Jan 2012 In Christ Alone

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6 What is Inclusivism? by Matthew Barrett

10 Questions

7 with David Wells

Ink that Speaks

19 Inclusivism and the Gospel, interview with Robert Peterson 63 Bell’s Hell by Michael Horton

In Every Issue

14 From the Horse’s Mouth 17 Brandishings 18 From a Scale of 1 to 10

The Reformed Pastor

9 Inclusivism and Its Effects by Trevin Wax 11 Outside the Church There is No Salvation, Sort Of by Chris Castaldo

16 Inclusivism in the UK by Michael Reeves

Connecting Past and Present

21 The Evangelistic Nerve of John Calvin by Jeff Robinson

First Principles

80 Is God Unfair? by Matthew Barrett

In Review

66 Real Marriage Mark and Grace Driscoll reviewed by Jeremy Pierre 68 The Deity of Christ ed. Chris Morgan and Robert Peterson reviewed by Luke Stamps 70 Inductive Bible Study David R. Bauer and Robert A. Traina reviewed by Chris Castaldo

71 The Barber Who Wanted to Pray R. C. Sproul reviewed by Jessica Cooper 72 Rediscovering the Church Fathers Michael A.G. Haykin reviewed by Ian Clary 73 Rethinking the Trinity and Religious Pluarlism Matthew E. Johnson reviewed by Matthew Claridge 74 Christian Apologetics Douglas Groothuis reviewed by Steve Cowan 76 Did Adam and Eve Really Exist? C. John Collins reviewed by Fred Zaspel 79 Courageous reviewed by Matthew Lee Anderson www.credomag.com | 5