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SUPPORTING GARDEN CENTRES AND DESTINATION LEISURE OUTLETS WITH THE LATEST FOOD TRENDS AND CONCEPTS TO DEVELOP MENUS AND SNACKING SOLUTIONS Offering your customers choice, innovation and quality are integral to appealing to their tastes and values. We can add provenance to your menu with higher welfare meat from our fully accredited butchery and ensure you stay on trend to keep customers excited and coming back.



R Whites Lemonade Can 088480 1x24x330ml cans

B’Break Bread 1x8x40 70g Chorizo 841400 Museli 841410 Chocolate 841420 Olive Rosemary 841430

Gin, Lemon and Lime Cake 844030 1x14

Country Range Sweet Potato Fries 751060 4x2.5kg

Quorn Vegan Burger 798980 2x2kg

Vegan Blueberry Croissant 820470 1x48x100g

Key Challenges in Garden Centres and Destination Leisure Outlets The food industry is very competitive, with so many brands, from artisans to large multinational franchises all competing for consumer spend. The turbulence of this industry requires constant innovation and creativity. The UK eating out market reached a value of £87.9bn in 2017, with the Retail, Travel and Leisure (RTL) sector driving growth by 3.7% to a value of £19bn. With menu inflation at around 3%, operators are incurring significant labour and property cost increases and menu prices have to be part of a combination of mitigating initiatives. Lengthening dwell time and therefore increasing spend on-site can be achieved through the right foodservice offering. Choosing a product range that gives full traceability and a considered point of difference will enrich a customer’s visit. Taking into account the multitude of staff skill levels and scale is also an important consideration, to ensure your team can deliver consistent profitable solutions that customers will return again and again for. Sources MCA Eating Out Market Data Report 2017


Our top products for the Destination Leisure Sector

Fruited Tea Bread 850140 1x18

Country Range Salmon Fillet 140-170g 739160 1x10

Coca Cola Diet (GL) 121110 1x24x330ml

Lamb Weston 6/6 Stealth Skin On Fries 752490 1x4x2.5kg

Rodda’s Cornish Clotted Cream 838400 1x96x40g

Country Range Rindless Back Bacon 715130 4x2.27kg

Country Range Self Raising Flour 141020 1x16kg

Handmade Large Sultana Scone 852670 1x32x120g

Red Washed Potatoes Bag 600065 1x25kg


Country Range Salted Butter 350030 1x40x250g

Country Range Matured Grated Cheese 355461 1x1kg

Steamed Chicken Strips 722810 4x2.5kg

Semi-Skimmed Milk 356340 1x4x2ltr

Harrogate Still Water (PET) 123020 1x24x500ml

Bannisters’ Farm Jacket Potato 170-225g Baked 752020 1x5x9

Gluten Free Gluten free is the second most important food trend affecting menus at the moment according to industry professionals.

Why cater for gluten free? Coeliac disease affects 1 in 100 people in the UK, and research shows that people with the condition, and the family and friends they eat out with, are worth a potential £100 million to the industry.

Tideford Organic Sweet Potato & Quinoa Soup 887100

80% of coeliac UK surveyed members said when they eat out with other people, their need for safe gluten free options determines where they eat. 90% of industry professionals see gluten free having an increased presence on restaurant menus with the fastest growth next to vegetarian. There are a huge number of foods that are naturally gluten free, as well as gluten free alternative products like bread and pasta. You may already be offering gluten free choices without realising it and, with a bit of thought, it is straightforward to cater for the needs of your gluten free customers.

Foods to avoid on your gluten free menu! Gluten can be present in food knowingly as an ingredient or accidentally by coming into contact with gluten-containing ingredients, such as wheat flour or breadcrumbs, used on the same premises.

Handmade Glu ten Free Cappuccino Ca ke 852600

The main sources of gluten are foods such as wheat flour, bread and rolls, pizza, pastry, pasta, crackers, biscuits and cakes.

Naturally gluten free foods Many foods are naturally gluten free, including:  Fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, pulses  Meat, poultry, fish  Eggs, soya, milk, cheese, natural yoghurt, cream  Rice, corn (maize), tapioca, polenta, buckwheat, sago, arrowroot, cornflour, gram flour, potato flour, soya flour, teff, quinoa

ook Take a l our 8 of at pg. 3 ide for t gu produc f range o l l u f e h t ducts o r p e e r gluten f list that we

Red Tractor Gluten Free Pork Sausages 713400

 Butter, margarine and cooking oils. Source MCA Menu and Food Trends 2017

Country Range Fish Pie Mix 740500

5 5

Vegan growth Veganism has skyrocketed in recent years, with more people than ever before choosing to enjoy a plant-based life.

What is veganism? Vegans avoid all animal-derived foods – so as well as meat and fish that means no eggs, dairy or even honey. They also exclude animal by-products like rennet used in cheese making, gelatine in desserts and certain E numbers including the red food dye cochineal (E120).

Why do you need to take note?

Vegan Croissants 820310

The vegan eruption has largely been city-centric, until national chains – Zizzi, Nando’s, Pizza Hut, Harvester, JD Wetherspoon and Starbucks – caught on, offering vegan meals along with a surge in supermarket offerings to the mass market. Increased demand for vegan options has opened up a whole new world of delicious, animal-friendly dishes appearing on menus at restaurants, pubs and fast-food chains alike.

Vegan Sausages 851540

61% believe vegan, as a food group, will increase its presen ce on restaurant menus over the next 2-3 years *MCA Menu & Food tre

nds 2016

Sources MCA Menu and Food Trends 2017 and 2016 Vegansociety.com 6

How you can adapt your menus? Vegan meals are no longer considered boring and lacking in flavour, a few simple changes can open up your menu to vegan customers and even satisfy meat lovers too!

Breakfast or Brunch Smoothie Bowls Made with the IQF Smootheelicious Tropical Delight Smoothie Sachet 834240, crunchy granola and Alpro Almond Milk 087431

Consider adding plant based ‘milk’ as an option in coffee and tea – Almond, Coconut or Soya!

More than 3.5 million Brit ish people now identify as vegans

Overnight Oats

*Independent.co.uk/life-s tyle

Made with KoKo Dairy Free Plain Yoghurt 356210

Pumpkin and Beetroot 12” Flatbreads Beetroot 849170 Pumpkin 849180

Daloon Spicy Bean Burger 798780

Cauliflower Rice Salad

Mojito Poptail


(1.83% ABV) 856050

Pineapple and Coconut 856060

Raspberry and Fresh Mint 856070

Vegan Chocolate Coconut Tart Pre-Cut 14ptn 854950

Jude’s Black Coconut Ice Cream 832930



What are trends?

MCA Menu and Food Trends Report 2017

Healthier eating is the most important current trend affecting food menus. As voted by 43% of respondents from the MCA Menu and Food Trends Report 2017. Allergy-free (26%), gluten free (30%) and flexitarianism (22%) were also in the top five. Apart from healthier eating related trends, street food (26%) plays an important role in shaping food menus.



Emerging Menu Trends

Power foods

Moving out from specialist health food shops and gyms, dishes packed with high energy ingredients to support an active lifestyle have started to appear on mainstream menus.

Natural sweeteners

Since Jamie Oliver’s ‘sugar tax’ campaign, sugar reduction has been big news and this has started to impact out of home eating with the emergence of ingredients such as apple, date and coconut (coconut menu appearances have grown by 24% since last year) being used for their natural sweetening properties. Low GI Agave Nectar is being used as a substitute for honey.


The term “Superfoods” has been in common use for some time. Appearances on menus are growing with it now being used by 17% of brands surveyed, with overall use growing by 74% since last summer.


Street Food What is it?

‘Prepared or cooked food sold by vendors in a street or other public location for immediate consumption’

Street food shapes the industry from NPD to execution. 78% of MCA respondents agree that street food has introduced them to new flavours and spices. That’s 10% more than two years ago. 88% like the adventurous flavour and spices in street food.

How can you incorporate Street Food style into your menus? With consumer appetite for flavour and spices at an all-time high, there’s a great opportunity to increase sales and repeat custom by making sure your menu reflects the latest flavour.  Trends – give your customers the freedom to experiment with different tastes  Give menu classics a new lease of life with spices that subtly dial-up the flavour – offering old favourites with an interesting twist  Appeal to Millennials with street food inspired sharing platters to give them a social eating out experience  Don’t be afraid to tell your story to your customers. People love to hear where dishes, ingredients and flavours come from!

What are the hottest ‘Superfoods’? Avocado

Highly publicised health benefits and an easy addition to salads, sandwiches and burgers, as well as a growing trend for ‘avo’ on toast; used by over half the brands surveyed (55%)


High in protein, fibre, vitamins and other nutrients as well as being gluten free. This versatile seed is often used in a similar way to rice. It now appears on almost 30% of menus

Chia Seeds

South American seeds packed with nutritional benefits. Non-existent on menus surveyed in 2010, now on 8%. Great to use in a Chia Seed Pudding


Add theatre

Japanese powdered green tea high in antioxidants

Street food offers theatre in ways a restaurant can’t with aromas, sounds and the opportunity to take some great pictures for social media! Think about ways to make every dish instagrammable, you’ll not only create memories, you’ll also gain new customers.

Demand for authenticity is now an established trend around the country. Consumers across the UK are demanding authentic foods from around the world, and this is fuelling the growth of regional, specialist and adventurous concepts and NPD.


Major cuisine influences are coming from Asia, the Americas and new pockets of Europe. Greek & Eastern Mediterranean cuisines are also identified as growth areas.

Sources MCA Menu and Food Trend report 2017; Mintel Global Food and Drink Trends 2017 Note: Healthier eating defined as low calorie, low fat, low salt, low sugar 9

Undoubtedly Afternoon Tea has evolved a lot over the past few years. Todays caterers are benefiting from a renewed interest in this British tradition by offering the highly enjoyable treat with a twist. Gone are the days of basic scones, pastries, finger sandwiches and, of course, tea. Nowadays it has expanded to include some more luxurious treats and is now offered with a variety of fusion and fruity teas and even champagne. Caterers, in order to satisfy the increasing demand for this new, ‘posh’ version of Afternoon Tea, are upgrading their traditional offering by combining gourmet mini-dishes, unique desserts and speciality coffees, teas and champagnes. Research confirms that British diners are now more prone to treating themselves to indulgent treats as they’re tempted by ‘wow’ foods. Eating-out spend and frequency are rising while ranges which are perceived by consumers as innovative attract more customers. At the same time, ‘experience’ motivated eating out occasions continue to grow and food presentation is becoming more significant and more inventive.

Afternoon Tea SWEET TREATS Try out new innovative ways to make your Afternoon Tea and cake offering stand out. An unusual USP will keep it exciting for your customers.

Use edible flowers to style your Afternoon Tea 605061

Country Range Tutti Frutti Charlotte Pre-Cut 14ptn 854260

Country Range Mini Cake Assortment – great for an impressive, quick and easy Afternoon Tea 849860

Country Range Strawberry and Prosecco Charlotte Pre-Cut 14ptn 854250

Source Kara Foodservice Scanoffee, a great twist on a classic. Top a scone 849650 with clotted cream 838400, toffee sauce and sliced banana


Country Range New York Baked Cheesecake Pre-Cut 14ptn 846110

The Brunch Boom! Brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch eaten usually during the late morning to early afternoon. Britons spend £76m every day on going out for breakfast or having brunch, with an average daily spend of £7.31 per person, according to a survey of 2,000 people conducted by the purchasing services company - Beacon.Background The number of people going out for breakfast jumped by almost 5% last year, compared to a slower rise of 2% for lunches and 3.5% for dinners, according to the market research firm NPD Group.

Why Brunch?  Increases footfall in historical service low points; the time between breakfast and lunch  Increases average transaction value  Provides more versatile options for diners with increasingly busy lifestyles and meets their expectations of being able to dine at any time of day  Gives flexibility for those with visitors and unpredictable or varied service times

There is a real opportunity to convert some of the historical ‘snackers’ to brunch customers, potentially increasing spend. i.e. from a coffee and a muffin to Brunch and two hot drinks.

10% of Out of Home Meals

are now described as Brunch (MCA Hotel and Restaurants, Nov 16)

What’s happening in the Brunch Market? Increased average spend per head

Increased number of visits per head, per month



“We can see a major boost to the brunch market in coming years, again led by workers and young respondents. Clearly this is more typically related to the weekend market, but we should not ignore the weekday potential, not least because half of full-time home makers expect to be going out for brunch in the future.” (MCA Top of mind debrief 2017) Source Sources - MCA Top of Mind Debrief 2017; Eating Out Market Data Report 2017

Top tips for boosting your Brunch sales  Expanding your brunch hours will allow you to reach different demographics and increase your sales  Consider offering a buffet brunch, it can help with a faster table turnover (meaning more customers) and reduced labour costs  Fresh ingredients are more popular than ever, when designing your brunch, be sure to capitalise on these concepts by offering choices like freshly made fruit smoothies, fruit bowls, and homemade baked goods  Try offering regional specials or menu items using local ingredients  Shout about it! Promote brunch specials via social media or through newsletters


Food to Go! The UK Food to Go market in 2017, was worth over £20bn! From work-week needs to week-long wants… changing consumers are driving the growing influence of Food to Go.

What do people want to see in the next 2-3 years? 40% of people questioned in the MCA Food to Go report (2018) wanted to see healthier food, followed by more hot food options.

Industry calorie reduction solutions It is becoming increasingly harder for chefs and food outlets to juggle a thousand customer priorities, current cuisine trends and ensure their offering is focusing on healthy eating. The latest government directive from PHE is calling for a 20% calorie reduction in all food-to-go, in an attempt to tackle the growing obesity epidemic. Billions are spent every year on the health issues raised by the two thirds of adults in the UK who are overweight or obese. 35% of consumers, when offered a range of options say that they would prefer a dedicated healthy selection in-store or on a menu (IGD Research). The history of lite, light, reduced fat, reduced calorie and modified dairy products has been characterised by poor quality products, bad packaging choices and mis-understandings.

What can you do to satisfy the growing demand? Healthier eating is still gaining momentum. More than nine in ten of respondents expect the demand for healthier eating will continue to grow over the next 2-3 years, driven by younger customers and the wider public agenda. “Generation Y and Z are much more focussed on health / exercise than ever before, indicating a shift towards healthy eating.”

What to have on your menu?  Freshness, naturalism and organic  Limit salt, sugar and fat  Allergy-free  Avoid processed foods  Provide a dedicated section on your menu for healthier options

“Grab & Go/FTG options have heavily influenced the meal-time blur and allowed time-p oor workers to buy healthy nutritio us food in the out of home environm ent” –Development Chef, Contr act caterer


On-Site Butchery

“The butchery unit is first class. It’s a very modern unit, very organised and a well-run place. Everybody I speak to has a real passion for their job and to supply me with the best quality meat. I really like the fact that they are sourcing very good meat direct from the farms and everybody has the same goal - to supply the best they can.” Paul Fraemohs, Somerville College, Oxford

Our on-site, fully accredited, EEC approved butchery provides top quality fresh meat and offers: • Higher welfare accreditations and quality standards for your peace of mind • Full traceability and provenance for every product • Expertise and flexibility from our on-site butchery team • Specially requested cuts available to reduce your preparation time • Delivery with the rest of your order

Quality & Traceability We pride ourselves on the quality and higher welfare of our meats, and achieve this by working with some of the UK’s most respected farmers, slaughterhouses and meat suppliers. These strong relationships throughout the supply chain ensure that we have full traceability of our products right back to source, giving each of our customers’ full peace of mind.


CREED NEWS Creed Active Update We are working with Active Gloucestershire; a charity who work with organisations to support companies to improve the wellbeing of their employees through becoming more active. This initiative championed by Paralympian Mel Nicholls, supports our ‘Best Companies’ wellbeing commitments and supports our “great place to work with great people” strategy. We are looking to improve the wellbeing of everyone by looking at how we can focus on nutrition and mental and physical health.

New Vehicles Creed’s next batch of new Large Commercial Vehicles (LGV’s) have arrived, the new vehicles are being leased from Petit Forestiers, the European leader in refrigeration rental, giving ongoing monthly cost savings as well as an annual replacement programme. The LGV’s are future-proof from a compliance and legislation perspective, with new and more environmentally friendly TRS Eco drive fridges. The fridges give out less emissions; giving better temperature control and will be mounted under the body enabling a slipstream designed vehicle which can offer an improvement of up to 12% in MPG. The new LGV’s are fitted with eight cameras and glass passenger door panels; increasing safety for all vulnerable road user groups including cyclists and pedestrians.

PATE’S OUTREACH Cookery Programme Phil Vickery MBE (Non-Executive Director), Danielle Clark (Business Development Manager), Rob Owen (Executive Development Chef), Chris Creed (CEO) and Philip de Ternant (Managing Director) attended the launch session of Pate’s four-week pilot Outreach Cookery Programme and cooked with children and parents from St Thomas More Primary School, Cheltenham. Pate’s Grammar School has been a Creed customer for a number of years and we agreed to provide financial support for their Outreach Cookery Programme and also sponsor the aprons participants will wear during the cookery sessions.

THURSDAY 20TH SEPTEMBER 2018 at Three Counties Showground, Malvern, WR13 6NW Exclusive Deals of the Day Live Demos Innovation


And much more!

To register to attend, please contact a member of the Creed team or email marketing@creedfoodservice.co.uk


Danielle Clark (Business Development Manager) commented: “Cooking with the children from St Thomas More Primary at Pate’s was good fun and a great example of a community pulling together.


Bursting with the finest organic ingredients, our fresh soups are packed with delicious veg. The UK’s first organic vegan + gluten-free brand

Plant-based eating is becoming more + more mainstream

Delivered frozen + guaranteed 16 days life from defrost

• 20% of under 35s are trying a vegan diet

Easy to manage 2kg polybottles

• 66% of parents don’t think children’s food when eating out is healthy enough

24 x 250ml portions per case Uniquely healthy + free-from recipes

• 70% of the UK are reducing their meat + dairy consumption

Are you catering for these influential shoppers at your venue?





373010 G&B DARK 70% CHOC BAR




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The Crunch - Destination Leisure  

Industry insight and new products for the Destination Leisure sector.

The Crunch - Destination Leisure  

Industry insight and new products for the Destination Leisure sector.