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Features Packed Mail Forwarding Services What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you go on vacation or want to work from home? What about the mails? The tension seems to increase more if you are expecting mails from some important clients or some which may contain classified information. Obviously, you do not want anyone to be privy to that mail. In such a predicament, it is imperative that you avail the Mail forwarding Services. We, at Capital Office, provide you a service which is not only the best but also something which can be tailored according to your specifications. In short, there are innumerable lucrative packages which can make customisation look like a thing of the past.

Features galore: Yes, we understand that there are many such companies operating in the genre of mail forwarding services. But there are some sure shot difference between us and them which make us so distinct. What are they? Well, some of the points are enumerated below for your perusal. 

Mails can be forwarded to any location not only within the nations but also globally.

Activation of our services is instant. There is no delay. In other words, you sign up and start using.

Privacy and confidentiality shall be maintained at all costs and for all clients.

The services and provisions are for unlimited mails and packages as well.

Notification of packages or mails is done via an SMS, phone call or an email.

Your visiting clients are given door to door and impeccable customer service.

Award winning company for providing related solutions to mail forwarding.

You can collect all the mails from our premises so that there is no third party between you and your mails. This is also to ensure that no information is lost at all.

Established for more than 40 years in this line of business, we take personal interest in making sure that your mails and parcels reach you in the condition they were sent – unopened and with intact contents. To know more about us or the myriad mail forwarding services that we provide, you can visit our site at In short, our mail forwarding services are smart, sophisticated and absolutely essential for the modern day business world.

Summary: Mail forwarding service is essential in today’s jet setting world. Packed with a plethora of features, this can truly minimize your work load without making you even realise it. This is indeed the best way to manage your mails without having to compromise on anything.

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Mail Forwarding from Capital Office Ltd. A Mail forwarding service enables a client to use our London EC1 postal address for their own busin...

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