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ClusterPulck continues to ride a wave of success during the opening section of this decade. It is a thrill ride to see what the band does next. On Monday, January 7 the band performed live on the Rock with the Ox program that streamed live from the WDBX studios. The Ox interviewed the band and posted the footage live on his YouTube channel at: The band performs a Midwest blend of acoustic rock that layers gospel,

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bluegrass, funk and reggae. Before their set on WDBX the band sat down with me and tuned their instruments and caught up on plans for the Spring tour plans. LEAH Osborne has found a sweet spot in the lineup of the band after performing with them for several months now. Their sound is more polished, and the band is always upbeat and fun to talk to. They performed at the Hangar 9’s open mic night later Monday evening.

The Summer Camp Music Festival is one of the largest music festivals in the Midwest. Each year they have a multiple battle of the bands competitions across the country. This year ClusterPluck battled their way to a victory at the Old Rock House in St. Louis, Mo. The festival is being held in Chillicothe, Ill on May 24-26. Check out the event and ClusterPluck to find out about music, culture and new forms entertainment.

Jan. 2013 - Edition 7  

Edition #7 hosts a variety of topics that can help create opportunities for local economies. There is review on the shop local movement, and...

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