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DEL YEah! CrR II + More


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Chicago Farmer Currently based out of Bloomington, Illinos Cody Diekhoff is also known as Chicago Farmer. He performed a soulful acoustic set on 09/02 at the Del Yeah! event hosted by the Rustle Hill Winery, 618 Productions and the Schlafly Brewing Company.

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Andy Thorn - Drew Emmitt - Alan Bartram Emmitt-Nershi Band Scattered storms created problems for the traveling one day music festival known as Del Yeah! The night before the Rustle HIll Winery performance, Hurricane Isaac had reached St. Louis, MO and required the show to be rescheduled for

October 5. Guests will be treated by a special guest spot performance by Michael Kang. Music fans that traveled to the southern Illinois show were buzzing about the Emmitt-Nershi Band’s set featuring members of The Travelin’ McCoury’s. Alan Bartram held down a piece of the rhythm section

during this hot set of bluegrass and hardhitting folk music. The Emmitt-Nershi band is also comprised of three special musicians. Andy Thorn and Drew Emmitt perform with the legendary Colorado band known as Leftover Salmon. Billy Nershi continues to rock the stage with the String Cheese Incident.

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Billy Nershi

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Cornmeal History On August 22, the members of Cornmeal recently announced some big news in the band, and we have a piece of the announcement to review and look back on.

Dear Fans, It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing the departure of 2 of our longtime bandmates. For personal and professional reasons both Kris and JP

Nowak have decided to leave the band after 8 years together. “We are writing to announce that we are leaving Cornmeal, our musical home for the last 8 and 9 years, respectively.  We leave having accomplished one of our lives’ shared missions, namely, to help make the world a better place by sharing our musical talents with each of you,” Kris and JP. In this photo BRP discusses some of the band’s past moments from around the country, and possible future plans for the two gentlemen. Cornmeal performed a late night set at Del Yeah! that follow The Del McCoury Band on the main stage. Music was also going during the day inside the winery with Bawn in the Mash performing live.

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The Del McCoury Band

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Thank You

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Cornmeal with Andy Thorn

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Hurricane Isaac’s aftershock hit the small community of Carbondale, Ill during the 2nd Annual Carbondale Rocks Revival event, but the musicians, crowd and organizers flourished in course of the wet conditions. The event started on Thursday, September 6 and concluded on Saturday,

September 8. Rusted Root performed the festival’s official kickoff show at the Rustle Hill Winery on Thursday evening. Heavy rain hit the winery just before the band was set to play on the outside stage. The remaining guests were treated to a steamy, intimate set of music by Rusted Root. Browse

extended photos from this show online at Crescent Vale’s Facebook and Google+ pages. Hobo Knife performed a free show Thursday night at PK’s and there were also shows at Tres Hombres, Fat Patties and the Hangar 9. Music on Friday night was struck by heavy rain. Lynn

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Drury took advantage of losing power at the Varsity Theatre by performing an acoustic set by candlelight. Elizabeth Cook kept this going at the Hangar 9. County Graves, Soul Glo and DJ Nasty Nate stirred the audience at Tres Hombres and an eclectic mix of music carried throughout the city into the early morning hours. Curtis Conley helped organize the event with a dozen different venues in southern Illinois. Saturday’s music featured several performers and artists at the Makeshift Market Artisan Fair and Dayshift Acoustic Stage in downtown Carbondale. The Varsity Theatre stayed busy with performances by the Kevin Lucas Orchestra, Bosco & Whiteford, Hugh DeNeal and tons more music. The three day music event showcased the heart and soul of the current music scene in southern Illinois.

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Hugh DeNeal

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2 Speed with Matt Decker & M. Bulkington

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Hobo Knife at PK’s

Sam West Trio CARBONDALE -- Succulent folk/jazz music by the Sam West Trio filled Tres Hombres on Saturday, September 15. West now resides in Nashville, TN with regular gigs across a diverse musical landscape. He invited Ron Coulter and Andy Novara to a few southern Illinois gigs during his fall tour.

Novara plays the electric guitar in the group and delivers a jazzy, folk fusion technique to the guitar that is reminiscent of Jerry Garcia’s work on “Shady Grove” with David Grisman. Coulter is a renown drummer in southern Illinois, and was ready to return to the stage at Tres Hombres with new music

ready to debut. The band performed a set of modern folk music that West has been working on in Nashville, and will be ready for release in the next few months. Check out the web link for more information on the band. Web link:

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Aaron Kamm and the One Drops Ignite Adrenaline at the Hangar 9 St. Louis based jam/blues reggae rockers known as Aaron Kamm and the One Drops passed through the Hangar 9 to deliver a knockout performance. The One Drops have been picking up a heavy Midwest following during their short time as a band. Their distinct blend of reggae music gets the majority of the

crowd moving and dancing with ease. Kamm briefly sat down in between sets at the Hangar 9 show and discussed his music and art. During the first set the band played ‘Morning Sun’ and segued into ‘Sinsemilla’ with a huge section of material in between the songs. In between sets I talked with Kamm and Sean Raila

on drums about the track. They both laughed, and said that material wasn’t a complete song, but could be titled ‘Sinse’ and is available to stream online via the Crescent Vale YouTube Channel. For more up-todate information on the One Drops connect with them at their Facebook page online at:

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Aaron Kamm and the One Drops 09/21/12

Happy 76th Birthday to Jim Henson -- 9/24/12

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