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Introduction Hi Hiliary! You will read about giraffes in this book. You will learn how giraffes eat. Giraffes are a social animal. Do you know how giraffes mate? In this book you will learn their relatives. You will also learn new words, too. Some words might be a little hard for your age, but it’s okay you will learn it when you are older.

A new born baby. A giraffe diagram.

Baby Giraffes This is a picture of two little babies with a mother beside.

What a cute two little babies.

They are 4-5 feet tall. They only eat acacia leaves when they are a baby.

The baby giraffe is called a calf.

Giraffe’s Diet “Giraffe’s can hydrate by the moisture from leaves.”

Giraffes could drink without water several days.

A giraffe eating lettuce. !








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Fun Fact

Giraffes can run more than 30 miles per hour.

A giraffe’s tongue is blue- black. Giraffes kick their predators away.

Giraffe’s Habitat They freely walk on the Savannah land. There are tall trees, dense forests and open plains.

Savannah of Africa is one of the giraffe’s habitat.


Giraffe’s Size

Giraffe’s have long neck, small head and long tongues.

Female is 1,600 through 2,600 pound and 16 feet tall. Male is 2,400 through 3,000 pounds and 19 feet tall. Pg.6

Life Cycle Females give birth to their new born babies which are called calves.

Then the giraffes die when they are 20 years


Females let their calves drink milk under the mother’s body.

Females {not their mother} in a herd also care for the calves.

Relatives The zebra is one of the giraffe’s relative.

The okapi is also a relative. Pg.8

Born: 2001/12/28 in Hong Kong Height: 145cm Weight: 47 kg Hair: Black Eyes: Black Pets: 3 turtles named Frank, Francis and Flora Hobby: Sewing, reading and watching Hong Kong movie Favorite animals: Dogs, Lions, Tigers, Cheetah, Snake, Rabbit and Giraffes

Vinci Kwok is a person who likes to read mysteries book. She had written a book called Dogs in 2010. She is a girl who liked to help people who needed help. She wished to have good grades.

Vinci's Giraffe Story  

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