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Vegware is a manufacturer and visionary brand, the only completely compostable packaging company operating globally. The extensive range of eco catering disposables offers quality environmentally-friendly products at competitive prices.

Why Plants, not Plastic?

The award-winning hot and cold drink cups, takeout boxes and food containers are low carbon, made from renewable or recycled materials, and all can be commercially composted with food waste where facilities exist.

Low carbon Our eco materials emit less CO2 in manufacture than conventional packaging.

Renewable Vegware is made of plants not plastic. Why use up finite resources – trees, corn and sugar cane are renewable natural materials.

Recycled We love recycled card, paper and bagasse, our recycled sugar cane fibre. Sustainably sourced Virgin card or paper used to make Vegware products come from a responsible forestry source with a recognised chain of custody.

Our plant based materials PAPER & CARD Sustainably sourced, using recycled content where we can. PLA & CPLA Plant based alternative to plastic. Clear PLA for cold use, CPLA for hot. BACASSE Recycled sugarcane. Sturdy & practical, from -15o to 120oC. PALM LEAF Fallen, pressed Areca leaves. Unique eco style. INKS Water or vegetable based, with a great print finish. NATUREFLEX Clear film made from wood pulp. Anti-grease, heat sealable. ECOVIO A plant-based compostable material with great properties.

531730 Large Window Box Container 1x300

532330 No.1 Food CTN 700ml 11x9x6.5cm 1x450

532380 No.8 Food CTN 1300ml 15x12x6.5cm 1x300

532360 No.3 Food CTN 1800ml 19.5x14x5cm 1x180

532260 6in Bagasse Burger Box 1x500

531810 16in Brown Kraft Pizza Box 1x50

532230 96mm PLA Standard Dome Lid No Hole 1x1000

531770 96mm PLA Dome Lid Standard Hole 1x1000

531550 96mm PLA Flat Lid No Hole 1x1000

531780 4oz PLA Cold Portion Pot 1x2000

535010 Vegware 2oz Cold Pot 1x2000

531790 PLA Portion Pot Lid 2-4oz 1x2000

531560 3oz PLA Cold Cup Insert 1x1000

531800 PLA Slim Cold Cup 5oz 1x2000

535000 Vegware 7oz Slim Cold Cup 1x1000

531570 9oz Standard PLA Cold Cup 1x1000

531750 12oz PLA Cold Cup Standard 1x1000

531700 12oz Soup Container 1x500

531710 16oz Soup Container 1x500

531410 Bagasse Clam Container 1x200

535720 Vegware Fully Lined 6x3x9 Bag 1x250

531660 12oz Double Wall Brown Cup 1x500

531640 8oz Double Wall Brown Cup 1x500

535710 Vegware 120x350mm PLA Bag 1x1000

532290 300x275mm Grease Proof Sheet 1x500

535090 Vegware 70x210mm NatureFlex 1x1000

535700 Vegware NatureFlex 170x205mm 1x1000

532220 8x9x10in Hot Pouch Crispy 1x5000

531760 8oz PLA Hinged Deli Container 1x300

531690 16oz PLA Deli Container Hinged 1x300

531740 24oz PLA Deli Container Hinged 1x200

531720 115mm CPLA Lids Flat 12-32oz 1x500

531650 79mm CPLA Hot Cup Lids 8oz 1x1000

535520 79mm CPLA Hot Cup Lid Black 1x20x50

531670 89mm CPLA Hot Cup Lid 10-20oz 1x1000

535530 89mm CPLA Hot Cup Lid Black 1x20x50

532280 6.5in RCPLA Spoon Black 1x1000

535030 Vegware 2 Part Sandwich 1x250

532240 Medium Bagasse Chip Tray 1x200

535080 Vegware Platter Box Eight Insert 1x50

531610 CPLA Fork Compostable 6.5in 1x1000

535060 Vegware Platter Box Half Insert 1x50

531620 CPLA Knife Compostable 6.5in 1x1000

535050 Vegware Large Platter Box 1x25

535040 Vegware Platter Box Insert 1x50

535070 Vegware Platter Box Quarter Insert 1x50

531630 CPLA Spoon Compostable 6.5in 1x1000

535020 Vegware 38mm Sandwich Wedge 1x500

531820 75mm Standard Sandwich Wedge 1x500

531850 85mm Deep Sandwich Wedge 1x500

532070 Paper Carrier Medium Recycled 1x250

535550 Green Stripe White Straw 10x650

535540 Green Stripe Straw Wrap 10x500

For more information on our non-food range please contact your account manager or contact us on 01452 857555, askcreed@creedfoodservice.co.uk www.creedfoodservice.co.uk





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Creed Vegware Brochure  

A selection of plant-based Eco friendly, catering disposables.

Creed Vegware Brochure  

A selection of plant-based Eco friendly, catering disposables.