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Gabu Fords

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rème Magazine is the beautiful result of the concerted efforts by Crème et Chocolat founders and the unwavering support from our families and friends who greatly helped us in building a strong foundation for this first issue. The name has been certainly derived from the main framework of Crème et Chocolat under which umbrella Crème Magazine falls, together with the sister Crème Production House and the line of cosmetics we are proudly featuring and distributing throughout Kenya, but also it was chosen with the purpose of recalling the French figurative phrase “la crème de la crème”, that became popular in modern English thanks to Muriel Spark’s 1961 novel “The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie” and translates as “the cream of the cream”, meaning “the best of the best” or somewhat elite. The greatest aspiration of Crème Magazine is indeed to become an elite Magazine in the African Fashion industry and, at the same time, to become a point of reference for all those who are involved in this fascinating business. There are very many talented fashion bloggers, fashion designers, models and fashion photographers in our beautiful country, but who is giving them a platform to showcase what they have and what they can offer? The first issue of Crème Magazine is exactly this, a platform for all Kenyan individuals involved in the fashion industry designed to help them reach a wider audience: therefore, as the fashion industry in Kenya is evolving, we aim to ensure that our fashion entrepreneurs will experience a gradual and irrepressible growth too. Enjoy your reading and if you wish your letter to the Editor to be published in the next issue you can send it to The Chief Editor Eunice Kochumba



What’s trending: Fashion gadgets Sunglasses Easy to say sunglasses , but among the thousands of models that are there which ones are suitable for your face ? Here is the complete list to make no mistake. Photo:


unglasses are one of those accessories that can transform the look of a person, but beware: if you choose the wrong form it will only worsen the situation! It’s okay to follow the trends, but remember to do it always putting in front of each choice an awareness of their forms because the choice of the right sunglasses must be made according to the shape of the face. Sunglasses for round faces: How to prevent your cheeks to become the only distinguishable trait of your face? Choose square glasses with a squared or rectangular shape: the perfect sunglasses must have a slim frame but with some thickness, so that it will bring the attention of the eye toward the sides of the face. Sunglasses for triangular faces: In this case the rule of the opposite forms does not work: better choose sunglasses that follow the line of the face, therefore glasses whose frame is more important at the top; you are among the lucky few who can wear cat eye

glasses, those with lenses stretched outward, a must in fashion style for this year. Another model that is well suited to your face is the aviator. Sunglasses for an oval face: Use your creativity, your face lets you choose any of the glasses that are really trendy: whatever the form in fact you will be able to wear them with elegance. If you want to minimize the width of your face, you just need to choose glasses with large lenses: one advice, do not choose glasses that are broader than your face. Sunglasses for square face: After those with oval face, you are the second luckiest in the list ... at least for this year! The glasses for you are indeed with round lens: no matter the size of the glasses or frame must be just round! Sunglasses for the long face: To balance the shape of your face you must choose sunglasses lenses not too big or too important from the frames.

Photo: iStockphoto-



Raw and unpolished acetate frames, removed at an early stage in the production processes. This deliberate interruption creates an aesthetic all on its own, one which reveals the traces of modern technology and creates a contrast between classic form and fragmented exterior. Sophisticated beveled edges make a distinctive feature of the temples and frame front while making the raw structure wearable.

Stainless steel frames reduced to the raw material, no additive components. Aesthetic functionality, a thick transparent powder coats and seals the frames giving the entire construction, a convex all enveloping body. Inspired by historical shapes of the last century, the monochrome frames and matching lenses lend the models a pure, radical look.

Two pairs of acetate frames, born of one form divided into pairs and deconstructed. Mutual transplantation leaves each couple comprising two complementary designs but with four Independent identities .Manifest as tone- in-tone or with contrasting color schemes.

The bold acetate frame evokes a slightly sporty aesthetic while maintaining a high fashion edge. A long linear metal detail runs from the temples and through the bridge creating an illusion of one connected piece. The collaborative sunglass was created to accompany the evolved looks of the 2015 runway show and is suitable for everyday wear.



Playing fashion and playing childhood carelessness and spontaneity, charm a peculiar infantilism slightly topped with unisex. All these themes have inspired the designers to create a joint collection. ’’BEBE’’ styled glasses associate with colorful toys, sweets and other joys of childhood. These are reflected in simple easily read shapes like fragments of a child’s construction kit, as well as ironic shapes, circles, brows and kitten ears. Somewhat foolish and illogical at first glance, combination of matte and gloss acetate .Rich and pastel colors, irresistible suggestive of ice cream, candies, liquorice candies, toffee and caramel. Colorful variety of lenses and frames, makes the collection perfect for fashionable guys and girls that are not afraid to reassess the meaning of ‘being in ones doteage’ . At the same time many publications have noted that these glasses can be easily adapted to a more moderate wardrobe, a small injection of playfulness and infantilism will benefit even the strict classics. The collection consists of 3 base models. Each model is presented in four color combinations. The frame elements are handmade from acaetate. The sunglasses collection is manufactured in Hong Kong

An innovative collection in which each pair of glasses is an unique and inimitable piece.





“Don’t call yourself a model, make other people call you TOP MODEL”

Cover story: Gabu Fords 10


What’s your background in modeling? I am a Kenyan commercial, print and runway model. Tell us about how your career has begun: when did you decide to become a model and how did you start? I first heard the word model in 2012 from a friend who was aspiring to be a model. He introduced me to a top model manager in town who advised me on the way to go. I later settled as a model in 2013. How do you prepare for a modeling shoot? I did a 4 month preparation for my first photo shoot: I had to hit the gym to have the model body, getting the right outfits for the shoot and I also did a lot of poses in front of my home mirror. Out of all of the photos the photographers took of you, which is your favorite and why? I consider all my pictures as my favorite but the winning picture I did with a photographer called Osborne Macharia under the “manipulation concept”. I think that picture is what made me who I am. I thank Osborne for that. What challenges did you have to face in your career and how did you overcome them? Modeling has a lot of challenges. I remember trying to get contacts from photographers, agencies, model managers and fellow models, it was quite challenging since most people treated me as an amateur or a new but I have always believed in hard work and dedication. I knew my worth, I knew what I could be and the positive energy in me kept me moving. What is fun and rewarding about modeling? To me, fun is finance: if you deliver, opportunities will always come. More opportunities, more finance. That’s real fun. What do you dislike about modeling? I dislike being misused by top brands. How has modeling changed other aspects of your life? Modeling has really boosted my career. Being a media studies graduate, modeling has acted as a boost to my CV, it has made me a better man, it changed my circles and I feel more confident. Its paying my bills too. Photos by: Crème Photography Photographer: Muchiri Johnson

What projects are you currently working on? I am currently working on a project with Armstrong: it’s a nude art project requested by a top Europe boxer designer. What is your nutrition? How often do you go to the gym? I call myself an athlete. I eat and train, not diet and exercise. I hit my gym daily and jog thrice a week in the evening. Whom do you love more? God, my family and modeling. What do you do when not working? You will always find me working. Where do you see yourself in the fashion industry? I see my self internationally. Just landed a contract with an agency in SA, plus I have several requests from NY photographers. What are your personal goals/ambitions? I always dream of being a fashion icon. I want to be the biggest trendsetter in Africa. I am so inspired by Magic Fox. I want to be like him. What advice do you have for other aspiring models? Don’t call yourself a model, make other people call you “topmodel”. STASHION


Style: Suza World, handmade with passion W

Greeting cards, jewellery, decor, gift items, household items, clothing... a view into Suza World where everything has a touch of creativity

hen was the last time you let the people in your life know that they mean a lot? No, not the hashtags of #Myrideordie nor the tags in photos, nor the forwarded clips with friendship messages. I mean the last time you put down your phone, went out of your way to buy a gift item for the people who you are forever grateful that your paths crossing. This often gets a guilty response. Because the internet has made us virtually connected, the human physical connection is slowly fading away. Birthday wishes have been replaced with applications, goodday note cards have given way to downloaded photos. Postcards have been exchanged with profile pictures which one has to hope the recipient will be snoopy enough to scroll through and find their surprise gift. Morever, we have let our skills and talents go with the wind. Actually, in the olden days it was not talent, it was a life hack to know some basic skills. Knitting, sewing, crocheting, cooking, leather making, hair dressing, painting, wood making… Today a lot of us sprint to the tailor with a dress we are to wear tomorrow so that a button can be fixed. The beautiful crocheted baby clothes have to be lined up for in malls during baby showers yet our mothers would weave up yarn for a perfect baby gift in only a week. Our hands have been limited to what they can make, their potential not being fully exploited. It’s on this basis that Suza World was founded. A mix of exploring talent and sewing back the worn out connection with people through customized handmade items. With an aim of enhancing relations through gift items, our pieces are made to fit personal use or giveaway goodies. Suza World’s first steps were in handmade cards. Ever walked through bookshops and gift shops a whole afternoon looking for a greeting card but find none? Not because they don’t exist only that they are all so similar in appearance and make. Ever gone through the frustration of having found the perfect card but the words do not just suit your recipient? These frustrations propelled



the desire to make different kind of cards. Totally tailormade to suit the preferences and tastes of the recipient. Crafty hands and brains never lull. This later birthed into bookmarks and pass-it-on cards. Exploring the craft world is very exciting so in came yarn craft and bead work. Today our products range from crocheted pieces, handmade jewelry, customized gift items, wedding cards, event invitations and greeting cards. All of these handmade with passion. We also do gift consultation, just in case you want to make somebody smile but don’t know where to start. For Suza World, every day has been a molding process, making creative strides day after day. Every day we look forward to the smile on a client’s face, not only because they are happy with our pieces but because some know whoever they are purchasing it for will do more than smile. It’s not just about talent but making a difference in someone’s day through creative art and handmade craft. Connect with us on our Facebook Page Suza World Sharon Adhiambo

Trends: the carrot pants

What are carrot pants? Are they for everyone?

On photo: Meron Dymphana


hat is the million dollar question we ask ourselves when we come across this little number. As the name suggests, carrot pants are shaped like a carrot, wide at the top and tapered towards the bottom, rather like harem pants, but not as baggy. They are a trendy women’s style this season, and I’ve been seeing some fashion forward men’s lines doing them as well especially in the West. Are they for every body type? To be frank, they are really not a girl’s best friend and can be pretty tricky to wear,

as they tend to mostly look good on tall, skinny women. They consist of pleats that help create volume through the hips. A slimmer cut, and sometimes a sewn-down pleat at the hem, narrows the pants toward the ankle. Because the style adds width where most women would rather look slimmer, it is a tricky style to pull off. However, the beauty about fashion is how you style it! Carrot pants can make your legs look short and thick, so the best thing to do is to wear them with heels, the higher the better.

Photos by Ngash Sage Photography



Try choosing fitted tops and blouses when wearing these pants in order to balance the outfit – the fullness of the pants can make your silhouette overly baggy. When it comes to accessorizing, keep things as simple as possible and voila!!! I decided to style mine with strapped stilettos and a brown pull neck top for a smart causal vibe. What do you think? Meron Dymphana Fashion Style Mogul



Photos by Ngash Sage Photography

SUPERSHINE LIPSTICK It provides the lips with wet, full and ultra shiny look by its creamy structure. It moisturizes the lips with the Shea Butter it contains.

LONG WEARING It covers the lips perfectly with its rich, creamy and moisturizing structure. Softens the lips with its nourishing properties and gives them a shiny look.


With the velvety structure, it gives the lips a mat and full look.


Deluxe Stylo lipstick with an ultimate and glamorous shiny effect. Special formula enriched with Argan oil, Vitamin E, Omega 6; Cacao butter; gives a unique and translucent appearance and glossy reflection while making it ultrahydrating and nourishing for your lips


Beauty: loving Flormar lipsticks


ipstick are made to increase the contrast between the skin and the lips of a woman. Women wear lipsticks to improve on their appearance, to boost their self esteem and express their personality to the public. Flormar lipsticks come in various packaging and shades. The packaging varies from pocket friendly lipsticks to more jisty packaging that are relatively costly.The full colour, moisturizing effect in lipsticks by flormar give the wearer a smooth moisturized feel


on their lips all day long. The matte lipsticks by flormar (deluxe cashmere and revolution) are highly recommended for people interested in colour intensity .They have been enriched with vitamins and minerals to ensure your lips remain healthy and attractive.

Special formula that combines the finest colour pigments with an infusion of last generation moisture - boosting complex. Orchid Complex leaves the lips smooth and provides moisturizing. Fighs free radicals and reduces appearance of fine lip lines. Shea butter and Cacao butter gives hydration and protection to the lips with mild and soothing effect. A full basket of anti-oxidants loaded formula leaves lips wrapped in light glossy color, comfort, nourishing and protection.


In flormar we can find all shades of lipsticks, ranging from nude colours to the bold bright colours. There is something for everyone in Flormar.








Kenyan Female Model of the month:

Khadijah Mohamed

What’s your background in modeling? I have done a few tv commercials, runways, beauty pageants, print among other things. What are the main differences between runway and photographic modeling? Runway modelling is when a model catwalks to showcase clothing and accesories to potential buyers while Photographic is when photos are taken to advertise a product, it can be for a magazine or a billboard. Tell us about how your career begun, when did you decide to become a model and how did you start? I decided after high school and I joined an agency in Mombasa which later closed down so I moved to Nairobi and joined another agency. How do you prepare for a modeling shoot? I workout, get full body exfoliation, facial, manicure and pedicure and practise poses at home. Out of all of the photos the photographers took of you, which is your favorite and why? Photos taken by Mtis Robe Photography. He is very creative and has unique talent and he never uses photoshop when editing pictures. What challenges did you have to face in your career and how did you overcome them? Not getting paid for work done, some clients breeching contracts. I recently signed with Surazuri and they look at the best interest of the model. What is fun and rewarding about modeling? The experience, getting to meet different people and travelling.



What do you dislike about modeling? Models are not given enough credit and are not taken seriously. Pay is very little most of the time. How has modeling changed other aspects of your life? Made me more confident, out spoken. What projects you are currently working on? Working on expanding my business to include catering. What makes you pick the dress you are going to wear everyday? I go with my mood and the weather. Do you do your own hair and make-up? I always do my own make up, I am a make up artist too after all. Never my hair though, maybe styling it. What is your nutrition? How often do you go to the gym? I eat mostly vegetables, fruits and drink alot of water. I dont use artificial sugar and I work out 5 -6 days a week. Who would you take on a date and why? James Roday. He has a great personality, charming and has a good sense of humuor. On what do you spend the most: clothes, accessories, perfumes, underwear, or? Shoes definitely. Whom do you love more? My family. What do you do when not working? I cook, workout, draw and do fun stuff with my son. Where do you see yourself in the fashion industry? Doing more print and television commercials. What are your personal goals/ambitions? Run a successful clothing and beauty business in the near future. What advice do you have for other aspiring models? To be patient and never give up

Photos by Crème Photography Photographer: Brian Otieno



Photo by Muturi Kanini

Kenyan Makeup Artist of the month: Rose Ntong’ondu Rose Ntong’ondu is a professional makeup artist and trainer: she is the founder of “Make up by Rose”, “Urembo Club” and she is also the founder of “I am beautiful and I know it” campaign and movement; she has over 7 years experience and she has worked for “Strut it Africa Fashion week” and several weddings for top government officials. She has also been head of makeup at “Suzie Beauty” and head of makeup and strategist at “Pauline Cosmetics Kenya”; currently she is marketing and strategist at “Flormar by Crème et Chocolat”. Her beauty advice to all women to detox from time to time and use mild products on their skin that are suitable for their skin types. She also recommends the use of a good foundation and powder, well groomed eye brows, a nice eye shadow and eye pencil, a blush and a gloss of lipstick.



Kenyan Fashion Blogger of the month:

Meron Dymphana

Meeting the Fashion blogger of “Fashion Style Mogul” Why the name Fashion style mogul? I decided to combine these three names because together they define me. Basically, I have a passion for fashion or should I say fashion is my passion? Just like Ralph Lauren, I believe that fashion is about something that comes from within you. Truth be told, fashion has always been my forte since I was a little girl. No doubt that it has grown as I have grown. As for my style, I believe that it is a way to say who I am without having to speak. Having known my style I realized that fashion is just another accessory for someone with a great style. I then decided to look for a third name that could compliment the two and I couldn’t find a better name than mogul. A mogul is a VIP/ Lord/ King/ Personage/ Tycoon or a Notable. In short a mogul is a powerful person and my positive thinking led me to believe that I am powerful in fashion and style! I decided to combine the three to create my blog name and brand. My blog aims to combine fashion and style together because they both cannot live without each other.It would be sad to wear something that is outdated/ out of fashion despite styling it and it would be even sadder to wear something that is in fashion and not manage to style it. Fashion is what you are offered every year and style is what you pick out of that fashion! IG-@merondymphana Twitter-@MeronDymphana Facebook- fashion style mogul



Kenyan Fashion Stylist of the month:

Sparkle’s Closet


parkle’s Closet is a fashion line of women’s clothes, shoes and accessories based in Nairobi. The company was started in 2013 by two sisters Khadija and Fatma with the aim of providing a high quality line of fashion for the nairobian classy woman going for a dinner party, to an event, clubbing or for a wedding ceremony. Here we present a couple of examples of what you can find at Sparkle’s closet: on the right the model Jacky Nduta is wearing a peach evening gown for special occasions, while the style below is a yellow side slitted skirt with a red corset. Both the gown and the skirt are unique designs of Sparkle’s closet while the shoes

are in both photos pairs of spiked pumps from the modern energy of the french style of Christian Louboutin. Sparkle’s Closet also have fine jewelry and elegant handbags.

Photos by: Crème Photography Photographer: Muchiri Johnson



Kenyan Photographer of the month:

Muchiri Johnson

Photos: Muchiri Frames

How would you describe yourself as a person? Muchiri Johnson is a vibrant, enthusiastic, fun loving man but at the same time he believes in details and giving the best shot at what he puts his mind and hands to do. Above that, I am God fearing and I strongly believe that what and who I am is not my purpose but His purpose: in simple terms, I live for God each and every time. When and how did you decide to become a photographer? When I say my life is purpose driven, I mean just that... I have tried modeling, dancing, PR... I remember when I was to choose a course after my form four, I was pushing to get space at KMTC line of medicine... But that wasn’t my purpose! Until after completing my diploma in film production and landed into a job as a writer... One day a colleague of mine came with a camera (a Canon 11000): I hade a date with it and I fell in love with what I was doing. That was in 2012, I think that is when I got married to photography and it’s until death do us part! What is your favourite part about being a photographer? Capturing and keeping a beautiful memory: memories help people make sound decisions. You see, this couple on the verge of separating, but they refer to the wedding album, they will think twice. If you had a theme song, what would it be? A long time song by R. Kelly called “I believe I can fly”. What are your plans for the future? God willing, to see Muchiri Frames (my company) at a global level, and to mentor thousands as I was inspired by Ben Kiruthi. What skills are important for a successful photographer? Number one thing is focus! Be very keen when you are shooting, do not let any moment pass you: you are dealing with the nature of people, how you approach them is the key, it can make you or break you. Focus on your relationship with people and also what you shoot. Then number two is passion: love what you do, try to always make it better and don’t stop at this, be determined and ready to endure humble beginnings. Be confident and above all let God guide you. Remember, it is all about Him.




Kenyan Fashion Designer of the month:

Lucy Munge

We meet the designer of L&L Fashion Collection I love expressing myself through fashion. Fashion is not just making clothes or wearing clothes, it’s an art. I basically deal with different kinds of fabrics and different designs. I do official wear as well as casual wear and I also deal with bridesmaid clothing. I like to deal with my customers personally to ensure that the designs they want are the ones that will be delivered to them. I mostly do custom made clothing so that I can incorporate whatever my customers would like to change in the designs. I do my marketing online: Facebook page “L&L Fashion Collections” instagram “l_l_fashion_collection”



Makeover: Flormar Makeover & Photography


n 19th September at the “Crème Studios” on the 16th Floor of View Park Towers, the event “Flormar Makeover & Photography” took place with the participation of Dgohnie Hair Arts & Bridal Villa, Makeup by Rose and several top Kenyan models, among them Linda Gatere, current Miss Earth Kenya. The event started at 9am with makeup applications that for the occasion was at discounted price for all the client arrived during the day. The 24


offer also included a free photo shoot for every makeover that was done. This was the first event organized by Crème et Chocolat at the new office in Nairobi combining the use of Flormar make up products with the use of the photography studio of Crème Production House. The main scope of the event was to create awareness of the different services available at the office for the customers in Nairobi.

Model: Melanie

Model: Star Nthenge

Model: Leah Tesfamariam

Miss Earth Kenya Linda Gatere

model: Maureen Nduta



Face of Crème contest With the first issue of the magazine also the contest for becoming the cover of the following one kicks off... find out what is it about.


ear reader, finally here we are! Starting from this month the “Face of Crème” contest takes off. In the following pages you are going to go through the profiles of the contestants, male and female models selected by us among the very many applications we have received and competing for “Face of Crème”, the monthly contest of our magazine to decide who will be the model on the cover of the next issue and of the catalogue of Crème et Chocolat products. Who will decide? The answer is… you! Yes you, and everyone else who will go and vote on our Facebook page How does it work? It is very simple, just open the Album “Face of Crème #1 – October 2015” and there you will find all the pictures of the contestants, just give your like to the model of your choice and at the 15th of the month the one who will have reached the highest number of likes will be declared “Face of Crème”. You may think now: “oh yes and what about if a 26


contestant goes to buy likes online to boost his/her own photo? Do not worry about it, we will monitor closely that the contest will be fair and we will screen where all the likes are coming from, in facts only likes coming from East African voters will be accepted to avoid unfair online “likes-shopping”. So just log into your Facebook account and go to our page to vote for your favourite model and then follow the contest to see who will be on the next month’s cover. You are a model and you wish to run for the next “Face of Crème” contest of the next month? Just inbox a full body recent picture of you to faceofcremecontest@gmail. com before applications deadline and you will be contacted by one of our staff (kindly note that applications will close on every 5th day of the month). Now get ready to enjoy our models and don’t forget later on to log in your Facebook and give your vote!

“Be sure what you want and be sure about yourself. Fashion is not just beauty, it’s about good attitude. You have to believe in yourself and be strong”. (By: Adriana Lima, Brazilian Top model)

Name: Daphine Billima Age: 21 Born/Live in: Meru Height: 5’4” Measurements: Hips 34, Waist 24, Chest 32 How did you start modeling? I started modeling when supermodel Ajuma Nasenyana launched her modeling agency. Describe what fashion is for you: Fashion is identity. It defines gender, beliefs and personal style. It brings out an individual’s inner self even if the person is not conscious of what they wear. Your favourite fashion designer/stylist/top model/Icon? My favourite top model is AjumaNasenyana. I admire her confidence which landed her international jobs despite the modeling fraternity leaning on ‘white beauty’. She is a true representation of African even though most modeling bookings and agencies still peg beauty and ability to model on fair skin leaving out dark skin ladies. Describe yourself. Daphine Billima is a tomboy but can try anything on the gender spectrum from feminine, androgynous to masculine. I can wear a male suit with heels or a dress with safari boots and still look fabulous. I like trying out new things and would wear the same pieces of clothes in a totally different way the next day. I love colours as they bring life and shine. Other than fashion, I am a media personality with a bias on entertainment. Despite being on print as a news correspondent at the moment, I intend to have a talk show to include fashion, arts and design. I believe in inclusivity in fashion. Confidence, to me, is what brings out fashion. How do you spend your free time? I spend my free time trying on different combinations of all my clothes to come up with creative and ‘fresher’ ways of wearing them. I read fashion magazines, blogs and watch fashion-themed programmes. Your biggest dream? I desire to own a Tomboy fashion cloth line. Why do you want to be face of crème? I want to be the face of crème because I have more than a beautiful face to offer. I have excellent communication skills and a charismatic personality. I am also good at what I do. Where do you want to be in 5 years? In 5 years I want to break the ‘ceiling’ that petite (below 5’7”) and dark skin ladies cannot do high fashion and who are instead restricted to commercial modeling. Name: Victorine Imelda Age: 22 Born/Live in: Nairobi Karen Height: 5’8 Measurements: Hips 38, waist 27, chest 33 How did you start modeling? I did a few pageants; I got the basics then went for more training and joined the runway world. Describe what fashion is to you? Fashion makes my world go round it makes one have a feeling of belonging as it grows every day. Your favourite fashion designer/stylist/top model/icon ? Alek week and Ajuma Nasenyana, Fashion designer Yvonne afro Street collection and Victoria secrets. Describe yourself. I am a brand on my own, a risk taker a fighter, I don’t give up however much people put me down. I work with patience and always know that from pain comes pleasure. I can work under pressure and respect other people’s work and ideas. I love trying out new things. How do you spend your free time? I go to the gym, shopping, nature walks and love charity work. Your biggest dream? To be the face of Africa in the world. Why do you want to be face of creme? It will give me the platform to build up my career it’s a stepping stone for me. Where do you want to be in 5 years? A brand ambassador for in Kenya not just that also in Africa and world too I want to be an inspiration to the young generation.

Name: Rita Wanjiru Wanjiru Age: 23 years Born/Live in: Limuru Height: 164 cm Measurements: Hips 34 waist 28 chest 32 How did you start modeling? I am not a professional model but i have always wanted to be one. This is my first shot at it. Describe what fashion is for you: My fashion is simple and attractive. Your favourite fashion designer/stylist/top model/ Icon? Frederic Fekkai. Describe yourself: I am a 23year old lass who is smart and fun loving. My hobbies include reading, listening to music and spending time with my friends. I like taking photos. I study at KCA university currently undertaking my diploma in Business Administration. How do you spend your free time? Mostly listening to music . Your biggest dream? To be tha face of Frederic Fekkai products. Why do you want to be face of creme? I believe it will be an overwhelming experience to work with creme. Where do you want to be in 5 years? Be an international model and have my own clothing line.

Photos by Crème Photography Photographer: Brian Otieno



Name: Reynold Owuor Age: 21 years old Born/Live in: Nairobi Height: 5’7 How did you start modeling? I started modeling through a pageant competition that I took part in Kenyatta University. Describe what fashion is for you: Fashion is an art of expression using clothes and your entire outfit and it determines how you are addressed Your favorite fashion designer/stylist/top model/Icon? Franklin Sayailel (male fashion blogger) Describe yourself: I am a commercial male model and actor. I am hardworking passionate and very time conscious. I love the outdoors and going camping. I can speak 5 languages English, Swahili, Mandarin, Japanese and Luo. I am the current deputy secretary general of Kenyatta University Model United Nations. How do you spend your free time? Am usually hanging out with friends or reading a novel and listening to music.I am a vocalist as well. I love playing the guitar. Your biggest dream? I want to be able to start my own fashion and lifestyle blog and become a brand. Why do you want to be Face of Crème? I want to be the Face of Crème because I have a passion for modelling and I believe that this will be a great platform for me to further my dreams. Where do you want to be in 5 years? In the next five years I want to have my own business and have a successful blog that will cement my name in the fashion industry.

Photos by Crème Photography Photographer: Brian Otieno



Name: Edward Nganga Age: 20 Born/Live in: Kikuyu (Kiambu County) Height: 5.7 How did you start modeling? A couple of my family members and friends thought I was modelling from my day to day social media photos and I decided to try it out. Describe what fashion is for you: To me fashion is a tool to express my diverse personality, fashion is also a sophisticated art that every one of us has a privilege of enjoying. To me it’s also a source of my identity, when you look at how I dress you can definitely tell who I am. Your favorite fashion designer/stylist/top model/Icon? In the modeling arena I look up to Tyrese Gibson and David Beckham as professional models. Some of my favorite fashion designers are Michel Adams, Hackett, American Eagle and Lacoste. Describe yourself: I go by the nickname Eddy and I’m studying at the University of Nairobi doing a degree in Psychology. I am a fashion fanatic and I love pushing my unique sense of fashion to the limit at all times. I am a self-motivated individual and at the same time quite sociable and fun loving. I am also philanthropic in nature and do believe we should all be treated equally (plants and animals) and that we should do the best to conserve the environment around us. How do you spend your free time? I spend most my free time either working out, reading ,watching movies, listening to music and joking around with friendsand taking my puppy for random walks in the park. Your biggest dream? As a student in psychology my biggest dream is to change and eliminate global prejudices and mindsets that have been deep rooted in society like for example racism. Why do you want to be Face of Crème? I have heard an array of testimonials from female friends that have used your products and honestly you guys don’t represent anything else other than perfection and as a professional model I too want to be associated with the bestcosmetics company around because I do believe I possess all that is needed. Where do you want to be in 5 years? In five years I want not only to be a top model here in Kenya but I see myself as elite top model in Africa pushing forward the modeling profession to another level that many children would consider as a serious career.

Name: Dawson Dau Amol Age: 21 YRS Born/Live in: South Sudan/Kenya Height: 186.6 CM How did you start modeling? I was spotted by a friend of mine who works at city models Africa and he introduced me to the agency and that marked my kick off in the activities of the industry. Describe what fashion is for you: The whole of my life, fashion has made part of me. I believe fashion describes who I am especially when you look at me from top to bottom and I love it. I am a south Sudanese living in Kenya and is also fashion that has made me adapt to Kenyan culture which I will in future take back home and expose. Your favorite fashion designer/stylist/top model/Icon? Yvonne, Brian Babu, Ajuma. Describe yourself: I believe in the prosperity of dark models in the dominant modeling industry and since I am one of the ‘dark in complexion model’ I am ambitious in making a great impact in the industry. I like socializing with people, I take most of my time with people who have positive minds and ideas because I believe through them I can perfect my imperfections and be a better me. I believe in the strength of art to positively impact on humanity and I do love my small projects. I am most of the time not attached to non-yielding relationships and that’s why I am selective when it comes to relationships. I love living a simple life without complications and that’s why I also love being attached to simple beings who understand me most of the time and advise me with sincere love whenever necessary. How do you spend your free time? I am a poet at the same time a song writer, much as I love swimming at my free times, I dedicate most of my time writing and reciting poems and also write some songs. Your biggest dream? To change the world through the voice of fashion Why do you want to be Face of Crème? Being on the cover of a magazine would make me happier as I count my blessings. It also acts as a breakthrough to all my plans in the industry. Where do you want to be in 5 years? Years come and go but the aim is always to be at another level of personal achievement which create an impact to your surrounding environment. In five years’ time I hope to have made an impact to lives through my modeling career. I want to work for the good of humanity through my reputation and make development projects to make the world a better place.

Photos by Crème Photography Photographer: Brian Otieno

Name: Kevin Aruwa Age: 22 Born/Live in: Nairobi Height: 6,2ft How did you start modeling? I started my modeling career after joining Kenya Fashion Awards where I was trained and given a good platform in modeling. Describe what fashion is for you: Fashion is an artistic style and ideas people come up with in showcasing their different designs to people who later appreciate them. Your favourite fashion designer/stylist/top model/icon? Fashion designer Yvonne Odhiambo, stylist Conniw Aluoch, top model Malaika Firth Describe yourself: I am a very hard working and determined person. I like exploring new things especially about modeling in other parts of the world. I believe the ugliest people are quitters because they give up their great dreams and are left with nothing. I don’t like judging people because nobody is perfect. My biggest fear is failing to live my dream because it can really bring me down. I like laughing and be friendly to people because it is healthy. How do you spend your free time? I watch reality shows, visit children’s home, I train myself at home on my model walk, networking in social media, meeting new people and interacting, listening to music, reading novels. Your biggest dream? To become a super model and walk in New York fashion week. Tyra Banks inspires me so much and I want to have an academy where I can nature upcoming models live their dream Why do you want to be face of crème? Because this is a great rising opportunity for my career. It is also going to give me an opportunity to sell your products to different clients and promote crème products. It is also going to be a big breakthrough in my modeling career. Where do you want to be in 5 years? I want to be an international model and also a great ambassador for upcoming models. I would also loke to come up with a children’s home where I can help all neglected children and nature them to be great beings. I would also like to come up with an agency that will nature and inspire models to live their dreams.



TRAVEL DESTINATIONS: THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, A COUNTRY TO DISCOVER – PART 1 Let’s take a break from the world of fashion to discover travel destinations where to relax. In this first issue we present the first part of a journey into the Caribbean and the colours of the Dominican Republic.


his travel diary is a synthesis of several different trips to the Dominican Republic I have done during these years. In every trip the idea was to know the country through people, their customs and their traditions, therefore I will not concentrate only on the capital Santo Domingo and the already well-known typical vacation spots (that I will just briefly mention), but most of the story will be devoted to the description of the provinces less known that are as well rich of interesting places, even if sometimesare overlooked or neglected in the standard tourist programs. The itineraries through the country can be organized as a do-it-yourself without problems. In some cases it is better to rely on local agencies (e.g. Horse trail to Salto del Limon, boat trips to parks and lagoons, whale-watching). There is accommodation everywhere and for all budgets. The hotels are clean and the rooms are comfortable, at a cost that should not exceed 15002000 pesos (KSH 3000-4000) per night in a double.

feature of the stay is the all-inclusive, which includes lunch and dinner buffet with an abundance of everything, access to the beach with sun bed and umbrella, use of swimming pools (there are at least three in each resort), sauna and jacuzzi, free internet, all in an idyllic atmosphere while lying on the beach under palm trees, sipping a cocktail or frozen fruit by the pool. Some discomfort can come only from constant parade of vendors of merchandise of any kind around the area of the village and on the beach. Sellers are villagers in the area and you will not get them of the way without first yielding to some shopping.

The cost of living in one of these villages ranges from 70-100 USD$ (7000 to 10,000KSH) a day, so you do not even spend that much, considering that some are true havens. I have been to Barcelo Capella Beach Resort in Juan Dolio, after Boca Chica, but there are many others. A week in one of these villages is undoubtedly an excellent option for those who want to be a period of relaxation in the sun of the Caribbean, but just standing there in the village would make you miss the rest of the country, which is indeed well worth a visit.

The typical vacation in the Dominican Republic

The common type of holiday in the Dominican Republic is to stay in one of the beautiful resorts of the southwest coast of the country. Virtually the whole stretch of coast from Santo Domingo to La Romana (and then most of the area of Punta Cana, Samana and Puerto Plata) is a succession of beautiful resorts built along beaches of fine golden sand. In these resorts guests are cared for, respected and pampered by friendly and helpful staff, from sunrise to sunset. The apartments are surrounded by gardens overflowing with palms trees, enlivened by bright red and purple bougainvillea. The



Santo Domingo,

Santo Domingo - the capital

Santo Domingo de Guzman is the capital of the country, which often identifies the entire state. I often say and hear “I’m going to take a vacation to Santo Domingo” meaning “to the Dominican Republic.” The capital is a megalopolis of almost 3 million inhabitants, 30% of the total of the Dominicans. The traffic is chaotic at any time, with frequent traffic jams here called “tapones”, a word that renders a good idea of them. The construction of two subway lines with 30 stations in total, one of which runs north-south (in operation since 2009) and the other east-west (inaugurated in June 2013), made it possible to reduce the traffic, but the ticket price is high for the Dominicans (25 pesos, more or less 50 schillings) and the trains do not always travel full of passengers. The result is that urban public transport is still entrusted largely to the numerous guaguas (matatus), carro-conchos (taxi mostly illegal) and moto-conchos (motorcycle taxi). From the tourist point of view, the most interesting part of Santo Domingo’s is the Zona Colonial, which covers 5 square kilometers on the western shore of the Ozamariver running through the city. In addition to the colonial area, which you really cannot miss, I suggest two ideas a little ‘off the beaten for the usual: the Mercado Modelo and the Ancienne Sucrerie of Boca de Nigua.

Getting around the Dominican Republic

The time has come to leave the capital and move within the country. The best wayto do this is to hire a car, which can be done in any of the major airports, or at the rental agencies in Santo Domingo, Santiago and other cities. The average cost of a car should not move away from 40-50 USD$ (4000 to 5000KSH) per day, with discounts for rentals of a week or longer. The roads are generally in good conditions and often maintained and paved recently (with a few exceptions such as the Carretera Turistica to Puerto Plata). The traffic outside the cities is never intense, but it is chaotic and unruly in the urban centers. Driving in the Dominican cities is absolutely not recommended. In the cities, and in all places where there is heavy traffic, it is best to park your car and rely on terrible but efficient ”moto-conchos”, that for 25-30 pesos (50-60 KSH) will take you anywhere, even if you want in three or four (or even more for the habits of the Dominican average) all on the same bike. Just becareful to the exhaust pipe, which reaches soon the 6-700 °C: if you are not careful you risk third-degree burns to the legs.

Santiago and the Cibao

Capital of the region of Cibao, with 800,000 inhabitants, Santiago de Los Caballeros is the second city in importance. Located 150 km north-west of Santo Domingo, is connected to the capital with a good highway of 4 lanes, called “Autopista Juan Pablo Duarte”. Along the roadway there is a myriad of shops selling everything from wood crafts, various foodstuffs, carpets, furniture, poultry and stable, vases and ceramics. The journey takes at least 2 hours - 2 hours and half. Orderly and industrious city, Santiago has less historical places and monuments than the capital, but in return is agricultural, industrial and university major spot. It is located right in the center of the region “Tabaquera” . The city is completely surrounded by extensive tobacco plantations: the Dominican cigars are great and the best for quality and consistency have nothing to envy to the Cubans. If you have time, visit one of the many tabacaleras (cigar factories) of the city. For example, the Tabacalera Real or La Aurora, in the heart of Santiago. Santiago has also an important campus: the faculties of medicine and engineering are the most important in the country. They are home toa substantial number of students from neighboring Haiti: about 1/3 of the graduates are Haitians. Finally, it has a sports hall for 8000 seats where theMetros (basketball) and the girlsof volleyball play. You can also head to the Estadio Cibao to see baseball games (“beisbol”) of the ”Águilas Cibaeñas”, the team competing in the Dominican league.


Estadio Cibao, Santiago de los Caballeros, Photo

Santiago is located in a central position: a great starting point for many interesting paths in the center-north of the country: • To the north to Puerto Plata • then from Puerto Plata westward (Montecristi and Haiti) or to the East (Cabarete and Rio San Juan) • east to the peninsula of Samana • south to La Vega • south-west to Jarabacoa and Constanza

La Vega and the merry devils of the Dominican carnivals

In February, the Dominican Republic shows its more cheerful and picturesque face with the celebration of the carnival. The Dominican Carnival is characterized by the presence of typical characters in the parades, which accompanied with music and dances remind the origin and history of the Dominican people. The blend of the elements of the Carnival was born from African traditions brought here by slaves of Senegambia, which combine with the costumes and the clothes of European masters and French and Hispanics colonizers. The main characters that characterize the Dominican Carnival are cojuelos diablos (devils lame), the robalagallina (female figure portrayed by a man with huge tits and ass), the platanuses (typical characters of the carnival of Cotuí), the lechones (literally “ piglets “), Nicolas Den Den (a bear that goes dancing and making children laugh), los travestis (transsexuals, characters very common in all the carnivals). Who makes a vacationin the Dominican Republic in February, cannot fail to see a parade of the carnival closer to the resort where staying. The most famous carnival is that of La Vega, a town 30 km from Santiago, but are also spectacular carnivals taking place in Santiago, Montecristi (at the border with Haiti), in Cotui (80 km northeast of Santo Domingo), San Juan de laMaguana in the southwest. Lately carnival parades are also organizedi n the capital Santo Domingo, La Romana, Samana and Punta Cana with less genuine carnival tradition but more like touristic attractions. END OF PART 1 - SECOND PART WITH THE NEXT ISSUE OF THE MAGAZINE



Special: Opening of Crème et Chocolat office in Nairobi “I don’t know where we should take this company, but I do know that if I start with the right people, ask them the right questions, and engage them in vigorous debate, we will find a way to make this company great.” (By: James C. Collins, Business consultant)


rème et Chocola inaugurated the new office on the 16th Floor of View Park Towers with a party on the 25th of July. Eunice Kochumba, CEO of Crème et Chocolat and editor of this magazine, welcomed her guests and presented the company objectives: “Our mission is to build long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services through creativity, innovation and advanced technology” she said. The office is furnished with style to welcome the guests and clients



on confortable and classy black leather seats where they can wait for having a makeup or a photo shoot. Women looking for the best makeup products can shop at the same office from the Flormar shelve featuring all the best products for the female beauty care at the best price. After the shoot it is also possible to have your photos printed with the best quality. The office opens at 9am to 7pm all are welcome to visit and shop, have a makeover, or a photo shoot.

Fashion & Lifestyle Events calendar The coolest upcoming Fashion & Lifestyle events in Nairobi NAIROBI ELEGANCE AFFAIR Upper photo: Flormar makeup products available at the office. Below: View Park Towers building

Scheduled to take place on Saturday 10th October 2015 at the Nairobi Railway Museum Grounds, it will be a daytime and overnight event celebrating African fashion. 15 Fashion designers will showcase on the runway, 2 fashion exhibitors will be selling their products, deejays will be playing music at night. Advance tickets via ZANGUNI app and at IMAX (20th Century Panari)

THE JW FASHION SHOW The 4th Edition of the event for designers realizing men’s outfits will take place on Saturday 7th November at Shift Eye Gallery. It will be a red carpet event and TV show recording. The event is sponsored by Web Works Africa, Couture by Maggy, Kat Models. Entrance is 1000Ksh only, advance ticket at IMAX in town.

NAIROBI FASHION MARKET This event at its IX edition is an opportunity for shopping at discounted prices of anything related to fashion. It will take place at the Ngong Racecourse on 17th and 18th October from 10am to 6pm. Tickets are 300Ksh and can be purchased by Mpesa Paybill: 578888 Ac No:8008

POOL PARTY The newest lounge pool in the city “The Rouge Deck” at DusitD2 Nairobi will be hosting the biggest pool party in the city on Saturday 3rd October. Charges Ksh 1500 redeemable with two drinks. Lucky draw prizes to be won. Dress code: elegant beach wear

PICHA FESTIVAL 2015 On 31st October at the Nairobi Safari Club Hotel. It is a Fashion event that brings together all the players in the fashion industry; from Fashion designers (both established and upcoming /student) , Models,Photographers(both established and upcoming), cosmetics companies, Entertainment companies, leading Media Houses (Nation and Standard - Pulse & The Nairobian ), Motor companies (Mash Auto), Potential clients and Corporate world among others for a meet and greet and do business while having fun. This is an event of its kind in Kenya. There will be Fashion Exibition, red carpet, lots of Photography and finally a fashion show (Runway on the pool) Advance Tickets selling at ksh. 2,000. Vip Tickets selling at ksh 3,000. Tickets Pick up point Nairobi Safari club Hotel THEME :THE GLAMOUR ACTIVITIES: 12pm - 5pm :Fashion Exibition (free to exibit) 7pm :10:30pm Fashion show. to have your event featured write to



The influencers Beauty workshop


On photo: Reina Kimeu and the guests of the workshop - courtesy of Fashion Forensic Africa www. fashionforensicafrica. me/



“I want to be here because Africa is on the move. Growth is good for all us. Kenya is leading the way!”- (Barack Obama)


he event was hosted by Reina Kimeu of“Fashion Forensic Africa”, the best Kenyan Fashion Blog at The Jumia Kenya Fashion Awards 2015, and took place at the prestigious “Caramel” restaurant on the 29th of August 2015. The theme of the event was to bring together companies in the Kenyan beauty industry in a session to engage each other and exchange ideas on how to work together to improve the businesses. Reina, after welcoming the guests, briefly explained the reason as to why the event, which was a 2nd edition, was being held. This event hosted beauty companies such as “VLCC slimming, skin and hair services for men and women”, “House of Kaji design”, “Crème et Chocolat”, “Glam gals makeup” and “TrINC Media”. The main event speakers were: - Olive Gachara, one of the top Kenyan image consultants, who emphasized on how much body

language influences our daily life activities and achievements; - Social media strategist Sebastian Wafula, who created awareness on the impact of social media on entrepreneurs and how much on can excel in business with propersocial media marketing strategies. Wafula believes, since social media is one of the cheapest ways of marketing a business in the 21st century, that all entrepreneurs should find a good strategy and expand their networks online; - Beatrice from Glam gals makeup company, talked about the cosmetic line. She urged Kenyans to support their own cosmetics companies and promote local professional makeup artists. She talked about her journey to success and how Glam Gals cosmetics has managed to be a strong brand in Kenya. She gave tips on proper makeup usage, and emphasized the importance of makeup application on a daily basis; - The beauty specialist

On photo: Esther, designer, House of Kaji

On photo: Reina Kimeu (left), Domiana Muiga, VLCC (right)

Domiana Muiga, of VLCC 24 CARAT GOLD FACIAL, offered a session on the benefits of having a facial for both men and women. She talked about the slimming programme they have and gave free facial offer for all workshop attendants for that day. On photo: Michelle Ongijo, makeup artist, House of Awuor (right)

The event was concluded with thanksgiving to the companies represented at the event and the guests were given time to interact with each other; after the event, a fun photography session was also held (photos courtesy of Fashion Forensic Africa).

On photo: Kulundu (left), Neomi Nganga, actress, TV presenter and Radio host (right)











Profile for crememagazine

Crème Magazine Nr 1 - October 2015  

Fashion magazine

Crème Magazine Nr 1 - October 2015  

Fashion magazine


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