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Online Practice Teaching Weekly Meeting Outline Trainee Name: Cree Aiken

Mentor Teacher Name: Kelly Robinson

Online Course: Business Essentials

Date: 10/11/2011

Note below any of the following to be discussed with your mentor teacher during your weekly meetings: 1.

Questions I need answered:  What special accommodations have you made while teaching via internet?  How do you allocate tasks for projects such as Business Plan?  Are the quizzes at the end of your units the assessment method for units?  What type of announcement would you suggest I create for posting to your course webpage news?  Do you refer to each section with in a content link as a “unit”?  How do you promote interaction between the students?  How do you individualize instruction?  How do you keep discussion board responses ‘focused’?  When do you have work graded?  At what grade do you notify students of poor performance? Parents?  Where can students find feedback from you regarding their performance?

2. Special Student concerns:  What accommodations has Kelli made for an internet course student?  How can you individualize instruction for a struggling student? 3. Communication concerns:  What makes feedback “meaningful”?  When can she and I meet during the week for our ‘meetings’? 4. Miscellaneous:  Where do you create these wonderful interactive games for review? 

Cree Wilson Aiken Fall 10112011 Mentor Meeting Outline