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How to Update your Kitchen Economically Orlando real estate has many homes that are of exceptional quality. However, the kitchen may need to be updated to the buyer’s personal liking. It seems that updating a kitchen should be extremely expensive. However, home owners can update their kitchen in an economical way by making only a few small changes. Paint the Walls After buying a piece of Orlando real estate, home owners are free to paint or redo their kitchen however they want. Homeowners can give their kitchen walls and cabinets a facelift by covering them in a new coat of paint. Paint by the gallon is incredibly cost effective and a simple coat of paint can do wonders for a room. One idea to add flair to a wall is to create a design with painter’s tape. Simply paint the background color first and then wait for it to dry. Next, apply the painter’s tape to the wall in any design and paint over it with the secondary color. After the wall is dry, remove the tape to reveal an eye catching design. Cabinet Makeover Orlando real estate brokers are happy to help buyers find their dream kitchen but sometimes the kitchen needs changes. Changing the cabinet color can affect the mood of the room. Keep in mind that the color of cabinets should complement or contrast to the color of the walls. This contrast will have a bigger impact on the room. Remember to use a de-glossing primer for kitchen cabinets before using a coat of paint. This will help the paint stick to the surface better and sanding down the cabinets will not be needed. A sponge dipped in paint will also give walls and cabinets texture. Use chalkboard paint to write up a menu or a grocery list right on the wall or cabinet door. Changing Countertops Countertops can become old or outdated so homeowners who want to update their kitchen economically have a few options. Using laminate instead of granite to give the counters a new look can give their countertops some life. Laminate is substantially lower in price than granite and is easy to install. Laminate is also easier to clean and comes in more variations so it will match almost any kitchen. Keep in mind that laminate can be scratched quite easily and is susceptible to damage. Countertop Options Orlando real estate homes come with exceptional kitchens but some homeowners may not like laminate countertops. Another alternative to update kitchen countertops is to install ceramic tile. The only down side to ceramic tile is that the grout is hard to maintain and keeping it clean can be a hassle. Ceramic tile is more durable than laminate even though it is slightly higher in price. Homeowners can create a checkerboard or abstract design on their countertops that reflects their personal style. Cabinet Knob Designs Changing the knobs on the kitchen cabinets and drawers can spice up any kitchen. Most discount home improvement stores carry unique knobs for a low price and are easy to install. Another option to update cabinets is to remove the cabinet doors completely to achieve an open and spacious look. Homeowners can also cut out a panel in their cabinet doors and replace the space with a glass pane. This look will change the structure of the cabinet doors as well as allow guests to peer into the cabinets. Redoing Floors

One way to update kitchen floors in an economical way is to replace the tiles with vinyl or laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is available in several different colors and shapes and the costs are low. However, installing the vinyl or laminate floors can be time consuming for a professional appearance on the end result. Measuring and moving furniture out of the way is also a critical and time consuming step to the process. Wood floors can be painted with a special type of paint to make the room brighter with more color. Homes bought in the Orlando real estate market will have easily customizable floors. Storage Options Updating a kitchen can result in a great look and still be functional. Orlando real estate homes come with kitchens that are spacious in their own right but extra storage may be needed. One way to keep the decorations functional is to use boxes and baskets to organize the kitchen. Wicker baskets will give the kitchen a rustic look. Use only one type of container for a uniform look or mix and match colors for a more complex look. These decorative bins or baskets can be used in the pantry or in an area with shelves that are open and where everyone can see them. Update Fabrics Fabrics for chair or barstool cushions can be updated by using scrap cloths or fabrics purchased for $1 per yard. One easy way to create new chair cushions is to create a slip cover or to simply sew right over the existing cushion. Many fabric stores sell fabric scraps for less than a dollar. A solid color works well in a kitchen with a lot of patterns while a patterned fabric pops in a monochrome room. Orlando real estate homes include kitchens that can always benefit greatly from new and updated chair cushions. Recessed Lighting Lighting can play a major role in the mood or tone of the room. Homeowners can change the lighting from bulky overhead to recessed lighting to achieve a more modern look. Recessed lighting comes in kits from most discount home improvement stores and often costs less than $20. Another option to update the lighting is to install a unique light fixture in the place of a bulky fluorescent light. Seek the help of an electrician for help with the wiring. Homes bought from an Orlando real estate broker will have several options when it comes to light installations. Orlando real estate agents offer homes that have beautiful kitchens but home owners may need to make changes to the kitchen to reflect their personal style. Updating a kitchen does not have to be expensive or frustrating. By putting a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets or simply replacing the floor, each small change will give a kitchen a new look.

How to update your Kitchen economically  
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