfort level.

New trends in bathroom design