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Approach adopted by Montessori is to help in the development of children’s unique self, which gives the opportunity to the child to develop at his/her own pace. This allows the children to think freely while learning. If you are considering Montessori teaching for your child then understandably you would be curious about the curriculum it has to offer. Language skills play a big role in the learning process of a child and it is an important aspect of Montessori learning.

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of language according to Merriam Webster is “system of words or signs that people use to express thoughts and feelings to each other”


Initial human language or way of communication was through drawings and pictures. Over a period of time the pictures and drawings developed into diagrams, when different kind of pictures turned into symbols and soon the same symbols turned into words. As we, all know words involve letter, therefore, vowels surfaced which led to alphabets. Over time, language has evolved and it will continue to evolve from one generation to another.


A toddler at an age of 18 months can be enrolled into most Montessori classes. Children start learning language skills as soon as they are enrolled into Montessori classrooms. Communication triggers the thought process so it is of utmost importance that the child is spoken to and listened to as well. Child has to be made to feel comfortable then only he will be able to speak his mind without any hesitation. Communication has to be encouraged but it is something that happens spontaneously. For instance, telling stories to children is a great way to engage them into using their language skills. Letting the child learn at his/her own pace through appropriate activities will build their confidence, which is crucial.


Matching exercises and vocabulary classification that are taught via flash cards are some of the tools used by Montessori Method of learning, this helps a great deal in the development of visual perception. Children are not forced into any kind of learning in fact they are encouraged to learn at their own speed through different reading programs created for them. Books, interactive reading, audible stories keeps the child interested and the engaged in the task at hand. Tracing and writing down words or different letters that children have worked on is very important. Writing material such as pencils, markers, different kinds of papers allows the children to be creative.

These are only a few techniques that are used by Montessori Method of teaching. It is very important to research and discuss different facets of learning to get the full curriculum from any potential school.

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