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JULY 2010 • Volume 4 • Issue 3

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10-digit dialing goes into effect for all phone calls

Complete Data Solution 3

More Speed, More Storage 3

New 531 Area Code 4

Leadership Conversations 5

Omaha Community Playhouse 6

Cox in the Community 7








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tomers change. The activities of your competitors change. The capabilities of technology change. You have to adjust to these twists and turns in the marketplace in order to successfully navigate a path toward success. This July issue of Business Solutions celebrates the power of change. We begin on page 3 with a look at the recent changes to Cox Business Internet; your business can benefit from these powerful enhancements to our speed, security, and online backup services. Then on page 4, you’ll learn about an upcoming dialing change with the addition of the 531 area code in the region currently served by the 402 area code. Business leaders certainly know how to make changes. You can listen to the wisdom of some remarkable leaders during Leadership Conversations, a series available on Cox On DEMAND. Read about this series through the eyes of its Host/Moderator, Roger Fransecky, Ph.D, in his guest column on page 5. The Omaha Community Playhouse takes center stage in the Business Spotlight article on page 6. While the performances change every season at the Playhouse, their partnership with Cox has remained a constant. We’re proud to play a supporting role in their growth — through marketing programs and cost-efficient communications services. If you have any questions about the products and services featured in this issue, just give Cox Business a call. We’re here to meet your changing needs.


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Guy Cherp Vice President, Cox Business

Guy Cherp

CBI is the Complete Data Solution

Choose speeds up to 50.0 Mbps

We increased speeds and added free services to fully meet your Internet needs


ward-winning Cox Business Internet (CBI) is now better than ever, thanks to recent enhancements bolstering our speeds and adding free features — security and online backup services. Nick Rodriguez, Sales Engineer, explains, “Cox Business Internet speeds were increased to better accommodate our customers’ need for faster Internet access. In a world driven by technology, businesses must be fast and efficient to be competitive. We’ve also added two ancillary free offerings to our business Internet tiers — Cox Business Security Suite to minimize system downtime and provide our customers with automatic and uninterrupted protection from online threats, and Cox Business Online Backup to protect your data.” He continues, “Besides being the trusted provider, CBI now offers a holistic, complete package that addresses all of the fundamental needs for business Internet.” Faster speeds mean better productivity

Cox Business Internet is the fastest provider in the greater metro area, so you can count on us for the download and upload speeds you need. Depending on your requirements, choose speeds ranging from 2.0 Mbps down x 384 Kbps up to 50.0 Mbps down x 5.0 Mbps up. Remember that Internet speeds directly affect productivity; you don’t want

employees waiting around to access information or upload large files. With Cox Business Internet, your business will be equipped to perform at today’s pace. Cox Business Security Suite is a new value-added service

Companies can’t afford to have Internet security failures interrupt daily operation. To safeguard against viruses, hackers, and other online threats, we’ve added Cox Business Security Suite as a free service for Cox Business Internet subscribers. This total protection solution includes: • McAfee® Site Advisor® technology that uses simple color codes to identify risky websites. • A nti-virus, anti-phishing, and antispyware software. • Firewall and identify theft protection. • Centralized web-based management for the ease of IT administrators and office supervisors. • Customizable installations, reports, and automatic updates. Online Backup protects your important data

Cox Business Internet now comes bundled with even more peace of mind — Online

Backup. It’s the secure, simple, and automated way to protect the business data that’s vital to your success. The faster your Internet speed, the more storage space you have. Online Backup is also a disaster recovery tool. If you should lose your data for any reason — hard drive crash, natural disaster, or theft — you can be up and running in no time with simple data-restore options from any computer with Internet access. For more information about the complete data solution offered by Cox Business, call 402-934-3567.

Is Today the Day? You can’t afford to put your business at risk. Is today the day a virus infects your desktops and cripples your business? Or is today the day a tornado touches down and takes out a portion of your office space? If you’re a current Cox Business Internet subscriber, make today the day you call Cox Business Customer Care at 402-934-6000 to activate your FREE online backup and security suite. We can walk you through the online MyAccount portal where you manage all the settings for both of these tools.


531 Area Code to be Added in Nebraska 10-digit dialing will begin on June 26, 2010


o ensure a continuing supply of telephone numbers for Nebraska telephone customers, the Nebraska Pubic Service Commission (NPSC) is adding a new 531 area code in the geographic region currently served by the 402 area code. This change, called an area code overlay, allows for two area codes to coexist within the same region. You will not be required to change your existing area code or phone number; the new 531 area code will be used exclusively for new telephone numbers assigned after March 26, 2011. You will, however, need to change how you dial local telephone calls. What will remain the same?

• Your telephone number, which includes your area code, will remain the same.

Because of the addition of the 531 area code, all phone customers within the 402 area code (regardless of their phone service provider) will need to dial the correct area code (402 or 531) followed by the 7-digit telephone number when placing a local call. To ease the transition to 10-digit dialing for local calls, the change will be phased in over time: Transition — after June 26, 2010 Permissive dialing period begins — you should begin using the new dialing procedure whenever you place local calls from the 402 area code. If you forget and use 7-digit dialing, your call will still be completed.

Beginning February 26, 2011 All calls must be dialed with 10 digits. The mandatory dialing period begins and you must use the new 10-digit dialing procedure for all local calls. After this date, if you do not use the new dialing procedure, your calls will not be completed, and a recording will provide instructions on how to redial your call. Beginning March 26, 2011 New telephone lines or services can be assigned numbers with the 531 area code if no further 402 numbers are available.

• Local and long distance calling rates and services will not be impacted as a result of the area code overlay. What is a local call now will remain a local call even when using 10-digit dialing.

If you have any questions, please call Cox Business at 402-934-3137 or contact the Nebraska Public Service Commission (NPSC) at 1-800-526-0017 or visit their website at If your business uses equipment such as a PBX or auto-dial system, additional actions such as reprogramming may be required from your phone equipment vendor.

• You should still dial 1 + area code + 7-digit telephone number whenever placing a long distance call from the 402/531 area codes.

Note to Iowa Residents

• You should still dial just three digits to reach 911. • If 211, 411, 511, 611, 711, and 811 are currently available in your community, you will still dial them with just three digits. 4

How will this affect my business?

Iowa residents in the communities listed below that make calls to the Nebraska communities listed below will experience a dialing change. Effective June 26, 2010, begin using the new dialing procedure to complete these local calls. Calling FROM these IOWA communities: Carter Lake, Council Bluffs, Crescent, Glenwood, Mineola, Missouri Valley, Neola, Silver City, and Underwood. Calling TO these NEBRAKSA communities: Arlington, Bennington, Blair, Elkhorn, Fort Calhoun, Fremont, Getna, Kennard, Louisville, Murray, Omaha, Plattsmouth, Springfield, Valley, Waterloo, and Yutan.



Leadership and the Journeys Taken W hen Dick Parsons, Chairman of Time Warner (and now, Chairman of Citigroup) arrived on the Creighton University campus on a chilly February morning in 2006, he launched the first of a remarkable series of conversations about leading and living in a complex global business environment. In doing so, Cox Business and Creighton’s College of Business jointly created a program that has reached an international audience of business leaders and students of change: Leadership Conversations. This program is produced and taped for Cox On DEMAND viewing before audiences of more than 450 local and regional businesses, nonprofit and cultural leaders, as well as Creighton’s graduate students and faculty. Featured guests on Leadership Conversations have included Dick Parsons; Jim Kilts, former CEO of Gillette and Vice-Chairman of Proctor

and Gamble; and Andrea Ragnetti, CEO of Amsterdam-based Phillips. I have the privilege of serving as Host/ Moderator for Leadership Conversations. In my “Charlie Rose” role, I probe each of our distinguished CEOs for the lessons, large and small, learned on their path to the top. Our guests, all friends and clients of Apogee’s global leadership practice, have been generous and forthcoming. They talk about the need to make visible a True North for their leadership, the power of shaping and sharing a coherent set of values and linking them to value creation, how they survive their crushing daily schedules, and the challenges of creating a shared horizon and internal capabilities for sustainable growth in their large, complex enterprises. These leaders share common qualities that I view as critical to long-distance leading and business success: • A passion for ideas and talent. • A deep belief in the power of smart organizational process and discipline, combined with a deep impatience to achieve breakthrough results. • A personal experience with a great guide, parent, coach, or mentor. • A determination to find time to sustain an inner life, long-time friends, and connections with ideas and dreams.

Leadership Conversations featuring Joe Moglia is currently on Cox On DEMAND

By Roger Fransecky, Ph.D Founder/CEO of The Apogee Group ( and a Clinical Professor of Leadership at Creighton University

Parsons talked of the hard-earned lessons of his company’s several complex mergers; Kilts discussed the importance of organizational discipline; and Ragnetti explained how Phillips’ “Sense and Sim-

plicity” campaign grew out of his belief that organizational processes, ideas, and products were too slow to realization. Joe Moglia, Chairman of TD Ameritrade, took the stage this spring to discuss the power of coaching for success and an insider’s look at how he and his team have been able to create breakthrough results for TD’s shareholders as they faced a challenging economy and tough competition. Moglia’s inspiring personal story — from college coach to CEO — was full of memorable insights and lessons. We have all learned from, and been inspired by, the courageous conversations of the Leadership Conversations series. Our next guest is Marshall Carter, Deputy Chairman of NYSE Euronext, and former Chairman and CEO of the State Street Bank and Trust Company. Mr. Carter will appear on November 9, 2010. I invite you to share in the experience of these remarkable leaders. Their hard-won truths can inform our own leadership journey, and we can find deep comfort that “we aren’t alone” in our daily struggles for insight and impact.

Watch Today The complete series of Leadership Conversations is currently on Cox On DEMAND, Channel 1 > FreeZone > Omaha Metro > Local Events.



Success at the Omaha Community Playhouse Cox receives good reviews for playing a supporting role


ince the Omaha Community Playhouse was founded in 1924, this has been its purpose: “To raise the drama from a purely amusement enterprise into an educational, cultural force.” It’s not surprising, then, that “Community” is literally its middle name. The Omaha Community Playhouse is committed to providing educational opportunities through the performing arts and to build mutually beneficial relationships with community members. Cox is part of this community mix. The relationship between the Omaha Community Playhouse and Cox is an all-encompassing one that involves Cox Media, Cox Business, and the corporate side of Cox. Betsye Paragas, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the Omaha Community Playhouse, says, “We’ve had a very long relationship with Cox. They’ve always been extremely supportive of the Playhouse and this community as a whole, and give us a lot of assistance.”

“The box office phone always starts ringing when our TV commercials start running.” — BETSYE PARAGAS, DIRECTOR OF MARKETING AND PUBLIC RELATIONS, OMAHA COMMUNITY PLAYHOUSE

For example, Cox Media produces all of the TV commercials used to promote the Omaha Community Playhouse’s shows. Paragas appreciates the collaborative nature of commercial development. “Cox Media makes sure we get what we want and involves us in the planning and production process. They’re also great about matching a particular show’s audience to the TV schedule. It works well; the box office phone always starts ringing when our TV commercials start running,” she explains.

Betsye Paragas, Omaha Community Playhouse

hugely successful, sometimes resulting in sellouts. “We put a tracking word on these bill inserts to measure response, and they consistently produce good results in terms of ticket sales. They also help keep the Playhouse in the forefront of the community,” Paragas notes. Brenda Kermoade, Cox Media Account Executive, has worked with the Playhouse for several years and views it as a fun and creative group. Kermoade says, “The people at the Omaha Community Playhouse are a joy to work with and we all trust each other. Our partnership gives the Playhouse a bigger bang for their buck, helps to enhance their brand, and fosters connections with audiences and benefactors.”

The Playhouse gets its Internet and phone services from Cox Business in the form of a money-saving bundle. Paragas points out, “Having everything with Cox just makes it easier.”

Paragas also enjoys the relationship shared by the two organizations. She adds, “I can’t say enough good things about the staff at Cox; they do a yeoman’s task for the Playhouse, and are so thorough and patient with us. I’m blown away by the service we get, and hope this relationship continues for many years.”

The Omaha Community Playhouse utilizes a bill insert each year in Cox statements. These bill insert campaigns have used concepts such as, “Buy a ticket, get a ticket” and have been

What can Cox do to earn applause from your business? For a consultation with Cox Media, call 402-614-8000. To learn about the services of Cox Business, call 402-934-3567.


Cox in the Community It’s All About Youth...

Take Charge! of Your Technology Cox Omaha recently hosted a Take Charge! essay contest centered around digital safety issues. The winner traveled to Washington, D.C. in June to meet with John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted as well as other teens from across the country. The group spent one day discussing findings from Cox’s national research on Internet and wireless safety, followed by a day of visits on Capitol Hill where they met with key members of Congress about their discussion. For more information on Cox’s Take Charge! program, visit

Cox Hits a Home Run for Kids Ten thousand local students from nearly 50 schools attended the 11th annual Cox Home Run for Youth day on April 27. The annual event is open to K through 12 schools in the area, offering a free ticket to the Omaha Royals baseball game for students, teachers, and chaperones. As part of the field trip, Cox offers study guides on the history of baseball for teachers to incorporate a learning component into the day. Students are involved in everything from throwing out a first pitch and participating in on-field games to singing the national anthem.

Noteworthy Community Happenings…

Cox Classic Presented by Lexus Don’t miss the only PGA TOUR event in the area, July 29 – August 1, 2010, at Champions Run. This year marks the Cox Classic’s fifteenth year, in which time it’s donated more than $1.7 million to local charities. Learn more at our website,

Cox Music & Movies The annual Cox Music and Movies series is back. Mark your calendars for the final dates, July 16 and August 13, 2010, and plan to join us in the outdoor courtyard at the Holland Performing Arts Center for live, local music followed by a movie on the big screen. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. each night. Check out for additional details. 7

the one for speed, backup and security

The Fastest High-Speed Internet… up to 50 Mbps with Cox Business Online Backup powered by Mozy.

Protect your data from hazards like file corruption, accidental deletion, or hardware failure.

and Cox Business Security Suite powered by McAfee.

Safeguard your desktops and file servers from viruses, spyware, hacker attacks and more.


High-Speed Internet • Business Phone • Business Video

Cox Business Solutions  

July 2010, Volume 4, Issue 3 featuring Dr. Roger Fransecky and Leadership Conversations.

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