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creo: to make, to create ba (hons) decorative arts

we arrange we expand we repeat we understand we think outside the box we consider we ask we persist we attend we want we glaze we laser-cut we knead we peel we find we defy we innova we re-think we style we influence we craft we drill we aspire we chat we help the environment we cry we grog we question we elevate we scratch we brand we inspire we communicate we gr we sew we graft we touch we use we recycle we adhere we multiply we transform we carve combine we adore we see we compose we sense we fix we crumble we glue we throw we c we slice we turn we organise we structure we invent we illustrate we conjure up we deconstruct we show we reflect we talk we love we support we gather we intrigue we slave we guide we p we notice we persevere we impress we thread we consume we heat we place we laugh we refi again we bond we describe we daydream we design we control we bend we pour we blow w we slump we layer we rework we adorn we entertain we tire we size we experiment we edit meditate we stitch we apply we write we complete we pin we sketch we stimulate we explore combine materials we display we construct we embody we sand we enhance we tap we engrave we squish we fold we ponder we challenge we strive we measure we dream we solder we la we develop we perfect we wash we doodle we excite we discover we investigate we divulge

e join we overcome we pierce we collate we assemble we imagine we realise we appreciate we ate we modernise we colour we punch we desire we dunk we search we sieve we burn we look we fire we locate we comb we cut we sort we relate we envision we saw we learn we read ind we hold we grow we push we mirror we duplicate we re-use we mark we plan we motivate we envisage we cast we produce we trace we feel we melt we pull we file we embellish we categorise we amplify we concoct we obsess we picture we etch we escape we finish we mix t we coil we listen we try we share we enquire we admire we progress we renew we impose promote we express we shape we photograph we think we like we suspend we enjoy we sample ne we link we wonder we make we revamp we elaborate we scrape we mould we sand we try we print we interact we collect we delight we discuss we play we go wild we dye we juxtapose we hammer we fuse we stick we simplify we narrate we collaborate we test we figure out we we form we rediscover we draw we persue we note we accomplish we slot we contrast we e we observe we document we model we knit we reprise we fabricate we manipulate we paint bour we polish we reveal we upcycle we thrive we source we advise we visualise we engage we build we contemplate we dream up we sculpt we generate we process we solve we create

This is our largest ever cohort of Decorative Arts graduates. They are ambitious, gifted and one of the best year groups we’ve ever had. Here they demonstrate the decorative and applied arts across a broad scope of processes from digital to hand-finishing in a wide range of materials. In terms of both surface and form, by developing new systems of making and new levels of meaning, they have broken new ground. We have all enjoyed working with them and we wish them every success in their future careers. So on behalf of all the staff I would like to thank them all for their hard work in bringing this show together, I hope you enjoy it! Lharne Shaw, Course Leader

aimee bollu

Elevating disregarded objects found in Nottinghamshire’s urban landscape, the hoard of vessels transform the overlooked ‘waste’ collection of the city, questioning their original use and renewed purpose.

aisling chen

A range of small containers and vessels, which are in organic form, and colliding geometrically shaped elements into these objects.

Tactile nostalgia is the art of reminiscing. The preservation of a memory in material form; the precious nature of your past presented through the physical perception of objects.

alex milne

“Touch has a memory.� John Keats

alice boyle

‘Beyond our Reach’ - Exploration of the ethereal nature of planetary atmospheres; distilling art and science by alchemy, encapsulating forces within glass developing impressionable interiors that inspire the human spirit.

alison smith

Structural and geometric glass works which highlight current interior trends. A combination of traditional glass processes and modern CAD techniques show an emphasis of the perspective and power of modern architecture.

ananya bevinakatti

Challenging the preconceptions of menswear; this hand-woven collection draws inspiration from Eastern and Western landscapes to create a refreshing contemporary dialogue between two distinct cultures.

anne williams

I make digitally printed designs based on my own photographs and drawings of flowers. I focus on the colours and shapes. I then stitch into these designs to make some areas stand out more.

anya miles

This collection is inspired by themes of memory and transformative processes. Jet contrasts matt silver, solid forms juxtapose scaffold-like silhouettes and the man-made is etched with the organic.

bee rostberg-foster

Bee Rostberg-Foster creates a versatile collection of slip cast ceramic vessels, designed to fit within a contemporary and practical interior.

beth opiyo

This project fuses traditional techniques and modern materials in order to produce sleek and contemporary lighting products

Inspired by London’s architecture, handstitched tapestries consider the interaction of colour, displayed within bespoke acrylic furniture.

chloe adams

“In order to use colour effectively, it is necessary to recognise that colour deceives continually.” - Josef Albers

chloe nicole

As a group the vessels come alive, a family of ceramic vessels each reflecting their own unique character.

chloe owens

Taking inspiration from architecture and the body, this collection has a focus on manipulated plastic, creating unusual handbags that naturally curve around the body.

deborah burke

Conversation is at the route of all making. Exploring this is as an act of process and through material, colour and form manipulation is where we begin to play.

elizabeth ivy duffill

A range of ceramic tableware inspired by a love of food, entertaining, and beautiful things.

elle maxwell

A range of ceramic and blown glass lighting which strives to be minimalistic and sensitive, yet a warm and inviting focal-point to a space.

emily northage

Inspired by the natural development that materials take on themselves having been through a recycling process. I use off-cuts of precious metals that other jewellers consider waste to create my jewellery.

emily scott

The word carousel originates from carosella, meaning ‘little battle’. As a cavalry training mechanism in the 12th century, it prepared soldiers for war. Revealing the sinister truth, this collection highlights the carousel’s true identity.

emily stapleton-jefferis

Intriguing and beautiful objects inviting a sense of touch and wonder. A collection of pieces intended to trigger memories, narrative, emotion and play for those who encounter them.

georgina evans

Using ethically sourced human hair and animal horn from around the world, I have created a collection of interchangeable displays, that function as androgynous body adornments.

hannah livesley

These purely hand built forms are characterised by a reflection of contemporary illustration with a subtle humour and collective oddity.

hannah wilson

Thrown and altered ceramic pots with the addition of glass. The work is based around the idea of someone’s personal ‘home’. In this case the coastline of the Wirral.

honor edgcombe

In a throw-away culture where we are drawing ever further from nature, I wanted to create a set of planters that are designed to look stylish in a contemporary setting.

indea garlick

‘Tread’ is Indea Garlick’s first collection for AW/15 . The main inspiration for this collection is everyday objects. This is a combination of tyre treads and kitchenware. jeanniegregorydesign

jeannie gregory

“…In every place around the world there are lots of treasures that we have perhaps ignored, and there is a need to revive aspects of the past in order to propel new developments into the present and in the future.” - Dr. Venny Nakazibwe

jemma brown

Manipulation of materials through the use of laser cutting to create conceptual lighting. This collection is based upon an exploration of structure through geometric frames from juxtaposing natural forms.

jodie haines

A contemporary collection of hand and digitally printed swim and beachwear. Designs have been developed from drawing, fusing geometric architectural details with fluid contour lines.

karoline healy

‘Domestic Mining’ is a new term which stands for the re-use of domestic waste in order to extract useful materials.

As with colour, food and words, we see who we truly are when in relationship with one another.

kate harvey

“More than kisses, letters mingle souls.� -John Donne.

katie harrison

Primarily revolving around laser cutting technology, this work focuses on geometric forms, tessellating objects and three-dimensional structures, all of which are inspired by and derived from the natural world.

katie watts

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.� - Coco Chanel

laura jane smith

Laura Jane produces graphic popillustration based home wares and stationery, focused on odd humour, colour and repeats.

lauren quinn

“We are the generation of nostalgia. We grew up in the age of transition. From hand-written letters to electronic mails; the simple things in life seem more meaningful now�. - unknown

leigh hancock

Handcrafted objects designed specifically for the visually impaired, created from a combination of woods and metals. They contain aesthetic sensory qualities with a focus on sound and touch.

lily beardsell

Hand built ceramic busts exploring the theme ‘Belonging’, using clay claimed from Holme Moss Moors.

louise richardson

Louise Richardson designs and creates bags and travel accessories. Surface designs and fabrics are location based; the inspiration for this degree collection being the historic city of Edinburgh.

maria belcher

The intention of my work is to be visually tasty and creatively exciting. An expression of concept and colour through inspired design. A conscious eye on trends merging with personal influences.

meghan ulyatt

People see pylons every day, just passing by. My work looks at pylons and the structures within, and shows how a rigid form can be manipulated to create interesting patterns.

melody vaughan

Interaction and engagement between people, objects and location. An exploration of form, materials, colour and the act of noticing the unnoticed.

naomi pickford

They are not just dolls but a magical experience, each with her own story to tell.

“There are no lines in nature, only areas of colour, one against another.� - Edouard Manet

natalie jones

A passion for interior print, decoration and styling.

natasha sharpe

Process was the leading factor influencing the design of the collection, transforming a somewhat raw material and manipulating it into something that can either be used or admired.

penelope harold

Interiors sparking curiosity and thought. Surface pattern designs inspired by architecture and geometrics.

penny wood

Working in ceramics, creating tiles using glazes and transfers, exploring the effects of Alzheimer’s. Colour is vital and prominent within the work. Choosing not to illustrate the heads in the designs shows that the disease is about the brain and memory.

rachel kitchin

Porcelain slipcast planters, with a quirky geometric feel, designed to bring the outdoors indoors, to bring life and calm to your home.

rebecca diggle

A collection inspired by the appeal of nature to the modern urban individual. Creating textiles evoking a sense of place, with personal photographs of New Zealand being the focus of the inspiration.

rebecca thorpe

Small. Subtle. Secret.

rosie attwood

I don’t feel it is important for items we own to have a purpose; as long as my pieces are engaging, intriguing and tactile I feel function is unnecessary.

rosie deegan

Intrigued by gender-related stereotypes, Rosie Deegan juxtaposes familiar objects with materials which challenge their functionality. Her work poses contradiction and evokes thought about the relationship between purpose and function.

sabira silcock

Bespoke jewellery pieces often featuring non-conventional or ‘waste’ materials alongside precious metals and gemstones. The transformation of the undesirable becomes a recurrent theme throughout the practice.

sally naisby

A collection of handmade and hand decorated ceramic sculptures and pots inspired by nature and animals. These pieces are intended to provoke different thoughts, feelings and emotions within each individual viewer.

sarah clifford

The creation of products focused on the quality and value of the materials, using waste leather to add worth to the resource which would have otherwise been discarded. Utilising the traditional method of weaving, whilst digitally printing and embroidering for a range of innovative products.

Handmade and screen printed furniture using luxury materials such as walnut and velvet. Designed to help style-conscious mums to make their lives more organised and their home less cluttered.

sarah kirby

‘Woodland Fables’

sarahjayne murgatroyd

Inspiration derives from the floral changes seen throughout the seasons. These have influenced and inspired a collection of delicate and simplistic garments, which hold a feminine floral approach to surface design with a contemporary feel.

simon wong

Multi-purpose vessels with wood and steel construction, inspired by the ‘platonic solid’ and displayed in a minimal manner.

sophie rosak

The manipulation process of boiling and steaming leather, and a curiosity in the aesthetics found in industrial constructions, focuses attention on the fixtures and fittings used to build them.

tara bridges

“Don’t make something unless it’s both necessary and useful; but if it’s both necessary and useful, don’t hesitate to make it beautiful.”

Recycling is the key, let creativity turn waste and scraps into beautiful pieces of art.

terri ng

“Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.�

urvee shah

These ceramic vessels revive traditions through a fusion of contemporary Western forms and traditional African patterns. This concept has been explored through the use of porcelain clay.

xinning wei

A series of ceramic wall art pieces inspired by childhood memories of my grandfather, the skin of the snake, and the traditional Chinese cooked wheaten food.

zoe chappelle

This light-hearted collection instils theatre into cooking pasta. There are no fancy gadgets just simple ideas that provide visual stimulation, as well as creatively aiding the process of making pasta.

creo would like to thank the following for their support: tutors:


laura baxter kathy dickinson nichola hebditch simon mount lharne shaw jude wensley

richard arm mark flanagan andrew harris david langdon paula love fred perkins carly stafford sue turton donna carr geoff litherland alvyn mills olly poulter

rachael colley daniel o’riordan

academic support staff: david hurst nigel slater otis sturmey paul stockwell erica just vicky price

martyn blundell deborah harty laura mccafferty esther patterson sue pike susan rhodes anna collette hunt kelvin lowe jason marks anthony wassell

product photographer: yasmin ensor b&w photographer: terri ng print: hickling & squire creo marketing & branding team: ananya bevinakatti, anya miles, deborah burke, emily stapleton-jefferis, kate harvey, lauren quinn, melody vaughan

degree show nottingham trent university 30 may - 7 june 2014

creo shop cobden chambers, nottingham from 9 june 2014

new designers business design centre, london 25 - 28 june 2014

we are a unique collection

creo ntu  

ba (hons) decorative arts nottingham trent university degree show 2014

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