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Message from the Vice Provost for Student Life Dear New Students and Families, We are thrilled to have you become a part of the Creighton community. You undoubtedly have already made meaningful connections that led you to choose Creighton, and are ready to make Creighton a part of your educational journey. It is an exciting time for you, for your extended family and for Creighton University. It can also be a little daunting, which is why Creighton has created programs, services and resources to assist you in your transition as you become a Bluejay! So many of us at Creighton are eagerly awaiting your arrival and looking forward to integrating you into life at Creighton. The New Student Orientation teams from the Division of Student Life are here to enhance your experience and to serve as a conduit; connecting you to the people you need to know while exploring the academic, social and spiritual dimensions of life at Creighton. The Blue View is a resource guide with the information to answer the questions you already have and to introduce you to topics you haven’t even considered yet. Inside, you will be introduced to our mission and values, learn about opportunities to get involved, discover an array of services, and find important contact information. We are here for you as you begin your Creighton journey. Welcome New Jays!

Tanya A. Winegard, PhD Vice Provost for Student Life


Student Life by the Numbers RECREATION AND WELLNESS

STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES (SHS) 2,741 students and 1,106 faculty and staff received vaccines during the Shoo the Flu campaign

41% of patients said they would have missed one or more classes if they had not come to SHS


AA AHC accredited college health center in Nebraska

unique student visits



participants in University-wide book club



programs put on for residential students


Energetic Welcoming Resourceful Creative

satisfaction with residence hall staff described as:




raised for charities


recreational and competitive sport clubs



student employment opportunities across the division



of alumni respondents report making continual efforts to live more simply and be more present with friends and family

892 6,986

unique students served

Skutt Shutdown attendees

completed service hours





visits to the Kiewit Fitness Center and Rasmussen Center

WELLFEST attendees




3.49 3.39 average fraternity/ sorority GPA

average all-campus GPA

total appointments

Statistics correspond with the 2016-2017 academic year. 5

Creighton Comprehensive Student Record The Creighton Comprehensive Student Record (CCSR) is a co-curricular transcript that depicts a student’s holistic experience at Creighton. While academic transcripts tell the student’s academic story, the CCSR will provide additional information about a student’s entire experience and skills obtained while at Creighton. This program is optional for students to participate in but is strongly encouraged by the University. All information collected will be verified by the University and can be used as a resource when applying for jobs and graduate school. CCSR participants will engage in experiences in the following categories:


The Jesuit value of cura personalis challenges us to be concerned with the mind, body and spirit of our students. In order to accomplish this, the Division of Student Life has made wellness a divisional priority to develop students holistically—emotionally, spiritually, environmentally, occupationally, financially, intellectually, physically and socially (, 2016)—teaching life skills and preparing them for life after Creighton. Through these experiences, students will develop life skills that will foster a sense of wellbeing, personal integrity, resiliency and adaptability.


Mother Teresa once said we have “forgotten that we belong to each other” (Boyle, 2010). How do we acknowledge and celebrate the other as a child of God? Fr. Greg Boyle, SJ, calls us to widen the circle of compassion so no one is on the margins. When we are in kinship with one another, we affirm the gifts of each individual and move from tolerance to acceptance. Students will develop and promote respectful relationships with others and the environment. Students will also foster an inclusive environment which celebrates the commonalities and uniquenesses of each person.

Leadership and Service

St. Ignatius asked his followers to lead with one foot raised, ready to read the signs of the times and to answer the call of times. Heroism, according to Chris Lowney (2003), is doing something for a greater purpose. Leadership within the Ignatian tradition is therefore a lifelong learning process that is reflective and externally focused in serving others. Through these experiences students will develop collaboration skills to achieve a shared purpose. Students will also demonstrate the value of service that is for and with others.

Personal Formation

Reflection and discernment are hallmarks in Ignatian spirituality and pedagogy. “A habit of discernment is, in Ignatius’s world, a partnership with God; education helps us practice in determining what is right, what is wrong, which path is best, and which we should avoid” (Snyder, 2012). When hearts and minds are in unity, the whole person is engaged. Experiences will provide students opportunities to demonstrate awareness of personal and others’ gifts and talents as well as to demonstrate reflective practices on how their gifts can serve others.

Courageous Learning

Creighton calls faculty and staff to form and educate agents for change. Students are not simply consuming knowledge, but are called to do it in a critical manner. As Fr. Peter Hans Kolvenbach, SJ, stated, “Personal involvement with innocent suffering, with the injustice others suffer, is the catalyst for solidarity which then gives rise to intellectual inquiry and moral reflection.” Therefore, students will integrate knowledge and experiences that will help them engage the world in a purposeful way.

Accredited experiences in the CCSR will range from participating in study abroad; holding an executive position in a club or organization; attending mindfulness events, theater performances and group fitness classes; having an internship; leading retreats and so much more! Participants will be asked to reflect on their co-curricular experiences and how they have grown. If you’re looking to make the most of your Creighton experience, meet new people, and challenge yourself to explore new experiences, visit or contact to learn more. 6

Creighton Traditions All Hall Rallies August 18, 2018 The Event August 19, 2018 The Creighton Pathway August 21, 2018 Buffing Billy Bluejay’s Beak August 21, 2018 Getting Blue BBQ August 24, 2018 Lip Sync August 25, 2018 Skutt Shutdown August 30, 2018 Homecoming Week September 9–15, 2018 Mass of the Holy Spirit September 12, 2018 Family Weekend September 14–16, 2018 One Creighton Harvest Fest October 3, 2018 Fall Break Service Trips October 13–20, 2018 Fallapalooza November 16, 2018 Christmas at Creighton November 16, 2018 Founders Week February 4–8, 2019 Spring Break Service Trips March 9–16, 2019 Finals Scream May 5, 2019 Senior Week May 12–16, 2019 Pink Out Basketball Game (TBD) Interfaith Prayer Service (TBD)

Did you know? • Creighton is celebrating its 140th birthday this year! • The College of Arts and Sciences was established in 1878 and was housed in the University’s first building, now known as Creighton Hall. • Creighton’s ZIP code is 68178, which is unique to the campus and pays homage to the year the University was founded. • St. John’s Church was constructed in 1888, and St. John’s Parish was founded in 1897. • Creighton’s first residence hall was named St. John’s Hall. It consisted of 66 single rooms and five double rooms. • Creighton is the only Jesuit institution in North America named after a family. • The bricks and trolley tracks in Starbucks® in the Skutt Student Center are from the original Mall on campus. • In 1892, the School of Medicine was established in affiliation with the Creighton Memorial St. Joseph’s Hospital, named for Sarah Emily Creighton.

• The School of Dentistry opened in 1905 with 113 students. In 2018 the school will relocate on campus and increase enrollment. • Creighton was originally known as the Hilltoppers, until a 1924 contest in the Omaha Bee newspaper provided the Bluejay mascot. • The College of Nursing can be traced back to the 1920s, and the program began offering four-year academic and clinical based degrees in 1958. • Creighton graduate George Blue Spruce Jr., DDS’56, was the first American Indian dentist in the U.S. • The Heider College of Business was originally called the College of Commerce, Accounts and Finance, and then the College of Business Administration. In 2013 it was named after benefactors Charles and Mary Heider. • For more fun facts, please visit the Creighton Archives website:



Mission and Values Mission Statement Creighton is a Catholic and Jesuit comprehensive university committed to excellence in its selected undergraduate, graduate and professional programs. As Catholic, Creighton is dedicated to the pursuit of truth in all its forms and is guided by the living tradition of the Catholic Church. As Jesuit, Creighton participates in the tradition of the Society of Jesus which provides an integrating vision of the world that arises out of a knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. As comprehensive, Creighton’s education embraces several colleges and professional schools and is directed to the intellectual, social, spiritual, physical and recreational aspects of students’ lives and to the promotion of justice. Creighton exists for students and learning. Members of the Creighton community are challenged to reflect on transcendent values, including their relationship with God, in an atmosphere of freedom of inquiry, belief and religious worship. Service to others, the importance of family life, the inalienable worth of each individual and appreciation of ethnic and cultural diversity are core values of Creighton. Creighton faculty members conduct research to enhance teaching, to contribute to the betterment of society and to discover new knowledge. Faculty and staff stimulate critical and creative thinking and provide ethical perspectives for dealing with an increasingly complex world.


Values Magis Literally translated, magis means “more” in a sense of greater or better. It denotes a transcendence, or “rising above or beyond normal expectations.” Individuals who have been transformed by magis in their lives will put their hands and minds to work in a constant pursuit of a greater and common good.

Women and men for and with others Instead of living just for oneself, live for others. This value manifests as selflessness in action. It describes a thriving culture with many diverse people working together, sharing, volunteering, reflecting, pursuing justice and having concern for anyone who is marginalized. When all are working for and with others, all are equal.

Cura personalis Translated, this means care for the individual person. It means respecting each person as a child of God along with all of God’s creation—regardless of creed or background. It challenges us to dig deeper to understand each person’s gifts, challenges and needs.

Unity of heart, mind and soul We believe in developing not just our students’ professional skills, but the whole person and integrating all aspects of their lives into practice. On our campus, heart, mind and soul are never separate. They work together as a personal triumvirate: all three are essential to becoming one’s strongest self.

Ad majorem Dei gloriam Translated: “For the greater glory of God.” It is a central theme of the Ignatian tradition that Creighton has embraced deeply. This underlying philosophy is benevolent. Caring. Unshakable. Loving. Everything we pursue at Creighton is about more than becoming greater human beings; it is about serving as a dynamic participant in causes greater than our own—starting with our surrounding communities and those who are in need.

Finding God in all things Life has its trials. But it is also an engagement with a divine experience—a constant and conscious exploration of what’s inherently good all around us and how we can better ourselves. This Jesuit value speaks of the importance of embracing life with open arms.

Forming and educating agents of change At Creighton, students boldly explore their future potential. They are asked to envision where they see themselves as future leaders. Then our education answers the challenge through thousands of internship opportunities, connections to job networks and untold service openings. We help transform students’ goals and plans into making a positive difference worldwide.


Student Code of Conduct The Creighton University community is based on a Catholic, Jesuit tradition and is committed to supporting the intrinsic value of each human being. This tradition involves striving to create a human community influenced by the laws of justice and love, complete with respect and concern for all persons as children of God. The Creighton University community is dedicated to the promotion of values consistent with personal and academic excellence.

Choosing to join this community, whether as a student, faculty or staff, obligates you to act in a manner that is consistent with these commitments. Joining the Creighton University community evidences your acceptance of these commitments and agreement to strive for their achievement. Commitment to living by these principles means that you will endeavor to:

1. Act with professional, academic and personal integrity.

2. Respect and promote the dignity of all persons.

Consistent with this principle is conduct in accord with the academic honesty policy of the University, other University policies that foster a human community of justice, respect and concern, and the code of ethics of your foreseen profession. This principle challenges you to shape a personal code of positive values, to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle and to discover and embrace the responsibilities of your freedom, intelligence and intrinsic worth.

Consistent with this principle is growing in understanding of different cultures and groups, resolving conflicts fairly, appreciating people’s differences and seeking truths and values essential to human life and community. This principle challenges you to refrain from actions that threaten or discourage the freedom, personal safety and respect that all individuals deserve.

Inconsistent with this principle are all forms of dishonesty, excuse-making, failure to take responsibility for your behavior, infidelity or disloyalty in personal relationships and violations of the code of ethics of your foreseen profession.


Inconsistent with this principle are actions that compromise or demean the intrinsic worth of individuals or groups. All forms of racism, sexism, pornography, lewd behavior, harassment, discrimination, intimidation, taunting, insult, physical harm and discrimination are inconsistent with this principle.

3. Respect the policies of the Creighton University community and the rights of its members both on and off campus, as well as the just laws of the civic community and the rights of its members. Consistent with this principle is the affirmative support for equal rights and opportunities for all members of the Creighton University community, realizing that you are a member of a larger community, understanding societal issues and being a responsible participant in the civic and Creighton community. Inconsistent with this principle are actions that are illegal or that violate another’s right to move about freely and securely, to live and learn in a community where members are secure in their property and person, to express themselves appropriately, and to enjoy privacy.

4. Support the personal, professional, academic and vocational development of the members of the Creighton University community. Consistent with this principle are actions that are compassionate and considerate of the needs and wellbeing of others and that encourage the development of our moral, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, personal and vocational abilities.

I nconsistent with this principle are actions that are insensitive, inhospitable, spiteful or which unjustly or arbitrarily inhibit another’s ability to securely pursue goals in accord with the development of his or her abilities.

This Code of Conduct applies to all Creighton University students. All members of the Creighton University community are obliged to promote actions consistent with these principles and appropriately confront, challenge and respond to actions that are inconsistent with this code.



Mike and Josie Harper Center, First Floor 402.280.4700

Card Services

Your Creighton ID is more than just a card; it is a tool to access services across campus. From building access to vending machines, your ID card is the key. The Card Services Office issues ID cards and name badges for students, employees and vendors. It also manages the JayBuck$ program.

Access authorized to buildings after hours •• Academic buildings and libraries •• Residence halls •• Parking garages

Use JayBuck$ on campus Laundry, snack and beverage vending Photo copies and laser prints Food at all campus dining locations Mail Center Bookstore Library services iJay store myIT Service Desk Recreation and Wellness services

Use JayBuck$ off campus •• Bucky’s Express, 30th and Dodge streets •• Subway, 24th and Cuming streets •• CVS Pharmacy, 49th and Dodge streets

Activities/Admittance at Creighton •• Home athletic events •• Student activities and special events •• Kiewit Fitness Center, when eligible

First Last Name

0000000000000000 XXX00000

•• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• ••

Students: Visit to: •• Add JayBuck$ online •• View statement/transaction history •• Report your card lost/stolen

Parents: Visit to: •• Add JayBuck$ online (no login required)

U.S. Bank Student Checking •• Use your ID card as an ATM card •• No monthly maintenance fee and no minimum balance1 •• FREE U.S. Bank ATM transactions at more than 5,000 U.S. Bank ATMs •• 4 FREE non-U.S. Bank ATM transactions per statement cycle2 •• FREE online and mobile banking3 •• FREE email and text alerts to notify of things like low balance, deposits made3 •• FREE online statements4 •• FREE first order of U.S. Bank logo checks •• Access to over 3,000 U.S. Bank branch offices in 25 states

Card Services Office

U.S. Bank, Omaha Main Office

Mike and Josie Harper Center, Suite 1094 402.280.4700

1700 Farnam Street Omaha, NE 68102 402.536.5252 1.800.USBANKS

1. All regular account opening procedures apply. $25 minimum deposit to open an account. 2. A surcharge fee will be applied by the ATM owner, unless they are participating in the MoneyPass® network. 3. You may be charged access fees by your dependent upon your personal plan. Web access is needed to use Mobile Banking. Check with your carrier for details on specific fees and charges. 4. Fees for paper statements will apply. Deposit Products offered by U.S. Bank National Association. Member FDIC.


Center for Health and Counseling


Mike and Josie Harper Center, 1034 402.280.2735

Student Health Services

Student Counseling Services

Who We Are

Who We Are

Student Health Services is a full-service primary care clinic specializing in college health. The clinic is staffed with physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, certified medical assistants and radiology technologists. A wide range of appointment times are offered for students to work around busy class schedules. The clinic is credited as a Patient-Centered Medical Home by the Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Health Care.

Student Counseling Services provides listening, understanding, acceptance, practical help and treatment. Counseling is available for personal, academic, alcohol and substance abuse concerns. Psycho-educational assessment and psychological evaluation for mental health issues are also available.

Services Available •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• ••

Acute care Allergy injections Chronic conditions Health and wellness promotion Immunizations Laboratory services Men’s health Mental health Preventative care Radiology services Travel medicine Women’s health/pap testing

We can assist students when referral is necessary for specialty care or testing. Cost Services are supported by student fees, personal insurance and/or self pay. We are participating providers with most insurance plans. Appointments •• Students are seen by appointment •• A current insurance card must be presented at each visit

After-hours Care Campus health aides are available to students in campus housing. An emergency department is located on campus.

What is Counseling or Therapy? •• Counseling is process by which a student can enhance his/her functioning and growth potential and address areas of personal or academic concern. Students have the opportunity to work with an objective professional to develop and utilize his/her own resources to resolve issues of concern. •• After a period of initial assessment, the professional will work in a collaborative manner with the student to determine how the sessions will be structured and how long they’ll last. •• Services are mainly by appointment; however, immediate appointments, if requested, can also be arranged.

Cost •• Counseling services are provided free of charge to all full-time students while enrolled. •• There is a fee for some formal assessment services. All services are confidential.

Hours Monday, Friday 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday 8 a.m.–6:30 p.m. Thursday 10 a.m.–4:30 p.m. Summer Hours (M-F) 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

University Policy Compliance Creighton University has strict requirements for immunization and health insurance. Please review our website at for complete information. Failure to comply has registration and potential financial consequences.


Creighton Athletics One of the many benefits of being a Creighton student is the opportunity to support Creighton’s intercollegiate athletic squads. All Creighton students receive complimentary admission to all athletic events with their student ID. Athletics is an exciting part of the Creighton student experience!

Facilities CenturyLink Center Omaha Creighton men’s basketball has called CenturyLink Center Omaha home since the 2003 season. For years, Creighton has ranked in the top 10 in attendance among all NCAA Division I programs. For Creighton students, transportation is provided free-of-charge to and from the arena on game day from Deglman Circle. TD Ameritrade Park Omaha Home to both Creighton baseball and the College World Series, TD Ameritrade Park Omaha is the pinnacle of college baseball. The Bluejays play upwards of 30 games annually at the ballpark, which offers all students a chance to catch a game each spring. D.J. Sokol Arena Located one block east of the Mike and Josie Harper Center at 19th Street, D.J. Sokol Arena is home to volleyball and women’s basketball. With seating for 3,000 fans, the Bluejays have owned a strong home court advantage since the facility’s opening in 2009. Creighton Sports Complex Located in central campus, the Creighton Sports Complex is home to Creighton softball. Each spring the Jays take the diamond as they welcome competition from around the conference and Midwest. Morrison Soccer Stadium Take a walk down the Mall toward 19th street on most fall nights and you are likely to find action underway at Morrison Soccer Stadium. Home to the men’s and women’s soccer teams, thousands of fans attend games regularly. Known as the nation’s premier collegiate venue, Creighton soccer carries rich tradition and student support.


Get Involved Show Your Spirit Spirit Squads are a great opportunity for any Creighton student to get involved with athletics. Students are invited to join the Pep Band, Dance Team or Blue Crew to leave their mark on Bluejay game day. If you’re interested in joining, contact the Student Leadership and Involvement Center for more information.

BIG EAST Conference Creighton competes as a proud member of the BIG EAST Conference. The 10-member conference stretches from Nebraska to the East Coast, featuring Georgetown, Villanova and Xavier, among others. The BIG EAST Conference regularly brings the nation’s top talent to Omaha. Since joining in 2013, Creighton has consistently been a league leader in student and fan support.



Creighton Dining


Making every day a better day—that’s our goal! With nine locations around campus and our catering and concession services, we can’t help but be a part of your day.

Choosing Your Meal Plan Meal plans are required for all freshman and sophomore students who live on campus. Several traditional plans are offered (shown below). You may choose to eat at Brandeis or Harper Dining Halls. Breakfast is offered at Brandeis Dining Hall with made-toorder omelets, Belgium waffles, cold or hot cereal, fresh fruits and a full hot menu of breakfast meats, eggs and potatoes. Lunch is served at all dining halls. An all-youcare-to-eat food court design is available at all dining halls, and each offers a grill, deli, pizza, soup, salad bar and more. Weekend dining is available for brunch and dinner at Brandeis Dining Hall. At Harper Dining Hall, 80 percent of the menu follows our Mindful Program, making healthy choices easy. Short on time? Simply-to-Go selections are offered at Brandeis, with salads and sandwiches as an alternative to sit-down dining. Vegetarian and gluten-free meal options are also available.


Dining Dollars Dining Dollars also add flexibility to your plan, and can be used any time at any of our retail locations: Java Jay, Brew Jay, Café A La Carte and Wareham Court (which includes Mein Bowl, Godfather’s Pizza, Mediterranean Café, Corner Market and Erbert & Gerbert’s). Like JayBuck$, Dining Dollars are accessed using your ID card. All University Dining Services registers are programmed to draw from your dining dollar fund as long as you hold a balance. Dining Dollars may not be spent at non-dining facilities and expire at the end of the semester.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Dining Apps

Q: What if I have gluten intolerance or other food allergy? A: We have many different options to choose from every day in all dining halls and some of our retail locations. Please contact Resident Dining Director, Chef Tasos Kyprianos at 402.280.2102 or to learn about allergen-free choices at every meal.


Q: Where do I purchase my meal plan? A: Meal plan contracts are handled with your housing contract through the Department of Residential Life. Q: Where is the University Dining Services Main Office? A: We’re located in Lower Brandeis. Q: What if I lose my ID card (meal card) or if it does not work? A: Your ID card accesses much more than your meal plan. Contact Card Services immediately. Q: Is the unused balance of my meals carried over from week to week? A: No, Sunday brunch at Brandeis begins a new week. Meals do not carry over. Q: How many times may I use my meal plan each day? A: One time during each meal period (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner), unless you have All-Access. Q: What is the difference between Dining Dollars and JayBuck$? A: Dining Dollars come with your meal plan and are only accepted at participating on campus locations. The Jaybuck$ account is funded separately from your meal plan. Jaybuck$ can be used at dining locations on campus, non-food services on campus, and various off-campus merchant locations.

Bite tells you what is on the menu today in resident dining locations! It includes ingredient, calorie and nutritional info. Available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play. Search “Bite by Sodexo” and use code: D6HU9 to connect to our menus. *Interactive application available for Apple™ devices. Must be running iOS7 or higher. Basic application available for Android devices. Must be running 4.0 or higher.

My Fitness Pal The free MyFitnessPal app is the leader in its category, allowing the user to apply nutrition and exercise information to guide healthier decisions in real time. Create your free account online or on the MyFitnessPal app, then search “Sodexo Campus” recipes or scan the item’s barcode in your dining locations. Learn more at

Retail Locations Skutt Student Center Starbucks® Jack and Ed’s Marketplace Wareham Court: Mein Bowl, Godfather’s, Erbert & Gerbert’s, Mediterranean Café, and Corner Market McGloin Residence Hall Java Jay Health Sciences Library Café A La Cart Mike and Josie Harper Center Brew Jay Coffee Shop

Q: Can I still eat on campus if I don’t have a meal plan? A: Yes! Anyone can eat at the resident dining or retail locations on campus by paying with cash or debit/ credit cards. Ask the cashier for pricing.



Creighton EDGE


Lower Level Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library 402.280.5566

The Creighton EDGE Education in the Jesuit tradition Development of God-given talents Growth of intellectual, cultural and global perspective Engaged spirit and sense of purpose The Creighton EDGE Program is designed to provide Creighton students with a holistic approach to academic success, the pursuit of advanced studies in graduate and professional school, and career planning. Features of the EDGE include alumni networking, mentoring, shadowing and portfolio-building internship opportunities. The EDGE also provides individual and group tutoring, academic coaching, academic counseling and assistance with any issues that could impact a student’s ability to be academically successful at Creighton.

Academic Success Academic Success programs and services focus on academic support, student monitoring and retention, and the transition to college. Students are encouraged to take advantage of: •• Our nationally certified tutoring program, offering drop-in math, biology and chemistry tutoring; appointment-based individual tutoring for most subjects; and collaborative learning sessions. •• Individualized academic counseling and coaching, where students learn tips and strategies appropriate for their learning styles and personal academic goals. •• Workshops and seminars that teach strategies to help students understand and manage the academic rigor of Creighton. One of the more popular options is the Hippocampus Success Seminar, a fun and interactive four-night series that introduces students to the way the mind works as it relates to learning and success at Creighton. Additionally, students with ADHD may benefit from the EDGE Advantage, a weekly seminar that shares tips and resources to help students navigate the transition to college. Other workshops focus on time management, test anxiety, exam prep, and other fundamental study skills. •• Academic Strategy Courses, which are credit-bearing courses (EDGE® 120 and EDGE® 130) designed to help students understand their strengths and areas for improvement as learners.


Advising The Ratio Studiorum Program (RSP) is Creighton’s academic advising and orientation program for freshmen and sophomores. It introduces students to the requirements, challenges and rewards of life at Creighton. RSP 100 is taught by faculty advisors, who also serve as first- and second-year academic advisors and assist with the development of a student’s four-year academic plan. Students examine such topics as Creighton’s Jesuit heritage and values, academic integrity and the core curriculum. Reading, writing and class discussion entertain issues of self-exploration and self-discovery. Pre-health advising through the EDGE offers students interested in health care careers one-on-one advising regarding all aspects of preparing to apply to a professional school. Additionally, students receive guidance on applicable resources and experiences. Led by the director of pre-health advising, Charles Austerberry, PhD, faculty and professional advisors are readily available to assist students. Pre-Law Advising provides students interested in legal careers with one-on-one advising to gain a better understanding of law, the legal profession and the myriad of related career opportunities. Pre-Law Advising also helps students discern a career in law, improve their application profile, and find shadowing and mentoring opportunities with legal professionals. Both faculty and professional advisors are readily available to assist students.

Learning Communities Learning communities allow students with shared academic interests and experiences to come together to discern options in pre-professional study. The seminars and co-curricular activities are designed and offered through the EDGE to strengthen the candidacy of Creighton students as they prepare for the graduate/professional school application process. All learning communities provide students with opportunities for mentoring, shadowing and networking with pre-professional students, faculty and alumni. Freshmen (100-level) Pre-health information community Pre-law information community Pre-pharmacy seminar Sophomores (200-level) Pre-health learning community Pre-law learning community Pre-pharmacy seminar Juniors and Seniors (300-level) Pre-medical seminar Pre-dental seminar Pre-law seminar Pre-physician assistant seminar Pre-physical therapy seminar Pre-occupational therapy seminar


Creighton Intercultural Center Mission Statement The Creighton Intercultural Center (CIC) is a department within the Division of Student Life. Our professional services are grounded in supporting Creighton University’s mission and Jesuit and Ignatian traditions and values. Our services and programs for students, staff and faculty advance the educational, cultural and social understanding of our diverse human family. To accomplish this mission, we have four primary functions: •• •• •• ••

Intercultural education Academic support and mentoring Outreach Student Cultural Center

Cultural Engagement Our office serves and works with all students to prepare them to be engaged in a global society. We offer many cultural events and programs throughout the year, including: •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• ••

Annual Multicultural Student Social Asian Pacific Islander and Native American Initiatives Coffee and Conversations Fr. John P. Markoe Leadership Program Heritage Month Activities and Programs Multicultural Enrichment Institute One Creighton Harvest Fest Women’s Journey Creighton Global Initiative’s Global Fair

Our Specialties: •• •• •• •• ••

Personal/academic support and mentoring Intercultural engagement/identity development Multicultural student organization support Culturally based fraternal organizations Diversity and inclusion training/education

Cultural Center Features: •• •• •• •• ••


Community space with TV Computers and printers Free popcorn on Wednesdays Study group room Commuter lounge


Brandeis, B03 402.280.2459

Lieben Center for Women Purpose


The Lieben Center for Women is dedicated to the empowerment of women at Creighton. As a studentcentered space, we promote and advocate for gender equity on campus and in the community through programs and resources and strive to create a space for women and their allies to achieve individual and social change.

•• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• ••

Objectives •• To engage in dialogue about women and gender within Creighton and the larger community while encouraging students to view the world through a critical lens. •• To educate the Creighton community on topics centered around women and cultivate discernible skills to develop students as agents of change and provide experiential opportunities to practice these skills. •• To develop women’s leadership skills; support and facilitate opportunities for exploration of personal and professional development; and provide a variety of programs and resources.

Anything You Can Do! De-Stress Yoga Freshwoman Series: #Mood Freshwoman Series: #RelationshipGoals Galentines I CU Girl If I Knew Then... The Period Project Sorority Recruitment–Sisterhood Table Superwoman Complex What’s Up Doc! Women in Leadership Brunch Women’s Symposium

Learn More Visit the Lieben Center on the lower floor of McGloin Hall. Connect by phone at 402.546.6097 or online at

Intercultural Student Engagement Council Purpose


Created by the Division of Student Life in 2018, the Intercultural Student Engagement Council builds an infrastructure for students to promote an inclusive environment at Creighton University while utilizing common language, creating opportunity for dialogue, and providing educational outreach to the campus.

The council is comprised of:

The council links the multiculturalism of our ever-changing world to Creighton’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. The council brings together students from all areas of campus to be leaders in reinforcing the values, attitudes and behaviors that create an inclusive and accepting community. The council will facilitate trainings across campus on eliminating biases as well coordinate programs that create dialogue about how we live out our values.

•• Students from all areas of campus – undergraduate, graduate and professional schools •• Students from various backgrounds and identities •• The CSU Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator •• The CIC Director (as Council Advisor)

Learn More For additional information, contact Becky Nickerson, director of the Creighton Intercultural Center, at 402.280.3118 or


Creighton Federal Credit Union


Skutt Student Center Second Floor 402.401.6342

Better Choices and More Convenience Your Account

Creighton Federal’s NO-FEE ATMs:

A Creighton Federal Student Account consists of no minimum balance, checking without monthly fees, savings, paperless statements, free internet account access, free internet bill pay and of course our FREE Cash and Check Card to complete your electronic account. Learn more at

Seven on-campus ATMs featuring no-fee unlimited usage for Creighton Federal members can be found at:

Limit Your Liability Enjoy the convenience of our JAYS Student VISA® available for students under 21 years of age with a qualified joint applicant. Benefits include: •• •• •• •• ••

NO annual fee 25-day grace period NO cash advance fee FREE online access to account information Verified by VISA® for secure online shopping

Location, Location, Location Not only do you have access to our branch location in the Skutt Student Center (402.280.6123), you are within blocks of our home office at 2575 Dodge Street (402.341.2121). Call either location and talk to a real person, not a recording.


•• •• •• •• •• •• ••

Skutt Student Center, lower level McGloin Residence Hall, lower level Hixson-Lied Science Building, student commons Davis Square Residence Hall Kenefick Residence Hall Ahmanson Law Center Bio-Information Center

Creighton Federal’s NO-FEE ATMs: •• •• •• •• ••

Skutt Student Center branch location 105 NO-FEE ATMs in the metro area FREE internet account access FREE paperless statements FREE bill pay

Creighton Federal... Giving Students Better Choices! Serving Creighton University since 1952.


Division of Mission and Ministry

Campus Ministry Lower Swanson Hall 402.280.2779

Campus Ministry In times of joy and celebration or sadness and pain, we are here. In bright moments of spiritual awakening or dark nights of despair, we are here. In episodes of deep consolation or drastic desolation, we are here. We are the staff and student leaders of Campus Ministry. We are here to serve you.

Faith Development We’re here to help you nourish your faith beyond going to church or participating in a retreat. We work in conjunction with various student organizations to offer programs, including: •• •• •• •• ••

Spiritual Conversation •• Christian Life Communities: biweekly Interfaith Prayer Opportunities small faith-sharing group meetings Ecumenical Prayer Services •• Faith Based Hikes with VIA Taize Prayer: once per month Hands of Hope: a comprehensive program for faith development, learning about Catholic Social Teaching, integrating prayer, retreats, faith-sharing and “border crossings” by serving as a trained hospice volunteer for a year. •• Companion’s Dinners: a gathering of friends to share a meal and discuss faith in their lives.

For more information about these and other programs, email Kyle Lierk at

St. John’s Church


St. John’s is the center of Creighton University’s vibrant campus. We come together as a community to give thanks for our gifts, to celebrate our accomplishments, to support one another in times of loss and to welcome new members.

Gather, recognize and celebrate God’s faithful presence in action. Catholic students make St. John’s their parish home. Students may serve as liturgical ministers at all the Masses, sacraments and liturgies.

We encourage students of all faith traditions to find time for quiet reflection and prayer or one of the many spiritual programs offered.

Diverse Faith Traditions We support students of all faith traditions. We believe that God is present and active in our students’ lives, so we aim to provide opportunities for them to become involved or continue their involvement with a faith tradition and community that worships together in service to the world.

•• Music ministers •• Lectors •• Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion •• Liturgical assistants/altar servers •• Sacristans/greeters/collection counters

Interested? Email Chase Becker at


Retreats Making a retreat is more than taking a break. We welcome all students to explore our diverse retreat experiences, developed with and facilitated by their own peers, as opportunities to get away from the stressors of daily life and come closer to God and community. Retreats include: •• Fall Adventure Retreat •• Freshman Retreat •• Encounter Retreat

•• Ignatian Silent Retreat •• Discernment Series •• Senior Retreat

Freshman Retreat There are many important questions when starting college. The Freshman Retreat provides the opportunity to explore alongside your peers in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. The retreat is in early September and often fills up before the end of summer, so reserve your spot today!

Creighton University Retreat Center The Creighton University Retreat Center in Griswold, Iowa, is committed to supporting the spiritual development of students, faculty, staff and alumni. The center is available for retreats of any length, day-long and week-long conferences, private gatherings, business meetings and various activities. The 157 acres include the Jogues Lodge, four cabins, the Manresa Prayer House, Loyola Dining Hall, Xavier Conference room and St. Kateri Chapel. Contact 712.778.2466 or for more information.

Welcome Week Mass and Protestant Service Saturday, August 18, 7:30 p.m. Catholic Mass—St. John’s Church Homily by Creighton President Rev. Daniel S. Hendrickson, SJ Protestant Christian Service— Skutt Student Center Ballroom

Joining the Catholic Church Process to Become Catholic The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the process the Church offers for those interested in becoming Catholic, including the sacraments of initiation: Baptism, Holy Eucharist and Confirmation. Email Tom Everson at for more information.

Preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation Baptized Catholic Creighton students who would like to celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation may email Beth Samson at for more information.


Interested in Retreats? If you have questions or would like more information about any of Campus Ministry’s retreats, please email Brittany Hall at

Music Ministry Share your musical gifts with others. All music ensembles at St. John’s are called to serve our worshiping community in prayer and praise together on weekends and at major University liturgies. Volunteer music ensembles are open to all singers and instrumentalists. Email Molly Mattingly at for more information. Music ministers also serve at Protestant services on Sundays at 8:30 p.m. in Lower St. John’s. Email Ashley Hall at for more information.

Schlegel Center for Service and Justice The John P. Schlegel, SJ, Center for Service and Justice seeks to spark passion for truth and justice, nourish courage and lives of commitment, and we welcome interest and participation in our programs. The SCSJ engages students in community service, reflection, and action on behalf of justice and sustainability as an integral part of their Jesuit, Catholic university education.

Mike and Josie Harper Center, 2067 402.280.1290

Weekly Service A majority of incoming students have had some form of community service experience in high school. The SCSJ helps continue that commitment to service and build new relationships as students enter the Creighton and Omaha communities. We partner with a number of sites around the metro area and provide students an opportunity to drop in for one-time or consistent volunteer experiences each week. If your interests are beyond the sites we offer, we’ll work with you to find the right fit.

Service & Justice Trips Faculty, staff and students consistently say that going on a Service & Justice Trip is one thing that everyone should do before graduation. Why not go right away? Each fall and spring break, hundreds of students travel across the country to serve and learn on half- and fullweek Service & Justice Trips. Whether we’re working in a homeless shelter in Albuquerque, learning about mountaintop removal in West Virginia, or providing hurricane relief in New Orleans, we have opportunities for all service passions.

Ignatian Advocacy We also enhance passions for making the world a better place by introducing students to others who have similar hopes and dreams for our world. Our students consistently meet with local, state and national leaders to advocate for and learn about policy reform on several key justice issues.

Interested in the SCSJ? If you have questions or would like more information, please email Jeff Peak at regarding Service & Justice Trips or Katie Tadeo-Orbik at regarding Ignatian advocacy.


Division of Information Technology and Libraries Students at Creighton have access to a wealth of online resources. Registering for classes on the NEST and submitting papers on BlueLine are just two examples of the tools available. All students receive a NetID and should set up their password prior to arriving on campus. The NetID and password allow access to the Creighton systems every student needs. Always keep your password secret and never include it in written communication or email. Computers are critical components of campus life. Besides helping develop useful skills, having a computer is a significant daily convenience for personal and academic pursuits. This is especially true toward the end of semester when demands upon public computer labs are high. It’s strongly recommended that you bring a computer with you. But if that’s not an option, there are computer labs in residence halls, libraries and other buildings around campus. For a complete list of computer labs, see Should you need to purchase a computer before coming to Creighton, the University has an agreement with both Apple™ and GovConnection for discounted purchases of Apple™ and Windows computers. You can view your purchasing options at:

You may also visit iJay, the Apple™ Authorized Campus Store, in the Mike and Josie Harper Center (or online at

Bringing a Computer to Creighton While we don’t recommend one laptop over another, we do provide general guidelines for minimum specifications that students’ laptops should meet.

Minimum Computing Standards: Processor: Intel Core i3, i5, i7, or current AMD equivalent Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 or above, Macintosh OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or above Memory: 4GB of RAM or more Hard Drive: 160GB of space or more with an external backup drive of at least 500GB Connectivity: Wireless 802.11 a/g/n



Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library, Main Level 402.280.1111

General Expectations:

Computer Service and Repair:

It is expected that students using computer technology:

It is recommended that students purchase extended warranty service with all computer purchases (both Apple™ and Windows). Accidental damage protection is strongly recommended if offered.

1. Not give out their Blue passwords to anyone. 2. Bring system restore discs and other necessary media to assist system repairs. 3. Meet campus standards for network use. 4. Have licensed software and proof of license. 5. Make regular backups of their data. 6. Keep their computers up-to-date and secure. 7. Be familiar with and adhere to posted computing. Policies: doit-security-policies.

Additional Resources: All full-time students now have access to Microsoft Office for free on up to five devices. For more details: Additionally, Microsoft Windows and other software offerings are available for students to download at a significantly reduced price. For more information, please visit:

Wireless Networking: Creighton is listed as one of Intel’s top 50 wireless universities in the country. Wireless is available across campus in public spaces, residence halls and classrooms. Notebook computers must have an 802.11 a/g/n wireless card to access the wireless network. Please visit the IT website at for additional information. The website features instructions for enabling connection to Creighton’s wireless network. If you meet the required minimum criteria and are unable to connect, contact our Service Desk to schedule an appointment. If the cause of the issue is hardware-related, the owner is responsible for all repairs.


The first place to check for any technical question is the Service Desk. We have full-time analysts (including Apple™ Certified Service Technicians) to provide guidance and support on any technology issues that arise. Questions may be sent to Appointments may be scheduled by visiting The website is also a resource for common support issues. Please note that the division does provide virus or malware cleaning and some repair services on personal property, but students are responsible for providing legal copies of all media should a reload of their system be required. Students are also responsible for keeping a backup of their data. Creighton does not provide a backup service at this time. Creighton is an Apple™ Authorized Service Provider and a Lenovo warranty center. To prevent voiding your warranty, the Service Desk will not perform hardware repair work on other brands, but will direct you to the closest authorized service outlet. At this time Creighton does not recommend one Windows service provider over another, but has arranged a discount with ARN Networks. See for more information.

CU Alert: CU Alert is a campus-wide emergency notification system that provides safety-related announcements. Your Creighton email address is used by default. If you wish to receive alerts through other means or via additional email addresses, register online and provide your contact information at Family members may also subscribe.

BluePrint is Creighton’s student print solution. Students may print, copy or scan from a Creighton email account, web browser, or a print driver. Cost varies by service. To review costs and get started printing, see


Global Engagement Office (GEO)


Creighton Hall, 324 402.280.2221

Study Abroad and Find your Place in the World In keeping with Creighton’s mission to equip students to live and engage in a globalizing world, the Global Engagement Office (GEO) offers a variety of study abroad opportunities for students to expand their skills and gain new perspectives on their career in a new country, culture and environment. Programs abroad vary in course offerings, length and cost. Through the GEO, students work with a global programs coordinator to select a program that fits their academic, financial and personal needs. For more information, send an email to

How does financial aid transfer? The portability of financial aid depends upon the type of program. Some programs allow portability of both Creighton and federal financial aid, while other programs allow portability of only federal financial aid. The global programs coordinators and the Creighton Financial Aid Office will assist you in choosing a program that meets your financial needs.

When do Creighton students study abroad? Students may study abroad for a full academic year, a fall semester, a spring semester or a few weeks during the summer. Choosing the best time to study abroad will depend upon your major, academic plan and other activities in which you are involved. Most Creighton students choose to study abroad during their sophomore or junior year. The global programs coordinators and your academic advisor can assist you in determining the best time for you to study abroad.

Hours Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m. Walk-in Advising Tuesday, Wednesday 9 a.m.–Noon Getting Started Sessions Friday 12:30 p.m.

The Office of Sustainability Programs The Office of Sustainability Programs exists as a hub for collaboration among students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni and our local and global neighbors so we can work together toward a more sustainable present and future. Building on Creighton’s existing efforts and partnerships, the Office of Sustainability Programs strives toward magis, toward the advancement of sustainable practices and philosophies throughout all our activities.


Join us for monthly sustainability forums and our annual celebrations of the Feast of St. Francis in the fall and Earth Week in the spring. Follow Creighton’s progress in achieving climate neutrality by reading our climate action plan and viewing our greenhouse gas emission. More information and resources can be found at our website:

Where do Students Study?

Global Scholars Program

Creighton has partner study abroad programs in the following locations:

Creighton’s Global Scholars Program is a four-year educational and professional development program. It is designed to immerse select students in a variety of cultures for a rich academic, social and service experience. Students build networks with other students, faculty and alumni from around the world.

•• Encuentro Dominicano—Creighton’s own service-learning site near Santiago, Dominican Republic •• Creighton in Australia—University of Sydney •• Creighton in Belgium—Université of Namur •• Creighton in Ecuador—Universidad San Francisco de Quito •• Creighton in the Galápagos—extension program, Universidad San Francisco de Quito •• Creighton in Germany—Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

Through language study, specialized coursework, servicelearning, research, internships and interaction with leaders in the global community, Creighton Global Scholars will become experienced global citizens, ready for employment in international organizations upon graduation.

•• Creighton in Ireland—University of Limerick •• Creighton in Italy—John Cabot University •• Creighton in Japan—Sophia University •• Creighton in Korea—Sogang University •• Creighton in Scotland—University of Glasgow •• Creighton in South Africa—Partner school: Marquette University in Cape Town •• Creighton in Spain—Universidad Loyola Andalucía •• Creighton in Sweden—Newman Institute •• ISEP Exchange—Program sites across the globe

Creighton also approves select “Non-Creighton Programs” through Jesuit partners, or outside institutions. If you are interested in studying abroad through a program not offered at Creighton, talk with a global programs coordinator.

Where do I begin? 1. Attend a “Getting Started” session in the Global Engagement Office every Friday at 12:30 p.m. 2. Talk to your academic advisor right away! When creating your four-year plan, talk with your advisor about preparing for a semester abroad, and select courses accordingly. 3. Explore program options. Talk with peer advisors from the GEO about their experiences as Creighton students abroad, and find out more about which program and location best fits your goals. Program searches and sample course plans are available on the Study Abroad website. 4. Meet with a global programs coordinator. Office hours are listed on the website, or an appointment can be made through Creighton Connect or by calling 402.280.2221.


John P. Fahey Career Center The John P. Fahey Career Center is an integral part of the Creighton EDGE®. It provides students with opportunities to develop relationships with employers, career counseling, resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation and job/internship guidance and assistance. Creighton faculty, staff and administrators are provide programming and assistance with graduate and professional school options and planning.

Tips and Suggestions for Students and Families The Career Center has much to offer students and families, including: •• Career counselors who listen to questions and concerns. Our staff has experience helping students of all ages with their academic and career journeys. •• Career and interest assessments to assess personal skills, values, interests and potential occupations. •• Online and print resources describing careers, skills, interests, majors, courses required and more. •• Industry information that describes and helps visualize various companies and occupations. •• Online resources to give the most up-to-date graduate and professional school and career information.

Students today face the challenge of entering a very difficult, constantly changing working environment. How can families help them with their decisions? •• Identify skills. What are they good at? What do they excel in? •• Explore goals and interests. What would they like to do? What are their interests? Leisure-time activities and hobbies may lead to some exciting career possibilities. •• Think long-term. What quality experience (internships, parttime jobs) would enhance a resume and give valuable insight and experience?

Choosing the right career can be a confusing process. With an unlimited array of possibilities, students may have difficulty deciding the best path. Questions to consider range from “Has my interest in this area decreased, and should I change my direction?” to “I like so many areas. It’s hard to decide.” Change is the only constant. Be prepared for many questions and be involved in your student’s college life. With any of these situations, you may suggest academic advising, career counseling or personal counseling for assistance.



Mike and Josie Harper Center, 2015 402.280.2722

Hours Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

What does the Career Center provide? Career and Academic Exploration

EDGE® Internship Program

The Career Center is designed to assist students from the beginning of academic pursuit to graduation and beyond. Career counselors are available for appointments to meet with students on an individual basis. Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of services early in their academic careers and can obtain help clarifying career goals and options, taking assessments and choosing or changing majors/minors.

The EDGE® Internship Program is a carefully supervised, on-campus learning experience in which students have purposeful, professional learning outcomes to aid in their career development. The program provides a hands-on method for students to validate their choice of major and/or career field while obtaining real-world experience.

Career and Professional Development The Career Center sponsors a number of workshops and seminars on resume writing, interview techniques, job and internship search strategies, graduate and professional school preparation and professional etiquette. Career fairs are offered in the fall and spring semesters and provide students the opportunity to network with more than 200 representatives from business, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and graduate/professional schools. Many employers interview for their positions on campus in the Career Center’s interview rooms.

Internship and Job Search Assistance The Career Center maintains information and online listings for local, regional and national internships and jobs online through Jobs4Jays powered by Handshake. Students are encouraged to contact the office with questions regarding the application process and specific qualifications.

Students are coached and mentored by participating Creighton University faculty and staff members to learn successful behaviors and skills needed in the workplace today. The on-campus internships offered through this program provide valuable experience for students just starting out on their professional journey.

Career Portfolio Program The Career Portfolio Program, required for all Heider College of Business undergraduate students, provides an integrated and directed approach to the career development process. This four-year program presents the foundations for assessing strengths and interests, exploring career options, developing a professional resume, sharpening interviewing skills, learning effective networking strategies, executing a successful internship or job search, preparing for the graduate or professional school process and focusing on career management as a lifelong process.

Graduate and Professional School Preparation The Career Center assists students who are applying to graduate or professional school. Students can search for schools via the Career Center’s resources, receive guidance navigating the application process, learn how to write a personal statement and participate in a graduate/ professional school practice interview.

EDGE® Scholars Program The EDGE® Scholars Program is a four-year career and professional development program that engages students in four phases of theoretical and practical experiences: • First phase: development and discernment (EDGE® 102) • Second phase: experiential learning and reflection • Third phase: leadership and service • Fourth phase: professional preparation and transition Students explore occupation options and learn the basics of career preparedness while applying skills in resume and cover letter writing, interviewing and networking to connect to internships, study abroad experiences, research, service and employment.



Living at Creighton

Swanson Hall, 136 402.280.2717

Housing and Auxiliary Services

When you choose to live on campus, you don’t just choose to make your Creighton experience an academic adventure. You set yourself on a path for personal growth, making irreplaceable connections and acquiring leadership skills. Freshman residence halls ope n Saturday, August 18, starting at 8 a.m.

Freshman Residence Halls Gallagher Hall

Swanson Hall

Gallagher Hall is known for having one of the closest-knit communities on campus.

Swanson Hall, a suite-style residence hall, is located in the heart of campus.

•• •• •• •• ••

Co-ed freshman hall 4 resident floors 1st floor community kitchen and living space Double rooms/community bathrooms Community Partner: Charles E. Lakin Resource Center

•• •• •• •• ••

Co-ed freshman/sophomore hall Home of the Freshman Honors Scholars Community 8 resident floors with kitchens and common spaces 4-person suites; 2 per room, 1 adjoining bathroom Community Partner: Siena/Francis House

Kiewit Hall

Deglman Hall

Kiewit Hall, the largest residence hall, is located in the heart of campus.

Deglman Hall is known for building community in its spacious basement recreation area.

•• •• •• •• ••


Co-ed freshman hall Home to the Freshman Leadership Program (FLP) 8 resident floors with kitchens and common spaces Double rooms/community bathrooms Community Partner: Open Door Mission

•• •• •• ••

Co-ed freshman hall 5 resident floors Double rooms/community bathrooms Ground floor community room with full kitchen and living space •• Community Partner: Nelson Mandela Elementary

Department of Residential Life

Leadership in Residential Life

Hall Staff

Creighton’s Inter Residence Hall Government (IRHG) is the voice for all students living on campus. IRHG provides an excellent opportunity for students to gain valuable leadership experience.

Sophomore, junior and senior student leaders live and/or work in the halls as resident advisors and desk receptionists to provide role modeling, support, community programming and fun. Early involvement in the hall, through government, desk work or service, creates a foundation to grow into one of these leadership roles.

IRHG student leaders plan and organize campus-wide events like Christmas at Creighton, Lil’ Jays Weekend, Creighton Cares and more. Each residence hall and apartment has its own legislative body. Students living in a hall can run for a position to assist in hall programming and representation.

Students are also supported by live-in, master’s degree-level professional staff who oversee the community and daily operations of the halls. These staff members have been trained to create the best possible environment for you and your peers.

Communities The Freshman Leadership Program (FLP) consists of 60 first-year students, 20 mentors, eight executive team members, one student coordinator and two staff advisors. Students live on a co-ed floor, separated into wings, on the ninth floor of Kiewit Hall.

The Honors Scholars Community is home to the 50 firstyear women and men admitted to the Honors Program. The Honors program provides students a challenging and innovative academic alternative to the Magis Core, with individualized attention from top faculty mentors.

FLP members participate in a course together, attend weekly seminars, serve in the community, complete a leadership portfolio project and attend a series of leadership-based events together to actively develop strong leadership capabilities. Applications for FLP are available between October and January of the year prior to a student’s enrollment at Creighton.

The community is housed on the ninth floor of Swanson Hall, with a live-in Jesuit chaplain and two upperclassman Honors students as resident advisors. Living and Learning together, students walk away with lifelong friendships and memories as they head to top graduate and professional schools, service opportunities and meaningful jobs.


Office of Community Standards and Wellbeing


Creighton Hall Suite 224 402.280.2775


Our Process

The Office of Community Standards and Wellbeing exists to enhance the quality of student life outside of the classroom. The OCSW collaborates with many departments within the Division of Student Life and the academic division to help students integrate their out of classroom experiences with their academic learning. To accomplish this mission, the office has five primary learning outcomes. Students will be able to:

Any student who is documented for an alleged violation of the Student Code of Conduct will need to participate in the Community Standards nonacademic misconduct process to determine an appropriate outcome. This discipline process is fully outlined in the Creighton University Student Handbook. Students should refer to the Creighton University Student Handbook for specific details regarding the process.

•• Articulate Creighton’s Code of Conduct as outlined in the Student Handbook. •• Demonstrate congruence between their actions, their personal values, and Creighton’s Jesuit University values and charisms. •• Examine how their actions impact their individual success in and out of the classroom, as well as in their communities. •• Think critically about their own choices and the impact those may have on Creighton and other communities. •• Develop skills and strategies to allow them to better model the Code of Conduct in the future.

What We Do The OCSW is responsible for coordinating policies and procedures concerning student conduct and the conduct process, as outlined in the Creighton Student Handbook. We expect our students to play an active and respectful role in community life at Creighton University and adhere to the Student Code of Conduct. We encourage students and student organizations to make responsible decisions in their lives inside and outside of the classroom. The Student Code of Conduct applies to all Creighton students regardless of whether the behavior(s) occurred on or off campus.

Our Philosophy The OCSW fosters an environment of learning from experience and moving beyond negative choices. We provide students with the resources and education needed to respect the dignity of all persons, the policies of the Creighton University community and the rights of its members both on and off campus, in addition to the just laws of the civic community and the rights of its members. The conduct process is built on the foundation that the process should be educational and helpful to the student’s development. Our office aims to support students as they work through the sometimes, uncomfortable process of making choices that better reflect the personal and communal values articulated by the Jesuit values central to the mission of Creighton University.


Sanctioning The Office of Community Standards and Wellbeing believes that students who choose to violate the Student Code of Conduct have an obligation to reconcile the fact that they also violated their own integrity, and the Creighton community. Any student who is found responsible for violating the Student Code of Conduct will receive a set of sanctions intended to help them complete that process of reconciliation. More information regarding sanctions can be found in the Creighton University Student Handbook.

Fraternity and Sorority Life Standards Board The Fraternity and Sorority Standards Board is approved by the vice provost for Student Life and may be granted authority to adjudicate specific types of cases involving fraternity and sorority organizations. The board is advised by the assistant director for Fraternity and Sorority Life and the assistant director of the Office of Community Standards and Wellbeing.

Community Standards Board The OCSW offers membership on our Community Standards Board. The Community Standards Board (CSB) provides opportunities for leadership and service in addition to developing lifelong skills in facilitating and resolving conflicts, as well as promoting civility and citizenship within the University community. Membership is open to all Creighton students in good standing with the University, via an application process. The purpose of the board shall be to conduct hearings on alleged infractions of University rules and provide appropriate sanctions in matters involving non-academic disciplinary matters where it is anticipated that a student infraction may result in a warning or disciplinary reprimand. The hearing is not a formal process such as a civil or criminal trial but an educational endeavor, which deals with alleged non-academic misconduct. Discipline in a university, by the very nature of the institution, is educational, and for that reason, formal rules of evidence shall not apply in disciplinary hearings. In addition, members of the board will function as a programming board for the OCSW. As a programming entity, they will work to promote the OCSW’s four pillars: Integrity, Dignity, Community and Development.

For hearings, quorum will consist of five voting members with representatives from Panhellenic Council chapters, Interfraternity Council chapters, and representatives from multicultural Greek organizations (only if applications are received from these organizations), the vice president of judicial affairs for the Interfraternity Council, and the vice president of judicial affairs for the Panhellenic Council. The board may hear certain disciplinary cases involving fraternity and sorority organizations at the request of the advisor(s) and with the approval of the senior director of the Office of Community Standards and Wellbeing in lieu of a private decision.

Peer Education at Creighton (PEAC) The mission of PEAC is to promote healthy living and responsible decision-making among Creighton students through providing preventative health education and peer support. PEAC is a dedicated group of students who support the academic mission of the University by promoting wellness and “peak performance” through healthy lifestyle choices. Peer educators work on various teams to help educate and spread awareness about health and wellness issues central to Creighton students’ college experience. Membership in the group is decided based on a submitted application. For more information, contact Sue Weston at

Applications may be found on our website:


Office of Equity and Inclusion The Office of Equity and Inclusion brings together a number of important University initiatives to reduce obstacles and foster an environment that is welcoming and inclusive to all Creighton community members. This includes: •• Oversight of reported incidents of sexual misconduct, relationship misconduct, harassment and discrimination, including all Title IX incidents for the University •• Prevention education on issues of sexual violence, dating violence and stalking •• Confidential advocacy through the Violence Intervention and Prevention Center •• Affirmative Action/EEO •• Children and vulnerable adults

Reporting Incidents to the University Individuals who have experienced an incident of sexual violence, harassment or discrimination are encouraged to report to the Office of Equity and Inclusion. Reports can be made online, in person or over the phone. Please visit for more information or call 402.280.3189.

Amnesty in Reporting In promoting the best interests of the campus community, and encouraging individuals to report to the Office of Equity and Inclusion, the University offers individuals who feel they have been the target of a policy violation and witnesses to such alleged violations amnesty from minor policy and/or code of conduct violations related to the incident.

Investigative Process The Office of Equity and Inclusion investigates incidents under the University’s Harassment, Discrimination, Sexual and Relationship Misconduct Policy. Incidents are resolved through formal and informal processes by trained investigators. Investigations are thorough, prompt and equitable. All parties have the ability to present evidence, provide witness and have an advisor of choice. For more information, please visit

Mandatory Reporting Most Creighton faculty and staff members who learn of a sexual violence, stalking, dating violence, harassment or discrimination incident are required to report it to the Office of Equity and Inclusion.



Creighton Hall, 340 402.280.3189 If you would like to speak to someone confidentially regarding a situation, please contact the Violence Intervention and Prevention Center ( or Student Counseling Services on campus.

Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) Center The VIP Center provides confidential advocacy to firstand second-hand survivors of sexual violence, dating violence, stalking, harassment, discrimination and more. An advocate is someone who will provide one-on-one individualized support to individuals. These services are free, confidential and available to all students. Individual advocacy can include the following: •• Support after an incident of violence •• Safety planning •• Assistance with class absences, coursework extensions and housing •• Assistance with reporting incidents, both on and off campus •• Assistance filing Protection Orders •• Resources to assist a friend, partner or family member •• Campus and community referrals

Contact Us For more information, please visit or 402.280.3794 or send a confidential email to And follow us on social media! Facebook—Creighton VIP Center Twitter—@cuVIPcenter

Prevention Education Creighton’s violence prevention program, Green Dot, is a nationally recognized program focused on reducing incidents of power-based personal violence. Green Dot challenges each participant to take a proactive stance against violence and provides individuals with a variety of options to make the community safer, both directly and indirectly. A Green Dot is a moment in time when someone makes the decision to do something in a potentially high-risk situation. This could be a small or large action, but it’s the decision to act that makes a difference. The VIP Center also offers trainings, workshops and programs on the topics of dating violence, sexual violence, stalking, harassment and bullying.

Annual Events The Violence Intervention and Prevention Center hosts annual awareness events for students on campus throughout the school year. This includes programming for Dating Violence Awareness Month in October and Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April. During the month of April, the VIP Center also hosts Take Back the Night, an event that raises awareness of sexual violence in our community and provides a safe space for survivors to tell their stories.



Public Safety Overview

Crime Prevention

The Department of Public Safety, which reports to the Office of the Vice President for Administration, is responsible for campus safety and security. The department operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from its headquarters facility at 2222 Burt Street. Public Safety is a private armed security force, with three shifts of officers who receive a variety of specialized training that includes first aid, CPR and the use of firearms.

Public Safety maintains that the more effective strategy is to prevent rather than to solve crimes. To that end, the department devotes a significant portion of its resources to crime prevention:

The department includes the director, an assistant director, a crime prevention officer, administrative assistant, three supervisors, 20 patrol officers, three full-time dispatchers, three part-time dispatchers and a parking attendant. The department maintains a close working relationship with municipal, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Emergency Notification System (CreightonAlert) Today, more than ever, we must be prepared for situations that we could never have anticipated happening and recognize that immediate communication is critical to keep students, faculty and staff well-informed. Effective emergency response requires personal preparedness and training. A key element of Creighton’s comprehensive crisis plan is a multichannel communication system called CreightonAlert. That system allows us to keep the Creighton community informed either in the classroom, in the residence halls and while you are using your computer or cell phone. It is important to register for this service and to update information if any of your contact information has changed. Simply visit and follow the instructions.


•• Officers patrol the campus on foot, on bicycles and in vehicles 24 hours a day. Always on the alert for potential problems, officers provide a first line of defense with an intercept capability and a visible deterrence. •• Over 300 surveillance cameras monitor and record activity across the campus and serve as visible deterrents to crime. In 2017, an upgrade to the Public Safety dispatch center dramatically increased the department’s ability to proactively monitor activity across the campus. •• In 2017, the University also launched an important initiative to offer faculty, staff and students with a personal mobile safety device as an enhancement to our campus safety environment. This Bluetooth-enabled device pairs with a smartphone app to allow any user on campus to immediately summon assistance to an exact geographic location. When activated, the device places an emergency phone call to either the campus Public Safety dispatcher or to the local 911 dispatcher. It also transmits the user’s exact geolocation and personal profile to the campus Public Safety dispatcher. Activated with three clicks of a button, this device eliminates the need to carry a phone in hand, to remove gloves or to unlock the phone to make a call. Learn more at publicsafety/pom.

Schneider Building 2222 Burt St. Business phone: 402.280.2104 Emergency phone: 402.280.2911

•• A campus shuttle service provides students and University employees with safe and convenient transportation to most sites on campus up to 20 hours each day. Two shuttle buses run concurrently to link all corners of the campus with most destinations in between. A third shuttle provides service to commuters parking along the Burt Street Corridor. A free campus taxi service (JayRide) operates between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. Riders are also able to track the location of shuttle vehicles via the web and smart phone apps. •• A pedestrian escort service is available to all campus members upon request. Public Safety Officers will accompany pedestrians to their residence halls, parked cars or other campus destinations. Officers will respond to escort requests any time someone is apprehensive about walking alone. •• Blue light emergency phones are located strategically throughout the campus, particularly in parking lots. They enable one to activate a single emergency button on the phone panel to be in instant contact with the Public Safety dispatcher. •• A full-time crime prevention officer makes presentations and develops programs designed to inform campus members about the threat of crime and the prevention resources available to them. Electronic card access systems are employed in a number of buildings on campus. These electronic access systems afford an extra measure of security in their flexibility and control.

Safety and Security Resources Problem

Where to Go


Alcohol and Drug Information

Division of Student Life


Center for Health and Counseling


Crime Prevention Programs

Public Safety Crime Prevention Officer


Crisis Counseling

Center for Health and Counseling



Department of Public Safety


Omaha Police and Fire


Douglas County Sheriff (Nebraska)


Pottawattamie County Sheriff (Iowa)


Center for Health and Counseling


Health Needs

Concerta Health Services


Maintenance Needs

Facilities Management


Personal Counseling

Center for Health and Counseling


Campus Ministry


Employee Assistance Program


Department of Public Safety


Office of Equity and Inclusion


Omaha Police


Violence Intervention and Prevention Center


Women’s Center for Advancement (24-Hour Victim Hotline)


Methodist Hospital


Sexual Assault Reporting

Sexual Assault Advocacy

Sex Offender List

Information maintained by the Nebraska State Patrol can be accessed at

Shuttle Bus Information

Shuttle Services


Student Affairs and Conduct

Division of Student Life


Parking on Campus All vehicles parked on Creighton University property are required to display a valid University parking permit. A valid parking permit consists of a decal that must be affixed to the exterior of the rear window on the driver’s side. If your vehicle does not have a glass rear window, please place the decal on the front windshield, lower corner on the passenger side. A Creighton University parking permit only allows you to search for and occupy a parking space as space is available. It does not guarantee the availability of a space. During normal business hours students are required to park in student lots. However, in the interest of safety, students with valid permits may also park in faculty/staff lots from 4 p.m. to 6 a.m., Monday through Friday, and any time on weekends. Students are not allowed to park in faculty/staff lots during breaks or student holidays. Students may not purchase a second vehicle permit. Vehicles parked without valid permits or in violation are subject to sanctions, including fines, registration holds, vehicle immobilization, towing, disciplinary actions or revocation of campus parking privileges. For more information regarding parking, please visit


Recreation and Wellness The Department of Recreation and Wellness supports healthy lifestyles through quality programs, services and facilities. To achieve cura personalis—care for the whole person—the department facilitates eight dimensions of wellness: emotional, physical, occupational, environmental, financial, spiritual, social and intellectual.

Competitive Sports Club Sports

Intramural Sports

Open Curling MMA Officials Association Quidditch Racquetball Running Swimming Ultimate Frisbee Water Polo


Men Baseball Basketball Hockey Lacrosse Rugby Soccer Volleyball Women Lacrosse Soccer Volleyball


Fall 2v2 Volleyball 3v3 Basketball 4-person Golf 6v6 Volleyball Flag Football Indoor Soccer Kickball Mini Golf Tennis Singles Ultimate Frisbee Spring 2-person Golf 4v4 Flag Football 4v4 Volleyball Basketball Dodgeball Indoor Soccer Outdoor Soccer Ping Pong Racquetball Softball Tennis Wiffleball

Follow us @creightonrec



Kiewit Fitness Center, 211 402.280.2848

Fitness Programs

Member Services

Group Fitness 25/semester

Membership included in student fees

Barre Intensity Bodypump Cycling Dance Fusion HIIT Mixxedfit Sweat ‘n Step Yoga Laties Zumba

Lockers Annual Fees: Full: $60 Half: $40


Semester Fees: Full: $25 Half: $15

Fitness Workshops $ 40 Boot Camp $ 40 TRX and Kettlebell

Wellness Programs

Body Composition $ 8

Massage Therapy 60 min: $50 90 min: $75

Personal Training Single: $25/hr Partners: $20/hr/person

Cooking Classes

Nutrition Workshops

Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library The Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library, located in the heart of campus, is proud to serve all undergraduate students. We provide a wide variety of services and resources to help you succeed. Spinning your wheels on Google? Need to find a “scholarly” article? Don’t know how to cite a source correctly? Expert help is available from the Research Center team on a drop-in basis or via live chat, phone and email. You can also schedule a one-on-one consultation with a subject librarian through the Research Assistance Program. A “RAP session” will save you time and stress! Besides 400,000 books and journals on the library shelves, we offer thousands of e-books, e-journals and information databases through our website, in addition to streaming videos. These electronic resources cover all fields of study and are available 24/7 from anywhere you have access to the web.



Library Hours Sunday 10 a.m.–1 a.m. Monday-Thursday 7 a.m.–1 a.m. Friday 7 a.m.–9 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m.–9 p.m. Interim and summer hours vary; check online at

Contact Us Circulation and Reserve:

It goes without saying that the library provides comfortable study spaces for students, plus computers, printing and scanning. But did you know that we have multimedia stations and 3D printing services? We also have technology for you to check out, including Raspberry Pi kits, a camcorder, GoPro cameras and a portable green screen with lights. And if you forget your Macbook, iPhone or Android phone charger, we’ve got you covered.


Finally, we also know that sometimes you just need a break! The Reinert-Alumni Library has movies, music, audiobooks and paperbacks to help you decompress. Come check us out! You can also like us and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Research Center: 402.280.2227

From our students: “I didn’t realize all the resources and help I could get from the library.” - Freshman student “The RAP program is very valuable… I wouldn’t have found such wonderful resources alone.” - Graduate student “The library saves so much time that I would have wasted on my own!” - Senior student



Research and Development Lab The Creighton University Research and Development (RaD Lab) supports the Creighton community with technology innovation. We’re more than just a “makerspace.” The RaD Lab provides support for project-based learning activities, scholarly research, rapid prototyping, media production, highperformance computing, application development and more. The RaD Lab offers students, faculty and staff project support and equipment such as Apple™ and PC desktops, video/audio production gear, light manufacturing tools, photo printing and other resources to accelerate your ideas into action. The RaD Lab is also the home base of the Division of Information Technology internship program.


Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library, Lower Level RAL L05 402.280.4688

Student Employment


Mike and Josie Harper Center, 1100 402.280.2457

The Student Employment Office supports students as they navigate on-campus employment. Each year, more than 2,500 Creighton students help meet their educational expenses through Federal Work Study and Universityfunded employment. Part-time student workers play an important role in helping departments across campus carry out daily work. Student employees serve in a variety of positions from intramural sports officials on the soccer field to research assistants in Health Sciences labs. Students are encouraged to contact the Student Employment Office for any assistance regarding the campus employment experience. The Student Employment Office connects students to these employment opportunities primarily through Jobs4Jays, powered by Handshake—Creighton University’s online career management system. The platform offers many benefits, including a search function for on-campus positions, a mobile-friendly interface and a personalized experience for students and employers to connect with opportunities. Keep in mind that some on-campus jobs are filled by word-of-mouth. Departments of interest may be contacted directly.

Federal Work Study Federal Work Study (FWS) is a need-based student employment program. Eligibility is based on FAFSA results. FWS students are assigned to on-campus positions based on skills, interests and staffing needs. Job assignments are emailed in the late summer only to students who have completed all pre-employment federal forms (I-9 and W4) and whose financial aid status is finalized.

Federal I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form Are you planning to work on campus? Federal law requires that you complete the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form. The I-9 must be completed in person and requires proof of eligibility to work in the United States This must be an ORIGINAL document—passport, social security card or birth certificate. Photocopies or documents sent via email or fax may not be used. Students cannot work until this process is completed.



Skutt Student Center, 120 and 205 402.280.1715

Student Leadership and Involvement Center Discover. Develop. Deliver. As educators, the Student Leadership and Involvement Center (SLIC) staff share our gifts and talents to foster student growth and development. We intentionally create learning opportunities that teach and challenge students to develop, understand, and reflect upon their values, leadership skills and goals. We expect that students and staff will: •• Seek excellence from themselves and others. •• Seek and model balanced integration of academic, social, recreational and spiritual involvement. •• Respect and celebrate the commonalities and uniqueness of all. •• Impact social change through education, reflection and service that is for and with others. •• Share their gifts with our communities for the greater glory of God.

Student Clubs Join one of more than 220 student clubs at Creighton, or start your own! Come to the Skutt Shutdown in August or the Winter Involvement Fair in February to learn more about our student clubs. You can also find contact information for the clubs at To start a new organization, you’ll need four full-time students interested in joining, a faculty or staff moderator, a mission statement, a constitution and a calendar of proposed events for the first semester. You’ll need to set up a meeting with the assistant director of the SLIC and complete the New Student Organization form on CU Involved. Once you’ve submitted your application, it will be reviewed by the Student Organization Review Committee.

Office Hours SLIC 120 Monday-Wednesday Thursday-Friday

SLIC 205 Monday-Friday

CU Involved CU Involved is an online resource that allows you to find information on the 220-plus student organizations and departments on campus. On the home page, you’ll find events happening around campus. Each student organization can create and customize its own page. Tools for organizations include event registration, attendance tracking, online elections, electronic forms, roster management, document storage and a messaging system. Log in today at to learn more about the organizationsavailable on campus. Questions? Contact us at


8 a.m.–8 p.m. 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Family Weekend Family Weekend, September 14–16, 2018, is an excellent time to come and learn about your student’s new home at Creighton! We provide events on and off campus so that you can be familiar with the Creighton community and the greater Omaha community. These include athletic events, a community barbecue, networking with Creighton professionals, and the opportunity to meet other families of current students. Look for registration this summer and contact if you have any questions!

CU After Dark CU After Dark programming offers students fun, unique, free programming on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. These late night events allow students to engage in activities, both on and off campus, they may not have access to otherwise. CU After Dark also allows students to interact with an array of campus organizations and departments, and provides a great opportunity to meet new people and build relationships. CU After Dark is safe, alcohol/ substance alternative programming for students. Our events include: Game Fest, an Oscar Movie Marathon, Archery Tag and much more!

Strengths at Creighton As part of the first-year experience at Creighton, all students are provided the opportunity to take the CliftonStrengths for Students assessment. Created by Gallup, CliftonStrengths identifies your top five strengths (from a list of 34 total strengths). These strengths highlight the abilities by which you’re naturally inclined to succeed—an exciting learning opportunity as you become more involved in the Creighton community. Via collaboration with partners across campus, strengths will be integrated into many events, including an Introduction to Strengths workshop in February.


Fraternity and Sorority Life Values The six values of Fraternity and Sorority Life are: •• •• •• •• •• ••

Scholarship Leadership Social Development Faith Service Lifelong Brotherhood/Sisterhood

Facts •• Over 40 percent of the undergratuate community is affiliated with the Fraternity and Sorority Life community. •• The Fraternity and Sorority GPA is consistently higher than the University average. •• Creighton withholds freshman recruitment activities until the second semester to encourage prospective members to acclimate to college life and concentrate on academics before adding involvement in the Fraternity and Sorority Life community. •• Women’s recruitment will take place January 13–19, 2019, and men’s recruitment will take place January 20–February 1, 2019.

Fraternities •• •• •• •• •• ••

Beta Theta Pi Phi Delta Theta Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Lambda Beta Sigma Phi Epsilon

Sororities •• •• •• •• •• •• •• ••

Alpha Phi Delta Delta Delta Delta Zeta Gamma Phi Beta Kappa Kappa Gamma Pi Beta Phi Sigma Lambda Gamma Theta Phi Alpha

Dance Marathon In 2015, Creighton University become one of over 300+ Children’s Miracle Network Dance Marathon programs happening across North America. Dance Marathon at Creighton benefits the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha. The student-run program is committed to giving 100 percent of the funds raised each year to support local kids. Since its inception, Dance Marathon, which is sponsored by the Inter-Fraternity and Panhellenic Councils, has raised over $158,000, including more than $68,000 in 2017!


Creighton Students Union The Creighton Students Union (CSU) exists to represent and serve the students of Creighton University. Through the cooperative efforts of the nine colleges and schools of Creighton, CSU is entrusted to serve and advocate for the student body, and is dedicated to the enhancement of the educational, social and cultural environments on campus.

Creighton Students Union CSU Board of Representatives: Student representatives of each respective college work together to enact change through legislation. Four ad hoc committees focus on issues pertinent to students: Campus Relations, Diversity Inclusion and Outreach, Sustainability, and Visibility and Marketing—each a great way to effect tangible change on campus. Appropriations Committee: The Appropriations Committee is made up of seven students who make decisions on the allocation of funding to student organizations—an amazing opportunity to ensure the success of student organizational efforts. CSU Fellows: The CSU Fellows program provides a specialized CSU education to first-year students. Students develop skills in leadership and learn about making an impact at Creighton.

CSU Program Board The CSU Program Board strives to bring quality programs to campus. Program Board is committed to providing multicultural, social, recreational, educational and entertaining programs that align with Creighton University’s mission statement. Events include Wednesdays After Class (WAC), Fallapalooza, Spring Fling, excursions across the Omaha area, late night events and many more. Interested in getting involved with CSU? Visit us at the Skutt Shutdown or stop by our office in the Student Leadership and Involvement Center. There are opportunities available on the board of representatives, appropriations committee and Program Board street team.


Skutt Student Center, 120 402.280.1715

Twitter: @csu1922 @csuprogramboard Facebook: /creightonstudentsunion /creighton.csuprogramboard

Fall 2018 Events August 24 Paint Party September 9–15 Homecoming Week September 15 JayWalk November 6 CSU Elections Wednesdays After Class (WAC) occur on a weekly basis during the academic year. Check back in the fall for more events!


Student Organizations Academic/Interest •• Alpha Kappa Psi–Delta Pi •• Blue Test Prep •• Business Intelligence and Analytics Association •• Chess Club •• Colleges Against Cancer •• Collegiate Association of Social Entrepreneurs •• Computer Science Club •• Courage Club •• Creighton University Active Minds •• Creighton University Biology Club •• Creighton University Mock Trial Team •• Creighton University Society of Physics Students •• Creighton University Student Nurses Association •• Creighton Women in Business •• Economics Society •• Emergency Medical Services Club •• Energy Club •• Environmental Science Club •• Exercise Science–Excellence in Leadership •• Financial Management Association •• Green Jays •• Health Administration Policy Student Association •• History Society •• Human Resources Association •• Jays Dig Deep •• Knitting and Crocheting Club •• Math Club •• Medical Anthropology and Sociology Society •• MEDLIFE •• Minority Association of Pre-Health Students •• Model United Nations Club •• NETwork Against Malaria •• Neuroscience Club •• Peer Education at Creighton •• Pre-Dental Society •• Pre-Law Society •• Pre-Medical Society •• Pre-Occupational Therapy Club •• Pre-Optometry Club •• Pre-Pharmacy Club •• Pre-Physical Therapy Club •• Pre-Physician Assistant Club •• Pre-Vet Club •• Public Relations Student Society of America •• Student Organization of Social Workers


Academic Honor Society •• •• •• •• •• ••

Alpha Psi Omega Beta Alpha Psi Chi Upsilon Chapter of Phi Chi Eta Sigma Phi Phi Sigma Tau Psi Chi

Cultural •• African Students Association •• Creighton University African American Student Association •• Creighton University Gender and Sexuality Alliance •• Creighton University Latino Student Association •• Creighton University’s Native American Association •• Desi Cultural Society •• German American Club •• Hui O Hawaii •• International Student Association •• Vietnamese Student Association

Faith-Based/Spiritual •• Catholic Daughters of the Americas at Creighton •• Catholic Student Organization •• Creighton Knights of Columbus •• Creighton Navigators •• CU Jews: A Student Jewish Union •• InterVarsity Christian Fellowship •• Muslim Student Association •• Orthodox Christian Fellowship •• Creighton Students for Life

Fraternity/Sorority •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• ••

Alpha Phi Beta Theta Pi Delta Delta Delta Delta Sigma Theta Delta Zeta Gamma Phi Beta Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Delta Theta Pi Beta Phi Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Lambda Beta Sigma Lambda Gamma Sigma Phi Epsilon Theta Phi Alpha

General Honor Society •• •• •• ••

National Residence Hall Honorary National Society of Collegiate Scholars Omicron Delta Kappa Order of Omega

Governing Body •• College of Arts and Sciences Student Senate •• Creighton Medical Student Government •• Creighton Non-Traditional Students Union •• Creighton Students Union •• Dental Students Union •• Graduate Student Government •• Heider Business Senate •• Inter Residence Hall Government •• Inter-Fraternity Council •• Nursing Senate •• Panhellenic Council •• Pharmacy and Health Professions Student Government

Political •• Creighton University College Democrats •• Creighton University College Republicans •• Turning Point USA •• Young Americans for Liberty

Service •• •• •• •• •• •• ••

Alpha Phi Omega Best Buddies Community Kitchen Creighton University Circle K Habitat for Humanity Magis Ambassadors Project CURA

Social •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• ••

Advertising Club Anime Club Blue Crew Birdcage Creighton Love Your Melon Creighton Swing Dance Society Creighton University Chamber Choir Creighton University Pep Band Creightones Culinary Club Dance Jamz Hip Hop Club French Club Global Health Club Investment Banking Club JayBeats Acapella Jays Dancers League of Legends Club Odyssey at CU Peace and Justice Cooperative Peer2Peer Sports Professional Club Square Dancing Club Student Center for the Public Trust Student Leadership Cabinet The Creighton Crescendas Trailblazers Young Life College

Sports Club (Competitive) •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• ••

Baseball Basketball Curling Fishing Golf Hockey Men’s Lacrosse Women’s Lacrosse Quidditch Racquetball Rugby Men’s Soccer Women’s Soccer Swim Ultimate Frisbee Men’s Volleyball Women’s Volleyball Water Polo

Sports Club (Recreational) •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• ••

Bluejay Student Officials Association Bowling Climbing Cycling Kendou Mixed Martial Arts Running Ski and Snowboard Strength

Skutt Shutdown Skutt Shutdown is a collaborative event between the Student Leadership and Involvement Center, Housing and Auxiliary Services and Recreation and Wellness. On August 30, the Skutt Student Center and Kiewit Fitness Center will shut down for the day, and will reboot at 8 p.m. to welcome the entire Creighton community for an exciting night filled with carnival games, prizes and performances. Mingling with more than 90 student clubs in the interactive extravaganza, you’ll win prizes, enjoy food and drinks, explore interests, meet new people, discover new passions and further existing ones.


Campus Contacts Academic Affairs

Division of Student Life Tanya Winegard Vice Provost for Student Life 402.280.2775 Michele Bogard Associate Vice Provost for Student Engagement 402.280.2775 Wayne Young Jr. Associate Vice Provost for Student Development 402.280.2775 Creighton Intercultural Center Becky Nickerson Director 402.280.2459 Department of Residential Life Kristen Roppolo Interim Director 402.280.2717

Student Counseling Services Jennifer Peter Director 402.280.2735 Student Health Services Debra Saure Senior Director 402.280.2735 Nathan Haecker Medical Director 402.280.2735 Student Leadership and Involvement Center Katie Kelsey Director 402.280.1715

Institutional Diversity and Inclusion

Encuentro Dominicano Kat Turco Student Life Director 402.280.7517

Christopher Whitt Vice Provost for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion 402.280.5121

Housing and Auxiliary Services Lucas Novotny Director 402.280.1706

Creighton EDGE

Office of Community Standards and Wellbeing Desiree Nownes Senior Director 402.280.2775 Recreation and Wellness Steve Woita Director 402.280.2848


Joseph Ecklund Director, Academic Success 402.280.5531 Jeremy Fisher Director, John P. Fahey Career Center 402.280.2722

Tom Murray Provost 402.280.4076 Tricia Brundo Sharrar Vice Provost, Academic Administration and Partnerships 402.280.4076 Catherine Todero Dean, College of Nursing 402.280.2004 Michael Kelly Interim Dean, School of Law 402.280.2874 Robert Dunlay Dean, School of Medicine 402.280.2600 Anthony Hendrickson Dean, Heider College of Business 402.280.2852 Gail Jensen Dean, Graduate School and College of Professional Studies 402.280.3727 Bridget Keegan Dean, College of Arts and Sciences 402.280.4015 Mark Latta Dean, School of Dentistry 402.280.5061 Amy Wilson Interim Dean, School of Pharmacy and Health Professions 402.280.3269

Division of Enrollment Management Mary Chase Vice Provost, Enrollment Management and Strategic Planning 402.280.2640 Lindsay Johnson Director, Graduate and Adult Recruitment 402.280.3624 Paula Kohles Director, Financial Aid 402.280.2731 Mary Ann Tietjen Director, Student Employment 402.280.2408 Sarah Richardson Assistant Vice Provost for Enrollment Management 402.280.2703

Global Engagement Office RenĂŠ Padilla Vice Provost for Global Engagement 402.280.4745 Tami Renner Director, International Student and Scholar Services 402.280.3970 Lizzy Curran Global Programs Coordinator 402.280.2221 Office of Sustainability Programs Belyna Bentlage Sustainability Coordinator 402.280.2699

Advocacy and Reporting

University Relations

Office of Equity and Inclusion Allison Taylor Executive Director/Title IX Coordinator 402.280.3189

Matthew Gerard Vice President 402.280.2741

Violence Intervention and Prevention Center Lauren Ward Associate Director 402.280.3794 Meredith Lierk Assistant Director 402.280.3189


Diane Stormberg Assistant Vice President for Alumni Relations and Donor Engagement 402.280.1765

Additional Resources Business Office/Office of Veterans and Military Affairs Mark Turner Director 402.280.4073

Bruce Rasmussen Athletic Director 402.280.2487

Division of Information Technology Tim Brooks Vice President, Information Technology 402.280.5104

Steve Brace Associate Athletic Director 402.280.2484

Division of Mission and Ministry Eileen Burke-Sullivan Vice Provost for Mission and Ministry 402.280.3056

Mark Burgers Associate Athletic Director 402.280.5561 Brandy Menaugh Associate Athletic Director 402.280.3008 Kevin Sarver Associate Athletic Director 402.280.5810 Ticket Office 402.280.JAYS (5297)

Kyle Lierk Director, Campus Ministry 402.280.2591 Kenneth Reed-Bouley Director, Schlegel Center for Service and Justice 402.280.2754 University Communications and Marketing Jim Berscheidt Chief Communications and Marketing Officer 402.280.1272 Shannon Johnson Creative Director 402.280.3820


Additional Resources

Additional Resources

General Information

Public Safety Michael D. Reiner Director 402.280.2104

Student Support Services Krystal Boose Director for TRiO’s Student Support Services 402.280.3468

Public Safety 402.280.2911 (Emergency) 402.280.2104 (Non-Emergency)

Office of Disability Accommodations Denise LeClair Director 402.280.2166 Registrar’s Office Melinda Stoner University Registrar 402.280.2702


Family and Parent Program Judy K. Pritza Associate Director 402.280.4790 Parent Newsletter: parentprogram/parentnewsletter Box Office-Fine and Performing Arts 402.280.1448

CU Alert Sign up for alerts at: Creighton Weather Hotline 402.280.5800 Shuttle Services 402.650.7610 Campus Operator 402.280.2700 Creighton University Homepage

New Student Orientation


Skutt Student Center, 205 402.280.5507

Mission Statement New Student Orientation at Creighton University provides continuing services and assistance that will: •• •• •• ••

Aid new students in their transition to Creighton. Expose new students to an array of academic and social opportunities. Integrate new students into life at Creighton. Provide information to the families of new students.

New Student Orientation coordinates programs and services designed to assist and support new students and their families in their transition to Creighton. Orientation programs will include academic and social components and will address challenging issues that affect student success. These programs will address the needs of diverse populations, including minority, international, transfer and commuter students.

Summer Preview

Interested in New Student Orientation? If you would like more information, please contact Emma Rapp at Summer Preview: Welcome Week:

Summer Preview is Creighton’s summer orientation program designed to ease the transition in the fall for both students and families.

Welcome Week Welcome Week serves as Creighton’s official welcome to all new students during the fall semester. Move-in Date: August 18 Welcome Week Activities August 19 March to Morrison Stadium/ The Event August 20 The Jesuit Picnic August 20 Multicultural Enrichment Institute August 20 Welcome Week Block Party (Morrison Lawn and Rasmussen) August 21 The Creighton Pathway and Academic Convocation August 23 IRHG Movie on the Mall August 24 Program Board Paint Party August 25 Annual Lip Sync Contest August 27 Welcome Week Closing Ceremonies August 30 Skutt Shutdown


30th St.

Wareham Parkway

28th Plaza

Creighton Campus Map

Ahmanson Law Center Becker Dining Hall Beirne Research Tower Bio-Information Center Boyne Building  Brandeis Dining Hall Campion House Cardiac Center Center for Health Policy and Ethics Championship Center CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center – University Campus Creighton Hall Criss Complex I Criss Complex II-III 


36 15 11 3 2 20 41 1 5 52 29 22 10 6

Davis Square Apartments Deglman Residence Hall D.J. Sokol Arena Dowling Hall Eppley Building Gallagher Residence Hall Heider Residence Hall Hitchcock Building Hixson-Lied Science Building Ignatius House Jelinek Building Kenefick Residence Hall Kiewit Fitness Center Kiewit Residence Hall Kitty Gaughn Pavilion

44 21 48 12 8 14 37 13 7 25 47 38 18 16 33

25th Ave.

Izard St.

Cuming St. 21st St.

18th St.

Cuming St.

Burt St.

Burt St.

17th St.

Florence Blvd.

24th St.

20th St.

Mike Fahey St.

Cass St.

20th St.

22nd St.

Chicago St.

Davenport St.

Labaj Building Lied Center Linn Building Markoe Hall McGloin Residence Hall Military Science Building Mike and Josie Harper Center Morrison Soccer Stadium Murphy Building Opus Hall Apartments Pittman Building Rassmussen Center Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library

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Rigge Science Building Ryan Athletic Center Schneider Hall School of Dentistry (August 2018 building completion date) Sports Complex St. John’s Church Skutt Student Center Stuppy Greenhouse Swanson Residence Hall Vinardi Center (Old Gym) Wareham Building

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Paper made from 30% recycled content

Creighton University 2018-2019 BlueView  

Creighton University

Creighton University 2018-2019 BlueView  

Creighton University