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Advocacy/FIGHT BACK CEREMONY PROGRAM Debbie Jasinski – Advocacy Chair Special Guest Speaker Coach Ken Miller ~ Offensive Line/Special Teams Coach, Reading ExpressFootball Team, Cancer Survivor Mission Chair ~ Tara Long Mission Co-Chair ~ Maddie Wagner Introduction of Legislators, County Commissioners

COACH KEN MILLER Coach Ken Miller of the Reading Express, started his football career at Blue Mountain High School in 1981. Around the same time Mr. Miller started playing high school football, he started a smokelesstobacco habit that would change his life. In 1986, Mr. Miller continued his football and college career at East Stroudsburg University. With the pressures of college came the freedom of college - he was chewing two cans of smokelesstobacco a day. He graduated in 1991 and continued to chew smokelesstobacco. Mr. Miller worked for the Berks County Youth Center and coached at various high schools in Berks County. Coach Miller's smokelesstobacco habit continued non-stop and now was up to four cans a week. He started coaching professional football in 2006 with the Reading Expressprofessional arena football team. Mr. Miller still coaches for the Reading Expressbut has changed his habit. On April 22, 2010, Mr. Miller was diagnosed with Throat/ Tongue Cancer. He had 38 radiation and 3 chemotherapy treatments. Mr. Miller is free of cancer and is awaiting his doctor’s release from care. He still battles the side effects of the radiation, having problems swallowing solid foods. Mr. Miller is married to his wife Tracy, who was his caregiver while he was in treatment. He has four children, Antonio 18, Tara 17, Dante 15 and Mia 8. Mr. Miller would like to point out, "His family support group was what kept him strong and positive." AFTER THE FIGHT BACK CEREMONY PLEASE JOIN US IN A FIGHT BACK LAP AROUND THE TRACK.