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Being in recovery, to me, means a second chance at life. In early November of 2013, I had a near-fatal heroin overdose. I had to step back and take a clear look at where I was going and where I wanted to be in my life. I always thought I had recovery under control. Will power alone gave me eight years of what I thought was clean time. It wasn’t. I never worked a program and always put others before myself. It simply amazes me that I didn’t relapse sooner than I did. But, like an un-oiled chain on a bicycle, I was bound to rust. In the past, I was always resistant to the Men’s Community Residence and treatment. This time I was not. I came to recognize that after my stay in a long term rehab, I needed this time to get a strong foundation in recovery and figure out who I really am as a person. Being in the Men’s Community Residence has given me a chance to finally focus on myself. The rest of my life will fall into place and being able to put myself first is what this process is all about to me. Recovery is my first priority today and I am extremely grateful to be with other people who know what I am going through and feel the same way. -David P.

My name is Matt L. I went through the Farm in 2013 for my addiction to heroin. Going through the Farm was probably the hardest thing that I have ever been through. I was at the Farm for seven and a half months and then went to the Credo Men’s Residence where I continued my recovery until I was one year and two months into my sobriety and ended up relapsing. I cannot explain the thoughts that were going through my head nor can I pinpoint the cause of my relapse, but it happened and I could not believe this nightmare was happening again. I ended up failing a drug test and I was given the opportunity to return to the Farm for a few months. At first, I looked at this opportunity as a punishment, but I was wrong; this was a blessing in disguise. So, I ended up returning to the Farm for around two months. It was very hard to go back there because I was scared of what my family, counselors, friends and my girlfriend would think or do, but I knew it was best for me. I thought of the worst things that could happen, but surprisingly, they supported me faithfully. The 7 Challenges has been implemented at the Farm and it made me look at myself in a different way with a different approach than the first time through the Farm. I am responsible for my choices and, hopefully, my choices will be healthy ones. I cannot express my gratitude to Credo and what they have done for me and the chances they have given me for a better life. I don’t know where I would be without this program and the staff members. I look at life in a totally different way now and for the first time since I was 14 years old, I can honestly say that I am happy. -Matt L.


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Official Newsletter of the Credo Community Center for the Treatment of Addictions, Inc.

From the Director of the Board Over my many years with Credo, I have not experienced any level of growth and change as we are experiencing at this time. The expansion of our services to provide mental health counseling is a wonderful and needed addition to our current alcohol and substance abuse counseling program. To meet the needs of our clients, staff and community, the Credo Board and the Credo Foundation Board are in the process of making many changes to enhance, support and insure the long-term success of Credo. In April, we have expanded the Board of Directors to include representatives from Lewis County, the Mental Health Association and members experienced in areas of fundraising. In June of 2014, the Foundation Board and the Standing Board of Directors will hold a joint meeting to explore and facilitate new opportunities and activities to insure the stability and growth of our organization, our staff and our facilities. With our increased outreach in the mental health program, our expanded facilities in Lewis County and the increase in staff, the Board of Directors must be active, effective and efficient in all our efforts.

A few months ago, I spoke with an acquaintance who asked about Credo and our clients. This individual indicated that having a drug or alcohol problem was a choice and the people struggling with the addictions just did it because they wanted to. I was surprised by this position. I discussed with this individual that many of the people struggling with drug and/or alcohol addictions were trying to ease the pain in their lives caused by abuse, neglect, health issues, the loss of loved ones and many other painful factors that may have impacted their lives. I have had the honor of working with and knowing many of our clients over the years. Our client’s stories are heart breaking, however, their recovery is heart mending and warming. To be associated with Credo is a life changing experience whether you are a client, a staff member, board member, volunteer or supporter. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am so proud of what we have achieved and what we will accomplish over the next 40 years. Thank you for your ongoing support during our Membership Drive and throughout the years.

With Deepest Appreciation,

Peter S. Ouderkirk Board President


Newsletter Editor……Kristen Dietert

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Credo has been in the business of providing treatment for individuals, groups, families, adults, adolescents and children, whose lives have been negatively impacted by substance abuse since 1970.

The Farm is in the midst of an exciting transition, to include changes in staff as well as programming. The staffing has been restructured to promote more stability within the positions as well as within the milieu; new positions include: Clinical Supervisor, Program Supervisor, Farm Manager and Facilitator. During this time of transition, we have been thinking about the Farm’s holistic approach to treatment and how we truly are more than just a rehab. The individual client receives care for all aspects of their functioning; our holistic approach addresses life skills training for independent living, self-help, mental health and medical services, recreational activities, work readiness and leadership skills, education, spirituality, discharge planning, as well as individual and group counseling. Incorporating The 7 Challenges program has further cemented our belief in providing quality care for young men with the core concept of helping them make the best decisions for their lives. Times are changing and the Farm continues to evolve into a place where young men can receive the best treatment. NICOLE PIERCE, RRSY CLINICAL DIRECTOR

49 T H ANNUAL CREDO ANTIQUE SHOW About six years ago my life took a turn for the worst. I began using and selling drugs with a mindset that I was untouchable. Boy was I wrong! After getting in trouble the first time, the second, the third, the fourth and the fifth time became second nature….which is NOT okay! I have been homeless, hospitalized for overdosing, a danger to myself and others, was skin and bones, “the other girl”, a bad daughter, a menace to society, and a person who once “lived to use and used to live”. On April 17, 2013, I entered the Credo Women’s Intensive Residence and (at the time) only so I didn’t have to go to prison. I still wanted to get high and have my old friends. No one was going to tell me different. My attitude was poor and I resented Credo, Drug Court, my family and most of all, myself. I thought I was okay to rob, use drugs and hurt others. I cannot express the gratitude I now have for Credo and the Women’s Residence. At my lowest of lows, April, Kim and Meghan (counselors) kept saying “Brittany, this will be worth it in the end”. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would have the type of life I have today. I have built relationships with my family I hadn’t spoken to in years. I have a great job. I am a productive member of society. I “give back”, live independently in a nice apartment, and have “handfuls” of REAL sober support. The best part is, I can always count on going back to visit the Women’s Residence and remain part of their home. I will never forget where I came from, because when I do, I go right back to the person I don’t’ ever want to be again. With my willingness and Credo pushing me to fight my demons, face my past, and want a better life, today I am happy and enjoy waking up every day. Thank you for my new productive, AWESOME LIFE!!



Thanks to all who came to support the 49 Annual Credo Antique Show & Sale that was held March 28 & 29 . The total admission for both days was 603 which were up slightly from last year. We are grateful for the donations we received from: TOPS Markets, Price Chopper, Renzi’s, Mr. Rick’s Bakery, Pepsi, Hannaford’s, Wendy’s, Walmart Foundation, Freihofer, Media sponsor; Watertown Daily Times, Cindy Brennan, Barbara Wilson and Donna Bibbins. We also would like to thank Kevin Kitto for doing demonstrations on Saturday. A big thank you to the Wilson Family: Barbara Wilson, Sherry Wilson, John C. Wilson and Douglas R. Wilson. We had extra help this year for our clean up on Saturday from the Mental Health Association who are our new neighbors next to one of our Community Residences. There were seven of them who decided to help us and we really appreciate it! There were 15 client volunteers from three Credo Residential sites on both Friday and Saturday…way to go! We also cannot forget the hard work that was put in by the Antique Show Committee which consists of: Sherry M. Wilson, Tom Roman, Toby Schilling, Jim Scordo, Deb Yuhas, Paul Trimper, Terry Williams and Tim Kelly. A big THANK YOU goes out to all who volunteered their time to make this a success:


HIGHLIGHTS on Current Employees

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*April Beamer-Breen *Evan Higgins *Kelly Trickey *Allyson Engelhart *Nancy Ouderkirk *Paul Kellogg *Kelly McNierney *Rosie Laverty *Jim Heary *Kathy Scheible *Cindy Walsh

*Kim Downey *Liz Stevens *Marcia Villers *Mike Robare *Jim McClusky *Rebecca Reed *Ginger Thomas *Archie Laverty *Mollie Heary *Dick Bibbins *Jan Walsh

*Meghan Clement *Lindsay Bouchard *Christina Rose *Peter Ouderkirk *William Coppola *Cindy Arquiett *Gina Brewer *Edie Marsala *John Breen *Donna Bibbins *Christen Cranker

Everyone’s efforts contributed to the success of this year’s show and we already started planning for the next year’s show which will be held on March 27th & 28th, 2015. Thanks again!

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Jason Halstead was hired in October 2013 as a Counselor Level I at the Outpatient Clinic in Watertown. We’re glad to have you on our team Jason. Lindsey Morrow joined the Credo team in October 2013 as an Entry Level Counselor working at the Women’s Intensive Residence. Welcome aboard Lindsey. Evan Higgins is an Entry Level Counselor at the Residential Rehabilitation Services for Youth site. He joined the Credo Community Center team in October 2013. Welcome Evan. Rebecca Welch began in November 2013 at the Outpatient Clinic as Operational Support Staff. Glad you’re with us Rebecca. Melinda Darling joined Credo Community Center as Operations Support Staff in the Lowville Outpatient Clinic in November 2013. We are pleased to welcome Melinda. John Chase joined the Winthrop Street Community Residence as a Relief Worker in January 2014. Welcome to the Credo Community Center Team John. Gina Brewer joined Credo Community Center as a Counselor Level I at the Watertown Outpatient Clinic in January 2014. It’s a pleasure to welcome aboard Gina. Clyde Wilson began his duties as Care Coordinator working out of the Watertown Outpatient Clinic in February 2014. Welcome to the Credo Community Center Team Clyde. Dana Huber is an Entry Level Counselor at the Women’s Intensive Residence site. She joined the Credo Community Center Team in February 2014. Welcome aboard Dana. Richard (Rick) Leonard started in February 2014 as a Relief Worker at our Community Residence on Winthrop Street. Glad to have you with us Rick.

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Amanda Porter was promoted in October 2013 to Counselor Level I in Credo’s Outpatient Clinic. In February 2014 Amanda earned her CASAC-T. Double congratulations Amanda! Ann DuMond was promoted to Health Information Technology Project Manager in October 2013. Great job Ann! Alex Dickinson earned his CASAC-T in October 2013. Good work Alex! Jamie Elkhill received her CASAC-T in December 2013. Congratulations Jamie! Elvira Yanez became a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) in December 2013. Great job Elvira! Barbara Rennie received her CASAC-T in February 2014. Way to go Barbara! Gail Hicks received her CASAC-T February 2014. Good work Gail! Elisabeth (Glynn) Couch received her CASAC-T in February 2014. Congratulations Glynn! Andrea Filippi earned her CASAC in February 2014. Great Job Andrea! April Beamer-Breen enhanced her CASAC to include Specialty in Gambling Treatment in February. Way to go April! Kimberly Kordos received her CASAC-T in March 2014. Good job Kim! Dusten Green was promoted to Counselor Level I at the Residential Rehabilitation for Youth Services program in March 2014. Great job Dusten! Jennifer Todd received her CASAC in March 2014. Congratulations Jennifer! John Breen enhanced his CASAC in March 2014; it now includes a Specialty in Gambling Treatment. Good work John!

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NEW OUTPATIENT MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES Effective April 28, 2014 Credo Community Center will begin providing Outpatient Mental Health Services in the same building as Credo’s Outpatient Substance Abuse Clinic at 595 W. Main Street in Watertown. In 2013, 50% of Outpatient clients and 67% of our Residential clients presented with mental illness in addition to their substance abuse at the time of their admission. We are very excited about this opportunity to meet the needs of our clients and the community. A great deal of time and effort by many individuals was put into this project. Thank you to everyone who had a role in making this long term goal a reality! The employees of the new Mental Health Clinic are as follows:

Dr. Jeffrey Aronowitz, MD Judy Traynor, PMHNP, CASAC Caryn White, LCSW, CASAC Nancy Stark, LCSW Heather Oatman, LMHC-P, CASAC Elvira Yanez, LMSW, CASAC-T Rebecca Welch

Medical Director – Psychiatrist Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Clinical Director Counselor Counselor Counselor Intake Coordinator/Medical Records Clerk


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