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LouFest Music Festival review with girl talk the flaming lips Dinosaur jr. Dr. Dog - cults and more

August/12 #3

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Central Field - Forest Park - St. Louis, MO August 25 & 26 - 2012

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Sleepy kitty - 08/25 Chicago/St. Louis musical transplants Sleepy Kitty is composed of Paige Brubeck and Evan Sult. Their LouFest performance included guests Jenn Malzone on

keys and vox, as well as Gabe Doiron sitting in on guitar and vox. The guest musicians did a superb job of adding layers and structure to the band’s sound.

Sleepy Kitty opened the festival’s music on Saturday with a cover of ‘Summertime’ on the Orange Stage. The Third Annual LouFest Music Festival

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started early this year with a Pre-Party at OFF BROADWAY with Cotton Mather and Middle Class Fashion. This year the festival approximately brought in 12,000 people collectively with an Aftershow at The Firebird with LIttle Barrie and a collection of other great acts on Saturday night. The bands, event, energy and connection to Cherokee St. is reminiscent to the creative flow out of Greenwich Village in early 1970. Sleepy Kitty represented a flag onstage that they said was a sign of their connection with St. Louis. David N. mentioned that Apop Records also threw an underground after party on Cherokee St. on Saturday evening. Sleepy Kitty invoked the LouFest crowd with an early rush of energy during their set. It was easy to get addicted to their unique rock vibe on stage. They welcomed fans with a seductive blend of rock, and experimental punk music. To find out more on Sleepy Kitty check

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out their latest news at:

and connect with them on facebook at:

A rain storm quickly passed through the area midday Saturday. Music continued on stage with Little Barrie from London, England taking on the late summer shower. Son Volt geared up on a damp

Orange Stage for a large group of devoted fans from all over the world. It was cool and refreshing after the show. The weather did cut back on the extensive heat from this past summer. Guests packed under tents, trees, vechicles, umbrellas and nearby shelters to stay dry and cool during the storms.

Sleepy kitty - Orange Stage

Jay Farrar - SOn Volt p. 5

Phantogram - Blue stage Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel of Saratoga Springs, NY create a sonic universe on stage and in the studio known as Phantogram. They performed a wet version of ‘Don’t Move’ live for the LouFest crowd on the Blue Stage. The rain returned intermittently during their set, but the

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band kept the energy going strong with their indie-pop style of music. Phantogram pulled down one of the best sets of the weekend on Saturday. Their diehard attitudes during their set showcased the band’s soul and tenacity. The set was saturated with fresh northeast beats

that has been getting tailored across the country with their recent fullscale tours. Browse Phantogram music online at:

Stream their live Twitter feed to find out updates on their upcoming album and more at:

dinosaur jr. - 2012 LouFest Music festival

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Girl talk p. 8

Sunday’s music started with the Pernikoff Brothers kicking things off on the Orange stage with Dave Grelle sitting in on keys. PB serenaded guests with original tracks, and acoustic classic rock covers from The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. The brothers harmonize collectively on several tracks with Dan Germain on drums. The sun streamed down on the crowd early Sunday. It was reported that there were to be thunderstorms in the area all weekend, but the weather stayed reasonably manageable both Saturday and Sunday. The Seattle-based hip-hop female duo, known as THEEsatisfaction raised spirits and got the LouFest crowd shaking and dancing to their bass heavy R & B beats. At times their use of vocabulary on stage could have been tailored a little more fitting for the different types of family in the audience. Overall they performed well, and stayed dry throughout their performance.

Pernikoff Brothers - 08/26 Schlafly provided guests with some free drinks during the first hour of each day during the event. Other vendors like Chipotle setup interactive experiences for fans to dive deeper

with the company. Sony and Spotify also stopped by Central Field on their tour buses with interactive gameplay, photos, giveaways and great people helping out at every stop.

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theesatisfaction p. 10

Artist Signing with

Someone Still loves you borris yeltsin p. 11

LouFest Music Festival - 08/26 Three of finest musicians from New York City took the Blue Stage on Sunday with an east coast breakthrough set of soft, psychedelic indie/ rock. I asked one of the guests how they would describe the Cults style of music. “Heroin surf” is how the words they used, and said it was like laying out on the beach. Cults released a demo of the album on their bandcamp page at:

Over the past two years

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the indie band has grown into a Columbia backed artist performing big shows all over the country. Cults brought in a large crowd for their midday Sunday set. The southern California musicians known as Dawes started to get their equipment setup on the Blue Stage during the end of the Cults performance. Dawes stirred the crowd up with their polished and youthful style of acoustic rock. After the Dawes

set, music did stop for about an hour. One of the festival organizers stopped by and talked with me for a bit on the stage setup. “Iron Man brought in the stages, sound and most of the lights for this weekend.” Dave mentioned that this was his second year working with LouFest, and he is currently studying music business in the northeast. The entire LouFest staff did a stellar job of taking care of guests and all of the unexpected events.

Dawes - 08/26 3rd annual loufest muisc festival

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Dr. Dog - Orange Stage

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“We are here to play. These fans are ready to go, so we are going to do this thing.� - Wayne Coyne

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The Flaming lips - blue stage Dr. Dog closed down music on the Orange Stage Sunday night, and The Flaming Lips shut down music on the Blue Stage. Both bands gave ambitious performances in the humid weather. Right before The Flaming Lips took the stage, Wayne C. and I were able to briefly talk about playing in wet weather. Wayne seemed not bothered at all by the rain, and was a little excit-

ed that the crowd was so amped. The Flaming Lips are known to captivate and attract audiences large and small all over the world. This audience was hulked out and psyched for a set by the band live on a LouFest stage. Pink Floyd covers and teases were mixed in throughout the set, as well as several classic originals from the band. This set was a great example of how the

crowd and community came together despite weather condictions to put on a once and a lifetime performance. For more on The Flaming Lips pop on their main site at: Overall the Third Annual LouFest Music Festival was another successful year for the event. For more on the festival look over their main website at:

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2012 Loufest music festival The flaming lips - 08/26

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The flaming lips p. 19


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