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Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter. Over the past 2 years Crestwood have invested in the development of our own Augmented Reality App and services to help provide developers communicate their scheme designs interactively in real-time. The technology makes use of standard 3D modelling, gaming and other software together with the camera and global positioning information in tablets and smart phones. The live view of the camera shown on the tablet or smart phone screen is overlaid with a 3D model of the proposal which is positioned accurately where it would exist in reality at the correct co-ordinates, orientation, elevation and scale. This allows the viewer to understand how the proposed development would be sited in relation to the existing context, helping to communicate a scheme instantly without the need to interpret traditional plans and cross-sections. Continued overleaf > Click the image to go to the demonstration

Augmented Reality Application Crestwood’s Augmented Reality solution is a cost-effective way to communicate design options and the visual effects of a proposal on-site with just a quick download and the use of a tablet or smart-phone. The level of accuracy can be tailored to the situation, ranging from tablet GPS accuracy through to survey-level accuracy using real-time RTX survey data. Our in-house visualisation team can assist with 3D modelling or we can incorporate existing 3D models created by others. Crestwood have recently used Augmented Reality to demonstrate the screening afforded by woodland from a neighbouring property in relation to a proposed mineral development. Any environmental data that is geo-located can be visualised on site, resulting in numerous other potential applications for the technology e.g. flood levels, borehole data or light levels, and moving elements can also be incorporated.

Other applications include sounds and interpretative information relating to signs, advertisements and monuments. Line plans can be brought to life and old ruins can be reconstructed on site! It is likely that Augmented Reality will have an increasing role in community and planning consultations and as an interactive design and assessment tool. Please click the image on the front page for a demonstration of our capability.

Contact: Karl Jones

Environmental Our team of Environmental Consultants has expertise in modelling atmospheric dispersion and deposition of pollutants such as odour and ammonia from agricultural, wastewater or industrial sources, which is important when planning new sites or expanding existing facilities. We have secured Environmental Permit variations for two large landfill sites to authorise a significant increase in annual waste throughput and meet increasing operational demand at both facilities. Crestwood has been commissioned to prepare Air Quality Assessments and supporting air dispersion modelling for three sites in England where diesel generators will be installed to provide electrical power for export to the National Grid. Our laboratory has been recently appointed to undertake a detailed analysis of mould samples taken at a large organic waste treatment site to determine the precise fungi present and any potential impacts on the environment and health. Identification is likely to include the latest DNA analysis techniques to determine the exact species present. Crestwood have particular expertise in boundary and personnel monitoring of dust and bioaerosols, carried out according to AFOR protocol and analysed at our in-house laboratory. Crestwood have long standing experience of monitoring bioaerosols at a

wide range of sites including waste transfer stations, anaerobic digesters and open windrow composting facilities, where the health of staff and surrounding receptors may be at risk to infection or allergic reaction through inhalation. We use the latest technology to ensure samples are processed within 24 hours and incubated for the required time to get the most accurate results. Crestwood developed a Fire Prevention Plan (FPP) for a site processing waste materials in Staffordshire. The requirement for an FPP is a relatively new permit requirement introduced by the Environment Agency under the Environmental Permitting Regulations. The EA consider the new Plans carefully through a national reviewing panel which to date has only approved a limited number of Plans. We were pleased that the Plan we produced has been successfully approved by the Agency.

We have been involved in preparing a Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) Plan for construction of a basal and sidewall low permeability liner at a landfill site in Yorkshire. Following approval of the plan by the Environment Agency (EA) Crestwood were responsible for supervising construction works on site and producing a Validation Report for the works. The Validation Report has been approved by the EA and the parent company are now continuing with landfill operations.

Please contact Steve Barnes or David Lowe for further details.

eDNA Crestwood have successfully completed our first survey season of in-house environmental DNA (eDNA) analysis for Great Crested Newts. The team will now reflect on the knowledge gained from this season and welcome any feedback from clients who have already used this service. Following a market research survey conducted earlier this year, Crestwood are currently developing a new eDNA detection assay for

Water Vole. Crestwood will be combining the knowledge of our ecologists with the experts in DNA analysis at the University of Wolverhampton to develop and test this assay in different environments, providing a valuable new tool for ecologists. Please contact Carl Halford or Karl Jones for further details:

Ecology Lucy Cash, our Principal Ecologist, has recently become a Registered Consultant for GCN Low Impact Licences. Due to Lucy’s previous experience with GCN EPS licences on numerous projects across the country she was able to meet the criteria to qualify as a Registered Consultant. Low Impact Licences apply to smaller or less complex projects where the impacts from development apply to terrestrial newt habitat only (with the exception of wet ditches on large linear projects). The Low Impact Licence process is less onerous than the traditional EPS licensing system and is hoped to save time and money for the developer in the long run. Only Registered Consultants can register a site for GCN Low Impact Licence. Coupling this licence type with our in-house eDNA sampling and laboratory analysis services, can potentially quickly provide clients with a low-cost technique option to determine presence of the species. Avoiding a full licence application would save time and allow works to proceed when, previously, delays due to survey restrictions would have been potentially encountered. Our assistant ecologists Jenny and Jaclyn have recently undertaken a FISC exam (Field Identification Skills Certificate). This is a recognised method of testing botanical knowledge and a number of our more experienced staff already have certification to a higher level.

After much hard work Jenny and Jaclyn have recently enjoyed the success of gaining Class 1 Great Crested Newt (GCN) and Bat licences from Natural England.

Please contact Lucy Cash or Karl Jones for further details.

Landscape Mineral Developments The government remain committed to economic growth and development, to which mineral supply is an integral part of many sectors. Crestwood are involved in a range of existing and potential new quarry and landfill sites across the U.K. We continue to support minerals operators with a range of technical support including quarry/landfill design services, Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment, Ecological Impact Assessment, Air Quality (Dust and Odour) Assessments, as well as co-ordinating multi-disciplinary teams. A recent project example for a quarry in Staffordshire included environmental consultancy inputs and coordination to help secure planning approval for an extension of time and change in restoration proposals. We also provided a full operational and rest oration design service, including 3D ground modelling.

A range of environmental ES chapters were prepared and Crestwood also coordinated the planning submission with the client and negotiated an appropriate restoration strategy with the Environment Agency (to allow for the on-site manufacture of restoration materials). Crestwood provide a full Environmental Permitting and support service in relation to landfill restoration of quarries (and accompanying waste related activities), as well as environmental monitoring. We are increasingly supporting operators in providing recycling and secondary aggregate facilities, as well representing operators as expert witnesses during Local Plan Inquiries. Recently we have witnessed increased interest in ‘waste mining’, particularly in relation to previously deposited pulverised-fuel/furnace bottom ash, and are providing support on a number of proposals.

Residential Appeal Crestwood recently provided expert inputs on landscape and cultural heritage matters for a residential development in a Cumbrian village that is located within a Conservation Area and adjacent to a listed building. The scheme was not constructed in full compliance with planning permission and the appeals comprised nine separate technical reports lodged on behalf of the residential developer, including appeals against refusal of retrospective planning permission, Section 73A appeals for individual parts of the development and enforcement appeal statement following action by the Local Planning Authority. We await the decision of the Planning Inspectorate.

Solar Farm Appeal Success – Landscape and Visual Impact Following recent success at appeal for a solar energy scheme in Hampshire, Crestwood have recently been informed that another solar scheme in Somerset for a different client was granted planning permission at appeal (August 2016). The main issue in this appeal was landscape character and visual amenity. In the appeal statement Crestwood carefully set the proposal in its baseline landscape context and the reduction in the size of scheme combined with appropriate landscape mitigation presented a scheme that whilst clearly visible from some locations, would on balance not have unacceptable landscape or visual impacts.

Telecommunications Mast Crestwood have recently prepared a landscape and visual impact assessment including ZTV and photomontages for a 15m high telecommunications mast. The proposal is located in a sensitive landscape location near the Quantock Hills AONB in Somerset and the mitigation included careful consideration of the mast shape and colour to minimise landscape and visual impacts.

Prior to Crestwood being involved, a previous application had been withdrawn due to objections from a nearby resident and the planning consultant approached Crestwood due to our extensive experience of assessing vertical infrastructure in sensitive landscape situations. In addition Crestwood are well placed to provide ecological and arboricultural inputs in this sector.

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment Audit Crestwood were recently commissioned by a Parish Council in Staffordshire to review a landscape and visual impact assessment of a polytunnel development that had been prepared on behalf of an agricultural developer. Residents were concerned about a proposal to regularise and expand an existing polytunnel site across an application area of almost 100 hectares. Crestwood found that the LVIA prepared for the developer was not based on current best practice guidance, contained a range of errors and the buffer zones adjacent to the village were not based on a robust constraints analysis. We look forward to potentially assisting the Parish Council further in order to achieve a mutually acceptable outcome where planning permission with landscape mitigation conditions allows expansion of the polytunnels that is appropriate to the locality.

Green Belt Studies Crestwood are providing ongoing support in relation to Green Belt Reviews and Housing capacity Assessments including cumulative assessments. Our work to date has focussed on providing part of a Local Planning Authorities evidence base to be taken forward in Development Plan Inquiries. Crestwood predict that with housing shortfalls unable to be accommodated solely on brownfield land, a robust review of Green Belt that can be supported by experienced landscape architects is likely to be in demand.

Lodge Landscape Design and Management Plan Crestwood have prepared landscape design and management plan proposals for a lodge development at Europe’s largest narrowboat marina in Derbyshire. Our work was undertaken to assist the leisure developer client discharge planning conditions. The scheme included the detailed planting design of semi-private planted areas around the lodges, an ornamental lake with islands and a landscape area with a circular walking route, wildflower meadows and parkland trees. A landscape management plan to take into account existing ecological sensitivities has also been prepared.

Please contact Neil Furber, Karl Jones or Adam Collinge for further details:

Recent Testimonials


We provided Ecology and Landscape Expert Witness at Public Inquiry in relation to a proposed Marina and achieved a positive result for our client: “Please thank your team for doing an outstanding piece of work. I would happily recommend Crestwood’s services to anyone seeking a professional service.”

We are delighted to announce the promotion of Lucy Cash and Adam Collinge to Principal Consultants. We would like to thank them both for their continued hard work and commitment.

Managing Director

For client feedback please visit our website: testimonials.html

Staff News Charlotte has recently completed a Master of Science degree from the University of East Anglia, where she graduated with a 2:1 in Environmental Science. Charlotte completed a fourth year dissertation ‘A Life Cycle Assessment of Refuse Collection Vehicle Operations: The City of Norwich’, which included data collection through communications with Biffa, the household waste collectors, and development of a life cycle assessment database. Throughout the past three years Charlotte has been a student member of the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management (CIWM),

where she was able to attend the New Members Network event and other conferences during this time. She also had the opportunity earlier this year, to attend the Winter School on solid waste management at the University of Texas, provided by the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA).

Employee of the Quarter It goes without saying that all our staff members are hard working and committed to providing a first class service to our clients. To ensure individual employees’ efforts and achievements are recognised, we started an Employee of the Quarter programme; a vote that is ‘by the staff’ ‘for the staff’. The accolade doesn’t go without a reward of course - winners can choose between a meal for two at Marco Pierre White’s restaurant in Birmingham, or a choice of vouchers to spend on themselves.

April 2016 Carl Halford - Environmental DNA Analysis Scientist Nominated for setting up the eDNA lab successfully, and for managing all the orders while still maintaining his KTP workload. Carl is always pleasant even when he’s extremely busy or under pressure with deadlines.

July 2016 Jennifer Gatward - Assistant Ecologist Nominated for her focus and performance during a particularly busy survey season, for being proactively helpful and for earning her Class 1 Bat Licence.

Charity News Joanne Antcliff from Heantun Housing recently gave Crestwood Environmental staff a presentation on the improvement works that continue to be undertaken at the site and the employment opportunities that the site provides to people with learning difficulties. Old Tree Nursery is located on the edge of Wolverhampton and is a charity that supports adults with learning difficulties. The Nursery is managed by personnel from Heantun Housing and local volunteers.

Crestwood Environmental has previously worked with Old Tree Nursery and we are currently using our landscape and ecological expertise to advise on the restoration of an overgrown pond. When complete the project will provide irrigation water for plants grown at the site for sale in the nursery.

Other Sponsorships: Crestwood other charity sponsorship has included a Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge and the Vatternrundan cycle race in Sweden to support Cyclists Fighting Cancer. Shropshire Wheelchair Tennis Crestwood Environmental made a donation to the Shrewsbury Summer Open. It proved to be a great weekend, with a record number of players. The sponsorships received made a big difference and helped host a successful event for wheelchair tennis players who travelled from across the UK. You can keep up-to-date with wheelchair tennis through their Facebook page: shropshirewheelchairtennis

Photo Competition Crestwood have a monthly photo competition for staff and a few of the winners are showcased below.




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September 2016 Newsletter