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Matthew McGuire 201 W. College St. APT 2 Carbondale, Ill 62901 618-923-2838 Hello, my name is Matthew McGuire, and I am the founder and editor of the Crescent Vale Network. In addition to starting my own company, I am also a teaching assistant at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. My goal is to show your company how my skills can help improve work condictions on multiple platforms. Digital publishing is one of the largest growing industries in the world today. It helps save paper, gives support to the environment and helps independent voices be heard around the globe. In 2006, I started publishing blog posts during my leisure time. Over a 3-year period from 2006-2009, I had made a small name for myself with several Internet communities. In 2010, I launched to help provide an independent outlet for media producers in the area. This portfolio contains imagery and writing samples from my work dating back to 2010. Please read through my first interview published by, dig into the history of Crescent Vale, and browse through photographs from locations in Boulder, Chicago, St. Louis, Austin, Louisville, Southern Illinois and Southeast Missouri. The programs that I used to edit my print-based work for this protfolio include: Word, Bridge, Photoshop, InDesign and Lightroom. Thank you for your time. Respectfully, Matthew McGuire


Gift of Gab/Blackalicious Interview Published by on 10/25/10 Matt: Did you know you are going to be the first real hip-hop act to perform at the Tall Tree Lake Music Festival? Gab: No, that’s cool though. It’s an honor to perform music for any kind of crowd. Matt: The set you are about to perform reminds me of the set Jurassic 5 threw down at the first Bonnaroo. Do you know any of the members of Jurassic 5? Gab: Oh Yeah, I know all of them. I live out in Oakland most of the time, and they also live in California. Yeah, I love the Wild West. Traveling all over the world helps me respect and appreciate my home life. Matt: A sound guy and I were talking about sampling earlier today. What do you think about how sampling has evolved in hip-hop over the past twenty years?


Gab: [Laughs] Sampling is an art form. It is still very useful in hip-hop if it is executed properly. When hip-hop first started sampling was one of the only ways to create beats. Today hip-hop artists have the ability to easily create beats on live instruments. Hip-hop is powerful in the way that it bridges the gap for artists and musicians who normally would not pick up an instrument.

Musicians, sound engineers, craft builders, chefs, bartenders and guests from all over gather each April in downtown Austin, Tx. This photo is of a musician playing outside the venue on Saturday April 17, 2010. p3

Live at the Grand Ole Varsity Featuring the Swamp Tigers The Varsity Theatre in Carbondale, Ill has been the center for performing arts, music and film since 1940. Today the Varsity houses the Stage Company, a local acting troupe, and hosts local musicians like those featured on Thursday, April 21, 2011. The performing acts that evening spotlighted Bosco and Whiteford, The Swamp Tigers, Giant City Slickers and The Salt Kings. p4

Keller Williams Interview Published by The SOuthern Illinoisan on 04/25/12 MM: There is a track on “Bass” titled ‘I am Elvis.’ If you were to perform live on stage with Elvis, what song would you two perform? KW: There is a cool New Orleans song he does, but I would have to say “Heart Break Hotel.” MM: What are some of your older favorite tracks, that may not get in the rotation often, but its still fun to play? KW: There is a song on my first record called “Turn in Difference” that has this crazy backwards guitar solo. I think that is one of my early favorites ones. MM: The latest album “Bass” featured Kdubalicious musicians Jay Starling and Mark D. Do you have any plans on a new album, and if so, who do you see yourself working with? KW: Yeah, I have three albums in line right now. There is one, that we are listening to fresh mixes today. That album will be with The Travelin’ McCoury’s featuring myself. It’s a pretty special record, there is about 12 songs right now, and I’m excited for people to hear it. We are doing a bunch of shows together this summer as well.



Harrisburg, Ill is a small community in Southern Illinois that lost six people during a severe tornado that hit on February 29, 2012. This photo was taken of the remains at Parker Plaza in downtown Harrisburg the day after the storm hit the area.

Issuu Publications - Edition 1 Published by Crescent Vale on 06/10/12

Reuben M. Koroma is a founding member of the Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars and is the lead vocalist in the band. Reuben spoke about how future generations can help one another around the world. “I think the only way to help is by helping the kids, because one day they will have to replace us. I believe, if people would help educate the kids, I think that would help a great deal.�


Caravan of Thieves break in their long weekend at the 2012 Summer Camp Music Festival in Chillicothe, Ill. Carrie Sangiovanni and Brian Anderson brought gypsy-jazz from Bridgeport, CT to the Campfire Stage on Thursday, May 24. p8

Issuu Publications - Edition 2 Published by Crescent Vale on 07/18/12

Nat Keefe, guitarist and vocalist for Hot Buttered Rum talked with us about helping produce The New Old Cavalry’s latest album “Carry Me Out This Way” near San Francisco. “They came out to California, and they camped at a state park outside of Fairfax California. We recorded for two weeks, and it was off the hook,” Keefe said.


Nat Keefe sits in with The New Old Cavalry’s on ‘White House Blues’ and ‘Sweetheart, I Beg You To Come Home Tonight’ during their set at the Bloom Heavy River Romp in Grassy, Missouri.


Rob McCoury


Ronnie McCoury


Issuu Publications - Edition 3 Published by Crescent Vale on 09/02/12

Wayne Coyne, frontman for the Flaming Lips stirs a St. Louis crowd of die-hard fans before the band’s set at the 2012 LouFest Music Festival in Forest Park. “We are here to play. These fans are ready to go, so we are going to do this thing,” Coyne said.



Issuu Publications - Edition 5 Published by Crescent Vale on 11/05/12

Garrett Dutton, a.k.a G. Love, speaks about untapped destinations in an interview we worked on together.

Scope Out news with Hot Buttered Rum, HFTH, The Woodbox Gang, G. Love and more

Matt: Is there any places in the world that you have not performed at, that you would like to play one day? Garrett: I would like to go to Korea, and few places in Asia maybe. October/12 #3


Alex Kirt The Woodbox Gang




Lotus Album Review Published by Crescent Vale on 03/03/13

Luke Miller from Lotus discusses the vibe of “Build”. Luke and Jesse Miller produced the album on the SCI Fidelity record label. It marks the band’s tenth album together, and the ten track package is available at: http://lotusvibes. “This album was recorded live to analog tape in studios in Philadelphia and St. Louis. We used live drums, guitar, bass, Hammond organ, upright piano, analog synths, live percussion, and live horns from the group Rubblebucket, then peppered in electronic elements. The project was mixed through an analog process to give it a deep richness. These songs were written over the course of the past 2 years and road-tested across the country. I think this our tightest and best sounding album yet. The songs have a largeness that match Lotus move from clubs into premier venues around the country,” Miller said.


Jasmine Hall, models the Red Velvet dress designed by Shakerra Monet Roberts during the Delta Sigma Theta Soriety, Inc. Carbondale Alumnae Chapter 2013 Red Extravaganza event held on Saturday, February 22 at the Carbondale p20 Civic Center.

Lotus Album Review Published by Crescent Vale on 03/03/13

Southern Illinois University Carbondale fans erupt during a men’s basketball game against University of Northern Iowa. The Salukis beat the Panthers 63-57 on Wednesday, February 27 during the ESPN BracketBusters for the 2013 season.


Caravan of Thieves help celebrate I-Fest at Webster University on Friday, April 12, 2013.


Issuu Publications - Edition 8 Published by Crescent Vale on 03/03/13 Russ Randolph and Zion Godchaux are from Muscle Shoals, Alabama and find their second home on the road. They were dialed in by phone for an interview to go over future plans for the band.


Q. BoomBox steps outside the box in each genre of music. Does being innovative ever become a problem or do you use it to your advantage? A. (Russ) We are not feeling any pressure to sound a certain way. The fact that our only job is to sound like us, you know I think ultimately does make it easier. We are not trying to sound like anybody but ourselves.

Q. Are you currently developing a new album? A. (Zion) We are working on a new record right now. I would say it’s %85 done. It will be out within the next few months.


Buck Hales

Professor and Chair Department of Physiology

Professor Hales is currently conducting research with other scientists to develop a better understanding in lowering the chances of ovarian cancer by eating produce that is grass-fed compared to commercial grain-finished livestock. “This half is where we do this histological work. Dr. Curry here is working on a microbiology aspect, he is doing some cloning to develop some reagents for looking to the molecular pathways in ovarian cancer,� Hales said.

Caravan of Thieves help celebrate I-Fest at Webster University on Friday, April 12, 2013.


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