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I s s ue 2 Summer 2016- 17

NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence Tr an slat ion al Resear ch in M u scu losk elet al Pain WELCOME TO THE SECOND EDITION OF THE TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH IN MUSCULOSKELETAL PAIN CENTRE OF RESEARCH EXCELLENCE (CRE) NEWSLETTER, DESIGNED TO KEEP YOU UP-TO-DATE WITH THE ONGOING WORK OF OUR CRE. The CRE in Tr an slat ion al Resear ch in M u scu losk elet al Pain has now been underway for 18 months, and a great deal of progress has been made. Read our research stream updates for more information about the projects that have been established and conducted over the past year and a half, find out more about some of our PhD students and researchers, and learn about one of our research centre's prestigious award.

On 26t h M ay 2017, the Chief Investigators on the CRE will all gather in Melbourne for a st r at egic plan n in g day. The purpose of this symposium will be to i) review and update the research that has been undertaken as part of the CRE to date and ii) to explore future opportunities and directions for the CRE and beyond. Investigators will have discussions based around two keynote presentations. Keep an eye out for more information about the planning day in our next edition.

IN THIS EDITION... - Welcome - Researcher Profile - Research Streams Update - VicHealth Awar d Winner s - Ear ly Career M entor ing Update

RESEARCHER PROFILE DR THORLENE EGERTON Dr Thorlene Egerton is a physiotherapist and research fellow with the Centre for Health, Exercise and Sports Medicine in the Department of Physiotherapy at The University of Melbourne. Before undertaking her PhD, Thorlene had many years of clinical experience in a range of healthcare settings in Australia and overseas, with expertise in gerontology, in particular, stroke and falls prevention. Post-PhD she has been involved in a wide range of research projects, primarily looking at exercise or rehabilitation interventions in people with osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, stroke, cerebral palsy and healthy older people. She has an interest in promoting wellbeing and healthy aging through exercise and physical activity. She has undergone recent training in health behaviour change and complex intervention development, which support her current professional role in translating research findings to clinical practice through development of behaviour change interventions and new models of care that support clinicians and patients. Away from her work, Thorlene has a passion for navigation sports including orienteering and rogaining.




Im pr ovin g pr im ar y car e

m an agem en t of ost eoar t h r it is (PARTNER) The PARTNER study aims to implement and evaluate a new model of service delivery (PARTNER model) that supports both General Practitioners and patients to uptake the key OA clinical guideline recommendations and achieve improvements in pain and function. Jocelyn Bowden, (trial coordinator) commenced in August 2016 and has since ramped up planning activities to enable the trial to begin in early 2017. The current proposed timeline for the PARTNER study is as follows:

PARTNER STUDY TIM ELINE M ar ch 2017 Start pilot study We will run a three month pilot study commencing in March to test the proposed recruitment methods and the major study components. Ju n e 2017 Finalise pilot study Ju ly 2017 Start RCT and practice/GP recruitment

Pr ocess Evalu at ion In parallel with the RCT, researchers will also undertake a process evaluation of intervention fidelity, longer term effectiveness post-trial, process of implementing intervention, barriers and enablers influencing scalability & sustainability.

For more information about the PARTNER Study please contact:

The RCT will evaluate effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the model of service delivery compared with usual care for management of people with knee OA in primary care settings. We will recruit 44 general practices and their GPs in NSW and Victoria, along with 572 of their patients.

Dr Jocelyn Bow den PARTNER Trial Coordinator Dept of Rheumatology University of Sydney Level 7C, ASB Royal North Shore Hospital St Leonards, NSW, 2065 AUSTRALIA

Au gu st 2017 Start patient recruitment

T: +61 2 9463 1898

Decem ber 2019 Conclude study




RESEARCH STREAMS - UPDATE STREAM 3 - Im pr ovin g u pt ak e an d adh er en ce t o exer cise an d ph ysical act ivit y This stream of research aims to investigate barriers and facilitators to exercise in people with osteoarthritis and low back pain and to explore new models of care for delivering exercise advice and behavior change support. The 'TELECARE' clinical trial is evaluating the clinical and cost-effectiveness of telephone-delivered exercise advice and behaviour change support by health professionals. Recruitment has almost reached the half-way mark, with a total of 84 participants enrolled out of a total of 175. Participants from metro, regional, remote and very remote areas across Australia are participating:

The protocol paper for this trial has recently been submitted. There are t w o Ph D st u den t s who are currently completing their theses under this research stream at The University of Melbourne:

Belin da Law f or d - Ph D St u den t

Pippa Nicolson - Ph D St u den t

Belinda is currently completing her PhD focusing on the remote delivery of healthcare services (e.g. via Skype or the phone) for people with osteoarthritis. Specifically, her research is looking at the attitudes and perceptions that patients and health professionals have about these services, and whether they would be willing to use them. Belinda has conducted qualitative interviews with the health professionals working on the Telecare study, and has recently had a paper accepted by Arthritis Care and Research, titled "Consumer perceptions towards, and willingness to use, remotely-delivered service models for exercise management of knee and hip osteoarthritis: a cross-sectional survey."

Pippa Nicolson?s systematic review titled "Interventions to increase adherence to therapeutic exercise in older adults with low back pain and/or hip/knee osteoarthritis: a systematic review and meta-analysis" is currently under review, and was presented as an oral presentation at the International Congress of Behavioural Medicine in Melbourne (December 2016). Pippa is also working on an adherence to home exercises in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis: reliability and validity of self-reported measures study. She is currently half way through recruiting the 60 participants needed, all those recruited have finished their 12 weeks of exercise and diary completion.



OTHER NEWS 2016 VicHealt h Aw ar ds Win n er s The Centre for Health, Exercise and Sports Medicine at The University of Melbourne were honoured to receive the winning award for the ?Research into Action?category at the recent VicHealth annual awards night, where Victoria?s greatest health promotion projects are recognised for their dedication to creating and supporting healthier and happier communities. Professor Kim Bennell and Professor Rana Hinman accepted the award for the IMPACT Project, which evaluated the effectiveness and acceptability of using the internet to deliver specialist exercise and education treatments for adults with knee osteoarthritis across Australia.

Ear ly Car eer M en t or in g Updat e The CRE and Program Grant Committee have continued to host a range of online seminars throughout 2016 outlining topics such as MatLab and it's use in quantitative research, how to prepare research budgets and what to do when preparing grant applications. Early in 2017 the committee will run a student symposium where PhD and Early Career Researchers will present their research for just 5 minutes, with an award going to the best presentation.

Professor Kim Bennell & Professor Rana Hinman accepting the VicHealth 2016 Research into Action category awards for their IMPACT project.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! For f u r t h er in f or m at ion , please con t act Pen n y Cam pbell:

pen elopec@u n im elb.edu .au or visit ou r w ebsit e:

w w w.cr em u sct r an slat ion .com On behalf of the CRE Investigators and team, we would like to wish you and your families a safe and merry festive season and a happy new year. Warm wishes for a prosperous 2017! We look forward to bringing you more news and updates of our research over the coming year.



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Cre newsletter issue 2  

The second edition of the Translational Research in Musculoskeletal Pain Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) Newsletter.

Cre newsletter issue 2  

The second edition of the Translational Research in Musculoskeletal Pain Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) Newsletter.