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story every three months ! They'll kill me yet !), lovely young lady called Marina (what's the everloving doing with that knife ?) Michel Feron (Whatdid you do with that ball-point you gave me, dropped it in the chips ? It doesn't write, you crook), Claude Dumont (next Parallax will have a real Dumont illustration in it - for God's sake I hope someone took care of my hecto carbon I seem to have left behind), Thys van Ebbenhorst Tengbergen (also with an illustration in the next Parallax, Ghu what an ish that's going to he !), DaniĂŤl de Raeve (do you know something : THIS SHOULD BE THE VERY MAN TO ORGANISE A EUROCON !!! It was great what you've done, Danny, great !), Paul Torfs (now that they' ve given him a SFAN DIPLOMA, he's going to produce even more & better INFO-SFANs), all the folks from Ghent (nice and enthusiastic as ever remember guys, GHENT IN 73 and no but's about it !!! Somebody let slip that they've already got a place for the con, hear ! hear !), and God, all the other people, nice, friendly, etc. Do you know what; I think we've seen the birth of a real fannish con in Belgium ! It was .... how can you define something as great as this ??? Impossible, Belgian fandom has made a giant step forwards (there's more to it than just Parallax and JCR now, SFAN-eds !). Speaking of Parallax : next ish will have A Piece Written by MikeMoorcock !!! (WHY ISN'T EVERYBODY LAUGHING ? Some thoughts about Behold the Man.), also an article about the decline of British fanzine fandom by John Piggott, and one about the boom of Australian fanzines by Ron L Clarke. Groovy issue this will be for sure, I'll run of more copies than usual, and for once these are for sale. Not to make a profit, but to support next con (SFANCON 4). All the proceeds will be put in a special con-fund. Remember : only a limited number of copies, and the highest bidders will get them. Send your donations to Paul Torfs (in case someone cannot receive a copy his money will naturally be refunded) before July the first. Speaking 'bout fandom : did you know Belgium has the first APA-organisation on the continent ? It's called PAPA (Periodical Amateur Publishers Association). Interested ? Write to me. (Steynstraat 5-7, 2710 Hoboken). --==ooOoo==-GEVONDEN (vervolg) -

14 overbelichte films (van Jan Jansen) 1 map met vragen aan Moorcock 5 wetenschappelijke filosofische tractaten 1 Parallax nr 4 1 auto-handrem (van Claude Dumont's wagen) --==ooOoo==--


Als ze hier binnen de minuut niet zijn,dan ben ik weg' (S. Joukes) Don't spoil tradition by beginning on time' (Ron Bennett) Een achtarmig gedrocht ...' (Robert Smets) Ik heb 2 jaar geleden ècht mijn best gedaan (reporter van Gazet van Antwerpen) Ik ben hier om te luisteren want wat ik weet dat weet ik en dat hoef ik dus niet te zeggen' (A. van Hageland) Ik weet wel dat je Heinlein niet bent' (R. Smets tegen M. Moorcock) Nu moet ik echt naar huis, anders krijg ik het boek vandaag niet meer uit' (S.F.Rot, om half drie) Dave. Stop. Will you. Sop. Will you stop, Dave. I'm afraid. I'm afraid, Dave. My mind is going. I can feel it. There is nog question about it. I can feel it. I'm afraid ...' (HAL, in 2001) --==00000==--

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