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One Friday a mid le scho ler got ohave an un-supervised party in the mid le of the wo ds.This tudent's name was Marnie. On a Saturday

One Friday a middle schooler got to have an unsupervised party in the middle of the woods.This student's name was Marnie. On a Saturday this girl invited almost half the student body to her house. When preparing for this killer party, she invited a couple girls to decorate the path they would be taking to a clearing in the woods. The five of them covered the surrounding trees in glow paint and glow sticks so that at dark(When the party started), they could find there way to the clearing. Other then the glow they also covered the trees and a poor innocent dog in blood that was chocolate flavored. They were planning to have this party as a mystery murder party, but during the party they found that the host of the party had gone missing. Later they found that Marnie had been kidnapped by a hobo who had inhabited a section of the near by woods. When they found her she was tied up in a tree. When they had her untied, she told them that the hobo had planned on killing her. As they group of teens made there way back through the woods to the house, the teens were unprepared when the hobo jumped out and knocked one of the teens unconscious. As the teens tried to protect their downed friend, one of them,named Leandra, managed to pick up a stick and hit the hobo knocking him unconscious too.

The teens escaped and were fine, although the hobo is yet to be found. There is a search party out for him and if they find him the teens are going to press charges.



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Middle School Memories  

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