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Melbourne Anti-racism Protest Drowns Out Anti-Islam Demonstrators CT EXCLUSIVE Melbourne Nasya Bahfen and Rashid Alshakshir An anti-racism rally called in response to an anti-Islam protest has been described by organisers and attendees as a resounding success, all but wiping out the original protest against Muslims and immigrants. The initial anti-Islam and anti-

immigration protest had been advertised on the social networking site Facebook. In response, around three to four hundred people attended an opposing anti-racism rally, called at short notice by the Renegade Activist Action Force. In contrast, the original anti-Islam and anti-immigration demonstration managed to garner less than ten attendees, despite a show of bravado on the internet. “Listen Aussies, it’s time to harden up, close the gate, look after our own and keep our country as our country,” the anti-Islam and anti-immigration protest

The Kiki Principle: Debora McNichol*

A Conversation With Bubba I was the victim of a hit-and-run this week. No worries, I was not hurt. Perplexed, maybe! I had the pleasure of having lunch with Michele, a Muslimah attorney and friend. This was a treat for me, as it is a rare occasion that I go anywhere sans Laila, and never to a place with fresh sushi. Our fine lunch, however, was momentarily interrupted as one of the restaurant patrons told us upon his exit, “Wearing those things gives you blinders.” Dear Readers, the man did not even slow down on his way out the door. No time to rebut, to ask for clarification or explanation, or to call him snarky names. It took Michele and me about ten seconds to conclude that, yes, he was talking to us about our scarves, and yes, he was an idiot. (Actually, I had thought that there was so much anger at Obama and Democrats for passing the Health Care bill that Muslims were on the backburner, and frankly, not worth the

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Right: anti-racism protestors converge on Flinders Street Station Photograph: Rashid Alshakshir

Muslim Top Achievers Awarded Melbourne Rashid Alshakshir

Human Appeal International recently hosted its 2009 Year 12 Muslim Achievement Awards, where it applauded Muslim students who scored a university entry score of 90 or above. In his speech, Adam Assafiri, who scored 99.20, said he hoped he train as a dentist and sponsor such events in the future. Each student received a laptop, the highest scorer for this year was Amira Haruwarta who scored 99.80. Among the guests on the night were Carlo Carli, MP for Brunswick representing the Premier John Brumby, Federal Member for Calwell Maria Vamvakinou and Khaled Khalafalla. Further details about Human Appeal International and their programs can be found on their website: www.


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Australian Muslim Newspaper

issue 18, April 2010

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Strengthening Our Community

Local and Community events ☪ Blood Australia Wide Community Events: WA: Australian Islamic InPig’s Cigarettes: College Leaders Found RESCENT T IMES Australian Muslim Newspaper

Play-Think-Change 5th IWG World Conference on Women and Sport Date:20-23 May 2010 Location: Sydney For information and registration:


Aspire to Inspire (A2i) Youth Arts and Training Program Date: April 24th - 25th Location: Melbourne University - Sidney Myer Western Australia Asia Center Cost: $20 (incl. snacks and drinks) For more information email bismillah_1222@ Home Safety Information Session Fire Emergency Services Authority (FESA) Education and Heritage centre. Date: 21 April 2010 Manar Convert Class For New Muslims Date: A six week course on Wednesday Time: 10:00-11:30am evenings, beginning 28th April until 2nd June Location: Fire Emergency Services Education and Heritage Centre in the City Corner of 2010 Irwin Street and Murray Street Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm Location: Islamic Council of Victoria, 66 The Multicultural Women’s Group from Womens Health Services invites you to a Jeffcott St West Melbourne A course specifically designed for new Muslims free information session. This information session gives messages around Emergency or those interested in becoming Muslim. Management with an emphasis on home fire MODULE 1: Learn the foundations of Islam in a friendly prevention. As we are approaching winter it and supportive environment: Learn the five is important for Culturally and Linguistically pillars and six articles of Faith in depth; support Diverse (CALD) families to be aware of safety and guidance on issues faced by new Muslims; measures that can be taken to prevent home ask questions in a safe and non judgmental fires. The FESA Education and Heritage centre environment. For bookings and enquiries offers a lot of practical opportunities for the contact: Reem Hakem, 0414098084, hakemr@ family to better respond in case of an emergency OR Scott Fraser, 0421670208, of this nature. The wonderful volunteers at the centre take their time to show you around the centre and increase your knowledge on different scenarios that you may experience Muslim Community Legal Seminars in Western Australia. For more information Date: Saturday 15 May please contact Milambo on 9227 8122 or email Time: TBA Location: Islamic Council of Victoria, 66 Jeffcott St, West Melbourne Successful Marriage Cost: Free North Melbourne Legal Service and the Date : Sunday, 18 April 2010 Muslim Legal Network (MLN) present a series Time: 15:00-15:45 arrival, coffee/tea & group of legal seminars for the Muslim community. discussion, 15:45-16:00 Asr prayer, 16:00The first on 15 May will cover introduction 17:00 lecture by Sheikh Yusuf Parker, 17:00to the law, the court system, Acts, the Human 17:30 q&a session Rights Charter, speeding and motor vehicle Location: 1-151 Derby Road, Shenton Park offences, drug and alcohol abuse, basics of Successful Marriage: how to achieve this, rental tenancy, basics of employment law. For causes of - and solutions for - marital discord, more information contact Hyder on 0401 161 getting divorced according to Islamic and Australian law, polygamy, etc. This session is 295. also recommended for singles or those who Youth Victoria Entertainment Extravaganza want to get married. Couples are requested to attend together. No children under 6 years Date: Sunday 16th May 2010 old. For enquiries: Gerhard & Davia Bakker, Time: 5:30pm - 8:00pm Location: Wyndham Events Centre, 80 mobile: 0400 137 889 Derrimut Road Hoppers Crossing

Surely Smoking Is Haram Now?

Amanda Charmand-Mazumder*

Left: Hajj Abdallah Magar, the founder of the Australian Islamic College in Perth. Photo: courtesy AIC website

Two Islamic college leaders have been found guilty of fraudulently claiming millions of dollars from the Western Australian State government and the Federal government to help get the school out of financial trouble. A District Court jury convicted Australian Islamic College founder Abdallah Magar of 14 out of 15 fraud charges. Former school Principal Aziz Magdi was found guilty of five out of nine fraud charges. A third man, also a Principal at the college, Mark Brian Debowski, was acquitted of all three fraud charges made against him. During the three-week trial, the prosecution told the jury that Magar was the “driving force” behind the fraud from 2005 to 2006. The prosecution also told the jury that the fraud involved inflating student numbers at the college’s three campuses at Dianella, Kewdale and Thornlie in order to obtain extra money in government subsidies and that Mr Magdi and Mr Debowski had knowingly signed off on the false claim forms. The court was told the money was not used for personal gain, but rather went into college funds because many of its students were not paying fees. Prosecutor Paul Yovich said during the trial that the college claimed government money for students who never went to the college or had left to go to another school or move overseas.He said the trial was not about religion in any way. After the verdicts were handed down, Mr Yovich said he would be seeking a significant term of imprisonment for Mr Magar. Both Mr Magar and Mr Magdi were released on bail and will be sentenced on April 27. As a result of the fraud, Australian Islamic College is also required to repay the fraudulently obtained funds, in the sum of $4.5 million, to the relevant government agencies. Source: The West Australian, AIC and news agencies.

Islam TV Australia

Queensland Aisha Stacey

Islam TV Australia, a community based internet television station, was officially launched on Friday March 5th 2010. Broadcasting out of Brisbane, the grass roots station has been established to bring the peaceful message of Islam to a wider audience. Production manager, Ismail Mehmet said the internet channel hoped to share the teachings of local Imans, sheikhs and scholars with the Queensland community and a broader audience. Brother Ismail said, “We hope easy access to Islamic information and lectures will help people understand the true message of Islam.” The TV station, available via live streaming or on demand, broadcasts Islamic lectures from Brisbane, Gold Coast and surrounding areas. Lectures are currently screening from the Gold Coast Islamic Society, Kuraby and Holland Park Mosques, the Aymn Centre and the Al Kauthar Institute. Islam TV Australia also streams routines by the wellknown and loved comedian Baba Ali. In keeping with its community based foundation, Islam TV is funded by a loyalty system. The Salam Card, available free of charge to subscribers, offers members discounts at selected businesses. The Salam Card was established with the aim of funding Islam TV Australia and fostering unity and goodwill between business owners and consumers. Islam TV Australia can be viewed at:

A recent study conducted in the Netherlands shows that cigarettes may contain traces of pig’s blood, according to an Australian academic. University of Sydney Professor of Public Health, Simon Chapman, described a study that identified 185 different industrial uses of a pig - including the use of its haemoglobin in cigarette filters. One tobacco company in Greece has already confirmed using the pig blood protein in its filters, but it is almost impossible to find out which companies in Australia are using it, along with any other ingredients they may be utilising to poison our community without the legal obligation to inform us. This obviously causes a further dilemma for Muslim tobacco smokers. Already in a predicament when it comes to the Islamic ruling on cigarettes, they now have to consider whether smoking is completely and utterly prohibited due to the possibility of pig’s blood in the filter. Apart from this, there are 4000 different toxic substances in a cigarette, from nicotine, arsenic and ammonia to formaldehyde, acetone and butane. Now added to these toxic, deadly and carcinogenic chemicals is pig’s blood. How will the addiction be broken? Some stats: there are about 40 preventable deaths in Australia every day directly attributable to cigarette smoking-related diseases and illnesses. Smoking resulted in over 750,000 days spent in hospital and cost $670 million in hospital costs in the financial year 2004- 05. These hospital admissions came in the form of illnesses such as lung, throat and upper respiratory tract cancers, ischaemic heart disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease among others. Five of the top 10 causes of death in Australia in 2008 were partially or completely tobaccorelated. The top 10 leading causes of death account for 53% of all deaths registered in 2008, therefore the elimination of cigarettes could decrease deaths by up to 26.5% per year. If it costs the health system tremendously and causes many premature deaths, why are cigarettes still legal? Heck, even alcohol abuse costs the Australian community $15.3 billion each year when factors such as crime and violence, treatment costs, loss of productivity and premature death were taken into account. So why are these highly destructive drugs still legal? The truth is, it’s all about the $$$. Retail sales of cigarettes and other tobacco products totaled $10.1 billion in 2006–07, representing about 5% of all retail sales in Australia. Revenue from excise and customs duty and GST on the sale of tobacco products in Australia exceeded $6.5 billion in 2005–06, contributing almost 3% of the total Australian government revenue. A report conducted by Philip Morris in 2000 attempted to enumerate the effects of smoking on the public finance balance. The report claimed that benefits from tobacco, such as savings on health care costs for people who die prematurely from smoking, far outweighed the costs of treating smokers while they are alive. Authors of the report also claimed that since smokers die younger, the government saves on old age pensions. It disgusts me to think that we are living in a world driven by the dollar rather than concern and consideration for humanity. Approximately 1.2 million Muslims worldwide die from smoking related illness every year. We can prevent this and strengthen our Ummah rather than losing our brothers and sisters to this monstrosity which is clearly now haram. To quit smoking, call Quitline on 131848 or visit * Amanda is the NSW editor of Crescent Times.


Baraka Fashion Parade Date: 1 May 2010 Time: 7pm Location: Ainslee Lodge Function Centre, 2 Seaforth St Bexley Cost: $35 Enjoy and evening of fashion food and henna. Dress to be your best , tickets are on sale online at Baraka Women or by calling Eisha on 0405 617 292 or Kath on 0416 549 752. No tickets will be sold on the night, any children attending must puchase a ticket.

New Joint Islamic Studies program at Monash University and Australian Catholic University (ACU) Date: 2010 Location:Monash University’s Faculty of Arts and the Australian Catholic University (ACU) In an exciting new initiative between Monash University’s Faculty of Arts and the Australian Catholic University (ACU), students will be able to study a diverse and well-researched range of units in all aspects of Islamic studies from 2011. Units will cover Arabic language, Qur’an and Hadith studies, Islamic history, law, contemporary thought, art and comparative studies. A limited range of units will be available in 2010 including: Arabic language (Monash), Islam: Principles, civilisations, and influences (Monash), Introduction to Islam (ACU),Approaches to the Qur’an and Hadith (ACU). For more information, go to: Bachelor of Arts with a major in Islamic Studies http:// arts-ug-islamic-studies.html Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (Research) in Islamic Studies pubs/2010handbooks/courses/3937.html Course coordinator: Dr. Salih Yucel, Lecturer, Centre for Studies in Religion and Theology, Monash University, Or Prof. Ismail Albayrak, Fethullah Gulen Chair in the Study of Muslim-Catholic Relations, Australian Catholic University (ACU),

Guilty of Fraud

Anger Management Workshop for Boys Dates and times: 17.04.2010 12.30pm till 2.30pm 24.04.2010 1pm till 2.30pm 01.05.2010 1pm till 2.30pm Locations: PsychCentral, 1021A Canterbury Road, Lakemba AND PsychCentral, 44-50 Auburn Road, Auburn Cost: Appropriate General Practioner Medicare Referrals (MBS Item 2710) or charged Via Private Health Fund The aim of the program is to teach children and parents strategies to deal more effectively with angry thoughts and feelings from a psychological and Muslim perspective. Max 12 boys per group. A later group from 2.30pm4pm can be organised if a 2nd group is needed. Suitable for boys aged between 8-13 years of age. Facilitators: Muslim Child and Adolescent Psychologists (Rabeah Bardouh and Doha Shinnaoui) For more information contact: r.bardouh@psychcent 1300 856 779 OR 0416 336 731

Cost: $5 Youth Victoria, an initiative by Muslim youth, invites you to participate in its entertainment extravaganza. This entertainment night will showcase statewide talents of Muslim youth in a friendly Islamic environment. We invite and encourage Muslim youth of Victoria and their families to join us for this momentous night aiming to further raise funds for future Muslim youth activities. Performances include: three theatrical stage plays, comedy, Islamic songs/ rap (English, Arabic, Urdu), short films, Tae Kwon Do demonstration. Guest performers Nazeem Hussain, Aamer Rahman, The Brothahood, Mohammed El Leisse, Rize Up. For more information and for nearest ticketing agent: or call Saqib 0404 624 157 or Rashid 0425 856 657

issue 18, April 2010

New South Wales

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Strengthening Our Community

issue 18, April 2010

USA: An Openly Gay Imam Leads Believers In Prayer Often, individuals who identify as nonheterosexual are found in the fringes of societies, communities and families. They are often overlooked and cast aside as individuals that have a place only in the margins of society. When homosexuality enters the sphere of religion they are told that their sexual orientation is a sin and that they will face serious consequences in the afterlife. However, the fate of US imam Daayie Abdullah seems quite different. Imam Abdullah is the only openly gay Imam in North America. Raised a Southern Baptist, Abdullah was introduced to Islam through his contact with the Uighur population, who are Muslims of Chinese ancestry. A student of both Chinese and Arabic, Abdullah attended a prayer service one Friday evening and it made perfect sense to him: Islam was the path he was looking for. He professed his faith upon his return to America a few years later. Imam Abdullah has spent more than 10 years trying to bridge the gap between Islam and homosexuality. He has experienced a backlash from both conservative Islamic groups and anti-gay groups. “To be gay and Muslim, at times, people will say that it is an oxymoron. But in actuality, it’s a formulation that shows

the diversity within Islam; that people can come from a variety of backgrounds. The Qur’an says to look to the nature of the world. And from that, you can see the diversity and understand that Allah’s understanding of the world and the universe which he created is full of diversity; but you find the oneness, the Tauheed unification of all, through those various diverse aspects.” Imam Abdullah believes outspoken, openlygay Muslims within the Muslim community are the only way to raise awareness of the gay minority within the faith. “It’s not for them to agree with me, or for me to disagree with them. It’s for them to understand that we have a voice, the gay and lesbian community has a voice,” he says. Imam Abdullah is a member of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Religious Leadership Roundtable, founder of the AlFatiha Foundation, and moderator for an openly gay internet message board. He resides with his partner in Washington, D.C.

Israel Stole 2 Billion Dollars From Palestinian Workers: 40-Year Deception Exposed

“This is a clear-cut case of theft from Palestinian workers on a grand scale,” said Shir Hever, a Jerusalem-based economist and one of the authors of the report. “There are no reasons for Israel to delay in returning this money either to the workers or to their beneficiaries.” The deductions started in 1970, three years after the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories began, when Palestinian workers started to enter Israel in significant numbers, most of them employed as manual labourers in the agriculture and construction industries. Typically, the workers lose a fifth of their salary in deductions that are supposed to cover old age payments, unemployment allowance, disability insurance, child benefits, trade union fees, pension fund, holiday and sick pay and health insurance. In practice, however, the workers are entitled only to disability payments in case of work accidents and are insured against loss of work if their employer goes bankrupt. According to the report, compiled by two human rights groups, the Alternative Information Centre and Kav La’Oved, only a fraction of the total contributions – less than eight per cent – was used to pay benefits to Palestinian workers. The rest was secretly transferred to the Finance Ministry. The Israeli organisations assess that the workers were defrauded of at least 2.25 billion US dollars in today’s prices, in what they describe as a minimum and “very conservative” estimate of the misappropriation of the funds.

Jonathan Cook*

Over the past four decades Israel has defrauded Palestinians working inside Israel of more than two billion US dollars by deducting from their salaries contributions for welfare benefits to which they were never entitled, Israeli economists have revealed. A new report, “State Robbery,” says the “theft” continued even after the Palestinian Authority was established in 1994 when part of the money was supposed to be transferred to a special fund on behalf of the workers. According to information supplied by Israeli officials, most of the deductions from the workers’ pay were invested in infrastructure projects in the Palestinian territories – a presumed reference to the massive state subsidies provided to the Jewish settlements. Nearly 50,000 Palestinians from the West Bank are working in Israel – following the easing of restrictions on entering Israel under the “economic peace” promised by Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister – and continue to have such contributions docked from their pay. Complicit in the deception, the report adds, is the Histadrut, the Israeli labour federation, which levies a monthly fee on Palestinian workers, even though they are not entitled to membership and are not represented in labour disputes.

*Source: Illume magazine, first published on MuslimVoices.

*Jonathan Cook is a writer and journalist based in Nazareth, Israel. His latest books are “Israel and the Clash of Civilisations: Iraq, Iran and the Plan to Remake the Middle East” (Pluto Press) and “Disappearing Palestine: Israel’s Experiments in Human Despair” (Zed Books). His website is This article republished with permission from

A random Muslim?

RESCENT T IMES Australian Muslim Newspaper

Strengthening Our Community


The new anti terrorism laws grant Australia’s intelligence services the power to detain citizens not suspected of any crime. The recently released Counter-Terrorism White Paper, Securing Australia, Protecting Our Community informs us that the greatest threat to Australia are those born here who have been seduced by al -Qaeda’s divisive narrative. It is a heavy burden for Australia’s Muslim community to shoulder. Make no mistake about it; the White Paper is aimed squarely at Muslims. However this is not necessarily a bad thing. The religion of Islam is quite capable of surviving the current backlash and does not need to be defended. It stands proudly alone, one religion, one nation, united under One God. There is no need to use ignorance or misguidance as an excuse to act in an anti Islamic manner. In the last few years, Muslims have become just a little bit random. No, not out there or a little bit crazy. For an unknown reason we usually become random at airports, as in “you have been randomly selected to be tested for traces of explosives.” A quick scan of the area reveals that you are the only woman wearing hijab or the only man with a beard, well apart from the bikie, who is actually looking a little bit

random and a tad scary. But hey, what the heck being random really is not all that bad. It is an opportunity to smile and chat with the immigration officials, or too practice our best Islamic manners or even to gather rewards for patience in the face of adversity. The plane is not going any where without you, you have already checked in your luggage after all. Those who went swiftly through the metal detectors without being random are now sitting silently waiting for the boarding call while all the randoms get a chance to check out the latest technology and chat about safety issues at airports post 9/11. In the spirit of randomness, I suggest that instead of acting as if the whole world was against us (because we know that is not true) we embrace being random and use it as an occasion to showcase who we really are. Muslims and consequently Islam have become visible and identifiable. We are random now! This is a good thing. We have been given the opportunity to present Islam to those who fear it, revile it, or simply misunderstand it. Raging against the system does nothing to expose Islam as a religion practiced by tolerant, respectful, calm people who have nothing to fear but Allah.

Aisha Stacey, CT Queensland Editor

O Sister Does He “Like” Your Profile Picture?


my mind is occupied can’t stop remembering my O Young Muslims, Posing In Your Pic? time in Palestine Zionists keep commiting Think It’s “Sic”? warcrimes Lowering The Gaze On FB Apply? time after time on the US taxpayers dime Opposite Gender Desire Supply! root of all evil... it causes all kinds of Iman, Oh My! destruction there has to be a better way to Taqwa, Oh Bye! function tired of death and destruction HellFire, Oh Hi! what about the innocent blood spilled “FitnaBook” Or “DawahBook”? Zionists have so much guilt there’s so much pain and Right Turn Or Wrong You Took? resistance built Be Wise. Protect Your Deen! land taken .. check point to checkpoint Protect Your Modesty Even In Your Teen! the occupiers have no valid point O Jannah, For We Are Keen! bulldozers destroy homes somehow lives go on Is Your Profile Driving You To Hell? occupying my mind...this occupied territory “Tell the believing men to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things).” (An-Nur: FOLKS NEED TO HEAR THEIR SIDE OF THE 30) STORY FREE PALESTINE. iPOET



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Sharissa Sakcriska

Australian Muslim Newspaper


Strengthening Our Community

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Melbourne Rashid Alshakshir

More than 4000 people attended Mercy Mission’s Annual Islamic Conference at Melbourne University this month. The three day event hosted local and international speakers including Sh.Tawfique Chowdry,Sh. Shady Al Suleiman, Sh.Aslam Hussain, Sh.Alaa Elsayed from Canada and Sh.Muhammad Sahib Anwar from New Zealand. Lectures and workshops included topics such as ‘Reality Check’, which discussed what the average Muslim family household is and what lessons can be learnt from the ‘Giants’ of the past and their households. Also in the program, was a workshop on ‘Dealing with Disagreements: A message for the Family.’ Youth programs included topics ‘Your Deen!Your Life’, ‘How to say NO!’ and ‘Heart to Heart’ which was one of the most talked about sessions of the conference. The Kids program included a DVD of the latest

of Zaky’s adventures and an appearance by Zaky after the show. The conference is gaining in popularity each year and this year’s delegates confirmed its success. For more info on Mercy Mission and its programs:

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issue 18, April 2010

Belinda El Kadmiri El Azizi


☪ Muslim Privilege, White Privilege and Those Caught In The Middle

RESCENT T IMES Australian Muslim Newspaper

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Strengthening Our Community

Sydney: Man Stabbed To Death By Acquaintance


Sydney Shayma Alshakshir Police have charged a man over a stabbing at Belmore in Sydney; 29-year-old Omran Sleiman has been arrested and charged with murder. On January 11 at about 9.45pm the victim, known as Esam Nimer, was found dead with 12 stab wounds. It is believed the pair knew each other but police are yet to establish a motive for the murder. Adam Elias, a close friend of the victim, says the victim had once lived with the alleged offender. Mr Elias was shocked to hear that Nimer was visiting Sleiman at his apartment when he was attacked. “Esam lived with Omran a long time ago, but Esam quickly decided to move out about six months ago when he noticed police were coming by too often and wanted to avoid trouble,’’ he said. “No one knows why he was visiting Omran at his apartment, because Esam has cut ties with him a long time ago,’’ Mr Elias said.

Nimer, 32-years-old, moved to Lakemba, Sydney in 1998 from Jordan to study. After losing interest in studying he started to work as a taxi driver and later applied for work as a security officer. Mr Elias says Nimer was rejected on numerous occasions because of his Arabic and Muslim name. “Nimer decided to change his name to David Williams. His job application was instantly accepted,’’ he said. At the time of Sleiman’s arrest, Police found him to be in possession of $1500. Police are also investigating the source of this money and whether it belonged to the victim. Mr Elias says he is saddened by his friend’s death but glad that Esam had began to practise Islam again a few months before. “He began to attend Fajr prayers and became a regular attendee at the Mosque,’’ he said. Esam’s Janazah was held at Lakemba Mosque in Sydney after Friday prayer on the 15th of January 2010. Sleiman was scheduled to appear at Belmore court on the 8th of March 2010 but the hearing was adjourned until the 10th of May 2010.

ICV statement re: Channel 9 “terrorist slur” against Muslim father

“These comments highlight the vigilance that needs to be taken against all forms of racism in the community” ICV President Ramzi Elsayed said today. The ICV welcomes the investigation by Channel 9 and the indefinite standing down of the cameraman. The ICV is working closely with Channel 9 in ensuring journalists and staff are better educated to help prevent such racism influencing the mainstream community now and in the future. For further comment or to access educational The Islamic Council of Victoria is quite services about Muslims, contact Sherene disturbed by the overtly racist comments of a Hassan on 03 9328 2067 Channel 9 cameraman, Simon Fuller, in calling a Muslim father a terrorist.

Melbourne: City Law Firm Hires Sharia Advisor

issue 18, April 2010

Rashid Alshakshir*

Logie-Smith Lanyon Lawyers has become the first Australian law firm to hire a consultant Sharia advisor. Sheikh Mohamadu Nawas Saleem, who serves on the Australian National Imams Council (ANIC) Executive Committee, and is responsible for Media and Public Relations, completed his law degree (LLB) and Master in Comparative Laws (MCL) at the International Islamic University in Malaysia. He said “It is a great honour to be part of Logie-Smith Lanyon, and to be the first consultant Sharia advisor to a law firm in Australia.” Logie-Smith Lanyon (LSL) has shown its support of the Muslim community through this latest step and has previously sponsored City Circle (, donated computers to a Muslim charitable organisation and recently sponsored the joint ICV/AFIC ‘Care of the Muslim Patient’ flyer for nonMuslim health care professionals. Senior LSL lawyer and ICV board member, Hyder Gulam, said it was a privilege to be working with someone with the knowledge and esteemed reputation of Sheikh Nawas. He said “Sheikh Nawas provides unique expertise in his training under the common law system (as followed in Australia) and his competency of understanding Sharia law.” Hyder said there are a number of legal projects for the Muslim community that Sheikh Nawas will be asked to provide expert

Native Matters

Eugenia Flynn*

In a review of Waleed Aly’s Quarterly Essay for New Matilda, Irfan Yusuf recently wrote “Today’s migrant brown man complains of the white man’s prejudice toward him but neglects to recognise the responsibility of both white and brown migrants toward the continued dispossession of the original Australians. Muslim leaders should not expect empathy when they do not empathise toward those who have suffered much more and for much longer.” Put much more eloquently than I could ever write, I was struck by the similarity of Irfan’s thought to mine, albeit from two different but not opposing sides of this equation – myself as an Indigenous Australian calling for Muslims to come to the table and Yusuf as a ‘brown migrant’ calling his own to action. The significance that a ‘brown migrant’ notes the same as I do is not lost on me. More than this, perhaps what the Ummah in Australia does not realise (and here I suspect that Yusuf actually does) is that Muslims in Australia with a migrant background have a certain level of privilege over Indigenous Australians. Further than this though, I strongly believe that this privilege mirrors that of other non-Indigenous Australians – that is that in this context Muslim Privilege, despite belonging to those who are “nonWhite”, is the same as White Privilege. For example, a number of interactions with non-Indigenous Australian Muslims lately has led me to realise that a number in our community are unaware

of their own privilege as non-Indigenous Australians. More broadly than this, from a number of discourses on White Supremacy and its implications for the Muslim world (thank you Lamppost Productions and everyone associated with you for discussing these issues), it is obvious to me that a number of Muslims in the global Ummah are unaware of their own privilege as non-Black Muslims. This continued refusal to acknowledge the privilege that non-Black Muslims hold (within an Australian context the privilege that non-Indigenous Australian Muslims hold) is a blight on our Ummah and as previously stated it is a privilege that is mirrored by the privilege of non-Black people everywhere (in Australia nonIndigenous Australians). Put more simply, in Australia the privilege that Muslims hold is the same as White Privilege, despite their non-White status. That this should not be so, because we have Islam and within it we are commanded to what is just, is a given. However, how much is it a ‘given’ to those who cannot even recognise their own privilege? More than this, when Muslims view themselves as nonWhite, non-Western, how does this effect their ability to perceive their own privilege and realise that it is the same as non-Blacks and non-Indigenous Australians? And for those who do perceive, acknowledge and deal with their own privilege (like Irfan Yusuf) where do they fit in? So many questions, but I will leave you all to ponder the answers… *Eugenia Flynn is an Aboriginal, Chinese and Muslim woman. In 2007 Eugenia founded the Indigenous Muslim Support Network (IMSN), which she continues to lead. Eugenia is the Deputy Chair of the National Indigenous Youth Movement of Australia (NIYMA) and is the Company Manager of an Indigenous youth performing arts company based in Adelaide.

QLD: Sisters House Project Underway

CT Queensland:

Islamic opinion on. He also noted that many Muslims he had spoken to “were very excited that these Australian law/Sharia compliant products were soon to be available to them.” Hyder said he hopes to make a public announcement about one such product shortly. For more information about ANIC and Logie-Smith Lanyon visit:

*Rashid is a multi media student at Melbourne University and the Melbourne manager of Crescent Times. You can reach him on: rashid@crescenttimes.

At a meeting held in March, various Islamic groups from across south east Queensland highlighted the need for specialised assistance for Brisbane’s growing Muslim revert community. In a spirit of unity and friendship, approximately 80 people gathered at the Rochedale Masjid to exchange ideas and discuss suggestions for the establishment of a Sisters House in Brisbane. The supervised residential house will cater to revert women in need of short-term intensive help facing the new challenges and changes in their lives. The group acknowledged that although there were many sections of the Muslim community in need of assistance, revert sisters had very specialised needs. One of the driving forces behind the house, Sister Bayaan Weise pointed out that new sisters might need help in many areas such as transport, health, study, employment, learning about Islam, and establishing social connections with the Muslim community. “It is our duty as a community to help them,” she said. “When someone embraces Islam, friends and family often withdraw their support. The Islamic community needs to act to decrease the risk of loneliness and homelessness.” The Muslims Women’s Convert Support Group (MWCSG) and the Queensland Charity and Welfare Association (TACQWA) recognised the need in the Queensland community for an accommodation, resource, and referral service for Muslim women. The two groups, along with other members of the Queensland Islamic community, have been working together since December 2009 to make the project a reality.

Protests are growing against Pope Benedict XVI’s planned trip to Britain, where some lawyers question whether the Vatican’s implicit statehood status should shield the Pope from prosecution over sex crimes by paedophile priests. More than 10,000 people have signed a petition on Downing Street’s web site against the Pope’s 4-day visit to England and Scotland in September, which will cost UK taxpayers an estimated 15 million pounds ($22.5 million). The campaign has gained momentum as more Catholic sex abuse scandals have swept across Europe. Although Pope Benedict has not been accused of any crime, senior British lawyers are now examining whether the Pope should have immunity as a head of state and whether he could be prosecuted under the principle of universal jurisdiction for an alleged systematic cover-up of sexual abuses by priests. Universal jurisdiction - a concept in international law - allows judges to issue warrants for nearly any visitor accused of grievous crimes, no matter where they live. Lawyers are divided over the immunity issue. Some argue that the Vatican isn’t a true state, while others note the Vatican has national relations with about 170 countries, including Britain. The Vatican is also the only non-member to have permanent observer status at the UN. Then again, no other top religious leaders enjoy the same UN privileges or immunity, so why should the Pope? David Crane, former chief prosecutor at the Sierra Leone war crimes tribunal, said it would be difficult to implicate the Pope in anything criminal. “It’s a fascinating kind of academic, theoretical discussion,” said Crane, who prosecuted Sierra Leone’s Charles Taylor when he was still a sitting head of state. “At this point, there’s no liability at all.” But Geoffrey Robertson, who as a UN appeals judge delivered key decisions on the illegality of conscripting child soldiers and the invalidity of amnesties for war crimes, believes it could be time to challenge the immunity of the Pope - and

Britain could be the place. “Unlike in the United States, where the judges commonly uphold what the executive says, the British courts don’t accept these things at face value,” said Robertson on Saturday. “The Vatican is not a state it was a construct of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.” But Jeffrey Lena, the California attorney who argued - and won - head of state immunity for Pope Benedict in US sex abuse cases, said the Pope could not successfully be prosecuted for crimes under international law. “Those who would claim that ‘universal jurisdiction’ could be asserted over the Pope appear to completely misunderstand the sorts of violations, such as genocide, which are required to assert such jurisdiction,” he said. Still, Israeli officials, including former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, have recently been targeted by groups in Britain under universal jurisdiction. The legal principle is rooted in the belief that certain crimes - such as genocide, war crimes, torture and crimes against humanity are so serious that they are an offense against humanity and must be addressed. It’s a tactic that the British government would likely abhor, but British judges have often gone against government wishes in lawsuits. Recent examples include British judges who issued an arrest warrant against Israel’s former foreign minister for alleged war crimes, and a British court ruling this year that forced the government to release its intelligence exchanges with US officials about the torture claims of a former Guantanamo detainee. Prosecution in the deepening cleric sex abuse scandal, however, ultimately rests on the question of immunity. If British judges do challenge the Pope’s immunity, there are a handful of possible legal scenarios - all of them speculative. The Pope could be served with a writ for civil damages, a complaint could be lodged with the International Criminal Court, or abuse victims could try to have Pope Benedict arrested for crimes against humanity - perhaps the least likely scenario. Source:

Aside On Pope Benedict XVI Alexander Cockburn I laugh when I read furious appeals by unbelievers that Pope Benedict should quit, on the grounds that he’s bringing the Catholic Church into disrepute. It’s like the progressives’ fury against Bush Jr for making America a laughing stock among the nations. Isn’t that what we want? For the mighty to be brought low? There are noble, radical Catholic priests. Pope Benedict XVI, formerly Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (previous name: “Office of the Holy Inquisition”) has spent his career seeking to destroy, with kindred energies devoted to crushing overpowering testimony about Catholic priests abusing boys. Does he not bear the marks of the classic closet case, savagely denouncing homosexuality while effectively protecting child abuse? The Italian press loses no opportunity to comment on the manly beauty and stylish apparel of his personal secretary and constant companion, Monsignor Georg Ganswein. As Mathew Fox, formerly a Dominican, kicked out by Ratzinger for denying the concept of original sin, and now an Episcopalian, wrote in Tikkun, “Over the course of the last twenty-three years, Cardinal Ratzinger (with the complete approval of John Paul II) brought back the Inquisition. One prominent theologian, Father Bernard Haering, who

was the first church thinker to be attacked by Ratzinger, had also been interrogated by the Nazis [no doubt many of them Bavarian Catholics] during the Second World War. He reported that his interrogations in Ratzinger’s office were far more scary. Ratzinger’s attitude has been that he alone (or the Pope, in his name) knows theology, and that all real theologians can find work elsewhere. Similarly, Ratzinger denies women any church leadership roles, even though the best scholarship today makes it clear that women were leading from the get-go in the early Christian movement. “This first ever Chief Inquisitor-madepope (who appointed 112 of the 115 cardinals who elected him pope) pushed through in record time the canonization of a Hitler-admiring, Franco-supporting, fascist priest named Jose Escriva founder of the infamous and secretive Opus Dei Society. This clandestine group the present Pope and the past one used as a bludgeon to kill off communities in Latin American (with CIA assistance) and substitute its motto of ‘a preferential option for the poor’ with a preferential option for the rich and powerful.” Source: CounterPunch Diary

Pope Benedict Stalled Child Molestation Case, 1985 Letter Shows The future Pope Benedict XVI resisted pleas to defrock a California priest with a record of sexually molesting children, citing concerns including “the good of the universal church,” according to a 1985 letter bearing his signature. The correspondence, obtained by The Associated Press, is the strongest challenge yet to the Vatican’s insistence that Benedict played no role in blocking the removal of paedophile priests during his years as head of the Catholic Church’s doctrinal watchdog office. The letter, signed by then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, was typed in Latin and is part of years of correspondence between the diocese of Oakland and the Vatican about the proposed defrocking of the Rev. Stephen Kiesle, who pleaded no

contest to misdemeanors involving child molestation in 1978. The Vatican confirmed Friday that it was Ratzinger’s signature and said it was a typical form letter used in laicization cases. Attorney Jeffrey Lena said the matter proceeded “expeditiously, not by modern standards, but by those standards at the time,” and that the bishop was to guard against further abuse. Another spokesman, the Rev. Ciro Benedettini, said the letter showed no attempt at a cover-up. “The then-Cardinal Ratzinger didn’t cover up the case, but as the letter clearly shows, made clear the need to study the case with more attention, taking into account the good of all involved.” Source: Aljazeera and news agencies

Wikileaks: Video Shows US Air Crew Shooting Iraqi Civilians A secret video showing a US air crew falsely claiming to have encountered a firefight in Baghdad and then laughing at the dead after launching an air strike that killed a dozen people, including two Iraqis working for Reuters news agency, has been revealed by Wikileaks. The footage of the July 2007 attack was made public in a move that will further anger the Pentagon, which has drawn up a report identifying the whistleblower website as a threat to national security. The US defence department was embarrassed when that confidential report also appeared on the Wikileaks website last month alongside a slew of military documents. The release of the video from Baghdad also comes shortly after the US military admitted that its special forces attempted to cover up the killings of three Afghan women in a raid in February by digging the bullets out of their bodies. The newly released video of the Baghdad attacks was recorded on one of two Apache helicopters hunting for insurgents on 12 July 2007. Among the dead were a 22-year-old Reuters photographer, Namir Noor-Eldeen, and his driver, Saeed Chmagh, 40. The Pentagon had previously blocked attempts by Reuters to obtain the video through a freedom of information request. Wikileaks director Julian Assange said his organisation had to break the video’s encryption in order to view it. In the recording, the helicopter crews can be heard discussing the scene on the street below. One American claims to have spotted six people with AK-47s and one with a rocket-propelled grenade. It is unclear if some of the men are armed but NoorEldeen can be seen with a camera. Chmagh is talking on his mobile phone. One of the helicopter crew is then heard saying that one of the group is shooting. But the video shows there is no shooting or even pointing of weapons. The men are standing around, apparently unperturbed. The lead helicopter, using the moniker Crazyhorse, opens fire. “Hahaha. I hit ‘em,” shouts one of the American crew. Another responds a little later: “Oh yeah, look at those dead bastards.” One of the men on the ground, believed to be Chmagh, is seen wounded and trying to crawl to safety. One of the helicopter crew is heard wishing for the man to reach for a gun, even though there is none visible nearby, so he has the pretext for opening fire: “All you gotta do is pick up a weapon.” A van draws up next to the wounded man and Iraqis climb out. They are unarmed and start to carry the victim to the vehicle in what would appear to be an attempt to get him to hospital. One of the helicopters opens fire with armour-piercing shells. “Look at that. Right through the windshield,” says one of the crew. Another responds with a laugh. Initially the US military said that all the dead were insurgents. Then it claimed the helicopters reacted to an active firefight. Assange said that the video demonstrated that neither claim was true. “Why would anyone be so relaxed with two Apaches if someone was carrying an RPG and that person was an enemy of the United States?” he said. “The behaviour of the pilots is like a computer game. When Saeed is crawling, clearly unable to do anything, their response is: come on buddy, we want to kill you, just pick up a weapon ... It appears to be a desire to get a higher score, or a higher number of kills.” The Pentagon report on Wikileaks, reflecting the depth of paranoia about where Wikileaks is obtaining its material, speculates that the CIA may be responsible. Perhaps the most embarrassing leak for the US defence department to date was that of the 2008 Wikileaks investigation report itself which also appeared on the Wikileaks site last month.

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Pope’s Immunity Could Be Challenged In Britain

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During her visit last month to Ankara, Turkey, the Irish president Mary McAleese said the Ottoman Empire had helped Ireland during the great famine in the 1840s by sending ships carrying food to the eastern town of Drogheda, paving the way for a decision later by people of Drogheda to include the star and crescent in the town’s coat of arms. McAleese said: “During that famine, Turkey’s then-leader Sultan Abdulmecid sent three ships loaded with food to Ireland. The cargo was unloaded in a port called Drogheda and since then, at the insistence of the people, the star and crescent of your country forms part of the town’s coat of arms.” But Irish media said there was no historical record confirming the president’s remarks in relation to the town’s coat of arms. Instead, experts said the star and crescent could be traced back to 1210, when the British governor of Ireland, King John, granted the town its first charter. McAleese’s spokeswoman, Sheila Clarke, said the reference was included in the speech in good faith. “While included in good faith on information supplied, it is now accepted that the reference ... would not appear to be based on sound historical fact,” she was quoted as saying by The Irish Times.


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Ottoman Empire Sent Food Aid To The People Of Ireland During The Irish Famine

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Belgium: No to Niqab While French President Nicolas Sarkozy is encountering legal obstacles to outlawing the face-covering niqab, Belgium seems likely to beat France to bring in the first national ban in Europe. Belgium’s Home Affairs Committee has unanimously approved a ban on garments concealing the whole face or making it unrecognisable, setting up a vote in parliament on April 22 that seems certain to pass. This would prohibit the full-body burka or face-covering niqab being worn in streets, public gardens, sports grounds and buildings “meant for public use or to provide services” to the public. Women who flout the ban will face up to seven days in jail or a fine of up to E25 ($36).

Muslim Aid UK Rejects Allegations Printed by the Sunday Telegraph

UK: Muslim Aid Charity Under Investigation A charity praised by Gordon Brown and the Prince of Wales has been placed under investigation by the Charity Commission following claims it has channelled hundreds of thousands of pounds to groups linked to a banned terrorist organisation. According to its own accounts, Muslim Aid paid £325,000 to the Islamic University of Gaza, where leading Hamas figures teach, and £13,998 to the al-Ihsan Charitable Society, designated by the US government as a “sponsor of terrorism” and a front for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group. Security sources also claim that Muslim Aid UK has helped channel a further £210,600 to six other organisations in the Gaza Strip since July 2009, all of which they say are also linked to Hamas. In a statement, the Charity Commission said: “We take very seriously allegations of links between charities and terrorist activity, and consider funding of terrorist organisations to be a ‘zero tolerance’ issue. The Commission has opened an investigation into Muslim Aid in light of these allegations and is

working with the charity to address the issues raised.” Muslim Aid UK is banned from the West Bank by the Israeli government, which says it is a member of the Union of Good, an alliance of charities that raise money for Hamas. Hamas is banned throughout the EU as a designated terrorist organisation. In a video address to Muslim Aid’s 25th anniversary dinner last month, Mr Brown praised the charity’s “valuable work”. He said: “I wish Muslim Aid and its passionate and committed staff and supporters the very best for another 25 years of achievement.” The Prince sent a message saying that “our country is incredibly fortunate to be able to count on organisations like Muslim Aid, who bring not only help, but hope to those most in need.” Muslim Aid, based at the East London Mosque, has close links to the Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE), a fundamentalist Muslim group based in the same offices. Muslim Aid raised more than £24 million last year and has been given at least £830,000 of public money. It claims to serve humanity “regardless of political affiliation” and only supports lawful organisations. However, one foreign security source said: “We are opening our eyes on them. In the past they were supporting the outer rim of Hamas societies in Gaza. Now they are supporting the core.” Source: The Sunday Telegraph, UK.

Above: Muslim Aid UK 25 year Anniversary Dinner, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was amongst the attendees. Photo: courtesy Muslim Aid UK On 29 March, Muslim Aid moved to reject the allegations made in an article in the Sunday Telegraph quoting unknown foreign security sources. A spokesperson for Muslim Aid said: “ We strongly rebut the baseless allegations made in the Sunday Telegraph in relation to our work through bona fide partners. We regret that the newspaper has persisted with these libellous allegations. Muslim Aid

is in communication with its regulator, the Charity Commission and is also considering the position with its lawyers. In all its dealings Muslim Aid seeks to act ethically, transparently and fully in accordance with its legal and charitable obligations. We will not allow this kind of sensationalist and misleading journalism to deter us from pursuing our charitable objectives around the world.”

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Abdul vs ASIO

Rudd: Home Grown Islamic Terrorism Threatens Australia

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WA: Al-Hidayah Students Brighten up Bentley Various artworks made by Al-Hidayah students have been displayed in the Bentley library. Some of the students’ artwork was used in the street banners. The street banners are displayed next to the Bentley library, on the corner of Manning Road and Dumond Street. The Principal of Al-Hidayah Islamic School, Jamiel Pradhan said “Events such as these are important to bring communities together, especially when it involves young people from different communities, backgrounds and religious affiliations. We celebrate inclusiveness, respect for one another’s diversity and a sense of belonging to this land we all call

Australia.” Al-Hidayah Islamic school has been implementing the West Australian government curriculum and at the same time merging it with Islamic teachings and values. During a recent visit to the school, the water corporation taught the children the dynamics of the water supply in the country and the importance of water conservation at home and at school. The class teachers and the religious teachers found this an opportune time to teach the students the Islamic responsibility of resources gifted to us in this world by Allah (SAW).

Street Banner with Artwork by Al-Hidayah Student Suliman Ali Photo: courtesy of al-Hidayah School

Personal ad: Perth WA

European born 59 year old, single Sunni Muslim, Australian citizen living in Perth. Has his own business. Looking for a good Muslim lady to marry, from a good family, who wears hijab, who lives with her family in Western Australia, age up to 36 years old with no children. Open to any race.

language in engaging with communities on national security issues. He said, “The Lexicon of Terrorism project seeks to examine the use of language by Commonwealth, State, and Territory Governments’ in relation to terrorism.” “Certain words have the potential to glorify terrorism and terrorists, while others can cause anxiety among Australians and create divisions within and between communities.” However, after the release of the white paper Mr McClelland’s office released a statement saying that he endorsed the language used. The NSW Civil Liberties Council warned of the increasing threat to privacy posed by the actions recommended in the CounterTerrorism white paper and described the paper as discriminatory, subjective and worded in such a way as to give people a false sense of security. While highlighting the fact that thirty-eight people have been prosecuted or are being prosecuted because of counter-terrorism operations, the paper does not refer to the fact no one has actually been convicted of committing a terrorist act. All convictions to date have been for ancillary offences under the anti-terrorism laws. Mr Chris Michaelsen, from the International Law and Policy group at the University of New South Wales, said the White Paper fails to tell the Australian public that the chances of being killed in a terrorist attack in Australia are close to zero. This point was also reiterated by Liberal Senator Simon Birmingham, who told reporters: “The greatest threat to the safety of many Australian families over the last 12 months has been the home insulation program and Peter Garrett’s mismanagement of it.’’ It has been suggested that the white paper was released at a time when the government needed attention deflected away from the bungled home insulation program. Is it possible that the leaders of Muslim communities around Australia missed the release of the Counter Terrorism White Paper? Or, on the other hand, perhaps they have just stopped listening to the words of the Prime Minister. When Kevin Rudd told the nation, “an attack could occur at any time”, did our leaders see his lips moving but hear only blah blah blah? Slim or full figure welcome. I am 176cm tall, 82-kg, clean shaven, slim, fit and physically active, enjoy a healthy life-style, don’t drink, don’t smoke, easy going, with a great sense of humor, communicate well, very affectionate caring nature. Please contact: IMRAN on 0412-205 166

My friend, Abdul, finds it hard to believe that he is so dangerous that ASIO has taken more than 8 years to decide whether or not he is a “threat to national security.” And he is confused. What did he do that made ASIO so suspicious of him that it cannot give “security clearance” to the Department of Immigration to grant him a permanent visa? He has started to become very paranoid about every move he is taking in his life. He is very cautious now about where he attends prayer. He has started to avoid praying at Salfi mosques and musallas. Then he even started avoiding praying at mosques and musallas altogether and is now praying most of the time at home. He avoids talking about politics, any politics. He is even avoiding talking about the reasons for Haiti’s earthquake, in case he says something that could be interpreted by ASIO as “antiimperialist” or “anti-Semitic.” And he is refraining from talking about his family’s concerns: should his wife have another child? Should she work or stay at home? All this just to avoid being labelled as opposing “women’s rights” as that could have a serious effect on ASIO’s report. And he does not join any rally: even rallies against selling local parks. As no one knows how ASIO and the government will interpret such participation. All he is doing is travelling between work and home. But ASIO is still not convinced that he is not a “threat to national security”. Well, I personally believe that ASIO in fact does not bother to check on any new migrant or refugees. And I have clear evidence on this. The issue of Form 80 Personal Particulars for Character Assessment is one of the biggest lies the Australian government has invented in the last decade. And the new government has perpetuated it. So why do I believe that ASIO does not make any check on migrants and refugees? One of my friends told me about his family’s * Jamal Daoud is a Sydney based peace activist, writer ordeal. His wife was waiting for ASIO’s and politician. He is a regular contributor with CT. approval of her Form 80 for more than 4 years.

More then a month ago on the 23rd of February 2010, the Labour Government released its long awaited Counter-Terrorism White Paper, Securing Australia, Protecting Our Community. At the launch, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, flanked by Foreign Minister Stephen Smith and Attorney General Robert McClelland, warned that homegrown terrorism was now something Australians had to accept. Mr Rudd said he was concerned that the Australian people had become numbed to the continuing threat of terrorism, now considered permanent and persistent. “Another apparent shift has been the increase in the threat from people born or raised in Australia, who have become influenced by the divisive narrative espoused by al-Qaeda,” said the Prime Minister. To counter this homegrown threat, the Counter-Terrorism White Paper suggests that Australia spend more than $96 million on the introduction of biometric tests for visa applicants. Potential visitors to Australia, from 10 unnamed countries will, in the near future, have their fingerprints taken and faces scanned. Academics and organisations across Australia responded immediately. Almost invariably, the White Paper unleashed howls of criticism and cynicism. One voice that was not heard loud and clear was the voice of the Australian Muslim community. For the most part, Muslim leaders simply did not respond. While Muslims across Australia have silently expressed concern that the White Paper vilifies them and demonises their religion, Muslim organisations have been strangely silent. One wonders why it was left to non-Muslim academics and politicians to ask the hard questions of concern to every Muslim in Australia today. The lone voice from the Muslim community was the group Hizb–ut Tahir, who called the white paper a matter of deep concern and labelled it a shift from targeting terrorism to focusing on the ideology of terrorism. Queensland Senator Russell Trood, a former International Relations academic, said that although the paper named homegrown terrorists as a threat, it provided no strategies to counter radicalisation. “The white paper calls for strong resilient communities but offers no funding with which to build them.” Australian National University academic Michael McKinley called the paper “bollocks.” Many commentators also expressed their concern, criticising the use of language in the white paper, particularly the use of the term jihadist. Some experts consider that the easy and frequent use of such terms adds legitimacy to extremist views, while others warn that incorrect terminology can feed racism and alienate Muslims. Last year, Attorney General Robert McClelland backed a project led by Victoria Police to promote the consistent use of

issue 18, April 2010

Jamal Daoud*

Whenever he called the case officer at the Department of Immigration, the case officer would reply: “It is nothing to do with us, we are waiting for ASIO’s security clearance.” And my friend would become very scared to argue about such “national security” matters. So he would wait for a couple of months and then call the Department again. The same case officer would repeat to him the same cliché. He would get scared and forget about it for a while. Until he ran into me at Auburn Woolworths that is. At Woolworths, my friend told me, in a very quiet voice, about ASIO’s laziness in approving his wife’s security clearance. I laughed and laughed. At midnight that day, I sent an email to the Minister for Immigration about this issue. My friend called me the next day and told me that the Department had called him at 9 am and informed him that his wife’s visa was approved. So why did ASIO not provide security clearance for 4 years, but was able to act very quickly - within hours - when it came to Minister’s attention??? The question here is: who benefits when thousands of immigrants are required to wait for years while the government insists that this is part of preventing “terrorist” attacks on Australian soil? Would it not be more productive for everyone if ASIO concentrated its efforts on issues such as the forging of Australian passports to be used in killing innocents around the world? Would it not be more practical if ASIO was be taken out of the political debate and assigned professional tasks instead? The government’s repeated bungles in abusing its power under “anti-terrorism” legislation and its efforts to militarise the society have compromised the credibility of its security agencies. The consequences of such abuses could be very dire. One of them could be the total collapse of trust between the marginalised groups targeted by these bungles (especially Muslim communities) and the government and its security agencies. Meanwhile my friend Abdul is still waiting for his ASIO clearance.


Queensland Aisha Stacey

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Local Revert Speaks at Kuwait Dawah Conference

Queensland Aisha Stacey

Local Gold Coast sister Juanita Taylor was one of the speakers at a recent Kuwait dawah conference entitled Women and the Rise of the Nation. The conference, organised by the Department of Islamic Studies at the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in Kuwait, attracted speakers from all over the globe. Topics covered included Contributions By Women To Public Advocacy, by Dr Faazia Maala of Denmark, and, How Women Strengthen Family Relationships, by Dr Amal Obaid of Bahrain University. Juanita, a revert to Islam and a construction engineer employed by Queensland Rail, spoke about the dawah challenges facing Muslim women in the Australia. “Muslim women in the Australian workforce have unique opportunities to give dawah and inform the general population about the peaceful and inclusive nature of Islam,” said Ms Taylor. “Australian is a predominantly Christian country and Muslim women in the workforce are a very small minority but their opportunities to spread the message of Islam are enormous.” Ms Taylor was chosen to participate in the groundbreaking conference due to her success in a male dominated industry and her ongoing contributions to the life of the Gold Coast Muslim community.

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:‫بعونه تعالى‬

HIJRAH Australian Muslim lifestyle magazine coming soon!


IISNA Raises $650 000 In First Major Event Rashid Alshakshir The Islamic Information & Services Network of Australasia (IISNA) raised $650 000 in the first major fundraiser towards building its Multicultural Youth Centre. The night hosted interstate and local guests including Anthony Mundine, Bachar Houli and Burak Hasan. The centre will serve the needs of the Muslim community in many aspects. It includes a prayer area, Islamic library, multi-purpose reception that can accommodate more than 1000 people, child care facilities, a swimming pool as well as sporting facilities. IISNA said it has always been their goal “to provide such a centre especially for the youth of this country.” IISNA hopes “to provide a centre like none other in this country to serve as a hub, a social centre and a means of support for the community.” Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick, who recently visited Australia, said “I have never seen anything like this. I am truly pleased and overwhelmed to see such a project is taking place, this is the type of thing that we should strive to obtain.” To donate to the MYC project please deposit your donations into the following account: Commonwealth Bank Islamic Information & Services Network of Australasia (IISNA) BSB: 063234 ACC: 10255221

IISCA Open Day Raises $30 000 For New Centre Rashid Alshakshir

At its recent open day, the Islamic Information & Support Centre of Australia (IISCA) raised $30 000 in funds for its new Hume Islamic Youth Centre in Roxburgh Park. The three day Grand Opening attracted hundreds of people who came to enjoy sporting competitions, billiards, table tennis and the first of its kind Street Fighter IV (PS3) video game tournament. During the Grand Opening, there were boxing, akido and mixed martial arts demonstrations, including one from renowned fighter and grappler Ross Dallow. Sisters attended a fundraising brunch which was followed by a brothers’ fundraising dinner and auction. It is hoped that the centre, the first of its kind in the area, will be a place for Muslim youth to turn to for entertainment and Islamic education. To donate to the new centre: Account Details Bank: WESTPAC Account Name: Hume Islamic Youth Centre Inc. BSB: 033-048 Account No: 379073

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Racist Police To Be Dealt With: Overland Melbourne Nasya Bahfen Following reports of police officers harassing and abusing African youth, Victoria’s police chief has vowed the force will not tolerate racism in its ranks. But how he’ll get that message across to rank and file cops is anyone’s guess, argues Nasya Bahfen.

working in these predominantly African suburbs of Melbourne.) Mr Overland then admitted there were racist elements in the Victoria Police. He promised the audience – many of whom came from African communities – that he would not tolerate racism in the organisation he headed. Although his candid assessment of the presence of racist police took a few people off guard, as the head of the state’s police force he kind of had to say those things, and he kind of had to assure the crowd that allegations of racism would be taken seriously. Listening in the audience, I couldn’t help but think of the bleeding obvious - neither the Police Commissioner nor the officers in that room were the problem. A cop who works with the multicultural unit, or a cop who is willing to spend a Monday evening awkwardly mingling with Africans and the odd Afghan or Iraqi isn’t going to be the type of cop identified so damningly in the legal services’ report - the type of cop that beats up young Sudanese boys, or tells them that they need to go back to their own country, or who orders the same Somalian youth to show his ID several times in one day. “Young African people are perceived as ‘foreign intruders’ and white police officers as ‘locals,’ ” the report says. I wonder what the police will do about the allegations made in it - the police leadership is patently trying to build bridges with African communities. The report claims these bridge-building efforts won’t work, because their effects will not be felt by the broader police force, or by the violent, bored, power-trip loving cops targeting African youths. How do you turn such a dysfunctional relationship into a healthy one? How do you build bridges with someone who looks at your uniform and identifies that uniform as the reason for being made to feel unwelcome and worthless in his own city? I don’t envy Simon Overland, but that’s one of the tasks the Victoria Police faces, and I wish him - and it - luck. Maybe one day the slowly changing ethnic makeup of the force will include a SudaneseAustralian or a Somali-Australian officer awkwardly mingling with the crowd at a policehosted Harmony Day event.

A stream of visitors walked past the entrance to the Collingwood Town Hall in the City of Yarra, smiling at a friendly female policewoman at the door who greeted each person and waved them through to the main part of the hall. Yarra is one of the most ethnically diverse councils in Melbourne - one of Australia’s most ethnically diverse metropolitan capital cities. The “civvies” attending the function were almost exclusively non-white – they were of Burmese, Middle Eastern (Afghan or Iraqi), Tamil and African backgrounds. By contrast the men and women in uniform were almost exclusively Anglo - almost, but not quite. Headscarved senior constable Maha Sukkar - a role model to many young Muslims - was there, along with fellow Muslim senior constable Albert Fatileh. There were also civilian employees of the Victoria Police, of Asian, African and other backgrounds. This reception for “new and emerging communities” - that is, those whose members have only recently arrived in Australia - was hosted by Victoria Police and the City of Yarra to celebrate Harmony Day in March. The guests from Melbourne’s newest migrant communities, and the boys (and girls) in blue, tentatively mingled, symbolising a sometimes fraught relationship between the police and ethnic groups. After the requisite food, national anthem (with, pointedly, the second verse), and welcoming speeches, police commissioner Simon Overland made a preemptive strike. That week, he told the crowd, a report would be released by the Springvale Monash and Fitzroy legal services. The report would say that African youths were being targeted by police officers and that young people of African backgrounds in Flemington and Dandenong were subject to routine police harassment. (The report has since been released and *Nasya Bahfen is RMIT lectrurer and the Victorian “deeply unflattering” is a kind way to describe editor of Crescent Times. You can reach her on: nasya. the picture it paints of some of the police

Daniel Adam CONDUIT DATE OF BIRTH: 09/05/1985 Call us on: HEIGHT: 170cm 1800 333 000 BUILD: Medium EYES: Blue or visit: HAIR: Brown COMPLEXION: Fair Where is Daniel Adam CONDUIT? It is alleged CONDUIT was involved in driving offences in 2007. Several warrants for his arrest have been issued.

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‫حزب جديد يف ال�سويد ا�سمه‪:‬‬ ‫اللل�سهيونية الللعن�سرية‬

‫�سبكة العدل االجتماعي تتحول اىل حزب �سيا�سي‬ ‫للدفاع عن املهم�سني و امل�ست�سعفني اال�سرتاليني‬


‫تاسست شبكة العدالة االجتماعية بعد‬ ‫ان اجتمعت مجموعة من الناشطني في‬ ‫اجملال االجتماعي والسياسي من ابناء اجلاليات‬ ‫املهمشه‪ ،‬وعلی راسها اجلاليات العربية‬ ‫واالسالمية‪ ،‬بداية عام ‪ ٢٠٠٧‬وقررت ان هناك‬ ‫حاجة لتاسيس مجموعة تقوم بالدفاع عن‬ ‫قضايا املهمشني مبختلف الطرق الدميقراطية‪.‬‬ ‫حيث ان اكبر مشكلة تواجهها استراليا‬ ‫خالل العقدين املاضيني هي تنامي العنصرية‬ ‫والتخويف من االسالم واملسلمني‪ .‬الهالل تاميز‬ ‫التقت االستاذ جمال داوود واستفسرت منه عن‬ ‫تفاصيل ومستجدات احلزب‪.‬‬ ‫«في البداية ركزت اجملموعة عملها علی‬ ‫املهمشة حلل املشاكل‬ ‫مساعدة ابناء اجلاليات‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫التي تواجههم بسبب تنامي العنصرية‬ ‫واالسالموفوبيا‪ .‬وقد نشط اعضاء اجملموعة‬ ‫املؤسسني في الدفاع عن حقوق الالجئني‪ ،‬باعتبار‬ ‫ان استهدافهم ما هو اال شكل من اشكال‬ ‫تشجيع العنصرية واالسالموفوبيا‪ .‬كما نشط‬ ‫االعضاء في معارضة مشاركة استراليا في‬ ‫حروب امريكا ضد العراق وافغانستان‪ .‬كما‬ ‫ساعدت اجملموعة ابناء اجلاليات املهمشه في‬ ‫احلصول علی اخلدمات احلكومية واالهلية وفي‬ ‫حل مشاكلهم مع دوائر احلكومة من الهجرة‬ ‫واالسكان والسنترلينك وغيرها من الدوائر»‪.‬‬ ‫كما ارتات اجملموعة ان تقوم بحملة توعوية قبل‬ ‫انتخابات الوالية عام ‪ ٢٠٠٧‬عن مواقف االحزاب‬ ‫اخملتلفة وسجلها في الدفاع عن القضايا التي‬ ‫تهم اجلاليات املهمشة‪ ،‬وعلی راسها قضايا‬ ‫العنصرية واالسالموفوبيا‪ .‬و اعادت الكرة بحمله‬ ‫توعوية مشابهة قبل االنتخابات الفيديرالية‬ ‫التي جرت نهاية عام ‪.٢٠٠٧‬‬ ‫وخالل هذه الفترة وبعد عدة اجتماعات‪ ،‬اقر‬ ‫االعضاء املؤسسون وثيقة مبادئ ينطلق على‬ ‫اساسها عمل اجملموعة‪ ،‬حتت عنوان «بيان حركة‬ ‫العدالة االجتماعية»‪ .‬وقد حددت الوثيقة املبادئ‬ ‫العامة لعمل اجملموعة ورؤيتها ملستقبل افضل‬ ‫الستراليا بضرورة اتخاذ اخلطوات الالزمة الدماج‬ ‫اجملموعات املهمشة في اجملتمع وخصوصا في‬ ‫مراكز صنع القرارات‪ .‬وقد قامت اجملموعة بعدة‬ ‫نشاطات خالل االعوام املاضية واصدرت بيانات‬ ‫تعبر عن مواقف اجملموعة من القضايا الرئيسية‬ ‫التي مرت على استراليا والعالم‪.‬‬ ‫وقد توجت نشاطات اجملموعة السياسية‬ ‫بقرار خوض غمار االنتخابات البلدية عام ‪٢٠٠٨‬‬ ‫في بلديتني‪ ،‬هما بلدية اوبرن وبلدية كانتربري‪. .‬‬ ‫وبالرغم من صغر عمر اجملموعة وقلة االمكانيات‬ ‫املادية‪ ،‬فقد اثر هذا الترشيح على نتائج املرشحني‬ ‫في هاتني البلديتني بشكل كبير‪ ،‬بالرغم من عدم‬ ‫متكن مرشحي اجملموعة من الفوز‪.‬‬ ‫«بعد التجاوب اجليد من قبل ابناء الوالية‪،‬‬ ‫وخصوصا في املناطق ذات التواجد املكثف‬ ‫للمهمشني‪ ،‬مع حمالت الشبكة اخملتلفة‪،‬‬ ‫شعر اعضاء اجملموعة الناشطون بان الظروف‬ ‫اصبحت ناضجة ومناسبة لتحويل الشبكة الی‬ ‫حزب سياسي يعتمد علی جتربة الشبكة وما‬ ‫كونته من عالقات واسعة ومعرفة جيدة بقضايا‬ ‫املهمشني واحتياجاتهم»‪.‬‬ ‫واشار جمال داوود منسق اعمال اجملموعة الى‬ ‫انهم لم يتقدموا بعد باي وثائق رسمية لتسجيل‬


‫احلزب في مفوضية االنتخابات‪ .‬ولكن ومع البطؤ‬ ‫في االجابة علی بعض تساؤالتهم القانونية مبا‬ ‫يخص اجلانب البيروقراطي لعملية التسجيل‬ ‫واستطالع مالئمة االسم للتسجيل‪ ،‬فاننا نتوقع‬ ‫بعض «املشاكسات» في العملية حملاولة ثنينا‬ ‫عن التسجيل او لتاخير حدوث ذلك‪.‬‬ ‫بعد االجتماعات املكثفة والتي اسفرت عن‬ ‫تبني وثيقة «اعالن حركة العدالة االجتماعية»‬ ‫وتبني دستور مؤقت للحزب‪ ،‬مت انتخاب هيئة‬ ‫ادارية مؤقتة للمجموعة حلني استيفاء الشروط‬ ‫القانونية لتسجيل احلزب بشكل رسمي ومن‬ ‫ثم عقد اجتماع عام لتثبيت انتخاب الهيئات‬ ‫القيادية فيه واملصادقة علی الدستور واالعالن‪.‬‬ ‫والقيادة املؤقتة تضم ناشطني من جاليات‬ ‫مختلفة من لبنانية وعراقية وفلسطينية‬ ‫وروسية وشيشانية وغيرها‪ .‬وبعد اطالق املوقع‬ ‫االلكتروني‪ ،‬فان اجملموعة ستنشر اسماء القيادة‬ ‫املؤقتة قريبا جدا‪.‬‬ ‫احلزب كما هو اآلن هو حزب وطني يضم أي‬ ‫شخصيات تؤمن بالتعددية الثقافية احلقيقية‬ ‫وبضرورة العمل علی محاربة العنصرية والتمييز‬ ‫ضد االقليات العرقية والدينية بالعمل علی رفع‬ ‫متثيل هذه اجلاليات في مراكز صنع القرار‪ .‬التركيز‬ ‫علی مشاكل اجلاليات املسلمة هي بسبب ان‬ ‫اجلاليات املسلمة هي االكثر تعرضا للهجوم‬ ‫والتمييز واالضطهاد‪ .‬لدرجة ان احلكومة واحزاب‬ ‫املعارضه قد سنت قوانني خاصة الستهدافهم‬ ‫والتمييز ضدهم‪ ،‬مبا سمي قوانني مكافحة ما‬ ‫يسمی باالرهاب‪ .‬ولذلك فان احلزب يولي اهمية‬ ‫خاصة ملعارضه هذه القوانني اجلائرة وما نتج‬ ‫عنها من اعتقاالت عشوائية ومحاكمات غير‬ ‫عادلة افضت الی احكام جائرة ادانتها الكثير‬ ‫من منظمات حقوق االنسان‪ .‬ولنفس السبب فان‬ ‫معظم ناشطي اجملموعة هم من ابناء اجلاليات‬ ‫العربية واالسالمية‪.‬‬ ‫مواقف جتاه القضية الفلسطينية والصراع‬ ‫العربي االسرائيلي‪:‬‬ ‫يوضح داوود ان قضية احتالل اسرائيل لفلسطني‬ ‫والراض واسعة من دول مجاورة حتتل مركزا مهما‬ ‫في نشاط حزب العدالة االجتماعية وفلسفته‪.‬‬ ‫ان احلزب يؤيد النضال العادل واملشروع للشعب‬ ‫الفلسطيني من اجل احلصول علی حقوقه‬ ‫الشرعية التاريخية‪ .‬بل ان احلزب يجعل من ادانة‬ ‫اسرائيل شيئا اساسيا في سياساته‪ ،‬باعتبار ان‬ ‫احتالل اسرائيل لالراضي العربية هو اكبر تهديد‬ ‫للسلم العاملي‪ .‬ولذلك فان احلزب يدين االحتالل‬ ‫االسرائيلي لالراضي العربية الفلسطينية وكل‬ ‫جيرانها‪ ،‬ويعتبر ان اسرائيل دولة مارقة قامت‬ ‫علی فلسفة صهيونية عنصرية‪ .‬كما ان احلزب‬ ‫كان هو احلزب االسترالي الوحيد الذي عارض ادراج‬ ‫حركات املقاومة الفلسطينية واللبنانية علی‬ ‫الالئحة االسترالية للمنظمات االرهابية‪.‬‬ ‫كما ان للحزب مواقف ثابتة من بعض االحزاب‬ ‫االسترالية‪ .‬فاحلزب يعتبر وبالرغم من معارضته‬ ‫لكثير من مواقف حزب العمال واجنداته‪ ،‬فان‬ ‫هذه املواقف واالجندات ال ميكن ان تقارن باملواقف‬ ‫واالجندات التدميرية حلزب االحرار العنصري‪ .‬وبعد‬ ‫االطاحة مبالكولم تيرنبول من زعامة املعارضة‬ ‫واستبداله بالعنصري املتطرف توني ابوت‪ ،‬ممثل‬ ‫احملافظني اجلدد في استراليا وتدهور خطاب حزب‬



‫الصورة‪ :‬جمال داوود‪ ،‬تصوير كريزنت تاميز‪.‬‬ ‫االحرار متاثرا بعودة وزير الهجرة السابق سيئ‬ ‫السمعة فيليب رادوك الی مركز القيادة‪ ،‬فان حزب‬ ‫العدالة االجتماعية يعلن انه لن يسعی الی أي‬ ‫اتصاالت سياسية مع حزب االحرار املتطرف ولن‬ ‫يعقد معه أي صفقات سياسية او انتخابية‪.‬‬ ‫اما بالنسبة حلزب اخلضر‪ ،‬فان حزب العدالة‬ ‫االجتماعية يعتبر ان حزب اخلضر هو حزب انتهازي‬ ‫بال ايدولوجية واضحة‪ .‬فكل ما يهم احلزب هو‬ ‫زيادة االصوات االولية‪ ،‬بغض النظر عن االسلوب‬ ‫والتنازالت وتغيير املواقف‪ .‬كما ان حزب اخلضر‬ ‫يعتبر من اكثر االحزاب عنصرية في استراليا‪.‬‬ ‫فهو حزب يخلو متاما من أي عناصر مهاجره غير‬ ‫اجنلو‪-‬ساكسونية في قيادة احلزب او العاملني‬ ‫فيه‪ .‬كما ان للحزب مواقف مخزية في اكثر‬ ‫من قضية اعلن انه مهتم بها‪ .‬حتی في مجال‬ ‫الدفاع عن البيئه‪ ،‬فان املواقف احلقيقية للخضر‬ ‫تخضع عادة ملوازين الربح واخلسارة االنتخابية‪،‬‬ ‫وليس علی اساس املبادئ الثابتة‪.‬‬ ‫انطالقا من رؤية حزب العدالة بضرورة البناء‬ ‫علی منجزات اجملموعة والدامة االستمرارية في‬ ‫خدمة اجلاليات املهمشة علی طريق حتقيق‬ ‫تغييرات جذرية في اجملتمع‪ ،‬فان احلزب قرر خوض‬ ‫االنتخابات الفيديرالية القادمة‪ .‬وسيعلن احلزب‬ ‫عن اسماء مرشحيه واملقاعد التي سيترشحون‬ ‫عنها‪ .‬كما سيعلن البرنامج االنتخابي الذي‬ ‫سيخوض االنتخابات علی اساسه‪ .‬هذا البرنامج‬ ‫الذي سيكون مشابها ومكمال للبرنامج الذي‬ ‫اعلنته اجملموعة في انتخابات البلدية عام ‪.٢٠٠٨‬‬ ‫وبالرغم من انه ال يستطيع احد ان يتنبأ بنتائج‬ ‫أي انتخابات قبل اعالن موعدها واقتراب هذا‬ ‫املوعد‪ ،‬اال اننا ال نريد ان نفرط في التفاؤل بشكل‬ ‫غير عملي‪ .‬كما ان فلسفة احلزب ال تقوم علی‬ ‫دخول املعترك االنتخابي للفوز مبقاعد محددة‬ ‫فقط‪ .‬بل ان دخول املعترك االنتخابي قد يحقق‬ ‫الكثير من التغييرات السياسية واالقتصادية‬ ‫واالجتماعية في اجملتمع بفرض اجندات التغيير‬ ‫علی االحزاب التقليدية واجبارها علی اتخاذ‬ ‫خطوات عملية لتحقيق بعض هذه االجندات‬ ‫التغييرية‪ ،‬حتی لو لم يفز مرشحو احلزب باي‬ ‫مقعد‪ .‬كما ان هذه االنتخابات ستؤسس لزيادة‬ ‫وعي الناس بقضايا املهمشني وستزيد من وعي‬ ‫الناس مبواقف االحزاب التقليدية احلقيقية‬ ‫من هذه القضايا‪ .‬كما ان هذه التجربة ستزيد‬ ‫من معرفة الناس باحلزب وفلسفته ومواقفه‬ ‫احلقيقية‪.‬‬ ‫طارق الشامخي‬

‫حيث الدجاج احلالل الطازج واللحم امل�سوي والرز‬ ‫الربياين واملن�سف‬ ‫�ساي جماين يقدم مع كل طلبية‬ ‫�سحن رز متو�سط‪7.95 :‬‬ ‫�سحن رز برياين عري�ض‪9.95 :‬‬

‫‪19/53 Cecil Avenue‬‬ ‫‪CANNINGTON, WA‬‬ ‫‪0894589527‬‬ ‫‪0434492972‬‬

‫تقدم حزب جديد في السويد اسمه ‪:‬‬ ‫الللصهيونية الللعنصرية‪ ،‬تقدم بطلب االشتراك‬ ‫في االنتخابات النيابية في اخلريف القادم في‬ ‫السويد‪ ،‬ويأتي تشكيل هذا احلزب عقب ازدياد املد‬ ‫العنصري الشديد في الدول االوروبية وامتداده‬ ‫الى خصوصيات اجلالية العربية واملسلمة في‬ ‫السويد‪ ,‬ويحتاج أي حزب في دولة كالسويد‬ ‫الى اربعة باملائة من اجمالي عدد املقترعني‪،‬‬ ‫وتعتبر هذه النسبة سهلة جدا فيما لو تفاعلت‬ ‫اجلالية العربية واملسلمة وافاقت من نومها يوم‬ ‫االنتخاب‪ ،‬وللحزب مطالب واضحة من اهمها‬ ‫وضع القيود القانونية على حرية الصحافة التي‬ ‫تتناول املعتقدات االسالمية ورموزها في الوقت‬ ‫الذي تتشدد فيه هذه القوانني امام فئآت اخرى‪،‬‬ ‫كما وان هذا احلزب يعتقد ان هناك سيطرة‬ ‫صهيونية على االعالم والسياسة والقوانني‬ ‫في الدول االوروبية‪ ،‬اضافة الى مطالبة احلزب‬ ‫وقف املعاملة السيئة لطالبي اللجوء العرب‬ ‫واملسلمني وعدم ترحيلهم قسريا وخاصة‬ ‫العراقيني والفلسطينيني منهم والبلدان التي‬

‫مازالت االضطرابات فيها قائمة‪.‬‬ ‫في حال جناح احلزب في الدخول الى البرملان‬ ‫السويدي‪ ،‬فسيكون له احلق في فرض قوانني‬ ‫جديدة وذلك الن طبيعة احلالة السياسية‬ ‫للسويد تضع هذا احلزب في وسط املعادلة بني‬ ‫اليمني واليسار مما يجعله في وضع مريح جدا‬ ‫في فرض شروطه العادلة والتي ستجبر االحزاب‬ ‫الكبرى على قبولها‪.‬‬ ‫لقد جرب العرب واملسلمون العمل السياسي‬ ‫عبر النشاط في االحزاب االخرى‪ ،‬ولقي ذلك‬ ‫تضييعا وتشتيتا للجهود املتواضعة والتي لم‬ ‫توصل الى نتيجة تساعد في احلد من اتساع‬ ‫النشاط العنصري احملمي من القوانني العنصرية‬ ‫‪ ،‬واصبح االضهاد شيمة احلكومات االوروبية‪،‬‬ ‫وفي حال جناح هذا احلزب فان هناك احزابا اخرى‬ ‫بنفس االسم ستنشأ في دول اوروبية اخرى‬ ‫تضم اعدادا اكبر من اجلالية العربية واالسالمية‬ ‫وحتمل نفس اللون والتي فشلت حتى اليوم في‬ ‫تسيير مظاهرات صغيرة في وجه اعتداء واضح‬ ‫على العرب واملسلمني‪.‬‬

‫اأقدم االأ�رسى الفل�سطينيني والعرب‪:‬‬

‫االأ�سري الربغوثي يدخل عامه‬ ‫الـ‪ 33‬يف �سجون االحتالل‬

‫رام اهلل ‪ -‬املركز الفلسطيني لإلعالم‪ :‬أكد «مركز األسرى‬ ‫للدراسات» أن عميد األسرى الفلسطينيني نائل البرغوثي‬ ‫«أبو النور» سيدخل غ ًدا األحد (‪ )4-4‬دخل عامه الثالث‬ ‫والثالثني في سجون االحتالل‪.‬‬ ‫وأكد رأفت حمدونة مدير مركز األسرى للدراسات أن األسير‬ ‫البرغوثى ‪-‬من قرية كوبر (رام اهلل) من مواليد العام ‪195٧‬م‬ ‫واملعتقل منذ (‪19٧٨-4-4‬م)‪ ،‬ومحكوم عليه بالسجن مدى‬ ‫احلياة‪ ،‬واملوجود حاليًّا في سجن «بئر السبع»‪ -‬هو أقدم‬ ‫األسرى الفلسطينيني والعرب في سجون االحتالل‪ ،‬وأنه‬ ‫ميثل لقب عميد األسرى الفلسطينيني؛ لكونه قد اعتُقل‬ ‫وعمره دون ‪ ٢٠‬عا ًما‪.‬‬ ‫وأضاف حمدونة أن األسير البرغوثى أحد قيادات احلركة‬ ‫الوطنية األسيرة وكتَّابها‪ ،‬وكان قد تنقَّل خالل فترة‬ ‫اعتقاله الطويلة فى معظم السجون الصهيونية‪،‬‬ ‫ومحرو ٌم من الزيارات حتت حجة األمن من فترة طويلة‪.‬‬ ‫وأكدت حنان شقيقة األسير نائل البرغوثي «أن األسير‬ ‫نائل فقد والديه وهو في االعتقال‪ ،‬وأن والدته احلاجة فرحة‬ ‫سني عمرها والشوق ميأل قلبها‬ ‫«أم نائل» عاشت آخر‬ ‫ِّ‬ ‫للقائه‪ ،‬وفي انتظار الفرصة لتقبيله واحتضانه كما بقية‬ ‫األمهات‪ ،‬غير أن سياسات االحتالل العدوانية ح َّولت احللم‬ ‫واألمنية إلى سراب ووهم فتوفيت بعد إصابتها بأزمة‬ ‫قلبية‪.‬‬ ‫يُذكر أن والدة األسير البرغوثي احلاجة فرحة البرغوثي‬ ‫يُعرف عنها أنها شاعرة‪ ،‬ومن أبرز القيادات النسوية التي‬ ‫قادت حمالت اإلضراب ومسيرات التضامن مع األسرى‬ ‫واملعتقلني في سجون االحتالل الصهيوني‪.‬‬

‫‪issue 18, April 2010‬‬



‫‪Australian Muslim Newspaper‬‬

‫‪Strengthening Our Community‬‬

‫‪Arabic lift out‬‬

‫ح�شن ال�شخ�شري‬

‫فبهداهم اقتده‬

‫تعاين من هجرة الأدمغة‪.‬‬ ‫واأفادت �سبكة «�سي اإن اإن» الأمريكية ان املحارب املخ�رشم من احلرب العاملية الثانية كويف بواكي‬ ‫يادوم ت�سجل يف كلية اإدارة الأعمال يف جامعة بريبي�سرتيان عندما كان يف الـ‪ 96‬من العمر‪ ,‬وها قد‬ ‫تخرج الآن‪.‬‬ ‫وقال بادوم للـ»�سي اإن اإن» انه «لي�س للتعليم حدود‪ ,‬فطاملا ان الدماغ يعمل ب�سكل جيد ميكن‬ ‫للعينني اأن ترى جيدا ً ولالأذن اأن ت�سمع جيداً‪ ,‬واإذا ذهبت اإىل املدر�سة فيمكن التعلم»‪.‬‬

‫اأغنى اأغنياء العامل‪ 8 :‬من ال�ضعودية و‪ 4‬من االإمارات و‪ 4‬من م�رص‬

‫العرب نيوز ‪ :‬ضمت قائمة أغني أغنياء العالم ‪20‬‬ ‫شخصية من العالم العربي ممن تزيد ثروة كل منهم‬ ‫عن مليار‪ .‬كان للملكة العربية السعودية أكبر عدد‬ ‫من املليارديرات في قائمة مجلة «فوربس» األمريكية‬ ‫املتخصصة في مجال املال حيث بلغ عددهم ثمانية‬ ‫وجاءت االمارات في املرتبة الثانية من بني الدول العربية‬ ‫بأربعة أسماء كبيرة ثم حبت مصر ثالثا بأربعة أسماء‬ ‫من عائلة واحدة وهم أنسي ساويرس وأوالده الثالثة‬ ‫ناصف وجنيب وسامح‪.‬ثم الكويت ولبنان بواحد لكل‬ ‫منهم واملفاجأة ظهور اسم سوداني في القائمة ولكن‬ ‫تبني انه يقيم في بريطانيا‪.‬‬ ‫فيا يلي قائمة أغني أغنياء العرب وثرواتهم‪:‬‬ ‫‪ -1‬الوليد بن طالل من السعودية بثروة قدرها ‪19.4‬‬ ‫مليار دوالر وترتيبه ‪ 19‬في القائمة‬ ‫‪ - 2‬محمد العمودي من السعودية بثروة قدرها ‪ 10‬مليار‬ ‫دوالر وترتيبه ‪ 64‬في القائمة‪ .‬له استثمارات في اململكة‬ ‫واثيوبيا وأوربا خاصة السويد‪.‬‬ ‫‪ - 3‬ناصر اخلرافي من الكويت بثروة قدرها ‪ 8.7‬مليار دوالر‬ ‫وترتيبه ‪ 77‬في القائمة‪.‬له استثمارات في الدول العربية وافريقيا‬ ‫وشرق اوربا‪.‬‬ ‫‪ - 4‬محمد بن عيسي اجلابر من السعودية بثروة قدرها ‪ 7.5‬مليار‬ ‫دوالر وترتيبه ‪ 93‬في القائمة‪ .‬معظم استثماراته في الفنادق‬ ‫واملنتجعات خاصة في أوربا‪.‬‬ ‫‪ - 5‬سليمان الراجحي من السعودية بثروة قدرها ‪ 6.5‬مليار دوالر‬ ‫وترتيبه ‪ 109‬في القائمة‪ .‬معظم استثماراته في العمل البنكي‬ ‫والصيرفة االسالمية‪.‬‬ ‫‪ - 6‬ناصف ساويرس من مصر بثروة قدرها ‪ 5.9‬مليار دوالر‬ ‫وترتيبه في القائمة ‪ . 127‬الرئيس التنفيذي لشركة أوراسكوم‬ ‫للصناعات اإلنشائية‪ .‬جنل أنسي ساويرس رئيس ومؤسس‬ ‫مجموعة أوراسكوم املتعددة النشاطات‪.‬‬ ‫‪- 7‬صالح الراجحي من السعودية بثروة قدرها ‪ 5.8‬مليار دوالر‬ ‫وترتيبه في القائمة ‪ ،129‬يعمل في الصرافة والعمل البنكي‬ ‫االسالمي بجانب املشروعات الزراعية‪.‬‬ ‫‪- 8‬عبد العزيز الغرير من االمارات بثروة قدرها ‪ 3.5‬مليار دوالر‬ ‫وترتيبه في القائمة ‪ ، 258‬عضو مجلس اإلدارة والرئيس التنفيذي‬ ‫لبنك املشرق ورئيس مجلس إدارة شركة رأس اخليمة للبترول‬ ‫ونائب رئيس مجلس إدارة مركز دبي املالي العاملي‪.‬‬ ‫‪ - 9‬أنسي ساويرس من مصر بثروة قدرها ‪ 3.1‬مليار دوالر وترتيبه‬ ‫في القائمة ‪ ، 307‬مؤسس ورئيس مجموعة أوراسكوم‪.‬‬ ‫‪ - 10‬صالح كامل من السعودية بثروة قدرها ‪ 2.6‬مليار دوالر‬ ‫وترتيبه في القائمة ‪ ،367‬مالك لبنوك اسالمية وملؤسسات‬ ‫اعالمية اشهرها مجموع ‪ art‬الفضائية‪.‬‬ ‫‪ -11‬جنيب ساويرس من مصر بثروة قدرها ‪ 2.5‬مليار دوالر‬ ‫وترتيبه في القائمة ‪ ،374‬رئيس أوراسكوم لإلتصاالت وأوراسكوم‬ ‫للتكنولوجيا‪ .‬جنل أنسي ساويرس رئيس ومؤسس مجموعة‬ ‫أوراسكوم املتعددة النشاطات‪ .‬أطلق قناة أو تي في التي مت‬ ‫أفتتاحها في ‪ 31‬يناير ‪ 2007‬وقناة أون تي في التي مت أفتتاحها في‬ ‫‪ 6‬أكتوبر ‪ .2008‬مساهم في جريدة املصري اليوم‪.‬‬ ‫‪ -12‬سيف الغرير من االمارات بثروة قدرها ‪ 2.3‬مليار دوالر وترتيبه‬ ‫في القائمة ‪ ، 421‬رئيس مجموعتي عبد اهلل الغرير وسيف الغرير‬ ‫وكبير عائلة الغرير املعروفة‪.‬‬

‫‪ -13‬عبد اهلل الراجحي من السعودية بثروة قدرها ‪ 2.3‬مليار‬ ‫دوالر وترتيبه في القائمة ‪ ،421‬مستثمر في العمل املصرفي‬ ‫االسالمي‪.‬‬ ‫‪ - 14‬ماجد الفطيم من االمارات بثروة قدرها ‪ 2.1‬مليار دوالر‬ ‫مؤسس مجموعة ماجد الفطيم‬ ‫وترتيبه في القائمة ‪، 463‬‬ ‫ِّ‬ ‫ورئيس مجلس إدارتها وميلك مراكز التس ُّوق والهايبرماركت‬ ‫اإلقليمية في الشرق األوسط وشمال إفريقيا‪.‬‬ ‫‪ -15‬محمد ابراهيم سوداني مقيم في بريطانيا بثروة قدرها ‪2.1‬‬ ‫مليار دوالر وترتيبه في القائمة ‪، 463‬مالك شركة ‪ Celtel‬للجوال‬ ‫لها نشاط في ‪ 23‬دولة‪.‬‬ ‫‪ - 16‬سعد احلريري رئيس الوزراء اللبناني بثروة قدرها ‪ 1.9‬مليار‬ ‫دوالر وترتيبه في القائمة ‪ ،536‬استثماراته في مجال العقارات‬ ‫واملقاوالت واالتصاالت‪.‬‬ ‫‪ -17‬محمد الراجحي من السعودية بثروة قدرها ‪ 1.5‬مليار دوالر‬ ‫وترتيبه في القائمة ‪.655‬‬ ‫‪ -18‬سامح ساويرس من مصر بثروة قدرها ‪ 1.5‬مليار دوالر‬ ‫وترتيبه في القائمة ‪ 655‬مكرر‪ ،‬النجل األوسط ألنسي ساويرس‬ ‫رئيس ومؤسس مجموعة أوراسكوم ‪.‬‬ ‫‪ -19‬أمين احلريري من السعودية ( حسب اجمللة)بن رئيس الوزراء‬ ‫اللبناني االسبق رفيق احلريري أخو سعد احلريري بثروة قدرها ‪1.4‬‬ ‫مليار دوالر وترتيبه في القائمة ‪. 721‬‬ ‫‪ - 20‬عبد اهلل الفطيم من االمارات بثروة قدرها ‪ 1.1‬مليار‬ ‫دوالر وترتيبه في القائمة ‪ ، 880‬يستثمر في مجال السيارات‬ ‫والعقارات‪.‬‬ ‫وتصدر القائمة العاملية امللياردير املكسيكي من أصل لبناني‬ ‫كارلوس سليم احللو الذي أزاح مؤسس كبرى شركات البرمجيات‬ ‫العاملية مايكروسوفت بيل جيتس عن صدارة أثرياء العالم‪.‬‬ ‫بثروة قدرت بنحو ‪ 53.5‬مليار دوالر وبلغت ثروة جيتس ‪ 53‬مليار‬ ‫دوالر‪.‬و قد حل رجل األعمال األمريكي وارن بافت في املركز الثالث‬ ‫في عالم الثراء بثروة قدرت بنحو ‪ 47‬مليار دوالر‪.‬‬ ‫وأشارت اجمللة الى أن عدد مليارديرات العالم ارتفع إلى ‪ 1011‬بعد‬ ‫أن كان قد تراجع في العام السابق إلى ‪ 793‬مليارديرا‪.‬‬


‫•تخرج مدر�س �سابق يف الـ‪ 99‬من العمر للتو من اإحدى اجلامعات يف جمهورية غانا الإفريقية التي‬

‫العرب نيوز ‪ :‬اعرتف الكاردينال النم�ساوي كري�ستوف �سونبورن‬ ‫بوقوع انتهاكات جن�سية على يد رجال دين كاثوليك بحق الأطفال‪.‬‬ ‫وقال الكاردينال خالل» قدا�س التوبة» يف كاتدرائية �ستيفان يف‬ ‫فيينا م�ساء ام�س «نعرتف باأننا مل نرد التعرف على احلقيقة‬ ‫وباأننا اأخفينا حقائق وباأنه كانت هناك �سهادات باطلة يف هذا‬ ‫اجلانب»‪ .‬و�ساركت منظمة «نحن الكني�سة» املعار�سة للكني�سة‬ ‫الكاثوليكية يف اإقامة قدا�س التوبة الذي ح�رشه ما ي�سل اإىل‬ ‫‪� 3000‬سخ�س‪ ..‬وت�سعى هذه املنظمة لإحداث اإ�سالحات داخل‬ ‫الكني�سة الكاثوليكية مثل اإلغاء العزوبية املفرو�سة على رجال‬ ‫الدين‪ .‬وذكرت وكالة النباء الملانية ان ال�سحايا وممثلون عن الأطفال‬ ‫الذين تعر�سوا لعتداءات جن�سية على اأيدي رجال الدين �رشدوا‬ ‫معاناتهم على هام�س القدا�س‪ .‬ووفقا لبيانات اأعلنتها الكني�سة‬ ‫الكاثوليكية‪ ,‬ات�سل حتى الن خالل العام اجلاري ‪� 566‬سخ�سا‬ ‫مبكتب الكني�سة املعني لالإبالغ عن تعر�سهم لعتداءات جن�سية‪,‬‬ ‫وبدنية‪ .‬ون�رشت و�سائل الإعالم النم�ساوية خالل ال�سابيع القليلة‬ ‫املا�سية وب�سورة �سبه يومية حالت جديدة من العتداءات‪ ,‬التي‬ ‫وقع معظمها قبل عام ‪, 1993‬ومن ثم لي�س من املرجح اأن يف�سل‬ ‫فيها عرب الق�ساء ‪ ,‬ل�سقوطها بالتقادم‪.‬‬

‫‪issue 18, April 2010‬‬

‫مدر�س غاين يف الـ‪ 99‬يتخرج من اجلامعة‬ ‫ّ‬

‫الكني�ضة الكاثوليكية يف فيينا تعرتف‬ ‫بوقوع اعتداءات جن�ضية على االأطفال‬


‫ر�سل اهلل عليهم ال�سالة وال�سالم خري‬ ‫خلقه امل�سطفون و اأعلمهم به �سبحانه‪.‬‬ ‫خلد اهلل �سبحانه لنا يف كتابه املجيد �سيئا‬ ‫من �سريهم و متغياهم الذي �سمو به لأرفع‬ ‫درجات العبودية‪ ,‬فمن اأراد �سعادة الدارين‬ ‫تاأ�سى بهم ومما يقتدى بهم فيه دعائهم‬ ‫اهلل‪.‬فالدعاء ثمرة احلكمة فما من دعاء يف‬ ‫الكتاب اإل ويلفت نظرك ملعنا جدي ٍد واأدب‬ ‫فريد‪.‬‬ ‫فهذا اإبراهيم عليه ال�سالم ميتثل لأمر اهلل‬ ‫ويبني اأقد�س بيت متحمال عظيم امل�سقة‬ ‫ثم هوبعد ذلك ل مينت ول ي�ستكرث بل يتو�سل‬ ‫اإىل اهلل اأن يقبل منه عمله واأن يدخله زمرة‬ ‫امل�سلمني‪( :‬واإذ يرفع اإبراهيم القواعد من‬ ‫البيت و ا�سماعيل ربنا تقبل منا اإنك اأنت‬ ‫ال�سميع العليم‪ .‬ربنا واجعلنا م�سلمني لك‬ ‫ومن ذريتنا اأمة م�سلمة لك واأرنا منا�سكنا‬ ‫وتب علينا اإنك اأنت التواب الرحيم) البقرة‬ ‫‪128-127‬‬ ‫ثم هو يف مو�سع اآخر ورغم اأنه خليل‬ ‫الرحمن يناجي ربه قائال‪ ( :‬ربنا اغفريل‬ ‫ولوالدي وللموؤمنني يوم يقوم احل�ساب)‬ ‫ابراهيم ‪41‬‬ ‫ثم يرى اأبوالأنبياء اأن ال�رشف كل ال�رشف اأن‬ ‫يلحق بال�ساحلني وهواإمامهم ‪(:‬رب هب يل‬ ‫حكما واأحلقني بال�ساحلني)‪ :‬ال�سعراء‪83‬‬ ‫وهو بقلبه الكرمي يدعو اهلل باخلري العميم‬ ‫لقوم ل يعرفهم‪( :‬ربنا و ابعث فيهم ر�سول‬ ‫منهم يتلو عليهم اآياتك و يعلمهم الكتاب‬ ‫و احلكمة ويزكيهم اإنك اأنت العزيز احلكيم)‬ ‫البقرة ‪129‬فكان حممدا �سلى اهلل عليه‬ ‫و�سلم وهو على رفيع مكانته ل يثق بنف�سه‬ ‫اأن يوؤدي ال�سالة دون عون اهلل وتوفيقه‪:‬‬ ‫(رب اجعلني مقيم ال�سالة ومن ذريتي ربنا‬ ‫وتقبل دعاء) ابراهيم ‪40‬‬ ‫وهذا نوح يطلب من اهلل املغفرة وهو الذي‬ ‫اأم�سى عمره املديد مبلغا عن اهلل من غري‬ ‫تق�سري‪( :‬رب اغفر يل ولوالدي وملن دخل بيتي‬ ‫موؤمنا وللموؤمنني واملوؤمنات) نوح ‪28‬‬ ‫وزكريا يتمنى الولد ولكن لي�س‬ ‫ك�سائرالنا�س واإمنا ليورثه دعوة اهلل‪( :‬رب ل‬ ‫تذرين فردا و اأنت خري الوارثني) الأنبياء ‪89‬‬ ‫وهذا مو�سى كليم اهلل الذي حتمل‬ ‫مواجهة جربوت فرعون و اإلتواءات يهود‬ ‫يدعو اهلل باملغفرة والرحمة فهو ل يرى‬ ‫�سمان املغفرة والرحمة اإل مبنة من اهلل ل‬ ‫بعمله‪ ...( :‬رب اغفر يل و لأخي و اأدخلنا يف‬ ‫رحمتك و اأنت اأرحم الراحمني) الأعراف ‪151‬‬ ‫(‪...‬فاغفر لنا وارحمنا واأنت خري الغافرين)‬ ‫الأعراف ‪155‬‬ ‫ثم وهو غريب مطارد ٌ يلهج ل�سانه مقرا‬ ‫باحتياجه لأنعم اهلل التي نزلت اإليه و لي�س‬ ‫بيده �سيء منها‪( :‬رب اإين ملا اأنزلت اإيل من‬ ‫خري فقري) الق�س�س ‪24‬‬ ‫وهذا يو�سف عليه ال�سالم قمة مطلبه‪:‬‬ ‫(توفني م�سلما واحلقني بال�ساحلني) يو�سف‬ ‫‪101‬‬ ‫و�سليمان ي�ساأل ربه يف عباد اهلل ال�ساحلني‬ ‫برحمة من اهلل وف�سله ل بجهده‪( :‬رب اأوزعني‬ ‫اأن اأ�سكر نعمتك التي اأنعمت علي و على‬ ‫و الدي و اأن اأعمل �ساحلا تر�ساه واأدخلني‬ ‫برحمتك يف عبادك ال�ساحلني) النمل ‪19‬‬ ‫وتاأمل اأي�سا دعاء اأيوب عليه ال�سالم‬ ‫عندما ا�ستد عليه املر�س رفع حاله اإىل اهلل‬ ‫و هو اأعلم به وترك هلل اأن يختارله ك�سف‬ ‫البالء اأو بقاءه‪( :‬اإين م�سني ال�رش واأنت اأرحم‬ ‫الراحمني) النبياء ‪83‬‬ ‫واذكر يون�س عليه ال�سالم وهو يف بطن‬ ‫احلوت حينما اعتذر اإىل اهلل باأن ل اإله‬ ‫يف الوجود غريك اأق�سده‪( :‬ل اإله اإل اأنت‬ ‫�سبحانك اإين كنت من الظاملني) الأنبياء ‪87‬‬ ‫و�سل نف�سك مبا �سلى به ر�سولنا حممد‬ ‫�سلى اهلل عليه و �سلم حني اأعر�س اخللق‬ ‫عن قبول دعوته وكرر معه‪( :‬ح�سبي اهلل‬ ‫ل اإله اإل هو عليه توكلت وهو رب العر�س‬ ‫العظيم) التوبة ‪129‬‬ ‫فاأق�سى ما يتمنى خا�سة خلق اهلل‬ ‫مغفرته واأف�سل عطاء اهلل رحمته‪...( :‬ربنا‬ ‫ءامنا فاغفرلنا وارحمنا و اأنت خري الراحمني)‬ ‫املوؤمنون ‪.109‬‬

‫«اإ�ضالم اأون الين»‬

‫مفكرة الإ�سالم‪ :‬اأعرب الدكتور يو�سف القر�ساوي‪ ,‬رئي�س الحتاد‬ ‫العاملي لعلماء امل�سلمني عن دعمه لفكرة اإطالق موقع اإلكرتوين‬ ‫بديل للموقع ال�سهري «اإ�سالم اأون لين»‪ ,‬وهي املبادرة التي اأطلقها‬ ‫العاملون به يف اأعقاب خالفاتهم مع الإدارة القطرية املوقع‪ ,‬مع‬ ‫اجتاهها لت�رشيحهم ونقل مقر املوؤ�س�سة اإىل خارج م�رش‪.‬‬ ‫وقالت �سحيفة «امل�رشي اليوم» الأربعاء‪ ,‬نقال ً عن العاملني‬ ‫املعت�سمني منذ اأ�سبوعني‪ ,‬اإنهم تلقوا ات�سال ً هاتفيًا من‬ ‫القر�ساوي م�ساء الثنني اأكد لهم فيه اأنه يقف «بقوة وحما�س»‬ ‫مع امل�رشوع اجلديد الذي تبنوا اإطالقه كبديل ملوقع «اإ�سالم اأون‬ ‫لين»‪.‬‬ ‫واأ�ساروا اإىل اأنه من املقرر الإعالن عن مالمح امل�رشوع اجلديد قريبًا‬ ‫خالل موؤمتر �سحفي بنقابة ال�سحفيني بالقاهرة‪.‬‬ ‫وكان العاملون الذين رف�سوا المتثال لقرار الإدارة القطرية‬ ‫توجها لدى اأع�ساء‬ ‫بالتحقيق معهم اإثر �سكواهم مما اعتربوه‬ ‫ً‬ ‫جمل�س اإدارة اجلمعية لت�رشيحهم اأعلنوا عن اإطالق مبادرة عاملية‬ ‫لإن�ساء م�رشوع جديد يحمل فكر الو�سطية والعتدال‪ ,‬ويكون‬ ‫مفتوحا لالكتتاب العام عرب العامل حتت عنوان «اإعالم اأمة»‪.‬‬ ‫ً‬ ‫واأو�سح ه�سام جعفر‪ ,‬رئي�س حترير «اإ�سالم اأون لين»‪ ,‬اأن امل�رشوع‬ ‫اجلديد هو عبارة عن �رشكة م�ساهمة اأ�سهمها متاحة لكل من‬ ‫يرغب يف دعم الفكرة‪ ,‬و�سوف ي�ساهم العاملون يف امل�رشوع عرب‬ ‫تربعهم بجزء من م�ستحقاتهم لدى جمعية «البالغ»‪.‬‬ ‫وكانت احلكومة القطرية اأ�سدرت الأ�سبوع املا�سي قرارًا‬ ‫بت�سكيل جمل�س اإدارة جديد جلمعية «البالغ» املالكة ملوقع «اإ�سالم‬ ‫اأون لين» وقد خال من ا�سم ال�سيخ القر�ساوي الذي كان يعمل‬ ‫رئي�سا ملجل�س الإدارة‪ ,‬والذي اأظهر موقفًا م�سان ًدا للعاملني‪ ,‬وعزل‬ ‫ً‬ ‫اثنني من امل�سئولني اللذين وقفا وراء الأزمة‪.‬‬

‫‪Page 12‬‬

‫معا نبني اجلالية‬

‫القر�ضاوي يتبنى اإطالق «بديل» لـ‬

‫حزب اهلل ومحكمة احلريري الدولية ‪ -‬بقية الصفحة االولى‬ ‫خمتلفة حتدثت عن اأن هوؤالء من الكوادر احلزبية‬ ‫غري املعروفة اإعالمياً‪ ،‬ولديها مواقعها املعتربة يف ج�سم‬ ‫حزب الله‪ ،‬وهو ما اأثار حفيظة احلزب‪ ،‬يف هذه املرحلة‬ ‫بالذات‪ ،‬وا�ستدعى اإر�سال حتذيرات جادة‪ ،‬باأن احلزب لن‬ ‫يقبل با�ستهدافه واإن كان �سيتعاون �سمن �رشوط‪ ،‬حيث �سدد‬ ‫ن�رش الله اأن احلزب اأُبلغ من مكتب املدعي العام‪ ،‬اأن العنا�رش‬ ‫املطلوبة هي ب�سفة �سهود ولي�س متهمني‪.‬‬ ‫وو�سع ن�رش الله �رشوط ًا اأربعة لرتميم الثقة بني احلزب‬ ‫واملحكمة‪ ،‬وهي يف الواقع مقدمات لن�سف االجتاه احلايل‬ ‫للتحقيق‪ ،‬وهي‪:‬‬ ‫اأو ًال حماكمة �سهود الزور ال �سيما حممد زهري‬ ‫‬‫ال�سديق الذي اعتمد عليه املحقق االأملاين ديتليف ميلي�س يف‬ ‫�سياغة �سيناريو التخطيط لالغتيال‪ ،‬الأنه ال �سيء ي�سمن اأال‬ ‫ياأتي �سهود زور اآخرون‪.‬‬ ‫ثاني ًا حماكمة من يقف خلف �سهود الزور‪ ،‬وكان‬ ‫‬‫حزب الله وحلفاوؤه قد اتهموا يف ال�سابق‪ ،‬نواب ًا ووزراء‬ ‫و�سحافيني من قوى ‪ 14‬اآذار‪ ،‬مب�ساعدة هوؤالء واختالق‬ ‫ال�سهادات‪.‬‬ ‫امل�رشبني يف فريق عمل املحكمة‬ ‫ثالثاً‪ ،‬حماكمة‬ ‫‬‫ّ‬ ‫مل�سار التحقيق اإىل �سحف عربية واأجنبية واأبرزها ال�سيا�سة‬ ‫الكويتية‪ ،‬ولوفيغارو ولوموند الفرن�سيتني‪ ،‬ودير �سبيغل‬ ‫االأملانية‪ .‬واعترب ن�رش الله اأن املدعي العام دانيال بلمار‬ ‫م�سوؤول اأي�س ًا عن هذا الت�رشيب‪ ،‬ويجب اأن يحا�سب كل من‬ ‫�رشب التحقيق وبالتايل منع الت�رشيب‪.‬‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫رابعاً‪ ،‬العمل على كل الفر�سيات االأخرى اأي‬ ‫‬‫م�سوؤولية اإ�رشائيل اأو تنظيم القاعدة‪ ،‬بعد �سقوط فر�سية‬ ‫م�سوؤولية �سوريا‪ ،‬ولي�س على فر�سية واحدة‪ ،‬وهي اتهام‬ ‫حزب الله‪ ،‬واإن�ساف كل من اتُهم وظُ لم‪ ،‬وخا�سة ال�سباط‬ ‫يتم ان�سافهم ال من قبل‬ ‫االأربعة الذين اأُطلق �رشاحهم ومل ّ‬ ‫احلكومة اللبنانية وال من قبل اجلهات الدولية املعنية‪ ،‬وكذلك‬ ‫هناك �سباط اآخرون اأُبعدوا عن مراكزهم وحتى االآن مل‬ ‫ين�سفوا‪.‬‬ ‫ويف اخلتام‪ ،‬وعلى خالف ما كان متوقع ًا من ال�سياق‪،‬‬ ‫اأعلن ن�رش الله اأنه على الرغم من كل املالحظات وال�سكوك‬ ‫ومن يقف وراء املحكمة‪« ،‬هناك اعتبارات جتعلنا نتعاون‬ ‫مع املحكمة الدولية‪ ،‬الننا مثل كل اللبنانيني نريد معرفة‬ ‫احلقيقة»‪ ،‬مكرر ًا اأن ما ح�سل (يف ‪� 14‬سباط ‪/‬فرباير ‪)2005‬‬ ‫زلزال‪ ،‬واأكرث امل�ستهدفني كانوا �سوريا واملقاومة‪ ،‬مت�سائ ً‬ ‫ال‬ ‫عن �سبب ا�ستبعاد االأمريكيني من الفر�سيات املمكنة‪« ،‬وال�سهيد‬ ‫احلريري �سخ�سية �سيا�سية يف احلياة ال�سيا�سية اللبنانية‪،‬‬ ‫ويف ال�سنوات االخرية قبل ا�ست�سهاده‪ ،‬بنينا عالقات تعاون‬ ‫معه‪ ،‬ونحن معنيون بعدم ت�سليل التحقيق‪ ،‬لعلّ هذا التعاون‬ ‫ُي�سقط م�سارات خاطئة يف التحقيق‪ ،‬وياأخذه اإىل م�سارات‬ ‫�سحيحة»‪.‬‬ ‫ويقول مقربون من النائب وليد جنبالط موؤخراً‪ ،‬اإن ما‬ ‫دفعه اإىل االبتعاد عن قوى ‪ 14‬اآذار‪ ،‬عوامل عدة اأبرزها‬ ‫ظهور االجتاه باتهام حزب الله باالغتيال‪ ،‬يف حني اأنه �سعى‬ ‫منذ اللحظة االأوىل اإىل اتهام �سوريا‪ ،‬فاأن يكون حزب الله‬ ‫متهم ًا فمعنى ذلك اأن خطر االنق�سام هائل ولن يكون الدروز‬ ‫مباأمن من العواقب‪ ،‬ومنها اأي�س ًا اأحداث ‪ 7‬اأيار (مايو) والتي‬ ‫وجد نف�سه فيها وحيد ًا يف معركة اجلبل دون �سند حملي اأو‬ ‫اإقليمي اأو دويل رغم التطمينات الكثرية التي تلقاها من اإدارة‬ ‫جورج بو�س‪ ،‬واملعروف اأن جنبالط ال يغامر يف معاركه‬ ‫ال�سيا�سية والع�سكرية ويح�سب لها كل احل�سابات املمكنة‪ ،‬فاإذا‬ ‫ما تبدلت الظروف وانقلبت احل�سان ي�سارع اإىل االنقالب على‬ ‫نف�سه‪ ،‬حماية الأ�رشته ال�سيا�سية ولالأقلية الدرزية‪.‬‬

‫‪Arabic lift out‬‬

‫‪Page 13‬‬

‫�سيدين‪ :‬مظاهرات �سد العن�سرية واال�سالموفوبيا‬ ‫وا�سراب م�ستمر عن الطعام يف املعتقالت‬


‫جمال داوود‪� -‬سيدين‬


‫نظمت جمموعة من االحزاب والقوی ال�سيا�سية يف مدينة‬ ‫�سدين مظاهرة �سد العن�رصية واال�سالموفوبيا ردا علی الدعوة‬ ‫للتظاهر �سد الالجئني والتي اطلقها "حزب الدفاع عن ا�سرتاليا"‬ ‫اليميني املتطرف‪ ،‬وذلك امام معتقل فيالوود لطالبي اللجوء‬ ‫يف مدينة �سدين‪ .‬وقد جاءت الدعوة من احلزب اليميني املتطرف‬ ‫واملعادي للم�سلمني‪ ،‬متزامنة مع اجلدل العن�رصي الذي يقوده‬ ‫كال من حزب العمال احلاكم واحزاب املعار�سة العن�رصية �سد‬ ‫و�سول مزيد من طالبي اللجوء عن طريق البحر والذي ادی ایل‬ ‫اعالن احلكومة عن جتميد قبول طلبات اللجوء من طالبي اللجوء‬ ‫االفغان وال�سرييالنكيني ایل اجل غري حمدد يف خطوة فاجئت حتی‬ ‫نواب حزب العمال احلاكم ولقيت �سجبا من منظمات الدفاع عن‬ ‫الالجئني واملفو�سية العليا لالجئني التابعة لالمم املتحدة‪ .‬ويعرف‬ ‫عن حزب "الدفاع عن ا�سرتاليا" معاداته لال�سالم وامل�سلمني‬ ‫ودعواته املتكررة لوقف الهجرة من الدول اال�سالمية والت�سييق‬ ‫علی اجلاليات امل�سلمة ومنها منع بناء امل�ساجد ودور العبادة‬ ‫اال�سالمية‪.‬‬ ‫و�سارت املظاهرة التي �سارك فيها املئات من معار�سي‬ ‫العن�رصية يف �سوارع �سدين املحيطة باملعتقل‪ .‬وقامت ال�رصطة‬ ‫مبنع هوؤالء املتظاهرين من االقرتاب من مكان جتمع حوايل ‪٢٠‬‬ ‫�سخ�سا لبوا نداء حزب "الدفاع عن ا�سرتاليا" خوفا من االحتكاك‬

‫وافتعال م�ساكل‪ .‬وقد حمل امل�ساركون يف املظاهرة علی االحزاب‬ ‫اال�سرتالية املمثلة يف الربملان لعدم اتخاذهم اأي خطوات فعالة‬ ‫ملحاربة العن�رصية ومظاهر اال�سالموفوبيا يف املجتمع‪ .‬كما اكد‬ ‫امل�ساركون انهم �سيتابعون خطواتهم يف اظهار معار�ستهم‬ ‫للعن�رصية واال�سالموفوبيا بتنظيم مزيد من التظاهرات املوؤيدة‬ ‫حلقوق الالجئني واجلاليات امل�سلمة يف العي�ش بكرامة وحرية‪.‬‬ ‫ويف خطوة مت�سلة باعالن احلكومة جتميد قبول طلبات‬ ‫الالجئني االفغان وال�سرييالنكيني‪ ،‬قام العديد من طالبي اللجوء‬ ‫يف معتقل فيالوود وجزيرة كري�سما�ش ومعظمهم من العراقيني‬ ‫بالبدء با�رصاب مفتوح عن الطعام حتی يتم االجتماع بامل�سوؤولني‬ ‫من دائرة الهجرة واحل�سول منهم علی تاكيدات بان طلباتهم‬ ‫للجوء لن تتاخر ولن يتم ت�سيي�سها برف�ش معظمها‪ .‬وبعد ايام‬ ‫من اال�رصاب واجتماعات مكثفة مع امل�سوؤولني من دائرة الهجرة‪،‬‬ ‫انهی املحتجون يف معتقل فيالوود ا�رصابهم املفتوح بعد تلقيهم‬ ‫تاكيدات ان طلباتهم �سيتم البت فيها قبل من�سف ال�سهر‬ ‫القادم‪ .‬ولكن ويف معتقل جزيرة كري�سما�ش بقي املحتجون‬ ‫م�ستمرون يف اال�رصاب عن الطعام مطالبني ب�رصعة البت يف‬ ‫طلباتهم املقدمة قبل اكرث من خم�سة ا�سهر‪ .‬واملعلومات الواردة‬ ‫من املعتقل النائي‪ ،‬فان ادارة املعتقل ت�سيق كثريا علی املعتقلني‬ ‫الجبارهم علی انهاء اعت�سامهم‪ ،‬وخ�سو�سا اعت�سام طالب‬ ‫اللجوء العراقي �سدام ح�سني امل�ستمر منذ اكرث من ع�رصين يوما‬ ‫والذي قارب علی االنهيار متاما‪.‬‬



‫‪Australian Muslim Newspaper‬‬

‫‪Strengthening Our Community‬‬

‫وا‪ ..‬اأردوغاناه!!‬ ‫عندما يتحول الصراع على األرض‬ ‫الفلسطينية من صراع السيطرة إلى‬ ‫اإللغاء والتغيب وجب التحرك‪ .‬في حديث‬ ‫السالم يكذب الوسطاء ويشتركون‬ ‫في اجلرمية‪ ،‬الصف الفلسطيني حصن‬ ‫البقاء والثبات بات اليوم مبعثرا ً وممزقا ً‬ ‫وبوادر الوفاق غدت اليوم سرابا ً بقيعة‬ ‫ال ماء فيه‪ ،‬واألعراب وقممهم الباهتة‬ ‫أعجز من أن حتمي رضيعة في حضن‬ ‫والدتها اليتيمة‪ ،‬قادتهم ينشغلون‬ ‫بالتوريث وبناء اجلزر في عرض البحر‪،‬‬ ‫ويعلون فنادقهم لتحوي العدد األكبر‬ ‫من املومسات ليعلوا عدد جنومها‪،‬‬ ‫ممالكهم مقسومة بني هالك اجلوع وبذخ‬ ‫مقزز ميوت رجاله من الثمالة‪ ،‬احملصلة‬ ‫جمعهم كخصي جمعت له نساء‬ ‫األرض ال ينجب ولدا ً‪ .‬هذه الصورة حملت‬ ‫إسرائيل على فعل ما كانت تخشاه منذ‬ ‫احتاللها لألرض الفلسطينية‪ ،‬املساس‬ ‫املباشر في األقصى والسيطرة الكاملة‬ ‫على املعالم املقدسة للمدينة من خالل‬ ‫موجة الكنس التي تبنى لتسرق املشهد‬ ‫التاريخي لألديان في املدينة‪ ،‬قبة اخلراب‬ ‫تعلو اليوم مع الصخرة وأجراس الكنائس‪،‬‬ ‫في القدس يضمحل العرب ومتتلئ احلواري‬ ‫بالزجن والروس وجمع بني األصفر الذين‬ ‫يشرون فقرهم في بالدهم ليعيشوا‬ ‫البذخ على حطام تاريخنا املهود‪ ،‬نساؤنا‬ ‫تنتهك كرامتهن وتغتصب عذريتهن على‬ ‫احلواجز كأنهن سبايا الطرق (كما حدث‬ ‫للمقدسية التي أجبرت وحتد تهديد‬ ‫السالح إلى خلع مالبسها وتفتيشها‬ ‫أما الناس عارية وهي تبث اإلستغاثات‬ ‫من غير نصرة)‪.‬‬ ‫أطفالنا اليوم يصرعون بحصار مينع‬ ‫احلليب وأقوات الضعفاء في مجزرة لم‬ ‫يشابهها في التاريخ غير إبادة هورشيما‬ ‫وأختها ولكنها بصمت من غير حرائق‪،‬‬ ‫والناجي من احلصار يتلقفه قناصة‬ ‫إسرائيل في الطرقات كما حدث في‬ ‫عورتا وبورين‪ ،‬أصحاب السياسة في‬ ‫وطني وسلطتهم مكياج القبيحة التي‬ ‫توهم من يشاهدها باحلياة‪ ،‬أضوائهم‬ ‫وألقاب الوزير والغفير واملدير وَ ْهم يصنع‬ ‫دعاية الدولة القادمة التي لم يعد لها‬ ‫على أرضنا متسع‪ ،‬املستوطنات تغطي‬

‫اليوم ‪ ' 60‬من أرضنا املصادرة بحجج‬ ‫األمن واملناطق احملمية وخاصرة اجلدار‪،‬‬ ‫وما تبقى مقسم بني حروف األبجدية ال‬ ‫نحصل من مجموعها إال على مناطق (أ)‬ ‫املستباحة ليل نهار‪ ،‬والوقت ميضي وتكبر‬ ‫في األجندات اخلطط وميوت في الناس‬ ‫األمل‪.‬‬ ‫سيد أردوغان ملا بكى التاريخ في‬ ‫صفحات الكتب يرجو وصله مبستقبل‬ ‫أسود‪ ...‬سطرنا بأقالمنا إليك رجاء‬ ‫التحرك لتحمل اليوم مسؤولية تاريخية‬ ‫ميليها عليك تاريخ ضاعت فيه القدس‬ ‫وهي حتت حكم دولتكم وقبل ذلك أمل‬ ‫فيكم رأيناه واقف تكبرها األمة فيكم‪.‬‬ ‫اليوم ال نريد منكم حربا ً تعلنونها ال‬ ‫دما ً تريقونها ولكن نقترح عليكم في‬ ‫السياسة مواقف ميكن أن تردع إسرائيل‬ ‫وأهمها‪.‬‬ ‫قرار في منظمة املؤمتر اإلسالمي يربط‬ ‫العالقة مع إسرائيل بنشاطها في القدس‬ ‫للدول التي ترتبط بعالقات معها‪.‬‬ ‫حترك بحري تقوده أنت وزعماء ورؤساء‬ ‫لديهم حمية اإلنسانية ليفكوا حصار‬ ‫غزة ليصل الدواء معكم لألفواه املتعبة‬ ‫السقيمة‪.‬‬ ‫حمل مصر وأحزاب فلسطني على‬ ‫إعادة اللحمة للوطن املشتت ‪.‬‬ ‫توجه جمعي ألمريكا يسمعها‬ ‫خارطة حل لصراع يعيد الكرامة ويضمن‬ ‫احلقوق‪.‬‬ ‫أربعة ثقيلة ولكنها ممكنة لدولة وازنة‬ ‫مثل تركيا‪ ،‬التي تبرهن كل يوم أنها القادرة‬ ‫على إعادة االعتبار لألمة التي كان لها‬ ‫مجداً‪ ،‬حاول سيدي وسيسجل التاريخ أن‬ ‫من بني أحفاد السالطنة العثمانيني من‬ ‫حفظ للتاريخ نبضه‪.‬‬ ‫ستلقى في الطريق العقبات‪ ،‬وقد‬ ‫ينقلبون عليك‪ ،‬وقد تنجح‪ ،‬وإن قدر اهلل‬ ‫ملشروعك أثرا‪ ،‬سيكتبك التاريخ صالح‬ ‫األلفية الثالثة‪ ،‬ولك مني الدعاء‪.‬‬ ‫سيقول كثير هذا ترف في الكتابة‬ ‫وكلماتك لن تصل‪ ،‬ولكني اليوم ال‬ ‫أكتب وحدي بل أنقل استغاثات الباكني‬ ‫الوجع‪ ،‬وقد ييسر اهلل رجالً يتلو الرسالة‬ ‫في حضرة تركي يفهم العربية فتصل‬ ‫الرسالة‪.‬‬ ‫عالء الرمياوي‪ -‬القدس العربي‬

‫‪issue 18, April 2010‬‬



‫‪Australian Muslim Newspaper‬‬

‫‪Strengthening Our Community‬‬

‫‪Arabic lift out‬‬

‫الهالل تايمز‬ ‫لكل قراء العربية في استراليا حيث اخلبر اجلريء والتحليل املسؤول‬ ‫جلميع مراسالتكم‪ :‬‬

‫�صالة جامعة يف امل�صجد اجلامع يف قرطبة‬

‫اكت�صاف جني‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫«يعطل» ال�صيخ�خة‬ ‫ويبعد اللتهابات‬

‫لبنان‪ :‬حزب الله على �شفا‬ ‫ال�شدام مع املحكمة الدولية‬

‫ه�صام علي�ان ‪ -‬بريوت‬

‫بعد خم�س �سنوات على اغتيال رئي�س احلكومة الأ�سبق رفيق احلريري‪،‬‬ ‫و�سنة على انطالق اأعمال املحكمة الدولية اخلا�سة‪ ،‬واإطالق �رساح اجلرنالت‬ ‫الأربعة‪ ،‬قادة بع�س الأجهزة الأمنية اللبنانية‪ ،‬لعدم كفاية الأدلة‪ ،‬وقبيل‬ ‫مرور عام اأي�س ًا على ن�رس جملة «دير �سبيغل» الأملانية» لتقريرها املثري‬ ‫للجدل‪ ،‬حول م�سوؤولية حزب الله‪ ،‬حدثت املفاجاأة غري املتوقعة‪ ،‬يف ظل‬ ‫امل�ساحلات يف الداخل‪ ،‬والتقارب ال�سعودي ال�سوري‪ ،‬با�ستدعاء مكتب‬ ‫املدعي العام للمحكمة الدولية يف بريوت �ستة عنا�رس حم�سوبني على حزب‬ ‫الله‪.‬‬ ‫اأ�سباب ال�سدمة يف الأو�ساط ال�سعبية القريبة من حزب الله خا�سة‪ ،‬اأن‬ ‫اخلطاب ال�سيا�سي والإعالمي لهذا احلزب حتديداً‪ ،‬داأب على ترديد مقولت‬

‫حمددة عن جلنة التحقيق الدويل اأو ًل واملحكمة الدولية لحقاً‪ ،‬مفادها اأن‬ ‫دوافع التحقيق �سيا�سية‪ ،‬واأن اجتاهاته كذلك‪ ،‬واأنه حني تتبدل الظروف‬ ‫والتوازنات املحلية والإقليمية‪ ،‬ف�سوف تنتفي حوافز ال�ستمرار‪ ،‬و�سيكون‬ ‫امللف فارغاً‪ ،‬وخا�سة مع اإطالق �رساح اجلرنالت الأربعة املتهمني �سابق ًا‬ ‫بالتن�سيق الوثيق مع �سوريا يف كل �ساردة وواردة‪ ،‬فكاأن اإطالقهم براءة ذمة‬ ‫ل�سوريا‪.‬‬ ‫وظن حزب الله كذلك‪ ،‬اأن اأحداث ‪ 7‬اأيار (مايو) ‪� ،2008‬ستكون ر�سالة‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫كافية اإىل تلك اجلهات يف الداخل واخلارج‪ ،‬بعدم جدوى مالم�سة �سورة‬ ‫احلزب باأي تلميح اأو ت�رسيح‪ ،‬ب�ساأن الغتيالت ال�سيا�سية يف لبنان‪ ،‬ثم جاء‬ ‫وتقربه من حزب‬ ‫ان�سقاق الزعيم الدرزي وليد جنبالط عن قوى ‪ 14‬اآذار‪،‬‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫الله ومن �سوريا‪ ،‬ثم ت�سكيل حكومة الوحدة الوطنية برئا�سة زعيم الأغلبية �سعد‬

‫احلريري‪ ،‬وقيامه بزيارة دم�سق ولقائه الرئي�س‬ ‫ال�سوري ب�سار الأ�سد‪ ،‬بدفع �سعودي وا�سح‪،‬‬ ‫وظهور موؤ�رسات على عجز املحكمة الدولية‬ ‫عن اإحراز تقدم حا�سم‪ ،‬وعالمته الأبرز التاأخر‬ ‫امل�ستمر يف اإ�سدار القرار الظني‪ ،‬ليوؤكد القتناع‬ ‫ال�سابق باأن املو�سوع �س ُيطوى عاج ً‬ ‫ال اأم اآجالً‪ ،‬مع‬ ‫مربراته ال�سيا�سية‪.‬‬ ‫�سقوط ّ‬ ‫لكن كل هذا تب ّدل ب�رسعة قيا�سية‪ ،‬حني اأعلن‬ ‫الوزير ال�سابق وئام وهاب‪ ،‬واملقرب من �سوريا‬ ‫ومن حزب الله‪ ،‬اأن املحكمة الدولية ا�ستدعت‬ ‫عنا�رس احلزب للتحقيق معهم‪ ،‬وملمح ًا باأن احلزب‬ ‫لن ي�سكت‪ ،‬واأن قوات الطوارئ الدولية العاملة‬ ‫على احلدود اجلنوبية مع اإ�رسائيل �ستكون يف‬ ‫مرمى النار‪ ،‬يف تهديد �سمني ل تخفى اأهدافه‪.‬‬ ‫ثم حتدثت �سحف وقنوات عن اإمكانية تكرار‬ ‫اأحداث ‪ 7‬اأيار (مايو) يف بريوت‪ ،‬بطريقة اأعنف‬ ‫واأ�سد باأ�سعاف م�ساعفة‪ ،‬وبعد ذلك جاء احلوار‬ ‫املتلفز حل�سن ن�رس الله اأمني عام احلزب مع قناة‬ ‫املنار‪ ،‬لي�سع خارطة الطريق يف كيفية التعامل مع‬ ‫ا�ستدعاءات املحكمة ومع اتهاماتها لحقاً‪ ،‬وكان‬ ‫متعمد ًا يف حديثه اأن يكون يف اأق�سى درجات‬ ‫الهدوء والرتوي‪ ،‬رغم اأن املعلومات املت�رسبة‬ ‫من التحقيق ت�سري اإىل اأن القائد الع�سكري للحزب‬ ‫عماد مغنية والذي اغتيل قبل عامني يف دم�سق‪ ،‬هو‬ ‫على راأ�س امل�سبوه بهم باغتيال احلريري!‬ ‫واأهم ما ك�سف عنه ن�رس الله بهذا الجتاه‪ ،‬اأن‬ ‫جممل عدد الذين ا�ستدعاهم التحقيق الدويل‪،‬‬ ‫وبع�سهم ينت�سب اإىل احلزب وبع�سهم من‬ ‫الأ�سدقاء‪ ،‬هو اثنا ع�رس �سخ�ساً‪ ،‬واأن العنا�رس‬ ‫ال�ستة الآخرين قد ا�ستدعوا موؤخراً‪ ،‬واحلزب‬ ‫ب�سدد التدقيق ملعرفة ما اإذا كانوا حزبيني اأو‬ ‫مقربني من احلزب‪ ،‬واأن ال�ستدعاءات الأ�سا�سية‬ ‫ال�سابقة ح�سلت يف الأ�سهر الأخرية من عام ‪2008‬‬ ‫بعد انتهاء حوادث ‪ 7‬اأيار (مايو) وعلى مقربة من‬ ‫اإطالق ال�سباط الربعة‪ ،‬حيث «ا�ستدعي عدد من‬ ‫الإخوة والأخوات حينها‪ ،‬والالفت اأنه حينذاك مل‬ ‫تُرث مثل هذه ال�سو�ساء»‪.‬‬ ‫�ستدع قياديون من حزب‬ ‫ويف املرات ال�سابقة مل ُي َ‬ ‫الله‪ .‬لكن ا�ستدعي موؤخر ًا �سخ�س يعمل يف الإطار‬ ‫الثقايف واآخر يف العمل اجلهادي ويتوا�سل مع‬ ‫الإخوة الفل�سطينيني يف الداخل‪ ،‬وهم رفاق غالب‬ ‫عوايل وعلي �سالح اللذين اغتيال يف ال�سنوات‬ ‫الفائتة‪ ،‬واتهمت اإ�رسائيل باغتيالهما‪.‬‬ ‫ومع اأن ن�رس الله‪ ،‬مل يك�سف اأ�سماء العنا�رس‬ ‫ال�ستة املطلوب ا�ستجوابها‪ ،‬اإل اأن م�سادر‬ ‫البقية في داخل امللحق‬

‫‪issue 18, April 2010‬‬

‫لندن ‪ -‬اكت�صف عامل بريطاين جينا ً يطيل‬ ‫العمر ويقاوم اللتهابات التي ت�صيب‬ ‫اجل�صم‪.‬‬ ‫وقال العامل الربيطاين الدكتور روبن ماي‬ ‫من جامعة بريمنغهام‪ ،‬الذي قاد البحث‬ ‫ل�صحيفة «الأك�صرب�ص» اليوم اخلمي�ص‬ ‫اإن اكت�صاف اجلني»دي اأي اأف‪« 16 -‬‬ ‫�صوف ي�صاعد على �صنع اأدوية قد تبطئ‬ ‫ال�صيخوخة‪.‬‬ ‫واأ�صاف ماي اإن اجلني يعزز مقاومة اجل�صم‬ ‫�صد الإ�صابة باللتهابات والت�صمم‪ ،‬م�صريا ً‬ ‫اإىل اأنه قد ي�صاعد على فهم الطريقة‬ ‫التي ي�صيخ فيها النا�ص وملاذا ميتد العمر‬ ‫بالبع�ص دون غريهم‪.‬‬ ‫وتابع «اأعتقد اأنه �صيكون با�صتطاعتنا‬ ‫�صنع اأدوية تبطئ ال�صيخوخة با�صتخدام‬ ‫هذه اجلني»‪ ،‬م�صيفاً» قد ل ن�صتطيع وقف‬ ‫ال�صيخوخة متاما ً ولكننا اإبطاءها وهذا اأمر‬ ‫واقعي جداً»‪.‬‬ ‫وقال اإن هذا اجلني مرتبط مبا�رشة بطول‬ ‫احلياة‪ ،‬معربا ً عن الأمل يف التو�صل يوما ً‬ ‫اإىل معرفة الطريقة التي توؤثر فيها اخلاليا‬ ‫وتوؤدي اإىل موت اخلاليا وهو ما �صوف ي�صاعد‬ ‫براأيه على �صنع اأدوية تبطئ عملية‬ ‫ال�صيخوخة وتقوية جني»دي اأي اأف‪»16 -‬‬ ‫يف اأج�صامنا‪.‬‬

‫قام م�صلمون اأوروبيني بال�صالة يف 'م�صجد كاتدرائية‬ ‫قرطبة' التاريخي‪ ،‬وترتب على ذلك جدل و�صل اإىل الق�صاء‬ ‫واأعاد النقا�ص حول مطالب امل�صلمني باأن تخ�ص�ص لهم‬ ‫ال�صلطات الإ�صبانية حيزا زمنيا ولو رمزيا لل�صالة يف هذا‬ ‫املعبد مثال خالل الأعياد الدينية كعيد الفطر‪.‬‬ ‫وتعود وقائع هذا احلادث اإىل قبل ا�صابيع عندما دخل‬ ‫من�صاويون يف زيارة‪ ،‬وعددهم ‪ ،118‬ينتمون اىل جمعية‬ ‫اإ�صالمية‪ ،‬م�صجد ـ كاتدرائية قرطبة‪ ،‬ك�صائحني لكنهم‬ ‫�رشعان ما قرروا اأداء �صالة املغرب التي اأدركتهم حلظتها‪.‬‬ ‫لكن تدخل اأفراد احلر�ص اخلا�ص بهذا املعبد وحاولوا منع‬ ‫امتام ال�صالة‪ ،‬وا�صطروا اإىل ا�صتدعاء فريق تدخل خا�ص من‬ ‫ال�رشطة ملواجهة الو�صع‪.‬‬ ‫واعتقلت ال�رشطة يف اآخر املطاف �صخ�صني من ال�صياح‪،‬‬ ‫واأحالتهما على الق�صاء الذي وجه لهما تهمة مواجهة‬

‫قوات الأمن واإحداث ال�صغب‪ ،‬كما وجهت التهمة نف�صها‬ ‫اإىل �صتة اأ�صخا�ص اآخرين من جمموعة ال�صياح‪.‬‬ ‫لكن الق�صاء اأفرج عن املوقوفني نهار اجلمعة‪.‬‬ ‫و�صدت وقائع هذا احلدث انتباه الراأي العام الإ�صباين‪،‬‬ ‫وحتول اإىل املو�صوع الذي حظي باأكرث ن�صبة من التعليقات‬ ‫يف خمتلف املواقع الرقمية لو�صائل الإعالم‪.‬‬ ‫ومع اأن الأمر توقف داخل باحة امل�صجد ـ الكاتدرائية‪،‬‬ ‫اإل اأن اجلدل ا�صتمر يف املواقع اللكرتونية‪ .‬وما مييز هذه‬ ‫التعليقات املواجهة اللفظية ال�صديدة بني املطالبني‬ ‫بال�صالة يف الكاتدرائية باعتبارها حقا ً تاريخيا ً للم�صلمني‪،‬‬ ‫وبني الراف�صني لهذا احلق والذين يعتربون ذلك مبثابة غزو‬ ‫جديد لالأندل�ص جتاوبا مع نظرية 'ا�صتعادة الأندل�ص' التي‬ ‫يروج لها البع�ص يف املدة الأخرية‪.‬‬

‫جنحت اإمارة دبي يف ا�صتن�صاخ جمل من‬ ‫خاليا ماأخوذة من جلد اإبل وذلك بعد اأن‬ ‫اأعلنت العام املا�صي عن ا�صتن�صاخ اأول‬ ‫ناقة يف العامل‪.‬‬ ‫وقال م�صوؤول م�صاريع ال�صتن�صاخ مبركز‬ ‫اإكثار الإبل بدبي الدكتور ن�صار اأحمد واين‬ ‫اإن اجلمل امل�صتن�صخ اأطلق عليه ا�صم «بن‬ ‫�صوقان»‪ ،‬وقد ولد بعد فرتة حمل ا�صتمرت‬ ‫‪ 383‬يوما دون اأي م�صاعفات‪.‬‬ ‫واأو�صح اأن اجلمل الوليد‪ ،‬وهو «اأول جمل‬ ‫يتم ا�صتن�صاخه من خاليا جلد يف العامل»‪،‬‬ ‫يتمتع مبوا�صفات �صحية مثالية‪ ،‬م�صريا‬ ‫اإىل اأن ال�صتن�صاخ مت بخاليا جلد اجلمل‬ ‫«�صوقان» الذي يعد من الإبل الرائدة وذات‬ ‫ال�صهرة الوا�صعة بالإمارات‪.‬‬ ‫ووزع مركز اإكثار الإبل بدبي �صورا‬ ‫للجمل امل�صتن�صخ واإىل جواره اجلمل الذي‬ ‫اأخذت خلية منه‪.‬‬ ‫وكان املركز اأعلن العام املا�صي جناحه يف‬ ‫ا�صتن�صاخ اأول ناقة يف العامل مت ت�صميتها‬ ‫«اإجناز»‪.‬‬ ‫امل�صدر‪ :‬الملانية‬


‫حماولة لن�رش الت�صيع يف اأي بلد اإ�صالمي اأو لن�رش‬ ‫خاليا �صيعية يف اأو�صاط ال�صباب ال�صني‪.‬‬ ‫واأ�صاف‪ :‬اإن "الأزهر �صيوا�صل دوره يف م�صاألة‬ ‫التقريب الفكري التي بداأها مع املذهب ال�صيعي‬ ‫منذ عهد �صيخ الأزهر الأ�صبق ال�صيخ عبداحلليم‬ ‫حممود"‪.‬‬ ‫واأ�صار اإىل وجود توافق مع عدد كبري من العلماء‬ ‫ال�صيعة داخل اإيران فيما يخ�ص م�صاألة عدم‬ ‫"التب�صري ملذهب �صيعي يف اأو�صاط ال�صنة اأو‬ ‫العك�ص"‪،‬على حد تعبريه‪.‬‬ ‫و�صدد الدكتور الطيب على اأنه �صيكون يقظا ً‬ ‫ومنتبها ً و�صيعمل على اإبطال اأي اأجندة �صيا�صية‬ ‫لأي طالب �صيعي يدر�ص يف م�رش‪ ،‬فهو ل يريد‬ ‫اأن يتحول الأمر مل�صيدة لل�صباب ال�صني للتحول‬ ‫للمذهب ال�صيعي وتتحول بعدها اإىل بوؤرة ‪ ،‬ثم مركز‬ ‫�صيعي يعقبه قتال‪ ،‬فهذا اأمر ل ميت لالإ�صالم اأو‬ ‫للفكر ب�صلة‪.‬‬ ‫وكان عدد كبري من علماء الأزهر قد احتجوا علي‬ ‫ت�رشيحات �صيخ الأزهر اجلديد الدكتور اأحمد الطيب‬ ‫والتي رحب فيها بعودة الطالب ال�صيعة الإيرانيني‬ ‫للدرا�صة بجامعة الأزهر‪ ،‬خوفا من دعوتهم للت�صيع‬ ‫داخل جدران اجلامعة‪.‬‬ ‫واأ�صدرت جبهة علماء الأزهر بيانا ا�صتنكرت فيه‬ ‫هذه الت�رشيحات واأبدت اجلبهة تخوفها من حتول‬ ‫جامعة الأزهر اإىل جامعة �صيعية بعد اإغراقها‬ ‫بالطلبة ال�صيعة من اإيران والدول املوالية لها‪.‬‬ ‫واأبدى الدكتور اأحمد الطيب‪� ،‬صيخ الأزهر‪ ،‬ترحيبه‬ ‫يف وقت �صابق‪ ،‬بعودة الطالب الإيرانيني للدرا�صة فى‬ ‫معاهد وجامع الأزهر وذلك اأثناء زيارته ملقر الرابطة‬ ‫العاملية خلريجى الأزهر‪.‬‬ ‫امل�صدر‪ :‬مفكرة ال�صالم‪.‬‬

‫دبي ت�صتن�صخ‬ ‫ثاين جمل‬


‫�صيخ الأزهر ي�ؤكد الت�صدى‬ ‫ملحاولت ن�رش الت�صيع يف‬ ‫العامل الإ�صالمي‬ ‫اأكد �صيخ الأزهر اجلديد ‪ ،‬اأن الأزهر �صيت�صدى لأي‬

‫‪Page 14‬‬

‫‪Al-Hilal Times is an Arabic lift out from Crescent Times‬‬

So What Do Muslims Do At Easter?

Mal Mac Rae*

By birth I suppose I am a Jew as there is this unbroken line of women that reaches back to my last practicing Jewish ancestor. By rights I should celebrate the Passover but hey I have never been into a Synagogue in my Above: Muslims participate in washing the feet of the life nor has any of my homeless, Irfan Yusuf was among them living relatives. Photo: courtesy Irfan Yusuf Then of course I was a practicing Christian in my Exodus Foundation. He has a small teens and early adult life. This led eatery on the premises called the to being in a community where we Loaves & Fishes Restaurant where would meet for a church servidce anyone can come along and share on Easter Friday and Easter Sunday. a meal. Most of those who turn up They called it Good Friday but I will have difficulties finding temporary tell you now it was the gathering of accommodation, let alone a good a self deprecating group who all felt meal. I guess Rev Crews is reviving totally unworthy of being allowed to the tradition of the Sufi scholars of breathe ... thankfully they believed my ancestral homeland who opened God had been nailed up on a plank kitchens, fed the poor and shared the and was this supreme sacrifice .... just love around. as the previous Pagans believed. I I’ve heard it said that Jesus shared used to call it “not so good Friday”. some of his own love with his Today I am a Muslim and marvel followers by washing their feet during at the variety of spiritual belief that the Last Supper. At Rev Crews’ operates within this society and have church, people of different faiths decided to let all live in peace and come together at Easter to wash the harmony. Nowadays I call it Good feet of homeless people. Washing my Friday again ...... this is also followed own feet before prayers is always a by good Saturday, good Sunday spiritual high. It’s hard to describe and good Monday ...lets face it four the feeling you get when you wash public holiday in a row is good in the feet of others. I genuinely believe anyones book. there is some blessing to be gained Mostly it means a time when I can in spending time in the company sit back with my feet up and relax of the poor and homeless. If only it with family and friends whilst I am could be done more often, not just at not too critical of the Pagan religions Easter time. doing what they do best. Easter Sunday was spent at the *Mal Mac Rae is a Sydney-based home of an old school friend who entrepreneur and artist sings in a Cathedral choir. I was best man at his wedding at the Cathedral Irfan Yusuf* when he married his Japanese (then) I was down in Sydney and Buddhist wife. Only in Australia! Canberra visiting family and friends. *Irfan Yusuf is a Queensland-based Each year, I visit a small church in community sector lawyer. Ashfield run by Bill Crews of the


Australian Muslim Newspaper


Strengthening Our Community

Notes From A Distant Afghan Daughter

Cara Rosehope*

I’m a fifth generation Australian. I have blue eyes. As a child my hair was blonde. I grew up thinking my origins lay in Europe. Then in 1996 I discovered that my greatgreat grandfather was an Afghan. His name was ‘John Mahomet’; he was from Kabul. Until 1897 our law didn’t require overseas workers to provide migration documents. Hence it’s very difficult to know exactly when my Afghan forebear arrived here. This is true for most cameleers. The first commercial importation of Afghan camels and cameleers was in 1866 by two South Australian businessmen running sheep stations at the edge of the central desert. Thirty one Afghan men came with this first shipment of camels, many rotated with a second round of cameleers two years later. Subsequent cameleers did not arrive until 1883. As far as we know, Afghans only came to Australia for the camel industry in this period. My great-great grandfather was almost certainly one of them. I’m immensely proud to be an Afghan descendent. However, I didn’t grow up knowing my family origins. It was only as an adult that I learned my grandmother’s name had been Ivy Mahomet before she married. The family story was that she was of Indian descent, and it wasn’t until I got my great-great grandfather’s 1871 marriage certificate that I discovered that he was Afghan. Since then, I have come to know many fine Afghans, both here in Australia and in Afghanistan, and this has further increased my sense of pride in my family heritage. The current exhibition Australia’s Muslim Cameleers: Pioneers of the Inland 1860s

Above: a Muslim cameleer’s caravan carrying goods in Central Australia. Photo: courtesy Immigration Musuem, Melbourne. Right: Cara’s Afghan forebear’s youngest son, Victor. The photograph was given to her by the nephew of Victor’s first wife, May, the woman in the picture, who passed away just a few years after this photo was taken.

to 1930s is very important to me at two levels. Firstly, as an Afghan descendant, it is a long-overdue acknowledgment of the immense contribution that the cameleers made to this country; and secondly, as an Australian who finds it greatly enriching to live in a multicultural-multireligious nation, it shows how diverse our population has been since colonial times. Many cameleers came from what is now Afghanistan and Pakistan, and became known as ‘the Ghans’. Without these men, the development of the resource-rich interior would most likely not have happened until the introduction of motorised transport in the 1920s. For nearly sixty years these men and their camels provided the only transport across the central regions. They would carry provisions such as food, medical supplies, building materials and so on on the outward journey to the sheep stations, mines and settlements and carried produce on their return. They were also involved in exploration, and carried for major infrastructure projects such as the overland telegraph line and the rabbit-proof fence. The men walked, leading the camels

over vast distances in what is one of the harshest terrains in the world, breaking only to pray and to take a simple meal at either end of the day. They built the country’s first mosques. Sadly this vital part of Australia’s history has not been included in any of the major history books. The only public recognition of these men is in the name of the luxury train, The Ghan, which crosses the country’s interior. Sadly, few know the origins of its title. Australia’s Muslim Cameleers: Pioneers of the Inland 1860s to1930s will be touring museums across Australia, so hopefully the essential contribution that Muslims made to Australia’s development will become more widely known. Unfortunately I have no family stories about my Afghan forebear. From his marriage certificate I learnt that he was from Kabul, he was 36, and his father, Mohammad Khan, was a soldier. This is all I know of his life before he came here. At some stage he moved to Avoca in central Victoria where he worked as a miner, providing for his wife and six children until his death in 1899. To my knowledge he was the only Afghan in the area. There were a small

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number of Muslims in the region - another one of my forebears was a devout Malayan Muslim by the name of Ismael Osman but John Mahomet must have been very isolated in his new home. His wife was Christian, but I think his faith remained important to him. He named his first two sons Mohammed and Rahim, and arranged for his eldest daughter to marry a Punjabi Muslim hawker. I was raised as a Christian, but now consider myself secular, with a special interest in Islam. You can imagine how mad it makes me if I hear anyone suggest that Muslims do not belong here. But I have the perfect comeback: “Muslims have been a vital part of this country for 140 years - you are ignorant of your country’s own history!” *Cara Rosehope is the author of The Forever Garden [Hyland House, 1996]. Her radio documentaries for ABC Radio National as writer-producer have included two dealing with her Afghan heritage: An Everyday Trip to Afghanistan [Street Stories, 2004; Life and Times, 2009]; and My Mothers, They Sang [Radio Eye, 2007, 2009].

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Strengthening Our Community

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Australian Muslim Newspaper

issue 18, April 2010


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Resolving Inner Conflicts

issue 18, April 2010


Amirudin Ahamed*

As an Australian Muslim of migrant heritage, I sometimes feel conflicting emotions. On the one hand, I am grateful to Australia for permitting me to live here. A Muslim born overseas should be grateful - to God for many things, especially the blessing of Islam and to Australia for giving him or her a better life than what was offered by the country of his or her birth. Economically, we are better off here and politically we have no fear of vanishing overnight for criticising the ruler which unfortunately is the situation in most of the countries of our origin. Yet being grateful to Australia does not mean that we have to adopt whatever is presented to us as “Aussie culture” wholesale. Every manmade culture has positive aspects and negative aspects, and it is the same with “Aussie culture”. A wise person adopts the positive aspects and disregards the negative aspects of any culture. For instance, when I went to Sweden, I adopted the Swedish punctuality but not the habit many people around me adopted of getting drunk on Friday nights and urinating all over the underground station! How can we distinguish the positive features of the Aussie society from its negative features? Very simple! Use, as a Muslim is expected to, the Qur’an as the criterion. Thus the Aussie spirit of charity, freedom of expression, polite manners and mateship are all the positive aspects worthy to be adopted while alcohol, revealing attire, fornication, gambling, reverence for charlatans (known as celebrities), materialism, atheism and so on are the negative aspects that are to be shunned. A Muslim should also remember that he will have to return to his Creator one day. Even if the entire population of Australia tries to block this return, they would not be successful. So, it would be extremely stupid to antagonise one’s Creator in order to please humankind. Furthermore, we are indeed upset over Australia’s foreign policy which is acting as Deputy Sheriff to USA in the latter’s role as global policeman (albeit a biased one!). The fact that Australian soldiers are killing Iraqis and Afghanis is hurting the feelings of Muslims. Another sore point is Australia’s loyalty and friendship with Israel. If the Australian judicial system is right, then some of us are plotting terrorist acts in Australia as retaliation for such a foreign policy. Are such terrorist acts justified? When we enter Australia, we pledge that we will obey the laws of Australia. Can a Muslim break his promise? The Qur’an answers in a loud negative. Besides, when did killing innocent lives become a jihad (sacred struggle to please God)? Wasn’t it Caliph Abu Bakr who commanded Muslim soldiers to neither kill the innocents (non-combatants, women, the old and the children) nor burn down trees? We do feel sympathy with fellow Muslims living in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Kashmir. But suppose if these Muslims succeed in establishing their own rule, how many of us would leave Australia and migrate to these countries? Will they accept us? Judging from how the Kuwaitis treated the Palestinians who lived in Kuwait for decades, I doubt whether they would accept us. But Australia accepted us! True, according to the Prophet, the Muslim Ummah is one, and if one part is hurt, all the

RESCENT T IMES Australian Muslim Newspaper

Strengthening Our Community

Milestones Remembered Yvonne Ridley* We are now heading for the 3,000th day since the first person was arrested, tortured and abused in Guantanamo in the dark world which came to define George W Bush’s War on Terror. We also remember the 7th anniversary of Dr Aaafia Siddiqui’s disappearance – along with the kidnapping and renditioning of her three children – from a taxi in Karachi in March 2003. And with the recent passing of the 45th anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X, I recall his words: “Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it.” So it is our duty to remind President Obama of his wider responsibilities and obligations not just to the American people, but to those across the world who are affected by his foreign policies … and even closer to home, to honour the memory of his grandfather. And if he’s not in the mood for listening, let’s remind him of his family history. Barack Obama’s grandfather was imprisoned and brutally tortured by the British during the violent struggle for Kenyan independence. Hussein Onyango Obama, the US President’s paternal grandfather, joined in the Kenyan struggle for independence while working as a cook for a British army officer after the war. He was arrested in 1949 and jailed for two years in a high-security prison where, according to his family, he was subjected to horrific violence to extract information about the growing insurgency. “The African warders were instructed by the white soldiers to whip him every morning and evening till he confessed,” said Sarah Onyango, Hussein Onyango’s third wife, the woman President Obama refers to as “Granny Sarah.” The late Mrs Onyango once described how “white soldiers” visited the prison every two or

three days to carry out “disciplinary action” on the inmates suspected of subversive activities. “The British were actually not friends but, instead, enemies,” Mrs Onyango said. “My husband had worked so diligently for them, only to be arrested and detained.” The Kenyan Mau Mau uprising was met with a draconian, imperialistic violence and law without justice that only bullying superpowers can get away with unchallenged. Many of us are terribly disappointed by the failure of the Obama administration to adhere to his presidential election pledges which promised so much but delivered on very little. As Guantanamo marks its 3,000th day as a prison in the War on Terror we are reminded of Obama’s failure to close it down in his first year of office. But it is his decision to endorse and continue the Bush administration’s efforts to conceal the damning evidence of war crimes against Iraqis, Afghans and many other foreign nationals detained in the War on Terror which provides the biggest disappointment. I firmly believe that among the videos and trophy pictures and photographic evidence in those wretched archives are images of the brutalization of Dr Siddiqui as well as other socalled enemy combatants who have since been released without trial or charge. Many decent, ordinary, peace-loving US citizens are appalled at what has – and still is – being done in their name. And while I can see that the US President is clearly shocked by the contents of the archives which are said to make Abu Ghraib’s pornographic and violent images look fairly tame by comparison, he did say sunlight was the best disinfectant. A clearly embarrassed and shaken Obama then performed a dramatic U-turn and tried

other parts should also feel hurt and be concerned. But is today’s more than one-billion strong Ummah as ideologically united as the Ummah of the Prophet in Medina? How many in this Ummah even offer regular prayer? In the Prophet’s Medina, even those regarded as munafiqin (hypocrites or those outwardly converted but inwardly enemies of the Prophet) joined the salaat. Another strange trait among Muslims is that we are upset when non-Muslims kill Muslims but are unconcerned when Muslims kill Muslims. Did our blood boil when Muslims were killed by Muslims in Egypt (by Nasser), Jordan (by King Hussein), Syria (by Assad), Somalia (civil war), Iraq (by Al-Qaeda), Afghanistan (civil wars), Algeria (by the Military Junta)?? In my opinion, the West does indeed hate Islam because the latter is today the only obstacle to the former’s cultural dominance of the world. But I think that as long as the West is democratic, the clash between the two civilisations should be on an ideological plane. The early Muslims had to uproot the Persian and Roman Empires by violence because their rulers did not permit the preaching of Islam to their subjects. This is how I interpret history. This is certainly not so in western societies. Instead of planning terrorist acts, Muslims should have ideological debates with westerners. Islam is the only ideology which can currently challenge them. This ideological challenge is our jihad, not planting bombs to kill the innocents. * Amirudin Ahamed, Born in Sri Lanka. Studied in India (B.Sc, M.Sc, M.Tech), Sweden (PhD) and New Zealand (Dip in Teaching). Profession: Scientist (1977 to 1997) High School Teacher 1997-to date). Has written articles and presented seminars on Islam which have appeared in various newspapers.

Above: a rare picture of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, the effects of torture and illness can be seen in her face.

to explain that opening the archives would “inflame anti-American sentiment.” But his attempt to shield US war crimes will only make things worse. Please Obama, don’t make the same mistake as the British – the past atrocities of Empire continually come back to haunt the UK today. As a British citizen I am continually challenged over the crimes against humanity carried out by the Victorian Empire in the name of freedom and democracy – even now our government refuses to apologise for the misery, poverty and terror exported across the globe. Obama now needs to use his power and authority to do the right thing to make amends for the War on Terror. As Malcolm X said: “Power in defense of freedom is greater than power on behalf of tyranny and oppression.” * British journalist and author Yvonne Ridley is a patron of Cageprisoners, the British-based human rights organization that was originally created to raise awareness of the plight of the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay and other detainees held as part of the War on Terror.

Islamic Fashion Space: Bringing Out the Fashionista in You

Ebtisam El-Najjarine* I often used to walk into shops and want to buy a certain skirt, top or pair of pants, and realise it was too long. Or the sleeves wouldn’t fit right. So I would regrettably return the item to the shelf because I didn’t want to waste time looking around for someone to alter the hem or sleeves. By the time I would organise to drop it off to the alterations shop, wait a few days for it to be ready, pay for it and pick it up, I would already be so over the item; I would not bother doing it again for a while. And for most people, this is often the case. We would rather leave an item at a shop and not purchase it, than take it home and get it altered. But I’m here to tell you, don’t lose hope. You can bring out the fashionista in you, and its a lot easier than you think. You

see, in kindergarten, we learnt how to use a scissors, and by about year 8, we learnt how to do a basic stitch. That’s all you need to know. That is your starting point to altering your own clothing. I am not saying that you should go splurge on a $200 item, sit at home and tear it apart. However most items only require a small straight cut from the bottom, and can be hand sewn. Start off small, like the hem of a pair of pants or straight skirt. Pin the amount you would like as your new length, leave 1cm seam allowance, and stitch the new length. Then, once you feel a little more confident, you can maybe try out a sewing machine. Most machines come with instructions on how to do basic stitching. Online, you can find a lot more help, on sites like: or; just to name a couple. Start small, like making your own prayer clothes, and once you feel a little more confident with yourself, you can work your way up. It’s fun, fulfilling, and the creative side of you will start to come out. Bring out the Fashionista in you, and don’t hesitate the next time you want to buy an item that needs a little altering. A little confidence in yourself can go a long way. *Ebtisam El-Najjarine, created Sissta Designs in 2005 to suit the needs of Muslim women and import quality clothing that would meet the needs of men, women and children. Her website:

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‫يف قر‬


‫تن�صخ‬ ‫دبي ت�ص جمل‬ ‫ثاين‬

‫‪issue 18, April 2010‬‬


‫من‬ ‫كل‬ ‫سال‬ ‫مل‬ ‫ل يع مرا‬ ‫صاخ ج عد اأن‬ ‫ا�صتن� لك ب‬ ‫اأول‬ ‫جلم‬ ‫اإبل وذ‬ ‫صاخ‬ ‫يف‬ ‫تن�‬ ‫مارة دبي جلد‬ ‫ا�ص‬ ‫ركز‬ ‫عن‬ ‫من‬ ‫اإ‬ ‫مب‬ ‫�صي‬ ‫جنحتماأخوذة‬ ‫تن�صاخ واين‬ ‫املا‬ ‫عام‬ ‫اليا‬ ‫اريع ال�ص�صار اأحمد «بن‬ ‫خ نت ال لعامل‪.‬‬ ‫�صم‬ ‫م�ص كتور ن‬ ‫مرت‬ ‫اأعل‬ ‫ا‬ ‫ا‬ ‫طلق عليه ا�صت‬ ‫اقة يف م�صوؤول الد‬ ‫حمل‬ ‫دبي‬ ‫ن قال‬ ‫و لإبل ب صتن�صخ اأ فرتة‬ ‫جمل‬ ‫اإكثار ا مل امل� ولد بعد عفات‪.‬وهو «اأول مل»‪،‬‬ ‫�صا‬ ‫لعا‬ ‫ليد‪،‬‬ ‫اإن اجل ان»‪ ،‬وقد اأي م‬ ‫يف ا م�صريا‬ ‫الو‬ ‫جلد‬ ‫صوق‬ ‫دون مل‬ ‫لية‪ ،‬اجلمل‬ ‫� ‪ 383‬يوما اأن اجل من خاليا مثا‬ ‫جلد‬ ‫ذات‬ ‫حية‬ ‫�صح‬ ‫ئدة و‬ ‫�صاخه �ص بخاليا‬ ‫أو‬ ‫الرا‬ ‫فات‬ ‫وا ا�صتن‬ ‫مت‬ ‫لإبل‬ ‫ا�ص‬ ‫يتم‬ ‫صورا‬ ‫مبو تن�صاخ من ا‬ ‫�‬ ‫صها‬ ‫متع ل�ص‬ ‫يعد لإمارات‪.‬‬ ‫نف�‬ ‫دبي الذي‬ ‫يت اأن ا الذي‬ ‫لتهمة‬ ‫لإبل ب اجلمل‬ ‫با‬ ‫اإىل‬ ‫ا‬ ‫صوقان» وا�صعة كثار ا واره‬ ‫حه يف‬ ‫اإ واإىل ج‬ ‫وجهت ياح‪.‬‬ ‫�صباين‪�« ،‬ل�صهرة ال ركز‬ ‫كما‬ ‫ال�ص عة‪.‬‬ ‫م‬ ‫�صخ‬ ‫�صي جنا تها‬ ‫صمي‬ ‫ل�صغب‪ ،‬جمموعة هار اجلم عام الإ قات ا ووزع امل�صتن‬ ‫عام املا مت ت�‬ ‫علي‬ ‫ال‬ ‫ن‬ ‫ا‬ ‫من‬ ‫الت‬ ‫للجمل لية منه‪.‬علن ال العامل‬ ‫وقوفني الراأي من‬ ‫داث رين‬ ‫لأي‬ ‫من واإحا�ص اآخ عن امل‬ ‫صبة‬ ‫تباه‬ ‫ئية‪،‬‬ ‫ذت خ ركز اأ اقة يف‬ ‫�صدى‬ ‫ن�‬ ‫تدرا‬ ‫ان‬ ‫لأ‬ ‫ن�رش‬ ‫هذه اأخ كان امل اأول ن‬ ‫لكا‬ ‫قوات ا اأ�صخ�صاء اأفرج احلدث باأكرث الم‪.‬‬ ‫�صيت اأو ل‬ ‫ا‬ ‫و‬ ‫لإع‬ ‫صتة‬ ‫صاخ‬ ‫لأزهر‬ ‫هذا‬ ‫مي‬ ‫تدرائية اإىل �‬ ‫حظي ائل ا مل�صجد ـ وما مييزطالبني‬ ‫تن�‬ ‫الق قائع‬ ‫ذي‬ ‫و�ص‬ ‫ا�ص‬ ‫لملانية‬ ‫ديد ‪ ،‬اأن ا بلد اإ�صال ني‪ .‬م�صاألة‬ ‫جد كا �صاء‬ ‫لكن دت و صوع ال مية ل‬ ‫حة ا كرتونية‪ .‬بني امل مني‪،‬‬ ‫ئي�س‬ ‫ل�ص‬ ‫با‬ ‫«اإجناز»‪ .‬صدر‪ :‬ا‬ ‫اجل‬ ‫اأي‬ ‫عي‬ ‫قائه الر‬ ‫'م�ص اإىل الق هم‬ ‫للم�صل غزو‬ ‫و�ص اإىل املو� اقع الرق داخل اقع الل �صديدة‬ ‫الأزهر صيع يف ل�صباب ا دوره يف �صي‬ ‫امل�‬ ‫وا�سح‪،‬‬ ‫ل‬ ‫ً‬ ‫ال‬ ‫ليم‬ ‫املو‬ ‫ول‬ ‫حتول‬ ‫قف املو‬ ‫صالة يف و�صل �ص�ص هذا‬ ‫تاريخيا مبثابة لتي‬ ‫ال‬ ‫ولية‬ ‫كد �صيخن�رش الت� صاط ا �صل املذهب داحل‬ ‫دم�سق ودي‬ ‫جدل‬ ‫لك‬ ‫ا‬ ‫ال�‬ ‫ً‬ ‫و خمتلف لأمر تو يف ظية‬ ‫تخ‬ ‫يف‬ ‫ا‬ ‫الد‬ ‫صيوا‬ ‫اأو�‬ ‫عب‬ ‫حق‬ ‫�ص'‬ ‫ب‬ ‫صالة‬ ‫باأن‬ ‫اأخر‬ ‫ربون ذ لأندل‬ ‫بزيارة دفع �سع حكمة‬ ‫اأ ولة ل عية يف زهر � داأها مع صيخ‬ ‫يف ومع اأن ا ا�صتمر اللف ارها‬ ‫لل�‬ ‫وروبيني على ذلك مني‬ ‫ال�‬ ‫ماء‬ ‫عتب‬ ‫يعت عادة ا‬ ‫هة‬ ‫دخل‬ ‫"الأ‬ ‫وقيامه �سد‪ ،‬ب عجز امل لأبرز التلقتناع‬ ‫جلدل‬ ‫�صل‬ ‫حما �صي‬ ‫ب‬ ‫مزيا‬ ‫لعل‬ ‫صبق‬ ‫مون اأ رتب‬ ‫امل‬ ‫املواج تدرائية با والذين 'ا�صت‬ ‫طر‪.‬‬ ‫ا‬ ‫ر‬ ‫دما‬ ‫خاليا اف‪ :‬اإن كري التي الأ�‬ ‫من ا عدم‬ ‫ريري‪� ،‬سار الأ على وعالمته ا وؤكد ا ً‪ ،‬مع‬ ‫قام م�صل خي‪ ،‬وت طالب منيا ولوعيد الف بيع عن جمعية اإل اأن قات‬ ‫لأزهر‬ ‫احلق نظرية‬ ‫كبري‬ ‫ني‪ ،‬لي اآجال‬ ‫لكا‬ ‫احل ري ب‬ ‫اأ�ص‬ ‫األة‬ ‫رسات‬ ‫اأو‬ ‫م‬ ‫�سم‪،‬‬ ‫علي‬ ‫ا‬ ‫تاري‬ ‫هذا‬ ‫و ريب الف صيخ ا‬ ‫هم‬ ‫ًال اأم‬ ‫عدد‬ ‫م�ص صنة‬ ‫مع لأخرية‪.‬‬ ‫الت صالة يف صني ل‬ ‫طبة' ال ا�ص حول حيزا ز نية ك قبل ا�صامون اىل لكن‬ ‫ال�سو هور موؤ�تقدم حا رار الظ عاج‬ ‫ال�‬ ‫�ص‬ ‫لتق هد �‬ ‫مع‬ ‫اأعلن‬ ‫نية‬ ‫الدي‬ ‫سدار الق طوى‬ ‫ال�‬ ‫ف�‬ ‫جتاوبا ملدة ا‬ ‫وظ‬ ‫توافق يما يخ صاط‬ ‫قر‬ ‫ينت �صائحني تها‪.‬‬ ‫ا منذ ع‬ ‫اإىل‬ ‫النق لإ�صبا عياد‬ ‫قظاً‬ ‫سية‪ ،‬حني �سوريا‬ ‫عن اإحرازيف اإ� سوع �سي ُ‬ ‫اأو�‬ ‫منع ب وبني الرا الأندل�ص يف ا‬ ‫حلظ‬ ‫‪،11‬‬ ‫عاد‬ ‫ادث‬ ‫لأ‬ ‫ا‬ ‫جود يران ف‬ ‫كون ي‬ ‫ملو�‬ ‫سية‪.‬‬ ‫يف‬ ‫ل لبع�ص‬ ‫واأ �صلطات خالل ا هذا احل هم ‪ 8‬طبة‪ ،‬ك هم‬ ‫قيا� قرب من دعت‬ ‫امل�ستمر‬ ‫ولوا‬ ‫حممود"‪ .‬اإىل و‬ ‫صية‬ ‫سيا�‬ ‫ديد‬ ‫ا‬ ‫من‬ ‫ركت‬ ‫عي‬ ‫صيا�‬ ‫�صي‬ ‫لها ا‬ ‫ج‬ ‫اأ�صار داخل اإ �صي‬ ‫ابق باأن راته ال�تبدّل ب�رسعة وامل ولية ا�ستحلزب‬ ‫وعدد ئية قر لتي اأد عبد وحا ا�ص‬ ‫ال عبد مثال قائع‬ ‫اأنه ندة �‬ ‫يريد‬ ‫ب‪،‬‬ ‫ال�س‬ ‫خل خ‬ ‫تدرا‬ ‫يارة‪،‬‬ ‫روج‬ ‫ريه‪.‬‬ ‫هب‬ ‫امل‬ ‫ا‬ ‫و �صيعة‬ ‫وها حكمة الد ًا باأن ا املة‬ ‫ياح‪ ،‬ي‬ ‫قوط مربّ هذا‬ ‫امل وتعود و يف ز‬ ‫ملذ حد تعب يب على اأي اأج فهو ل حول‬ ‫ـ كا املغرب بهذا ريق تد‬ ‫الع‬ ‫ال‬ ‫�س لكن كل ابق وئام اأن امل هم‪ ،‬وملمح ولية‬ ‫يف‬ ‫للت‬ ‫ال�ص‬ ‫الط‬ ‫إبطال �رش‪،‬‬ ‫التب�صري على‬ ‫�صاويون م�صجد �صالة اخلا�ص عاء ف‬ ‫ركز‬ ‫كون‬ ‫الد‬ ‫صني‬ ‫ال�س‬ ‫هة‬ ‫لله‪،‬‬ ‫ا‬ ‫مع‬ ‫م‬ ‫من‬ ‫اأداء‬ ‫�ص"‪،‬‬ ‫ر�ص‬ ‫م‬ ‫"‬ ‫حقيق طوارئ‬ ‫�ست هدافه‪.‬‬ ‫كتور على‬ ‫زير‬ ‫صتد‬ ‫واج‬ ‫ا‬ ‫عك‬ ‫ر�ص يف باب ال� بوؤرة ‪ ،‬ثم الم اأو‬ ‫من �صالمية‪ ،‬قرروا فراد احل اإىل ا�‬ ‫الد‬ ‫خ�صني مة م‬ ‫الوومن حزبحلزب للت وات ال اإ�رسائيل خفى اأ تكرار‬ ‫ال صدد‬ ‫صيعمل يد‬ ‫ل�ص‬ ‫الإ�ص‬ ‫�ص‬ ‫ته‬ ‫اإ عان ما خل اأ طروا‬ ‫�رس ا واأن ق وبية مع مني ل ت اإمكانية عنف‬ ‫و� تبهاً و� �صيعي يدة ل دها اإىل ميت ل‬ ‫طاف هما‬ ‫تد‬ ‫مل�ص حول بع‬ ‫�رش لكن الة‪ ،‬وا�ص الو�صع‪ .‬اآخر امل جه ل‬ ‫علي‬ ‫ومن‬ ‫ل‬ ‫عنا ي�سكت‪،‬دود اجلن هديد �س عن بطريقة اأاحلوار‬ ‫لب‬ ‫اأمر‬ ‫لأمر‬ ‫ذي و‬ ‫طا‬ ‫�ص‬ ‫هة‬ ‫يف‬ ‫احتجوا لطيب‬ ‫لن احل ار‪ ،‬يف ت وقنوات بريوت‪ ،‬جاء‬ ‫لأي حول ا عي وتت هذا‬ ‫قناة‬ ‫متام ال ملواج ل�رشطة �صاء ال‬ ‫على‬ ‫�صي تال‪ ،‬ف‬ ‫يت‬ ‫زهر قد اأحمد ا يرانيني‬ ‫رمى الن �سحف ايو) يف وبعد ذلكحلزب معامل مع‬ ‫ا ل�رشطة لت ا‬ ‫الق‬ ‫اأن هب ال قبه ق‬ ‫ا واعتق على‬ ‫م حتدثت يار (م �ساعفة‪ ،‬عام ا يفية التع كان‬ ‫للمذ‬ ‫ماء الأالدكتور عة الإ صيع‬ ‫يع‬ ‫و‬ ‫اأمني‬ ‫للت�‬ ‫اأ‬ ‫عل‬ ‫ثم‬ ‫هما‬ ‫�صي‬ ‫ريق يف ك لحقاً‪ ،‬جات‬ ‫اأحداث ‪7‬اأ�سعاف م الله‬ ‫حالت‬ ‫هم‬ ‫�صيعي ب�صلة‪.‬كبري من اجلديد الب ال‬ ‫عوت‬ ‫واأ‬ ‫حل�سن ن�رسرطة الط هاماتها �سى در رسبة‬ ‫اأ�سد ب‬ ‫فيه‬ ‫الأزهر الط من د‬ ‫للفكر عدد‬ ‫ملت�‬ ‫و تلفز �سع خا ومع ات يف اأق مات ا حزب‬ ‫كان‬ ‫�صيخ بعودة خوفا‬ ‫صتنكرت حتول‬ ‫كون‬ ‫و حات‬ ‫امل ار‪ ،‬لي‬ ‫يها‬ ‫زهر‪،‬‬ ‫املعلولع�سكري للسق‪ ،‬هو‬ ‫حكمة ي‬ ‫�رشي حب ف عة الأ‬ ‫بيانا ا�فها من قها‬ ‫املن ءات امل ديثه اأن اأن‬ ‫دم�‬ ‫ت‬ ‫اإغرا‬ ‫دعا‬ ‫زهر‬ ‫ر‬ ‫ح‬ ‫رغم قائد ا يف‬ ‫والتي �صة بجام جلامعة‪ .‬ماء الأ هة تخو عد‬ ‫ا�ستتعمد ًا يف رتوي‪ ،‬اإىل اأن ال عامني ري! جتاه‪ ،‬اأن‬ ‫حلري‬ ‫قبل‬ ‫وال‬ ‫لدرا دران ا هة عل‬ ‫اجلب �صيعية ب لية لها‪ .‬يبه‬ ‫ال الدويل‪،‬‬ ‫حقيق ت�سري غتيل‬ ‫ا‬ ‫مالهدوء‬ ‫ترح‬ ‫دت‬ ‫ل خل ج‬ ‫جب‬ ‫تيال بهذا‬ ‫ا‬ ‫أب‬ ‫عة دول املوا زهر‪،‬‬ ‫فى‬ ‫من‬ ‫الت‬ ‫والذي بهم باغ الله حقيق‬ ‫دا اأ�صدرت حات وا جام‬ ‫لأ‬ ‫�صة‬ ‫يران وال �صيخ ا لدرا‬ ‫�رشي‬ ‫طة‬ ‫منعماد مغنية امل�سبوه عنه ن�رس اهم الت وبع�سهملعنا�رس‬ ‫اإىل‬ ‫و‬ ‫يني ل‬ ‫الراب‬ ‫هذه الت لأزهر‬ ‫على راأ�س ك�سف ا�ستدع حلزب واأن ا حلزب‬ ‫من اإ لطيب‪ ،‬يران‬ ‫ملقر‬ ‫جامعة ا �صيعة مد ا الب الإ ارته‬ ‫اأهم ما الذين اإىل ا خ�ساً‪،‬وؤخراً‪ ،‬وابيني اأو‬ ‫اأح‬ ‫لط ثناء زي‬ ‫ال‬ ‫و‬ ‫جممل عدد ينت�سب ع�رس �سعوا م انوا حز لأ�سا�سية‬ ‫بالطلبة الدكتور بعودة ا لك اأ‬ ‫زهر وذ‬ ‫أبدى‬ ‫�سهم‬ ‫ابق‪،‬‬ ‫هو اثنا ا�ستد اإذا ك ءات ا ‪200‬‬ ‫وا‬ ‫وبع‬ ‫�ص‬ ‫�سدقاء‪ ،‬رين قد رفة ما ل�ستدعا من عام ‪8‬قربة من‬ ‫وقت امع الأ زهر‪.‬‬ ‫لأ‬ ‫وج‬ ‫الم‪.‬‬ ‫الأل�ستة الآخ قيق ملع واأن ا خرية على م عدد من‬ ‫يفمعاهد خلريجى ا ل�ص‬ ‫لأ‬ ‫كرة ا‬ ‫ا �سدد التد احلزب‪ ،‬لأ�سهر ا ايو) و دعي ذاك مل‬ ‫لعاملية مف‬ ‫ب ربني من �سلت يف ا يار (محيث «ا�ست حين‬ ‫صدر‪:‬‬ ‫ادث ‪ 7‬اأ‬ ‫الفت اأنه‬ ‫ا امل�‬ ‫مق‬ ‫ح‬ ‫حزب‬ ‫ال�سابقةتهاء حو لربعة‪،‬ها‪ ،‬وال‬ ‫يون من طار‬ ‫ان‬ ‫باط ا حين‬ ‫قياد يف الإ‬ ‫بعد الق ال�س لأخوات �ساء»‪.‬‬ ‫�سل مع‬ ‫عمل‬ ‫�ستدعَ‬ ‫اإط خوة وا ال�سو ابقة مل يُ خ�س ي ويتوا غالب‬ ‫ا‬ ‫هذه‬ ‫دها اأن الإ مثل رات ال�س وؤخر ًا �س جلهادي رفاق وات‬ ‫وهم‬ ‫ال�سن‬ ‫م‬ ‫مفا وف تُرث‬ ‫ويف امل ا�ستدعي العمل ا خل‪،‬‬ ‫يف‬ ‫لحقاً‪،‬‬ ‫طيل‬ ‫لظر‬ ‫غتيال‬ ‫الدا‬ ‫ا كون‬ ‫يف‬ ‫لكن‬ ‫لعنا�رس‬ ‫جيناً ي �صيب‬ ‫الدولية حني تتبدل و�سي سابق ًا الله‪ .‬واآخر نيني يف ذين ا يالهما‪.‬‬ ‫طاين‬ ‫ار‪،‬‬ ‫ا‬ ‫سماء م�سادر‬ ‫حكمة‬ ‫لتي ت‬ ‫ستمر همني � ذمة الثقايف الفل�سطي سالح الل باغت‬ ‫بري‬ ‫أ�‬ ‫وامل لك‪ ،‬واأنه ال�‬ ‫عامل بات ا‬ ‫لإخوة علي � اإ�رسائيل يك�سف ا اأن لحق‬ ‫ربعة املت راءة‬ ‫وافز‬ ‫ًل‬ ‫ماي‬ ‫اإل اخل امل‬ ‫و‬ ‫ا‬ ‫قهم ب‬ ‫صف‬ ‫مل‬ ‫ويل اأو هاته كذ ح‬ ‫تها‬ ‫عوايل واتهمت الله‪ ،‬جوابها‪ ،‬في د‬ ‫كت�‬ ‫تنتفي لت الأ اإطال‬ ‫الل‬ ‫الد‬ ‫جتا‬ ‫كتور روبن حث‬ ‫سالة‬ ‫البقية‬ ‫حقيق واأن ا ف�سوف جلرنا فكاأن‬ ‫الب‬ ‫ندن ‪ -‬ا ويقاوم‬ ‫كون ر� ورة الفائتة‪ ،‬اأن ن�رس ا�ست‬ ‫الد‬ ‫ي�ص‬ ‫قاد‬ ‫رساح ا واردة‪،‬‬ ‫لوب‬ ‫جلنة الت سية‪ ،‬مية‪،‬‬ ‫�ست‬ ‫�س‬ ‫خلم‬ ‫طاين‬ ‫ل عمر‬ ‫ومع املط‬ ‫حمددة عن حقيق �سيا� والإقلي الق � ردة و‬ ‫‪ ،2008‬مالم�سة جاء‬ ‫لربي هام‪ ،‬الذي يوم ا ‪« 16‬‬ ‫ل�ستة‬ ‫ال جل�صم‪.‬‬ ‫مع اإط كل �سا‬ ‫حلية‬ ‫الت‬ ‫(مايو) جدوى لبنان‪ ،‬ثم حزب ا‬ ‫امل ا منغ‬ ‫طئ‬ ‫ال ف‪-‬‬ ‫دوافع نات امل وخا�سة ريا يف‬ ‫ا قال الع عة بري �صرب�ص» اأي اأ قد تب‬ ‫اأيار بعدم �سية يف به من �سعد‬ ‫والتواز ارغاً‪ ،‬مع �سو‬ ‫و‬ ‫وتقرّ غلبية‬ ‫‪ 7‬رج‪،‬‬ ‫جام‬ ‫أدوية‬ ‫لأك »دي‬ ‫ي‪،‬‬ ‫اأحداث اخلا لت ال�سيا آذار‪ ،‬زعيم الأ‬ ‫فة «ا جلني صنع ا‬ ‫مللف ف وثيق‬ ‫�صم‬ ‫من‬ ‫و‬ ‫احلرير لت ا �سيق ال‬ ‫ل�صحي صاف ا على �‬ ‫كذلك‪ ،‬اأن الداخل الغتياقوى ‪ 14‬ابرئا�سة‬ ‫ومة اجل �صرياً‬ ‫رفيق اجلرنا قبيل بالتن‬ ‫مقا‬ ‫اكت� اعد‬ ‫طنية‬ ‫�سبق‬ ‫ريا‪ .‬حزب الله هات يف يح‪ ،‬ب�ساأنالط عن‬ ‫عزز ت�صمم‪ ،‬مطريقة‬ ‫ي�ص‬ ‫حدة الو‬ ‫اإن‬ ‫ومة الأ الق �رساح دلة‪ ،‬و ملثري ل�سو‬ ‫اجل‬ ‫�رس‬ ‫ي‬ ‫لأ‬ ‫واإط‬ ‫�صوف خة‪.‬‬ ‫وظنّ اإىل تلك لميح اأو ت وليد جنبومة الو‬ ‫حلك‬ ‫اجلني بات وال هم ال عمر‬ ‫فاية ا رها ا ظل‬ ‫ميتد ال‬ ‫�صيخو ماي اإن تها‬ ‫ف‬ ‫بريوت رئي�س ا اخلا�سة‪ ،‬عدم ك لتقري عة‪ ،‬يف كتب كافية باأي ت الدرزي سكيل حك‬ ‫ال صاف صابة باللاعد على وملاذا‬ ‫حلزب زعيم ثم ت�‬ ‫ان ‪ -‬اغتيال الدولية للبنانية‪ ،‬ل لأملانية» ملتوق عاء م‬ ‫واأ�‬ ‫عتنا‬ ‫حزب ا قاق ال ريا‪،‬‬ ‫لي�‬ ‫ي�ص النا�ص‬ ‫الإ�‬ ‫على حكمة‬ ‫غل» ا غري ا با�ستد‬ ‫�صتطا‬ ‫ان�س ومن �سو‬ ‫ع وات‬ ‫على‬ ‫�صد‬ ‫امل‬ ‫الأمنية ا �سبي‬ ‫أة‬ ‫دام‬ ‫قد يها‬ ‫املفاجا سوري‪ ،‬وبني‬ ‫كون با‬ ‫دير‬ ‫صتخ‬ ‫ه�صام م�س �سن اأعمال لأجهزة‬ ‫اأن الله‬ ‫اإىل اأنه صيخ ف هم‪.‬‬ ‫حم�س‬ ‫ال�‬ ‫با�‬ ‫الق‬ ‫« دثت‬ ‫قف‬ ‫غري‬ ‫�سة‪،‬‬ ‫لتي ي�‬ ‫بعد خعلى انط ع�س ا ن�رس جملةلله‪ ،‬ح ل�سعودي عنا�رس‬ ‫�صي خوخة طيع و‬ ‫دون‬ ‫خا مقولت‬ ‫اأمر‬ ‫ب‬ ‫اأنه‬ ‫ا‬ ‫�صي‬ ‫ا‬ ‫ا‬ ‫�ص‬ ‫�ستة‬ ‫و�سنة عة‪ ،‬قادة ًا على حزب‬ ‫ن�صت هذا‬ ‫حزب الله رديد‬ ‫والتقارببريوت‬ ‫بالبع اأعتقد طئ ال قد ل ءها و‬ ‫اأي�س ولية‬ ‫لأرب‬ ‫على ت‬ ‫«‬ ‫من‬ ‫تب‬ ‫إبطا‬ ‫طول ا رور عام م�سوؤ خل‪ ،‬ولية يف‬ ‫ريبة‬ ‫داأب‬ ‫وتابع اأدوية م�صيفاً»كننا ا‬ ‫حول‬ ‫الدا‬ ‫حكمة الد‬ ‫عبية الق حتديداً‪،‬‬ ‫صنع‬ ‫يف‬ ‫�رشة ب يوماً م دل‪،‬‬ ‫ول‬ ‫ني»‪،‬‬ ‫ً‬ ‫�‬ ‫حلات‬ ‫ا‬ ‫للج‬ ‫متام‬ ‫مبا‬ ‫اجل‬ ‫عام للم‬ ‫ساط ال�س حلزب‬ ‫مل�سا‬ ‫هذه خوخة‬ ‫بط لتو�صل اخلاليا‬ ‫لأو� لهذا ا‬ ‫ا دعي ال‬ ‫مرت‬ ‫دمة يف ا المي‬ ‫ال�صي جداً»‪ .‬جلني مل يف ا فيها اعد‬ ‫امل‬ ‫ي�ص‬ ‫ا‬ ‫والإع‬ ‫توؤثر‬ ‫عي‬ ‫ال�س‬ ‫�صوف عملية‬ ‫واق اإن هذا عن الأ لتي‬ ‫الله‪ .‬باب ل�سيا�سي‬ ‫ا‬ ‫‪»16‬‬ ‫وقال معرباً طريقة وهو ما طئ‬ ‫اأ�س طاب ا‬ ‫ف‪-‬‬ ‫اخل‬ ‫احلياة‪،‬معرفة ال اخلاليا وية تب اأي اأ‬ ‫موت صنع اأد »دي‬ ‫اإىل‬ ‫اإىل‬ ‫جني‬ ‫وتوؤدي على �وتقوية‬ ‫راأيه‬ ‫خة‬ ‫ب‬ ‫�صيخو منا‪.‬‬ ‫ال اأج�صا‬ ‫يف‬

‫الة جا‬ ‫�ص‬


‫صدى‬ ‫ي�ؤكد الت�يع يف‬ ‫هر لت�ص‬ ‫�صيخ الأزت ن�رش ا صالمي‬ ‫حاول مل الإ�‬ ‫مل العا‬

‫�شفا‬ ‫لله على ولية‬ ‫زب ا ة الد‬ ‫ن‪ :‬ح حكم‬ ‫لبنا مع امل‬ ‫�شدام‬ ‫ال‬

‫ني‬ ‫�صاف ج خ�خة‬ ‫كت‬ ‫ال�صي‬ ‫بات‬ ‫يع ّطل» اللتها‬ ‫« يبعد‬ ‫و‬

‫‪Crescent Times: Winner of the best media outlet in 2009‬‬

Page 18



Australian Muslim Newspaper

Elite Control Over Australian Foreign Policy Daud Batchelor*

issue 18, April 2010


The key differences of an Islamic political system from a Western democracy are firstly, the necessity for governance not to transgress God’s Shari’a law, and secondly, that powerful elites should not be allowed undue influence to deviate the State away from ‘national’ interests, for their own nefarious objectives. Such deviation is apparent today in Western “democracies,” including Australia, which endanger their future independence. We see in the example of the United States today, the control of state power by powerful unelected forces - the “omnipotent” pro-Zionist Israeli lobby-bankers-neocon coalition, aided by other elites. The Zionists view of their own power and control over the US was demonstrated recently by the deliberate snub to the Obama government, and V-P Biden’s peace mission to Israel, by announcing at Biden’s arrival that 1,600 new settlements, illegal under international law, would be built in Palestinian East Jerusalem. Israeli journalist, Uri Avnery, caricatured Biden and Obama as “wiping the spit off their faces and smiling politely”, while he noted a saying that “when you spit in the face of a weakling, he pretends that it is raining” and “Does this apply to the president of the most powerful country in the world?” Israel would still expect to receive 3 billion dollars of US taxpayerfunded support in 2010. Australia is influenced by similar elites. Inheriting former PM Harold Holt’s (1966-67) well-known follow-the-US-no matterwhat commitment, successive governments blindly followed US global policies, frequently against the wishes of the Australian public. These policies often turn-out to be those promoted by the Israeli Superpower. It is surely the foremost duty of our elected leaders to decline to support the US in matters which are illegal or against the wishes of our own citizens. Two institutions of dangerously developing influence over Australia’s foreign policies are the Murdoch multimedia oligopoly, which influences Australian public opinion in the direction of Murdoch and his Zionist backers , and secondly the Lowy Institute for International Policy. Frank Lowy, the second richest person in Australasia, set up his Lowy Institute in 2003. Lowy strongly backs Israel, has had a close association with leading Zionists such as former Israeli PMs Ariel Sharon and Ehud Barak, and lives part of his time in Israel. Members of the Lowy Institute’s Board of Directors include Martin Indyk, former Israeli government propagandist and twice US Ambassador to Israel. The great concern is that Allan Gyngell, former Executive Director of the Lowy Institute (20042009), is now Director-General of the powerful Australian government Office of National Assessments (ONA). Gyngell leads an organisation that is supposedly fully independent and provides key analyses on which the PM and Cabinet depend for guidance to make critical foreign policy decisions. This creates a plumb opportunity for Zionists to influence key decisions on Australia’s role in unpopular campaigns such as in Afghanistan and any Israeli attack on Iran. Potential abuse is of grave concern given the ONA reports claiming WMD in Iraq that were used by John Howard to support Australia’s role in the invasion of Iraq. Respected ONA officer, Andrew Wilke, resigned in 2003 claiming pre-invasion pressure to exaggerate ONA reports. It is also highly dangerous for Australians to treat international media magnate, Rupert Murdoch, a US citizen, as just an Ocker mate. His primary interests lie outside of Australia. According to American journalist, Michael Piper, he is well-known as a “frontman” for the powerful Rothschild, Bronfman and Oppenheimer banking families. Together, they have been referred to by their critics, as “The Billionaire Gang of Four.” Through his control of influential Washington and New York-based newspapers and Fox News, Murdoch backed neocon forces to the hilt and promoted the clarion call of George Bush and Tony Blair for the war in Iraq. As the direct and indirect consequences of the War,

more than 1,300,000 Iraqis were killed. It would surely be shameful to many Australians that the Australian media is dominated by such a suspect opinionmaker. As Robert Manne noted in “Murdoch’s War” in The Monthly, “Since 1987 Murdoch has owned the most important newspapers in Sydney and Melbourne – The Daily Telegraph and Herald Sun – and the only daily papers in Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin.” This has resulted in Australia having “the narrowest ownership spectrum in the western world.” His power over the Australian political system is such that Kevin Rudd as newly-ordained opposition leader in 2007, felt it necessary to humbly approach him in New York for his endorsement. The Murdoch flagship paper, The Australian, in its editorials and feature articles promotes militant US and NATO foreign policies and troop deployments in Muslim countries, and is a consistent strong supporter of Israel. Occasionally it does publish neutral or even critical articles from guest writers. During any Israeli military campaign however, The Australian immediately becomes the virtual spokespiece for the Israeli government and its propaganda, downplaying Israeli misdemeanours or illegalities against international

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law. The recent abuse of Australian, British and French passports by suspected Mossad agents, is an additional clue to the omnipotent feeling of the Zionists that they are the ones pulling the strings of their compliant national “leaderships” in Western democracies. We should surely respect our NZ cousins who in 2005, had the fortitude to jail two Israeli spies for obtaining NZ passports illegally, and the British government who just expelled an Israeli diplomat over misuse of British passports by the assassins of Hamas leader, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. It is high time PM Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott address these threats to the Australian democratic system, curtail the power of the Murdoch media oligopoly and the Lowry Institute, and ensure the Government is not led by the nose on foreign policy issues by the US and its Zionist “handlers” who have their own agenda, not seeking the best interests or well-being of Australia’s own citizens. *Dr. Daud Daud Batchelor is thirdgeneration Australian, who reverted to Islam some 35 years ago, has been involved with the development of the three Islamic schools in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. While being an environmental scientist/planner and geologist by profession, his breadth of interests covers Islamic governance, Islamic spiritualism, education and convert and da’wah activities.

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Strengthening Our Community

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Bad Breath? Maybe It Is Gingivitis

Choosing Free Will Fa’izah Batchelor and family, January 2010.

Yasser Khan*

WHAT HAPPENS IN GINGIVITIS? *Swelling, redness, pain, and bleeding of the gums are signs of gingivitis. *The breath begins to take on a foul odour. *The gums begin to lose their normal structure and colour. The gums, which were once strong and pink, begin to recede and take on a beefy red, inflamed colour. *If not treated Gingivitis could further progress to periodontitis leading to loss of teeth and gums. HOW CAN I PREVENT GUM DISEASE? Gingivitis is usually preventable. Just take care of your teeth starting now don’t wait! *Brush twice a day for at least 3 minutes each time and floss daily. If you’re not sure whether you’re brushing or

flossing properly, your dentist or dental hygienist can show you the best techniques. *Always brush with toothpaste that contains fluoride. Daily mouth rinses containing fluoride are also recommended. *Use a toothbrush with soft, polished bristles, as these are less likely to irritate or injure gum tissue. Be sure to replace your toothbrush at least every 3 to 4 months - a worn-out toothbrush can injure your gums. *Eat a healthy diet - avoid snacks and junk foods packed with sugar that plaquecausing bacteria love to feed on. *Don’t smoke! Cigarettes and chewing tobacco cause mouth irritation and are very unhealthy for gums and teeth. *Regular use of Miswaak, (a tree root, considered sunnah) helps to prevent gum disease. *Regular dental care is extremely important in helping to keep your mouth healthy. Visit your dentist for routine care, especially cleaning, at least twice a year. Your dentist can remove hardened plaque and any tartar that you’re not getting to with brushing or flossing. Gum disease will not go

Above: Advanced Gingivitis Below: healthy gums

Fa’izah Batchelor* away by itself or with improved home care. The only way of removing plaque deep under the gums is with professional cleanings. Once you have had a gum problem you will always be susceptible to recurring problems, so be sure to see your dentist on a regular basis - every three to four months, unless he or she recommends otherwise. *Dr Yasser Khan is a Melbourne based dental surgeon.

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The Kiki Principle:

haters’ time this month. But after witnessing the signage of the Teabaggers, who remain convinced that having a Black, allegedly Kenyan-born Muslim president is worse than death, I realised my mistake. There is plenty of hate in Conservative America to go around. Sheesh. You’d think after a year, they’d give it a rest.) So, upon hearing this (what I can only assume was a) disparaging remark, after lunch I did a quick search on my new Droid to see exactly where this “hijab=blinders” remark came from. The statement, after all, screams of those pseudointellectual-yet-pithy comments that wrap everything up neatly like “They hate us for our freedom.” A cursory search led to many negative comments about hijabis, many of them of that pseudo intellectual/pithy type, but I did not find what I expected. I imagine it’s out there, what I call, “A Conversation with Bubba.” Goes something a little like this… “Muslim women are oppressed.” Why, Bubba? “Because they wear a rag on their heads.” Why would that oppress them? “Because they come from Arab countries like Afghanistan and Iran where they don’t have personal freedom.” Okaaaay... so you’re saying that a piece of cloth is oppressive because the countries are

not free. “Yup, that, and they’re Muslims.” So what about Muslims in this country? “They’re welcome in this country as long as they dress like good Americans and speak English.” I’m with you on the English part. So how do good Americans dress? “You know, showing their hair and whatnot.” What’s ‘whatnot’? “You know, their legs and cleavage and whatnot.” Do you have a daughter, Bubba? “Yes.” Really? “Yes.” Wow. Okay, so in America, don’t we have freedom to dress the way we want? “Sure, as long as you’re acting like an American, because America is a good Christian country.” Who says? “The Constitution.” No it doesn’t. “But all our forefathers were Christian.” Did our forefathers tell us that we had to be Christian, regardless of our beliefs? Is that in the Constitution? “It’s implied.” Where is it implied, Bubba? No, never, mind. We’ve gotten off the subject. We’re talking about the headscarf. “Well, if you’re in America, you should dress like an American!” But I am American, Bubba. “Then you’re stupid!” But I have over seven years of higher education and I’m a lawyer. And I’ve actually read the Constitution, by the way. “Then you’re brainwashed.” Because I have a piece of cloth

covering my hair? “Because your husband made you a Muslim.” No, he didn’t. “He’s an abusive husband?” Nope. “He made you wear that rag on your head.” You’re reaching, Bubba. Try again. “You’re a liberal.” Now, you take that back! “Sorry, my bad.” S’alright. Okay. Go on. “Then you have blinders on and can’t see the truth. Comes from wearing that scarf. It’s also squeezed your brain and given you a fever.” Ahhh. Now I understand. Thanks, Bubba, for setting me straight on Islam, my clothing, medical condition and marriage, world politics and political geography, American history, and the Constitution. “You’re welcome, ma’am. Now take off some clothes!” I am tempted, from here on out, to chase down future hitand-runners, offer them my business card, and ask them to call if ever they’d like to schedule a real discussion about my scarf. Michele, however, would be mortified. I’ll leave her out of it. *Debora McNichol is a Muslim wife, mother, daughter, business owner, editor, and attorney in the USA. She has a general law practice in Virginia and North Carolina, and especially takes pleasure in discussing intellectual property and business law with willing clients, friends, and neighbours.

Free will is a gift from Allah. It is a powerful gift. It is the gift of choice. Do you realise how many things that you choose in your life every day? You choose what time you get up in the morning. You choose how you interact with others. You choose the path that you are on. Many people don’t realise the choices they have. They go with the flow like foam on the ocean, powerless to control their direction. Many people are living a life that they have chosen for themselves. Many people are living the effect of the life they have chosen. By living the effect you give up your power and control. You are not the driving force of your life. You do not take responsibility for who you are and where you are going. You live your life according to the stories you tell. Your life is full of excuses for your perceived failures. You feel stuck by fate and circumstance. I am sure that you are not one of those people. I am sure that you consciously choose your direction. You understand that your life is a result of every choice that you have ever made. You are the master of your emotions. You understand and utilise free will. You can take hold of the reins of your life by living at cause. Living at cause means you understand you have the power to choose how you will react to the situations Allah sends to you. You inherently know that you can only control yourself, how you behave, how you react, your feelings, your beliefs, your values, and your perceptions of the world. You have limited control but it is the essence of your true power. Controlling yourself is the core of free will. You have a unique understanding of the world around you. No one else sees the world in the same way as you. No one else perceives experiences in the same way that you do. Everyone understands the world differently.

Abu Lahab [a staunch crtic of Islam. Ed] believed he was a good person. What! In his perception of the world and his understanding of reality he believed he was good. He may have thought that Islam was going to destroy his way of life; the way of life that he thought was right and good. He was doing what he thought was right and good according to his beliefs and understandings. You see everyone believes they are good. Everyone is trying to do the right thing. What is right for you may be completely different to what is right for someone else. Your beliefs, values and opinions may be so new to them, so completely scary, so different, or totally the opposite of their own understandings that it may cause conflict. If you can understand that everyone is innately good it becomes easier to give seventy excuses. If you believe that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have then it becomes easier to forgive. If you understand that everyone sees the same thing differently then you can live at cause. You can take a step back from the situation and know that you have the power to control how you react to it. How will you use the free will today?


Gingivitis (“inflammation of the gums”) around the teeth is a general term for diseases affecting the gums. As generally used, the term gingivitis refers to gingival inflammation induced by bacterial biofilms (also called plaque) adherent to tooth surfaces.

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*Fa’izah, is also known as Victoria Batchelor. She became Muslim in South Korea in August 2003. With degrees in communication, digital design, business and education, she is now a life and business strategist, mergeing the principles of success in both life and business with the teachings of Islam. She is married with two beautiful daughters. Her latest publication “The Secrets to Finding the Perfect Spouse” will be released later this year. To learn more about living at cause and herexperience check out: and

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issue 18, April 2010



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Islamic Banking And Finance Services: New Trends In The Australian Finance Market “Part I” Melbourne Hyder Gulam* and Maria Bhatti** Perth, WA


issue 18, April 2010

in the finance industry which is gaining popularity due to its ability to present an alternative banking system. Globalisation and the rising number of faithful Muslims have made it advantageous for the Australian finance market to tap into the IBF industry and gain the endorsement of the Australian Government. Islamic banking principles are important not only due to the number of international investments taking place in the Middle East, but also because of the large number of Islamic banks and corporate clients that the Australian financial and legal industry may interact with. In particular, it has been reported that the Islamic finance industry is worth US$1 trillion globally and although it is still relatively small compared to other banking industries, the Islamic banking and finance industry has growth rates of 10-15% in the past decade. Furthermore, steps are being taken towards setting up Islamic products in Australia with the Islamic

Council of Victoria and the National Australia Bank offering Islamic financial products such as benevolent or no interest loan scheme (NILS). NILS is based on the concept of circular community credit. They are targeted at meeting the financial needs of people with low incomes who cannot access normal credit. Through this program, low income consumers are provided with access to funds so that they are able to purchase essential household items such as fridges, washing machines, or beds. NILS also enables people to meet health or educational needs. This may include credit for dentures, computers or essential educational needs. Loan amounts vary, but typically they are in the range of $800 to $1200 and repayments are made fortnightly over a period of 12-18 months on a no interest and no fee basis. This article seeks to provide an overview of Islamic legal principles, the features of the Islamic commercial system and the nature and types

Strengthening Our Community

Linda D. Delgado*

IAMAMRII Just a few weeks ago I celebrated a decade of being Muslim. All thanks be to Allah! A decade—ten years seems to have slipped by me. Last night I reflected on what I have learned and how I feel today being Muslim. That giddy, almost painful joy felt during the first few months following my reversion has diminished. Did I think back then that I would forever feel like that? Perhaps…having all my past sins wiped away was heady stuff for a 52 year old. All converts to Islam know what I am talking about. Today I have a more realistic


The Islamic banking and finance (IBF) system is a small but growing sector


of Islamic finance, as well as developments in Australia. Islamic Legal Principles In order to understand Islamic banking, it is important to appreciate Islamic law (Shari’ah). Unlike Western law, Shari’ah covers all aspects of a Muslim’s life from political government to the sale of real property, from hunting to the etiquette of dining, to worship and prayer. All banking and finance transactions have to be in compliance with Islamic law. Shari’ah is derived from the Qur’an, the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Islamic schools of law. Islamic Commercial System Islamic law governing commercial transactions (mu’amalat) vary from the conventional commercial system in the following ways: Firstly, Islamic finance is asset based as opposed to conventional finance which is debt based. This means that each transaction has to be tied to

understanding of what it means to be a Muslim. While remembering some of the significant milestones of my growth as a Muslim I realised that I have experienced a few setbacks, too. Most setbacks happened because I forgot to bear in mind that I am human just as are my sisters and brothers in Islam. I have always had high expectations for myself and sometimes failed to recognise that I held others to my personal expectations. This was unfair to others and caused unneeded disappointments. Four significant milestones I have reached through being Muslim: 1. Before I converted to Islam my point of view of people in general and of the world around me was primarily and narrowly defined by the place where I live. Islam opened the world to me. I have met hundreds of individuals from cultures and countries around the globe and been fortunate to have had the opportunity to come to know many perspectives and points of view about religion, politics, the environment, and much more. As a Muslim, my world is now much larger. 2. Prayer was always a part of my life before my conversion, but after my reversion prayer became a way of life. Re-establishing my priorities: Allah first, working in His service, and focusing on family have become My Priorities. Prayer isn’t just a few hours

a ‘tangible, identifiable underlying asset’. According to Shari’ah law, one is allowed to purchase or sell items with payment deferred and the resultant debt is treated as ‘amount receivable’ by the creditor. This can be contrasted to a lender in conventional finance where the focus is on the debt arising from the transaction and the ongoing service of the debt for financial gain. Secondly and most importantly, all forms of interest (riba) are strictly forbidden according to the major schools of Islamic law. Thirdly, Islamic banking prohibits uncertainty (gharar) and the terms and conditions of any risk flowing from transactions must be clearly understood by the parties to any transaction. This means that the sale of probable items with uncertain existence cannot form the subject of a contract under Shari’ah law. For example, this would include the sale of fish in sea, or unborn animals. Contemporary examples of such a prohibition include trading in futures

in a Church on Sundays, a brief thanks given before meals or remembering God when in distress. 3. After a decade of being Muslim I am grateful to Allah that I am still able to feel and say with a certainty and awe that I Am Muslim And My Religion Is IslamIAMAMRII. When asked what kind of Muslim I am…what label I attach to Muslim I still respond with “I am Muslim.” This is not as easy as one would think. Pressure applied by Muslim and non-Muslim alike to declare a label has created some of the inner strife and divisions within the Ummah today. Labeling perpetuates the unfortunate practice of Muslims clinging to nationalism and/or race to define a Muslim identity. 4. The Key that unlocks the SECRET to personal happiness is so often elusive. The gift of being Muslim brought with it the Key to unlocking the secret. By giving to, doing for, and helping others without expectation of personal gain in this life, a person can become rich in personal happiness and satisfaction. Happiness is a gift you can give to yourself at anytime. *Linda Delgado, known by many as Widad, is a Muslim revert, a mother of three, grandmother of eight, and great grandmother of three. She is a graduate of the University of Phoenix. Widad is an award winning author and poet and the owner-publisher of Muslim Writers Publishing: www.MuslimWritersPublishing. com

and derivatives and purchasing insurance. Fourthly, it is also important that money should only be invested in industries that are acceptable to Islamic law. Investment in alcohol, pornography, gambling and pork industries is strictly forbidden. Part 2 to follow in May Edition *Hyder is a lawyer with Logie-Smith Lanyon Lawyers, Melbourne. Hyder practices mainly in the areas of Commercial & Corporate, Defence Procurement and Islamic Finance. He has post graduate qualifications in business/management, law and nursing. **Maria Bhatti is a LLM student in International Commercial Law at the University of Melbourne and the recent recipient of the National Australia Bank Scholarship in Islamic Banking 2009. References available upon request. This article is for educational and general information purposes only and should not be relied on as (or in substitution for) legal, accounting, financial or other professional advice.

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The Perfect Creation Of The Universe Is Not By Chance Harun Yahya* Just think about the things you see from the moment you wake up in the morning: the pillow under your head, the blanket over you, the alarm clock that woke you up, the slippers you search for as soon as you get out of bed, the window you open to get some fresh air, the clothes hanging in your closet, the mirror you look into every morning, the knife and fork you use for breakfast, the umbrella you take with you when you leave the house, the elevator you get into, the key that opens your car door, the traffic lights along the way, the billboards, the pen, paper and other things on your desk at work... Spend some time to consider, and it will no doubt occur to you that each of these things was created for a special purpose. No one would say that it was a matter of chance that everything was where it should be when you woke up in the morning. For example, who would claim that merely by chance, your house key was cut exactly to fit the door? Or that it ended up in your pocket by chance, in the first place? No one would claim that the billboards along the road were put there by chance, or that the meanings they intend came about by randomly painted symbols. By the same token, no one would deny that a staple—nothing other than a specially shaped piece of wire on your desk—was bent and placed in its dispenser in order to hold papers together. Each staple’s metal alloy, size, shape, and intended function show the evidence of deliberate design. It was planned specifically to accommodate your needs; and there’s a particular reason why staples are so often found in any office setting. What about the people you see walking along the street? Or the trees you pass by, the dog that runs out in front of you, the pigeons that build their nests in the eaves of your house, the flowers on your table, the sky above you? Could their existence be by chance, do you think? It would be nonsense to even consider this possibility! Everything surrounding you, animate and inanimate alike, is too wonderful and complex to be compared with man-made items or ever to be ascribed to the operations of chance. Each is an example of a conscious creation, requiring consummate intelligence and skill. Everyone who finds it illogical to think that even a single staple came about by the bending of a wire by chance, will see that it is even more impossible that human beings, cats, birds, trees and the entire universe emerged by chance. But today, there are people who cannot see this clear reality. Or rather they see it, but pretend not to. They claim that trees, birds, clouds, houses, cars, you yourself, others around you—in short, everything in the universe, animate and inanimate, is all the work of blind chance. These people, known as Materialist-Darwinists, maintain the contradictory idea that chance occurrences can display supreme intelligence; and that the sum total of millions of chance events, occurring in sequence, can show creative power. According to Materialist-Darwinists, chance events have greater intelligence than every person in the world—no matter how many people have come and gone. They claim that a genius called “chance” has shaped everyone’s brain, cognitive ability, judgment, memory, and countless other human characteristics for hundreds of thousands of years. Let us examine the irrationality of those who have entered the blind alley of chance, ignoring the wondrous structures that surrounds them as well as the proofs of creation. Chance Is Not A Deity: It Is God Who Is The Creator Of All That Exists The theory of evolution puts forth the irrational claim that all plants, animals and human beings are the result of blind, unconscious, accidental events. Evolutionists believe that millions of years ago, in the primal soup of the oceans or in pools of water, mindless atoms with no knowledge or powers of reason came together in certain proportions and

later, by chance, formed the proteins and cells that even today’s scientists with the most advanced laboratory technology have not been able to duplicate. They go so far as to say that these cells, in their turn—and again by sheer chance— formed starfish, fish, sparrows, hawks, seagulls, penguins, cats, lambs, lions, and even human beings who possess the faculty of reason. To demonstrate just how incredible the claims of evolutionists are, let anyone who believes in the creative power of chance events take a large barrel. Let them put into it however much material they believe is required to form a living thing. For example, let them include all the needed elements—carbon, phosphorus, calcium—as well as organic compounds like amino acids, proteins, lipids, and carotene. Then let them add to this mixture whatever outside influence they choose. For example, heat or chill the barrel. Let it be struck by lightning or apply electric current. Let them stir the mixture with whatever advanced devices they may have. In addition, let them stand guard on this barrel transferring this responsibility from father to son for millions, even billions, of years. And so as to increase the chances of success, let them control the mixing at every moment. Let them consult with others; meet with the world’s foremost biologists, geneticists, physicists and experts on evolution. Leave them free to produce whatever conditions they deem necessary to originate life. Yet despite all this serious, conscious effort, they’ll never be able to produce anything like a living being in that barrel. No matter what they do, they’ll never be able to produce living things. Let those atoms in that barrel perform any reactions they want; never will they begin an “evolution” capable of producing brilliant scientists like Einstein and Newton able to solve complex problems; artists like Michelangelo and Picasso able to create masterpieces; musicians like Beethoven and Mozart able to compose melodies to delight the human spirit; discoverers;scientists able to examine under electron microscopes the molecules and atoms out of which they themselves are composed; talented actors like Humphrey Bogart and Charlton Heston; celebrities like Steve Martin, Bon Jovi and Sting. Or consider the many artists; those who take pleasure in symmetry, esthetics and harmonious colors; those able to design automobiles and write books; thinkers with faculties of logic and judgment; human beings able to retain in memory what they have learned, share longings, feel excitement and pleasure; who are possessed with a sense of love, mercy and compassion;

who enjoy the taste of food and whose appetite is stimulated by a cake baking in the oven; who laugh at something funny and enjoy being with their friends; who can defend an idea and carry on a discussion. Bring unconscious atoms together in whatever way you prefer. Never will they be able to bring about a single one of these living things, or even one of their cells. If so—if no living thing can ever be produced by human effort and the whole pool of human knowledge—how can life be brought into being with the aid of unconscious atoms and chance events? Any intelligent human being of conscience can certainly understand that he—and other living things— cannot be the result of chance events. Every intelligent, unprejudiced person with a conscience knows that God has created all these living things with His incomparable power. Regrettably, a segment of the population has accepted this irrational scenario throughout the 20th century. Professors, scientists and teachers may ridicule the “primitive” beliefs of pagan societies, while themselves accepting the nonsense of evolution. In this, they’re equally as benighted as those human beings who expect a wooden idol to help them. God’s Messenger, the Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, also reminded anyone afflicted with such blindness that the greatest sin is associating His creatures with God: The most severe sin is to associate partners with God, while He has created you. (Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim) In the Qur’an (29:17), God warns those who worship idols and invent lies about them that their power is not strong enough to do anything: Instead of God, you worship only idols. You are inventing a lie. Those you worship besides God have no power to provide for you. So seek your provision from God and worship Him and give thanks to Him. It is to Him you will be returned. * Harun Yahya, has written almost 300 books which are published in 63 languages all over the world. He is well-known as an author of many books on political, faithrelated and scientific issues, including very important works disclosing the imposture of evolutionists. Harun Yahya’s books appeal to all people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, regardless of their age, race and nationality, as they center around one goal: to open the reader’s mind by presenting the signs of God’s eternal existence to them. For more information, please visit: www. To purchase the works of Harun Yahya, please visit: www.

A little bird told me! Once again, this little birdie has been out and about listening, observing and reporting on happenings in our community: First up this month, a concern about terrorists. Now, this little birdie has been reading here there and everywhere that Australians should be worried about all the homegrown terrorists lurking in the suburbs ready to wreak havoc. This little birdie has some news for Kevin - the Muslim community is not full of terrorists. It is however, teeming with gunners. No, not that sort of gunner, the other sort. For sure you have met them - maybe you even are one? - you know, the gunners: “I am gunner go to that lecture” “I am gunner be at that protest” “I am gunner go to Friday prayer this week” Don’t panic Kevin, they never actually do anything. They are only gunners. In fact, this little birdie heard a terrible story about gunners only this week. A Muslim group went to a great deal of effort to organise a Clean Up Australia Day event that many were gunner attend - and on the day the gunners were indeed out in force - only two people came and they were the organisers! This little birdie wonders who ate all the sausages at the BBQ afterwards??? Now you may recall that this little birdie LOVES new words and the new word around the CT office this month is “sheeple” - you know, the people that follow the leader without looking where they are going. This little birdie has it on good authority that you can identify them by looking at their fridge. If you see the terrorism magnet you are in the home of the sheeple - run, run, run!! Finally this month, thank you to the kind reader who has provided this little birdie with several copies of a magazine put out by Another Fairly Ineffective Committee. This little birdie has had endless fun this month playing the new Muslim version of Where’s Wally that has been kindly included in the magazine for readers. In this version you can find Wally in every picture and you can also spot the articles Wally has written! With one point to be gained for every time you spot Wally or his name, the game has become quite competitive in CT office with the current record standing at 178 for three issues. This little birdie suggests that Another Fairly Ineffective Committee should rename the magazine to alert readers to the game - surely it should be called the IAP fanzine with BONUS Where’s Wally feature?? This little birdie is looking forward to the next issue when we may perhaps be treated to even more pictures of what Wally did on his holidays!!

Muslim Youth Leadership Forum For Males And Females Aged 16-35

Do you have what it takes to be a leader, in every sense of the word? Are you interested in exploring your leadership potential, exchanging experiences and learning from other Muslim youth? Would you like to apply your ideas, talents and skills to your own personal and professional life and help develop a stronger Muslim community in the long run? It is often said that change starts with one person, so quite simply… are you ready to make a change? The Muslim Youth Leadership Challenge, or MYLC, is the answer to every young Muslim leader’s call. This premier training program aims to inspire, mentor and thus empower Muslim youth by encouraging the values of personal excellence, community development and spiritual growth. This year’s installment of MYLC consists of a Muslim Youth Leadership Forum for males and females aged 16-35, as well as a Leadership and Wellness Retreat for females between 18 and 35 years of age. The one-day MYLC Forum, to be held on Saturday 22nd of May 2010 at the University of Western Sydney, Bankstown Campus, will focus on inspiring youth and broadening their education by promoting personal growth and community leadership. Participants will interact with prominent community members, role models and leaders of today through inspirational talks, focus groups and activity sessions. 50 participants from those who have registered online for both the Forum and the Retreat, and have attended the Forum, will also be selected for the follow-up women’s-only Retreat, to be held at Vision Valley from Friday May 28th-Sunday 30th 2010. This is a unique opportunity for a new generation of Australian Muslim women leaders of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds across Sydney to further develop their leadership capacity and work towards accomplishing personal goals through teamwork, respect and proactivity. The 2010 MYLC is a joint initiative between Mission of Hope, a not-for-profit Muslim health organisation with a focus on health and community development, and the Australian Federal Police Community Liaison Team. For more information, please contact or go to the website to register now:


Dear readers, Please send information about education institutions, Quranic classes, Islamic schools anywhere in Perth, WA, Adelaide, SA, and Melbourne, VIC for inclusion in the lifestyle guide. Your contribution and cooperation are most appreciated for the benefit of all Australian Muslims. CT team.


package of opinions and beliefs to our readers, but we do our best to provide space for all schools of thought, personal beliefs and directions of Islamic thought! All are free to submit articles for publication to defend and hold what they see as truth! The editor in chief

When we publish opinion articles in Crescent Times, we do not necessarily endorse their content. Opinion articles do not necessarily represent the opinion any of our team members, editors or publishers. However, we are not afraid of opinions! Our role is not to teach a particular

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After announcing the purchase of a new cargo ship in Ireland, which will participate in a planned caravan to break the blockade in Gaza, the Free Gaza movement received a message of support from Palestinian Legislative Council memebr Jamal El-Khoudary. El-Khoudary cheered the upcoming aid caravan to Gaza, which he said will consist of a flotilla of between ten and twenty ships filled with humanitarian aid meant to break the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip. He also applauded the recent announcement of a partnership between the Free Gaza movement and the Foundation for Human Rights & Freedoms & Humanitarian Relief IHH, saying “The agreement will give a great momentum for the uprising of ships. I hope they will break the blockade of Gaza and open a waterway between Above: Rachel Corrie, activist. “Rachel was alone in front of the house as we the Gaza Strip and the world to were trying to get them to stop,” he said. “She waved for the bulldozer to stop and waved. She fell down and the bulldozer kept going. We yelled ‘stop, stop,’ and the allow freedom of movement.” The Free Gaza movement plans bulldozer didn’t stop at all. It had completely run over her and then it reversed to launch the latest in their series and ran back over her.” Source: Ha’aretz of aid caravans in early May, and hope to reach the Gaza Strip with much-needed the MV Linda, will be re-named the MV Rachel building supplies, as well as medicine and medical Corrie, in memory of the 23 year old activist equipment. crushed to death in 2003 by an Israeli bulldozer On March 30, the Free Gaza Movement bought as she attempted to prevent the demolition of a a 1200 tonne cargo ship at an auction in Dundalk, Palestinian home in Gaza. The Free Gaza Movement Ireland. The vessel had been impounded a year says the renaming of the ship is meant to pay tribute ago following an inspection by the International to Rachel and the thousands of Palestinian men, Transport Federation (ITF) which found that its women and children killed, wounded or imprisoned owners had exploited its Lithuanian crew members under the Israeli occupation. - not paying their wages and subjecting them to The Free Gaza movement has broken the Israeli humiliating treatment. imposed siege on the Gaza Strip twice before, ITF Inspector Ken Fleming said “We are pleased bringing much-needed medicine and other to announce that this vessel which was used to supplies to the people of Gaza, where 1.5 million subject workers to modern day slavery, will now Palestinians live under siege by the Israeli military be used to promote human rights for the people of which prevents most goods from entering and Palestine.” prevents them from leaving the tiny coastal strip. According to the Free Gaza movement, the vessel,

Free Gaza Movement Announces Upcoming Caravan To Gaza: Palestinian Legislator Voices Support


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Gaza Remembered

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Queensland Aisha Stacey

Gaza photojournalist and founder-editor of the Palestine Telegraph, Sameh Habeeb recently completed a speaking tour of Australia that kicked off at Queensland University of Technology. On March 23rd 2010, in a lecture entitled Eyewitness from Gaza, Sameh spoke about the brutal Israeli assault of Gaza in January 2009 that killed 1,400 Palestinians. Mr Habeeb’s opening lecture was well attended by supporters of a free Palestine, who took the opportunity to view pictorial displays and engage in open and frank discussions. Mr Habeeb’s lecture also covered the atrocities he witnessed, and the international campaign to lift the Israeli siege of his homeland. Speaking about the Gaza Strip today, Mr Habeeb said “The siege [has] impacted every aspect of life. Factories stopped operating and food just trickles

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Gaza Blockade 1000 Days Old


Shayma Alshakshir Around 2500 protestors gathered at the Melbourne State Library on March 19 to show their stand against the injustices that Israel continues to impose upon the Palestinians and their land. The day marked the 1000th day of Israel’s blockade on Gaza. Prior to marching in the streets, students from various Universities voiced their solidarity with Palestine and its people expressing anger at those who support war crimes and strip the Palestinians of basic human rights. Students for Palestine, organisers of the march, say their main aim is to increase public awareness of the apartheid situation in Palestine. “The Israeli government has just announced 1600 more Israeli settlement apartments on Palestinian land and the siege on Gaza is still going. Both actions by Israel are punishing Palestinians beyond belief,” their statement read. “We need to raise our voices against these atrocities,” the statement concluded. Speakers included Enas Sammak, who is a Melbourne University student, a FAMSY representative and a regular speaker at such protests. Ms Sammak began her speech by reminding listeners that Gaza has been under siege for four years and still remains under siege today. She continued “We are all standing here today, to show our support for the Palestinian people and to demand the protection of our Al-Aqsa

mosque. To say that we, the Australian people, because of the values we believe in, do not support the oppression and the injustices that our government silently supports,” she said. An unexpected and surprising speaker came on board just before the protestors were due to march. Nazeem Hussein, the star of the successful comedy show Fear of a Brown Planet. Mr Hussein combined facts and humour, delivering a lively and a vivid speech, which he directed to a group of Israeli protestors who he referred to as the ‘rabble’. “Look at that bunch of five, intimated, selfish, shameless - I’m not talking about the cops [who were surrounding the Israeli group to avoid clashes] you could get confused, because they have the same colours [Israeli flag and Police uniform], but they too [the police] turn a blind eye to justice.” Mr Hussein went on to taunt the ‘Rabble’ asking them to fly their flags high. “Even the people that you call the world’s greatest terrorists, stood proud and said yes we stand for what we believe in. What type of a protest is that? If you’re going to be part of supporting a murderous state, hold it high you terrorists!” he said. Mr Hussein then urged all the proPalestine supporters to raise their fists in the air, turn to the ‘rabble’ and shout: no more…no more…free Palestine…Free Gaza…as the march moved off through the streets of Melbourne.

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Melbourne Anti-racism Protest

in.” “People have no freedom of movement beyond their “concentration camp,” with just two gates that open irregularly.” Mr Habeeb’s tour concluded at the Marxism 2010 conference held at Melbourne University where he spoke about Imperialism and the struggle for a free Palestine.

organisers urged. This anti-Muslim protest was organised by a group called “Melbourne Action Against Immigration and Islam”. Its members usually go by fake names and fake profiles, and are linked to white supremacist groups. One member, Glenn Anderson, posted a message to the group’s facebook wall urging “ethnic immigrants” to “do the rite (sic) thing and assumlate (sic) and intergrate (sic).” “Our grand parents didnt (sic) fight wars for you all to get a free ride here in our country they fought for us, us whites, piss off,” he said. He also warned any non-white person to “f— look out!!!! We will be onto you in a flash so be very careful, you are treading a fairy (sic) fine serious line cause we whites have had a gut full of what is happeing (sic) in oz (sic) now and in the future!!!” Soon more than a hundred and forty people confirmed attendance at the Facebook event

page, but most of those people (both Muslim and non-Muslim) responded only to criticise the anti-Islam and anti-immigration protest. At the anti-racism rally, comedian Rod Quantock and Jewish and Christian leaders were among the speakers, with Muslim comedian Nazeem Hussain and Melbournebased Muslim hip hop group The Brothahood also addressing the crowd. Stephen Jolly, councillor for Langridge Ward in the City of Yarra adjoining the Melbourne CBD, attended the rally. He told Crescent Times it was important to send a message that racism was not welcome. “I am proud to be an elected representative for all Yarra residents, including our Muslim brothers and sisters,” he said. “Friday’s anti-racist rally was an expression that most Australians support unity and solidarity in struggle rather than racism.”

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Strengthening Our Community

WA: Footy With The Fuzz Another Opportunity to Community


Newport, and Flemington. Essendon hosted the event at its home ground Windy Hill. After an Indigenous welcome ceremony, Federal Minister for Home Affairs, Brendan O’Connor and Australian Federal Police Commissioner, Tony Negus, made opening addresses before Bombers star Bachar Houli gave a stirring


Above: Players from the Lebanese and Greek teams clash in an Aussie Rules football match for the Harmony Cup - an annual event celebrating Harmony Day in Melbourne. The round robin tournament saw eight teams compete at the Western Bulldogs home ground, Whitten Oval, including sides representing the Lebanese, Greek, Israeli, Italian, Indian, Indonesian and Albanian communities. Team Lebanon took out the cup defeating Team Albania in the final. Photo: Nasya Bahfen.

All games were hotly contested Photo: courtesy of WA police Almost one thousand community members attended the Police Multicultural Friendship Games – Footy with the Fuzz - on Sunday 28th of March 2010 at the Herb Graham Recreational Centre in Mirrabooka. Sponsored by Smarter than Smoking and a partnership between WAPOL, the State Security Investigation Group, Football West and the City of Stirling; the day was deemed a resounding success and a fantastic opportunity for Police and the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) communities of Perth to come together and build positive relationships through the universal language of sport. The Games were held twice in 2009, with overwhelming responses from the community. The initiative was also nominated and won the Community Event of the Year at the 2009 Western Australian Sport and Recreation Industry Awards, held in November last year. A total of 28 male and female teams participated in indoor and outdoor games including two teams representing WAPOL. Teams who participated in the tournament hailed from regions around the world including Congo, Iran, Sudan, Palestine, Somalia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia. Curtin University was also represented as well as female teams from the Australian Islamic College in Dianella, South Africa, Muslim Youth of WA, Damla College and Mirrabooka Senior High School.

Football West Chairman, Mr Kevin Campbell noted that the Western Australian Football code was extremely fortunate to have an incredible group of talented local players in their midst. The women’s final was fought out between South Africa and Mirrabooka Senior High School with the South African girls taking out the trophy. This was followed by the men’s final with the African Youth of WA defeating Somalia after a passionately contested meet. Food kindly prepared by the Turkish Community of WA was enjoyed by all attendees. Other community groups provided stalls and entertainment to showcase their respective cultures. The WA Police Recruiting Branch set up an information stand and reported an enthusiastic interest by members of the CaLD community in undertaking a career with the WA Police. Notable attendees at the games included member for Girrawheen and Shadow Minister for Police, Emergency Services and Road Safety, Margaret Quirk MLA; Member for North Metropolitan Region, The Hon Liz Behjat MLC; Member for Stirling and Shadow Minister for Justice and Customs, Mr Michael Keenan MP; representing the City of Stirling Mayor (David Boothman), Councillor Leonie Getty; West Metropolitan District Superintendent, Mark Gilbert; Chairman of Football West Mr Kevin Campbell; and the Hon. Robert Kucera APM, MLA.

FIFA Dress Code Rules Iran’s Girls Out Of Youth Olympics Iran’s girls football team has been kicked out of the Youth Olympic Games because FIFA rules prevent players wearing an Islamic head scarf. Thailand has been nominated to replace the barred Iranians, according to the the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) website. “FIFA decreed that the wearing of Islamic hijab was not in accordance with the laws of the game,” the Asian governing body said in a statement. Iran’s national Olympic committee had called on FIFA, football’s world governing body, and the International Olympic Committee to review the head scarf ban. The hijab is worn by girls and women to observe Islamic dress code. FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke rejected the Iranian Olympic panel’s request

in a letter to the national football federation. “Taking into consideration the clear position stated by the (olympic committee) of Iran, the FIFA Executive Committee had no choice but to take the decision that (Iran) will not be able to participate,” Valcke said, according to the AFC. FIFA maintains football’s international rule book which contains a section on players’ onfield equipment. Law 4 states that “basic compulsory equipment must not have any political, religious or personal statements. “The team of a player whose basic compulsory equipment has political, religious or personal slogans or statements will be sanctioned by the competition organizer or by FIFA.” The hijab issue was first examined in 2007 after an 11-year-old girl in Canada was prevented from wearing one for safety reasons. FIFA’s rule-making arm, the International Football Association Board, declined to make an exception for religious clothing. Iran was scheduled to compete in a sixnation tournament for girls at the inaugural Youth Olympics being held between 12 and 25th August 2010. Source: ASSOCIATED PRESS

For the third time the footy team of the Islamic Information & Services Network of Australia (IISNA) has taken out the Unity Cup, defeating Newport 4-3-27 to 1-3-9.

The annual event is in its third year, and is organised and supported by the Australian Federal Police, the Victoria Police and the Essendon and North Melbourne football clubs. In 2010 four teams from multicultural communities competed – IISNA, a combined Islamic Council of Victoria/ UMMA (Doncaster Mosque) team,

trying to take on board different cultures and encourage multiculturalism, “ he said. “It’s good to have another community out here to teach them a few things and get them involved.” He said he and Scott enjoyed training the Muslim teams. “A few characters are out there having a laugh, but they enjoyed it and it was good”. He added, “It’s great to build that culture between us and hopefully through this we can get more involved.”

issue 18, April 2010

Melbourne Rashid Alshakshir Nasya Bahfen

rendition of the adhan for Zuhr prayer. The Muslim community teams were trained by the North Melbourne football club’s Benjamin Speight and Matthew Scott. After a training session, Crescent Times caught up with Speight who pointed out the efforts by the Kangaroos to reach out to different communities at their recently renovated home ground in Arden Street, North Melbourne. “It’s good you know, obviously with the new facility we’re


Above: Kangaroos stars sign autographs for visitors at Windy Hill Left: The IISNA team celebrate their victory. Photographs: Rashid Alshakshir

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‫حماولة لن�رش الت�صيع يف اأي بلد اإ�صالمي اأو لن�رش‬ ‫خاليا �صيعية يف اأو�صاط ال�صباب ال�صني‪.‬‬ ‫واأ�صاف‪ :‬اإن "الأزهر �صيوا�صل دوره يف م�صاألة‬ ‫التقريب الفكري التي بداأها مع املذهب ال�صيعي‬ ‫منذ عهد �صيخ الأزهر الأ�صبق ال�صيخ عبداحلليم‬ ‫حممود"‪.‬‬ ‫واأ�صار اإىل وجود توافق مع عدد كبري من العلماء‬ ‫ال�صيعة داخل اإيران فيما يخ�ص م�صاألة عدم‬ ‫"التب�صري ملذهب �صيعي يف اأو�صاط ال�صنة اأو‬ ‫العك�ص"‪،‬على حد تعبريه‪.‬‬ ‫و�صدد الدكتور الطيب على اأنه �صيكون يقظا ً‬ ‫ومنتبها ً و�صيعمل على اإبطال اأي اأجندة �صيا�صية‬ ‫لأي طالب �صيعي يدر�ص يف م�رش‪ ،‬فهو ل يريد‬ ‫اأن يتحول الأمر مل�صيدة لل�صباب ال�صني للتحول‬ ‫للمذهب ال�صيعي وتتحول بعدها اإىل بوؤرة ‪ ،‬ثم مركز‬ ‫�صيعي يعقبه قتال‪ ،‬فهذا اأمر ل ميت لالإ�صالم اأو‬ ‫للفكر ب�صلة‪.‬‬ ‫وكان عدد كبري من علماء الأزهر قد احتجوا علي‬ ‫ت�رشيحات �صيخ الأزهر اجلديد الدكتور اأحمد الطيب‬ ‫والتي رحب فيها بعودة الطالب ال�صيعة الإيرانيني‬ ‫للدرا�صة بجامعة الأزهر‪ ،‬خوفا من دعوتهم للت�صيع‬ ‫داخل جدران اجلامعة‪.‬‬ ‫واأ�صدرت جبهة علماء الأزهر بيانا ا�صتنكرت فيه‬ ‫هذه الت�رشيحات واأبدت اجلبهة تخوفها من حتول‬ ‫جامعة الأزهر اإىل جامعة �صيعية بعد اإغراقها‬ ‫بالطلبة ال�صيعة من اإيران والدول املوالية لها‪.‬‬ ‫واأبدى الدكتور اأحمد الطيب‪� ،‬صيخ الأزهر‪ ،‬ترحيبه‬ ‫يف وقت �صابق‪ ،‬بعودة الطالب الإيرانيني للدرا�صة فى‬ ‫معاهد وجامع الأزهر وذلك اأثناء زيارته ملقر الرابطة‬ ‫العاملية خلريجى الأزهر‪.‬‬ ‫امل�صدر‪ :‬مفكرة ال�صالم‪.‬‬

‫لندن ‪ -‬اكت�صف عامل بريطاين جينا ً يطيل‬ ‫العمر ويقاوم اللتهابات التي ت�صيب‬ ‫اجل�صم‪.‬‬ ‫وقال العامل الربيطاين الدكتور روبن ماي‬ ‫من جامعة بريمنغهام‪ ،‬الذي قاد البحث‬ ‫ل�صحيفة «الأك�صرب�ص» اليوم اخلمي�ص‬ ‫اإن اكت�صاف اجلني»دي اأي اأف‪« 16 -‬‬ ‫�صوف ي�صاعد على �صنع اأدوية قد تبطئ‬ ‫ال�صيخوخة‪.‬‬ ‫واأ�صاف ماي اإن اجلني يعزز مقاومة اجل�صم‬ ‫�صد الإ�صابة باللتهابات والت�صمم‪ ،‬م�صريا ً‬ ‫اإىل اأنه قد ي�صاعد على فهم الطريقة‬ ‫التي ي�صيخ فيها النا�ص وملاذا ميتد العمر‬ ‫بالبع�ص دون غريهم‪.‬‬ ‫وتابع «اأعتقد اأنه �صيكون با�صتطاعتنا‬ ‫�صنع اأدوية تبطئ ال�صيخوخة با�صتخدام‬ ‫هذه اجلني»‪ ،‬م�صيفا ً» قد ل ن�صتطيع وقف‬ ‫ال�صيخوخة متاما ً ولكننا اإبطاءها وهذا اأمر‬ ‫واقعي جدا ً»‪.‬‬ ‫وقال اإن هذا اجلني مرتبط مبا�رشة بطول‬ ‫احلياة‪ ،‬معربا ً عن الأمل يف التو�صل يوما ً‬ ‫اإىل معرفة الطريقة التي توؤثر فيها اخلاليا‬ ‫وتوؤدي اإىل موت اخلاليا وهو ما �صوف ي�صاعد‬ ‫براأيه على �صنع اأدوية تبطئ عملية‬ ‫ال�صيخوخة وتقوية جني»دي اأي اأف‪»16 -‬‬ ‫يف اأج�صامنا‪.‬‬

‫لبنان‪ :‬حزب الله على �شفا‬ ‫ال�شدام مع املحكمة الدولية‬

‫ه�صام علي�ان ‪ -‬بريوت‬

‫بعد خم�س �سنوات على اغتيال رئي�س احلكومة الأ�سبق رفيق احلريري‪،‬‬ ‫و�سنة على انطالق اأعمال املحكمة الدولية اخلا�سة‪ ،‬واإطالق �رساح اجلرنالت‬ ‫الأربعة‪ ،‬قادة بع�س الأجهزة الأمنية اللبنانية‪ ،‬لعدم كفاية الأدلة‪ ،‬وقبيل‬ ‫مرور عام اأي�س ًا على ن�رس جملة «دير �سبيغل» الأملانية» لتقريرها املثري‬ ‫للجدل‪ ،‬حول م�سوؤولية حزب الله‪ ،‬حدثت املفاجاأة غري املتوقعة‪ ،‬يف ظل‬ ‫امل�ساحلات يف الداخل‪ ،‬والتقارب ال�سعودي ال�سوري‪ ،‬با�ستدعاء مكتب‬ ‫املدعي العام للمحكمة الدولية يف بريوت �ستة عنا�رس حم�سوبني على حزب‬ ‫الله‪.‬‬ ‫اأ�سباب ال�سدمة يف الأو�ساط ال�سعبية القريبة من حزب الله خا�سة‪ ،‬اأن‬ ‫اخلطاب ال�سيا�سي والإعالمي لهذا احلزب حتديداً‪ ،‬داأب على ترديد مقولت‬

‫حمددة عن جلنة التحقيق الدويل اأو ًل واملحكمة الدولية لحقاً‪ ،‬مفادها اأن‬ ‫دوافع التحقيق �سيا�سية‪ ،‬واأن اجتاهاته كذلك‪ ،‬واأنه حني تتبدل الظروف‬ ‫والتوازنات املحلية والإقليمية‪ ،‬ف�سوف تنتفي حوافز ال�ستمرار‪ ،‬و�سيكون‬ ‫امللف فارغاً‪ ،‬وخا�سة مع اإطالق �رساح اجلرنالت الأربعة املتهمني �سابق ًا‬ ‫بالتن�سيق الوثيق مع �سوريا يف كل �ساردة وواردة‪ ،‬فكاأن اإطالقهم براءة ذمة‬ ‫ل�سوريا‪.‬‬ ‫وظنّ حزب الله كذلك‪ ،‬اأن اأحداث ‪ 7‬اأيار (مايو) ‪� ،2008‬ستكون ر�سالة‬ ‫كافية اإىل تلك اجلهات يف الداخل واخلارج‪ ،‬بعدم جدوى مالم�سة �سورة‬ ‫احلزب باأي تلميح اأو ت�رسيح‪ ،‬ب�ساأن الغتيالت ال�سيا�سية يف لبنان‪ ،‬ثم جاء‬ ‫وتقربه من حزب‬ ‫ان�سقاق الزعيم الدرزي وليد جنبالط عن قوى ‪ 14‬اآذار‪،‬‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫الله ومن �سوريا‪ ،‬ثم ت�سكيل حكومة الوحدة الوطنية برئا�سة زعيم الأغلبية �سعد‬

‫دبي ت�صتن�صخ‬ ‫ثاين جمل‬

‫جنحت اإمارة دبي يف ا�صتن�صاخ جمل من‬ ‫خاليا ماأخوذة من جلد اإبل وذلك بعد اأن‬ ‫اأعلنت العام املا�صي عن ا�صتن�صاخ اأول‬ ‫ناقة يف العامل‪.‬‬ ‫وقال م�صوؤول م�صاريع ال�صتن�صاخ مبركز‬ ‫اإكثار الإبل بدبي الدكتور ن�صار اأحمد واين‬ ‫اإن اجلمل امل�صتن�صخ اأطلق عليه ا�صم «بن‬ ‫�صوقان»‪ ،‬وقد ولد بعد فرتة حمل ا�صتمرت‬ ‫‪ 383‬يوما دون اأي م�صاعفات‪.‬‬ ‫واأو�صح اأن اجلمل الوليد‪ ،‬وهو «اأول جمل‬ ‫يتم ا�صتن�صاخه من خاليا جلد يف العامل»‪،‬‬ ‫يتمتع مبوا�صفات �صحية مثالية‪ ،‬م�صريا‬ ‫اإىل اأن ال�صتن�صاخ مت بخاليا جلد اجلمل‬ ‫«�صوقان» الذي يعد من الإبل الرائدة وذات‬ ‫ال�صهرة الوا�صعة بالإمارات‪.‬‬ ‫ووزع مركز اإكثار الإبل بدبي �صورا‬ ‫للجمل امل�صتن�صخ واإىل جواره اجلمل الذي‬ ‫اأخذت خلية منه‪.‬‬ ‫وكان املركز اأعلن العام املا�صي جناحه يف‬ ‫ا�صتن�صاخ اأول ناقة يف العامل مت ت�صميتها‬ ‫«اإجناز»‪.‬‬ ‫امل�صدر‪ :‬الملانية‬

‫احلريري‪ ،‬وقيامه بزيارة دم�سق ولقائه الرئي�س‬ ‫ال�سوري ب�سار الأ�سد‪ ،‬بدفع �سعودي وا�سح‪،‬‬ ‫وظهور موؤ�رسات على عجز املحكمة الدولية‬ ‫عن اإحراز تقدم حا�سم‪ ،‬وعالمته الأبرز التاأخر‬ ‫امل�ستمر يف اإ�سدار القرار الظني‪ ،‬ليوؤكد القتناع‬ ‫ال�سابق باأن املو�سوع �س ُيطوى عاج ً‬ ‫ال اأم اآجالً‪ ،‬مع‬ ‫مربراته ال�سيا�سية‪.‬‬ ‫�سقوط ّ‬ ‫لكن كل هذا تبدّل ب�رسعة قيا�سية‪ ،‬حني اأعلن‬ ‫الوزير ال�سابق وئام وهاب‪ ،‬واملقرب من �سوريا‬ ‫ومن حزب الله‪ ،‬اأن املحكمة الدولية ا�ستدعت‬ ‫عنا�رس احلزب للتحقيق معهم‪ ،‬وملمح ًا باأن احلزب‬ ‫لن ي�سكت‪ ،‬واأن قوات الطوارئ الدولية العاملة‬ ‫على احلدود اجلنوبية مع اإ�رسائيل �ستكون يف‬ ‫مرمى النار‪ ،‬يف تهديد �سمني ل تخفى اأهدافه‪.‬‬ ‫ثم حتدثت �سحف وقنوات عن اإمكانية تكرار‬ ‫اأحداث ‪ 7‬اأيار (مايو) يف بريوت‪ ،‬بطريقة اأعنف‬ ‫واأ�سد باأ�سعاف م�ساعفة‪ ،‬وبعد ذلك جاء احلوار‬ ‫املتلفز حل�سن ن�رس الله اأمني عام احلزب مع قناة‬ ‫املنار‪ ،‬لي�سع خارطة الطريق يف كيفية التعامل مع‬ ‫ا�ستدعاءات املحكمة ومع اتهاماتها لحقاً‪ ،‬وكان‬ ‫متعمد ًا يف حديثه اأن يكون يف اأق�سى درجات‬ ‫الهدوء والرتوي‪ ،‬رغم اأن املعلومات املت�رسبة‬ ‫من التحقيق ت�سري اإىل اأن القائد الع�سكري للحزب‬ ‫عماد مغنية والذي اغتيل قبل عامني يف دم�سق‪ ،‬هو‬ ‫على راأ�س امل�سبوه بهم باغتيال احلريري!‬ ‫واأهم ما ك�سف عنه ن�رس الله بهذا الجتاه‪ ،‬اأن‬ ‫جممل عدد الذين ا�ستدعاهم التحقيق الدويل‪،‬‬ ‫وبع�سهم ينت�سب اإىل احلزب وبع�سهم من‬ ‫الأ�سدقاء‪ ،‬هو اثنا ع�رس �سخ�ساً‪ ،‬واأن العنا�رس‬ ‫ال�ستة الآخرين قد ا�ستدعوا موؤخراً‪ ،‬واحلزب‬ ‫ب�سدد التدقيق ملعرفة ما اإذا كانوا حزبيني اأو‬ ‫مقربني من احلزب‪ ،‬واأن ال�ستدعاءات الأ�سا�سية‬ ‫ال�سابقة ح�سلت يف الأ�سهر الأخرية من عام ‪2008‬‬ ‫بعد انتهاء حوادث ‪ 7‬اأيار (مايو) وعلى مقربة من‬ ‫اإطالق ال�سباط الربعة‪ ،‬حيث «ا�ستدعي عدد من‬ ‫الإخوة والأخوات حينها‪ ،‬والالفت اأنه حينذاك مل‬ ‫تُرث مثل هذه ال�سو�ساء»‪.‬‬ ‫�ستدع قياديون من حزب‬ ‫ويف املرات ال�سابقة مل ُي َ‬ ‫الله‪ .‬لكن ا�ستدعي موؤخر ًا �سخ�س يعمل يف الإطار‬ ‫الثقايف واآخر يف العمل اجلهادي ويتوا�سل مع‬ ‫الإخوة الفل�سطينيني يف الداخل‪ ،‬وهم رفاق غالب‬ ‫عوايل وعلي �سالح اللذين اغتيال يف ال�سنوات‬ ‫الفائتة‪ ،‬واتهمت اإ�رسائيل باغتيالهما‪.‬‬ ‫ومع اأن ن�رس الله‪ ،‬مل يك�سف اأ�سماء العنا�رس‬ ‫ال�ستة املطلوب ا�ستجوابها‪ ،‬اإل اأن م�سادر‬ ‫البقية في داخل امللحق‬

‫‪not at peace with him. As we are different in many ways,‬‬ ‫‪love and respect is the only way to live together. In the‬‬ ‫‪Qur’an Allah says:‬‬ ‫‪“O mankind, We created you from a single (pair) of a‬‬ ‫‪male and a female and made you into nations and tribes,‬‬ ‫‪that you may know each other (not that you may despise‬‬ ‫‪each other)….” Qur’an 49:13‬‬

‫‪From the book Let’s Celebrate Islam in Poems and Art by Kamariah‬‬ ‫‪Ahmad published by Umm Haritha Artworks‬‬

‫‪Harmony in the Shade of Light‬‬

‫‪The title of this artwork, ‘In the Shade of Light’,‬‬ ‫‪is synonymous with ‘In the Shade of Knowledge’.‬‬ ‫‪Knowledge leads to enlightenment and acquiring‬‬ ‫‪knowledge by learning about others’ customs, traditions‬‬ ‫‪and religions will result in a better understanding of their‬‬ ‫‪culture. Hence, men can live in harmony by respecting‬‬ ‫‪one another’s way of life and beliefs. Prophet Mohammed‬‬ ‫‪stated that a man is not a true believer if his neighbour is‬‬


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‫اكت�صاف جني‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫«يعطل» ال�صيخ�خة‬ ‫ويبعد اللتهابات‬

‫قام م�صلمون اأوروبيني بال�صالة يف 'م�صجد كاتدرائية‬ ‫قرطبة' التاريخي‪ ،‬وترتب على ذلك جدل و�صل اإىل الق�صاء‬ ‫واأعاد النقا�ص حول مطالب امل�صلمني باأن تخ�ص�ص لهم‬ ‫ال�صلطات الإ�صبانية حيزا زمنيا ولو رمزيا لل�صالة يف هذا‬ ‫املعبد مثال خالل الأعياد الدينية كعيد الفطر‪.‬‬ ‫وتعود وقائع هذا احلادث اإىل قبل ا�صابيع عندما دخل‬ ‫من�صاويون يف زيارة‪ ،‬وعددهم ‪ ،118‬ينتمون اىل جمعية‬ ‫اإ�صالمية‪ ،‬م�صجد ـ كاتدرائية قرطبة‪ ،‬ك�صائحني لكنهم‬ ‫�رشعان ما قرروا اأداء �صالة املغرب التي اأدركتهم حلظتها‪.‬‬ ‫لكن تدخل اأفراد احلر�ص اخلا�ص بهذا املعبد وحاولوا منع‬ ‫امتام ال�صالة‪ ،‬وا�صطروا اإىل ا�صتدعاء فريق تدخل خا�ص من‬ ‫ال�رشطة ملواجهة الو�صع‪.‬‬ ‫واعتقلت ال�رشطة يف اآخر املطاف �صخ�صني من ال�صياح‪،‬‬ ‫واأحالتهما على الق�صاء الذي وجه لهما تهمة مواجهة‬

‫قوات الأمن واإحداث ال�صغب‪ ،‬كما وجهت التهمة نف�صها‬ ‫اإىل �صتة اأ�صخا�ص اآخرين من جمموعة ال�صياح‪.‬‬ ‫لكن الق�صاء اأفرج عن املوقوفني نهار اجلمعة‪.‬‬ ‫و�صدت وقائع هذا احلدث انتباه الراأي العام الإ�صباين‪،‬‬ ‫وحتول اإىل املو�صوع الذي حظي باأكرث ن�صبة من التعليقات‬ ‫يف خمتلف املواقع الرقمية لو�صائل الإعالم‪.‬‬ ‫ومع اأن الأمر توقف داخل باحة امل�صجد ـ الكاتدرائية‪،‬‬ ‫اإل اأن اجلدل ا�صتمر يف املواقع اللكرتونية‪ .‬وما مييز هذه‬ ‫التعليقات املواجهة اللفظية ال�صديدة بني املطالبني‬ ‫بال�صالة يف الكاتدرائية باعتبارها حقا ً تاريخيا ً للم�صلمني‪،‬‬ ‫وبني الراف�صني لهذا احلق والذين يعتربون ذلك مبثابة غزو‬ ‫جديد لالأندل�ص جتاوبا مع نظرية 'ا�صتعادة الأندل�ص' التي‬ ‫يروج لها البع�ص يف املدة الأخرية‪.‬‬

‫‪Page 24‬‬

‫لكل قراء العربية في استراليا حيث اخلبر اجلريء والتحليل املسؤول‬ ‫جلميع مراسالتكم‪ :‬‬

Crescent Times newspaper April issue 2010  

Australian Muslim newspaper

Crescent Times newspaper April issue 2010  

Australian Muslim newspaper