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CHARLIE HUSTLE Print is not dead. Even with all the technology, it’s still refreshing to be able to hold something in your hands and feel it’s pages, rather than just scrolling and clicking. With the example of other DIY masters—in both the graff and skate scene—as a source of inspiration, I have attempted to continue the two-way dialogue between reader and creator that was so prevalent in my connection to the mags back when. Many thanks to all the homies, and especially Aiden Duffy, Charlie Hustle, Mason Montgomery, and Emilio Chavez, it couldn’t have happened without you guys. -Nakedblood



Interview with Charlie Hustle The first graffiti I ever seen was Spade. It was a Spade written on the Nakedblood: First off, where are you from?

wall, and said, “Spade real fresh.” I remember, I had to be like five years

Charlie Hustle: I am from Brooklyn, New York. I was born in Bensonhurst.

old or something like that, my mother used to tell me, “Don’t go to the

I currently live in east New York.


You’ve been doing this for a while, how long have you been writing for? Playing on the block with all the kids and I would go to the corner and I have been doing it for, as long as I can remember. I have been writing

stare at that spade on the wall for hours. It was real mysterious to me.

since the late 80’s. In the fifth grade, I got suspended for graffiti three

Like who did it? Why they did it? I would look at it for hours and stare at

times. I started off doing motions, like jumping on the tracks, and hitting

it. It was just natural. No one really put me on to graffiti, it was something

moving trains. I have taken breaks, but it’s always been something that

that I’d seen, and fell in love with.

has always stood with me. I guess some people are plumbers, carpenters, butchers or bakers. I am a graffiti writer. NB: Being a young gun, who were the people you looked up to? Who were your biggest influences? CH: Spade and Cape, that was the first graffiti I had ever seen. I was influenced by a lot of local writers like: Dusk, Fray, Fritz, Anao, AH, Musk, Niro, Dart, IE, Jenz, Tez, Vade, DB161, Fate, Zoe, SED161, Nike, Taze, Astro, York, Dune, Dink, Map, Duel, Heart, Air, DC, Fib, Saint, Casio, Ghost, Sane, JA, Revlon “REVS”, Spesh, Daz, Sil, Skuf, Kez5 a lot of people.

NB: Within graffiti comes racking. Racking paint or whatever… Can you just talk about that real quick? CH: Yeah, I NEVER pay for paint, I boost everything, pushing shopping carts full of paint. When I was real young, there was this older kid that grew up on my block named Musk. I remember, I would be sitting with my mom; she would be trying to get me to do my homework or whatever. He would come up and knock on the door and be like, “Can Charlie come out for just one second?” They would take me to Martin Paint, and give me a big coat. They would distract the guy and I would fill the jacket full of paint, walk out and then give it to them. Gotta’ pay your dues. They would put me up and do my name and that’s pretty much it.

NB: You are one of the hardest dudes I know, and I’m sure you have

NB: Who are your affiliates? Who are your peoples? Who you running with?

had plenty of trials and tribulations over the years. Can you tell me a little about that and your perspective on beef?

CH: I would have to say BTM. You know Lewy is my man, that’s my heart right there. DG and JA that’s my people right there, In the

CH: Well…yeah… As far as graffiti beef goes, What can I say? I am down to fucking die homie. So, its like I am going to fight you to the death, I am willing to kill you, if I have to. If you come to hurt me, I am not going to let it happen. I am going to do anything to win and walk away without bein’ outta’ commition. NB: I heard a story about you getting stabbed a ton of times, what’s the story with that? CH: I got stabbed seventeen times at once. Basically the story goes I went out… well let me start from the beginning of this, it was like four in the morning. I seen a white kid get off the train with a bag of beers. There is not too many white people in my neighborhood. He looked kinda cool, so I asked him if he had any weed or whatever, he said yeah, ill take you to the spot. He brought me to the spot and you know there is this dude in the store older guy, he was a blood. He disrespected me, getting on me or whatever. So I said we had to fight. You know he was a big black dude and shit I feel like he would have washed me up, but you can’t think about that. Sometimes you have to take a loss. We went outside and we started stabbing each other. He got me 17 times I got him 14. The kid who brought me there, I stab him too, for bring me there. I got stabbed in my eye, thank god I can still see. I was stabbed in my both my hands, my heart my temple. I had two blood transfusions, I definitely should not be here for that but I am still here. It is very hard to shut me off, I’ll tell you that.

Graff game I love those dudes. They taught me a lot and they’re very knowledgeable. I push other crews such as BTB, XTC and NWC. You know all my friends are top writers. I would have to say I am really good friends with the best of the best. Shout outs to Toper, Kel, Remo, Sabe, Novyork, Sake, Adek, Malvo, Dink, Mane, too many to name… NB: I know you took a really long break, what made you start writing again? CH: I move away, I moved to Arizona. I kinda straightened out. I really didn’t think of graffiti too much. One of my best friends lived out there, Dexter DFT. He was always trying to get me to paint and I wasn’t into it. I felt like it was more like a job anyway I stopped writing for about ten years. I moved back to NY. One night I went to a bar, and I bumped into Gouch and Sober from Seattle. They were like Charlie come outside and take a tag with Krink. I didn’t know what Krink was. And I took the tag with it on metal and it melted me. It was a really great feeling, I loved seeing it Basically the next day after I took that tag I went to the hardware store stole a can of white. I went out to write, did

my outline. Outlines are something that I like to do. I spent a lot of time

not regular Polo, but special exclusive shit. I was always very much into

doing fill-ins and I got caught doing fill ins. And you know its all tempo-

clothes. As far as getting a tee shirt from me it’s very hard, as you know.

rary. It all goes away. Some people tag some people piece some do fill

I guess if I was going to talk in today’s language people would say I have

ins my thing is to get up most as possible. I don’t do one outline. I can

a lot of, “swag.” So people really want me rocking their shit and people

do a hundred in a row. They are hard to diss not like people diss me

bless me with their clothes (Alife, Anything.) People like the way I dress,

anyway but whatever.

they like the way I look. So I said why wear other peoples stuff, I should make my own stuff. Shirts that I want to wear, so I did. I got a press and

NB: I know that you also do this Creative Hustle Art; can you tell

screens. Some of the BTM kids helped me out with the graphic designs

me about that?

of them. You know I had the idea of what I wanted and they made it come to life for me. Adek was a big help with that. Chew and Vizie did

CH: To put it into terms when I was young you know we wore Polo, but

a lot of work for me. Then basically what happened was I really didn’t

want people wearing my shit. I am very selective of who I want rocking

na have different shit poppin up. The key is longevity! I mean that’s

my clothes. You know I just heard through the grape vine that Santigold

what its about. You can come out for 2 years, you can go mad hard do

wanted a shirt. She was at a store and wanted it for free the wear in a

ten million fill-ins and in a year from that most that shit will be gone. So

video and its like no I don’t care. I am not going to give you a shirt. You’re

I mean the point is, everybody does what they do. I can piece, don’t

a rapper you got bread. You like my shit, buy it. It’s a little something I

get it fucked up; I could do a lot of shit. I’m very creative, but I choose

was trying to do to make a living. You know like a legal hustle. But what

to destroy shit and get up as much as possible and smack you with a

I found out was I was too selective of who I wanted to give my clothes

bunch of shit, that’s kind of offensive. I don’t do it for anybody else es-

too. Everyone wants shit for free. All my boys there not really gonna buy

pecially the fan base of graffiti, I see online people post comments here

a shirt. There like, “Oh that dope, let me get it.” Let me get one of every-

and there. I just bump into shit and I hear what people say, “Oh you

one, two of everyone…. Whatever. They cost money to make. You have

know that shits wack” or “That shits dope” and I don’t really care, you’ve

to have money to make money. I am into it. I still want to do it. I do it all

never done nothing I’ve done in my life. I’m in a league of my own,

by hand. But it’s something that I need to take more seriously.

for a fat fucking seventeen-year-old herb sitting there on his computer judging my shit. It’s like what the fuck can you say, graffiti gets done by

NB: I think the shirts are a very honest representation of who you

doing it, you have to go out and do it. I’m taking the risk, I’m climbing

are and what you are about… You touched real quickly on outlines;

shit, you know, I’m getting arrested, I’m fucking putting in all this work,

I want to know what matters to you with in graffiti?

constantly risking my life, my freedom, my relationships with women, so what the fuck can you say. “You’re shit aint all that.” Well who the

CH: Yo it’s all important. I am gonna be honest with you, I like certain

fuck are you, what do you do? I’ve writing shit for twenty years. There’s

street art. I am not really against anything. It all plays a part. You’re gon-

much more that comes with writing as far as networking. I’ve put a lot

of people together; I’m a fucking staple in this game. What people say

NB: What do you bump?

don’t affect me, “I’m like whatever.” Look at the source look who it’s coming from. Give me a fucking break. And if you said that shit to my face,

CH: I’m gonna be honest with you, as far as music goes, I kind of

I’d fuck you up and I don’t even want to fuck you up. You’re not worth it.

stopped listening to music because I don’t really enjoy a lot of it anymore. Music and Movies could alter your mind if you watch drama it

NB: Random: Pet Peeves/Irks (Besides the 17 year old herbs on the

could make you depressed, I’m getting older, I’m in my mid thirties


and nothings that appealing to me. I’m gonna be honest, people might find this shocking but I kind of like lil Wayne. I like French Montana,

CH: I would say burping, people burping out loud really bothers me, bad

Styles P, Cassidy, Necro, There’s a lot of other people that I like but I’m

manners. Loud obnoxious people. Anything that really invades my space

gonna be honest with you I wouldn’t buy their shit. I guess my mother

or my mind, and throws me off my own shit I don’t really like. I’m a fuck-

told me that’s when you’re getting old. My thing is 80s-90’s music, you

ing loving person; I like people for the most part. Or I really try to and I

know The Rza, I love Mobb Deep, and Prodigy is one of my favorite

wish I could. What really bothers me is when people try to get at my girl in front of me, you know “Oh hey cutie.” I’m like damn man, I’m fucking with her, you don’t see me? And if I pull out my machete and chopped your fucking face, I’d be the monster and the bad guy. Like I said when I got into that fight with that kid, and stabbed him a bunch of times, the first thing he did was run to the pay phone and call the cops. You started with me, I caught the worse end of the deal and you ran and called the cops, “Mr. Gangster blood that your are” And when the cops came to my hospital bed and said you got to press charges you’re on 100,000 dollar bail. I said, “Nah I don’t want to do that, god will take care of it” I wont take the stand and point my finger. Eventually the kid dropped the charges and God took care of it.

I’m just really into myself.

rappers. Cormega, that’s my man, shout outs to Cormega. I don’t own an ipod, I got to be aware at all times, I’m not sitting on the train blasting music, I’m not walking around blasting music, its not fucking safe for me. I want to know what’s going on. I don’t want to be influenced. I don’t want to wear tight jeans or fitted shit. I’m sick of music in general. It’s very disappointing. Somehow I get blessed to meet a lot of famous people and I can’t stand them. Its not because they have a lot of money, they’re just corny, there a big let down. Everything is just fake; nothing they talk about is real. You know my favorite band is the police; I like a lot of 80s shit. I try not to listen to a lot of music because it has a lot of influence. You know what I mean it could fucking change

I’m my own best friend.

my mood, it’s a mood changer. I

I earned my shit. I didn’t want people to talk to me, I wanted people to

need to be in reality shit is real.

look at me, and turn away. But it did the exact opposite. People talk to me all day, “oh are you tattoo artist?” I hear that all day. It’s a vision, I see

NB: What next for you? You

myself. I have my eyebrows tattooed, it says, “Krooklyn Zoo York” I’ve

have a vision for yourself?

had girlfriends like don’t tat your face, then I do it and they’re like, “oh its so ill” Then they say, “don’t tat your throat,” then I do and they’re all like

CH: The thing about me is I do

“oh that’s so dope.” You cant ever let people shape you. I’m not saying

shit. I get shit accomplished. I

anything about people that pay for their tattoos I’m not saying anything

really haven’t found anything be-

like that. I just couldn’t afford it any other way or wouldn’t have had it any

sides graffiti that I’m really inter-

other way. I made my ink out of burning hair grease and mouth wash. I

ested in. I say I take breaks but I

got my shit tattooed with a lighter spring from a bic lighter for the needle.

really don’t. I grab a can of paint

People in prison were working out and I just got drilled, I got hundreds of

tomorrow and I do a bunch of

hours of work on me. Its all my shit, I’m just really into my self. I’m my own

shit. I know I have a lot of ideas,

best friend. I follow my heart. If I feel something, no matter what it is, I’m

but my vision is to be stable. Kind

gonna do it and see. If I don’t like it then I don’t like it. I’m not gonna let

of getting a steady job really, be-

other people shape my thoughts. Or stop me from being me.

cause I’m not fortunate enough to have help from people. There

NB: Any last words before you go Charlie?

is no safety net for me when I get locked up and I go to jail and I get evicted and my shit is missing/ gone! I don’t own that anymore. I’m tired of that, my vision is to be fucking stable. I’m just made a movie, I didn’t make the movie, and I’m a major actor. It’s called, “writing on the wall” Supposedly SHA MONEY

it’s really good, I haven’t seen it, NB: You want to talk about your tattoos, or is that whatever? CH: It’s just another thing, its not just whatever. When I went to Arizona I went to prison. 90 percent of my tattoos are from prison, I didn’t pay for any of these,

CH: “Sha Money Rest in Peace.” Shout outs to all my dead peeps, Poke, Sace, Semz, Nekest, Harold Hunter, Sane, Oil, Steven Dez, Kerse, Nace, Tie, Ark 911 All the dead peeps. I love you Bop (ABC.) What up BY4. Shout out to the luckest man in North America (Keo X-Men). And a super big shout out to my guinee pig Nipsey. Free Remo. One of the realest dudes I know. -L. Crews


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Nakedblood Vol 3 D1

Nakedblood Vol 3 D1  

Nakedblood Vol 3 D1