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HEART OF RELAY AWARDS - 2011 Recognition of American Cancer Society Relay For Life Best Practices Nationwide

Description: The Heart of Relay Award is presented to the top three events demonstrating successful practices, innovations, programs and activities that further the Society’s mission and the Relay For Life movement; particularly those activities that can be replicated across the country. The Heart of Relay categories are: Community Event Categories: 1. Mission Delivery 2. Survivorship Engagement 3. Advocacy 4. Youth Engagement in a Community Event Youth/CAC Event Categories:

5. Youth Event Mission Delivery 6. Youth Event Survivorship To qualify: • • • • •

• To apply:

All events that follow the National Relay For Life Standards are eligible to apply. The Review Committee will consider the following: Year-round engagement Inclusion of Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back Increased presence of ACS, ACS CAN, and/or Relay For Life in the community The number of people reached Ease of duplicating activity across the country Measurable goals and outcomes

Applications including any attachments (photos, forms, clippings, etc) must be submitted electronically to your Chris Reichert by August 15, 2011. Divisions must submit final nominations to by August 15, 2011. Division winners are announced during the September Division Relay Summit. National winners are announced to Division lead staff in October & awards will be sent to Region Relay Manager.

Application – Community Event - 2011 HEART OF RELAY , SURVIVORSHIP ENGAGEMENT AWARD This award recognizes the engagement of cancer survivors and caregivers in Relay For Life events and throughout the year. Consideration will be given to the following: • Year-round engagement • Inclusion of Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back

• • • • •

Increased presence of ACS, ACS CAN, or Relay For Life in the community The number of people reached Ease of duplicating activity across the country Measurable goals and outcomes Value of the experience for cancer survivors and/or caregivers

Name of Relay For Life Event: RFL of Defiance (City)

Date of Event: June 24-25, 2011


East Central

State: Ohio



CountyPopulation:39,000 City: 17,000

Lead Volunteer: Phone Number: Email Address:

Judy Knape 419 576-0195

LeadStaff:KarlaBatt/CassandraFreshour Phone Number: 888.227.6446 EmailAddress:

What were your goals in engaging cancer survivors and caregivers through Relay For Life? To raise awareness to the community that people do survivor cancer and we are doing great things with the money we raise each day. We want the survivors to be proud and show others in the community that they are happy to help us carry on our mission. What were the outcomes achieved? We have a large following of Survivors and Caregivers (approx 150) because of the involvement prior to the Relay For Life. We have GREAT Community support when we kick off Relay each year. Hundreds of community members come out for our kick off. We want to keep them engaged through out the year, not just at the Relay. Did you include Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back? If so, how? We celebrate our survivors at the Power Of Purple Parade that we have in our downtown area in early May, each year, to kick off the Relay For Life season in our town. All Survivors are invited and we have a parade in conjunction with a local Lilac Festival. Prior to the parade the survivors and caregivers are invited to a breakfast at a local church. They also have their picture taken by a photographer who donates a picture to them. (Picture A Cure)We also celebrate our Survivors and Caregivers when we have a big dinner for them approximately a week or 2 prior to Relay. We have entertainment and a speaker, door prizes, etc. Our Health Initiative staff is invited and they are also on the agenda for the evening. When our survivors and caregivers check in at the Relay For Life we give the survivors one color flower and the caregiver another so that people in the crowd know who they are. After our opening ceremonies we have a nice reception at the Relay For Life for survivors and caregivers. At the end of our Relay For Life, during the closing ceremonies, we have a Fight Back Ceremony. We remember by send messages on balloons to those who have passed away, we have our survivors and caregivers take the last lap to celebrate and start our next year of fundraising and fighting back. How will you carry this work out in a year round strategy?

We currently work with the local University and the students hand write Holiday Cards and send them out to all the Survivors in our Community. We would like to continue adding other opportunities to engage our Survivors and Caregivers throughout the year. Our survivors will also be invited to our (*new)Defiance College RFL event in October.

How can you measure the experience of the cancer survivors and caregivers? Primarily by the turn out and the large number of Survivors and Caregivers that attend the special events we have for them. Can other events across the country duplicate your activities? If so, how? Yes, our ideas are very simple and easy to copy. Additional Comments/Photos: We work with our local Newspaper and they do a special publication highlighting our caregivers and survivors/ They do individual interviews and take pictures. They highlight our ACS Programs and Services and publish the full schedule of events for the Relay For Life. I was not able to attach the 12-16 page Crescent News Paper Special Addition Insert for the Relay For Life of Defiance. We also have a Torch Run (please see attached flyer) Our STAR Ceremony was combined with our Fight Back Ceremony in 2009 and 2010 (please see attached flyer) I am also attaching an invitation so you have an idea of all we offer for our survivors and caregivers in Defiance. Breakfast in May Special Newspaper Insert in May Picture A Cure in May Power of Purple Parade in May Holiday Card sent by the Defiance College CAC Group in December Dinner in June Reception at Relay Torch Run at Relay STAR/Fight Back Ceremony at Relay

Thank you! Applications and supporting attachments MUST be submitted electronically to Chris Reichert by August 15, 2011.

Approved for National Recognition Reviewed/Approved by: (Division rep) ___________________________________

Approved for National Recognition Approved for National Recognition Reviewed/Approved by: Reviewedrep) by:_______________________________ (Division ___________________________________

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