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Dusty Demerson

While this might be just a short visit for you, someone else will take your place when you leave. The cumulative impact of millions of visitors on our wildlands can seriously damage the soil, plants, water and wildlife.



Get some waterproof hiking boots or trail shoes so you can march through any condition the trail presents and still keep your feet dry. Invest in some gaiters to go over the top of your boots so water can’t leak in. Bring a good camera and/or binoculars, so you can photograph or view wildlife and wildflowers without scaring the animals or trampling the plants. Learn more about this incredible land with wildflower, plant and tracking guides.

Stay on the trail. If you encounter muddy or snowy spots, use those great boots and tromp right through. Walking around soggy spots enlarges the trails, creates multiple trails, causes both erosion and compaction, and kills the beautiful plants you came to see. Walk in single file on the trail so as not to widen it. When encountering other people on the trail, “pull off” only on durable surfaces 105

Crested Butte Magazine - Summer 2015  
Crested Butte Magazine - Summer 2015