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Photos by: Adam Montgomery

Photo by: Adam Montgomery

Photo by: Stephanie Velasquez

some outfits. that’s it.

Photo by: Stephanie Velasquez

Artsy spot. Photo by: Raychel Sonveeco

All photos are property of Anna Szczekutowicz Todas las fotos son propiedad de Anna Szczekutowicz


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How do you pronounce her name? quite simple when she says it on a video, which we will give you the link for, if you send us a message on facebook or email and YES her entire name is REAL. Anyway, this is an audio interview with her, so click on the little icon to listen to it. Just some quick facts about her: she is from Poland, she is a photographer, she turned 19 on August 19th, so wish her a happy birthday and all. We hope you enjoy it. and dont forget to visit her web page, flickr and well comment. Desafortunadamente no tenemos esta entrevista en espa単ol pero si no sabes ingles y quieres escucharla o saber mas sobre ella ( la fotografa), manda un comentario o mensaje a facebook o al correo y te lo traduciremos todo o la mayor parte, pero escrito, o usa google para traducirlo, aunque no sera tan exacto.


little deer

BY: Taylor Kitto

All photos are property of Taylor Kitto Todas las fotos son propiedad de Taylor Kitto The “Little Deer� illustration on this page is by: Audrey Malo

Taylor Kitto What is your name and where are you from? My name is taylor kitto. i am from california. How old are you? Seventeen. Do you think the place you grew up in affected your photography in any way? Not necessarily. Although, I am lucky enough to live by the ocean, which always inspires me. Has photography always been a big part of your life and if yes, since when? I have always loved to take pictures. I think I got more serious about it a couple years ago. How did you first get interested in photography? when I joined flickr about three years ago, and I saw all of the other beautiful photographs, I wanted to be a part of it. What does a photo need to have to be “good enough� for you? To me, a photo needs life. I like photos that tell a story or that portray a feeling. What camera equipment do you use ? I use a canon rebel, canon ae-1, and other film. What kind of photography is your favorite? Fashion!

Are you self taught or did you take any classes? Completely self taught. Who or what inspires you to take photos? People, fashion, or the location. I often get ideas for photo shoots and then i just have to go out and do them! If you could photograph anyone dead or alive, who would it be and why? That is a hard one! I would love to say Lily cole because she is just so gorgeous and has such a unique face. How do you feel about your photography skills? I am growing more and more, and although I do not focus a lot on photography lately, it will always have a place in my heart. What is your photography website? My photography website is: My blog is: and my flickr is: Anything you want to tell our readers? Thank you all for liking my photography, I am so grateful for lovely people like you :)


Sonveeco Sonveeco Sonveeco

All photos are property of Raychel Sonveeco. Todas las fotos son propiedad de Raychel Sonveeco.

Si quieres la entrevista en español, mandanos un correo , para mandartela.

What is your name and where are you from? My name is Raychel and I´’m from virginia,USA. How old are you? I’m 16 years old Do you think the place you grew up in affected your photography in any way? Not at all. I’d love to move away from here and visit lovelier places with mountains. Where I live in Virginia is flat and full of beaches and frankly I hate the beach. Do you have a dream picture, you want to take? My dream picture to take is a picture of someone riding in the back of an old pickup truck laughing really hard or a picture of someone simply looking out over a mountain side.

Has photography always been a big part of your life and since when? Nope, photography hasn’t always been a big part of my life. after I got my first point & shoot camera in 2007, is when it became s omewhat part of my life but it wasn’t until last summer when my DSLR broke and I was forced to use film, that photography started consuming my thoughts and days. How did you first get interested in photography? I first got interested in photography when I discovered macro shots haha, it’s true though. The pictures that are always the butt of a joke is what got me into photography. Close ups of flowers, candy wrappers, etc., it just interested me the way you could capture so much detail by taking a simple photo. What or who inspires you to take photos? Roadtrips inspire more than anything when it comes to taking pictures. I love watching the trees pass by, I love seeing the different sites, the different people, I think that’s what inspires me. The amount of beauty in the world and people, is sometimes overwhelming and at times I´ve felt like a failure because iIm afraid I can’t capture it all.

RAYCHEL is such a beautiful girl and she is also a great photographer. She is very young (16), yet so talented. We love her photos and even more her black and white photos. Hope you continue to enjoy the interview.

RAYCHEL es una hermosa ni単a y tambien una excelente fotografa. Ella es mut joven (16), pero tan talentosa. Nos encantan sus fotos y mas su fotos a blanco y negro. Si quieres la entrevista en espa単ol, mandanos un correo o usa google para traducirla.

Do you like black and white photos more than color? and why? I think by just looking at my photostream the answer to that question is simple... hahaha BLACK AND WHITE ALL THE WAY. It feels more raw to me, more nostalgic. I don’t know, i just prefer it over color and probably will for a long time. Who is your favorite photographer? I don’t think I have a favorite photographer. I enjoy various photostreams on flickr, and I don’t really have one outside of the flickr relm. Which thing or tool, would you like to have, that you feel would help you take better photos? Haha no I don’t know, I don’t think the equipment matters as much as the photographer. It’s the photographer not the equipment. What camera equipment do you use ? I use a nikonD60 for digital photos and a miamya mamiya sekor 1000 dtl for film. As far as lenses go, I have a telephoto one for both of the camera and a 18-50 for the nikonD60 and a fisheye.

Do you like taking self portraits more than working with models? I like them both the same I guess. Somedays I would rather work with a “model” other days I’m fine with myself. As of right now I am having a selfportrait over load and would love to work with a model! What kind of photography is your favorite? The photos that tell a story, the ones that share a moment. Are you self taught or did you take any classes? I’m self taught. If you could photograph anyone dead or alive, who would it be and why? Audrey Hepburn. iIm reading a book on her now and she almost seems whimsical. I would love to capture her beauty. Do you feel confident, about your photography skills? I don’t actually. I often find I’m never satisfied with the pictures i take and feel they could always be 10000 times better.

NIKON D90 CAMERA BAG. By: Luxiare.

Encontramos en un blog llamado LUXIRARE, estas hermosas bolsas. Son super creativas, ya que fueron hechas a mano y la idea es totalmente de la creadora del blog. Es una excelente opcion para llevar contigo tu camara, ya que tiene mucho estilo y de esa forma no tener que llevar dos bolsas a donde salgas, una para tu cosas y una enorme (aveces fea) bolsa para tu camara. En su tienda en linea, ya las puedes pre-ordenar, en color negro, cafe o de leopardo Si quieres saber mas sobre este blog, visita su pagina. We found these beautiful camera bags in a blog called LUXIRARE. They are extremely creative, since they were handmade and the idea is entirely of the creator of the blog. It is an excellent option for when you want to bring your camera along with you, because they are very stylish. Also because you would not have to carry two bags, one for your personal stuff and a huge (sometimes ugly) one for your camera bag. These bags are in the luxiare online shop for pre-order in black, brown and leopard print, so go buy one NOW! If you want to know more about the blog, go visit the page, shop and amazon page.

Todas las fotos son propiedad de Luxiare All photos are property of Luxirare.

He is a talented photographer, we found on the internet a long time ago and we instantly fell in love with his pictures. He was born on October 17th 1977 in Ramsey, New Jersey. He currently lives and works in New york. In 2000 he obtained a B.F.A. in Graphic Design at Parsons School of Design in New York. Most of his photos have nudity in them, but they are very artistic and tasteful, he definitely has a unique style, that we are sure you will love once you see his photos. Go visit his page, for more photos and more information about him:

Todas las fotos son propiedad de Ryan Mcginley All photos are property of Ryan Mcginley

El es un talentoso fotógrafo, al cual encontramos en el Internet hace mucho tiempoy nos enamoramos de sus fotos. El nació el 17 de octubre de 1977 en Ramsey, Nueva Jersey. Actualmente vive y trabaja en Nueva York. En el año 2000 obtuvo una B.F.A. en Diseño Gráfico en Parsons School of Design en Nueva York. La mayoría de sus fotos tienen desnudez en ellas, pero son muy artísticas y de buen gusto. El definitivamente tiene un estilo único, que estamos seguros que te encantara al ver sus fotos. Visita su página, para ver más fotos y más información sobre el:

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