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historical characters can come alive to children (and the adults who read to them). In content, these books have beautiful illustrations, photographs, and reprints of letters to help distant history march into the twenty-first century. In each case, the main character is presented as someone who needs the Gospel as much as anyone else. One beneficial aspect of this approach is that it frequently steers the minds of children to realize that the God who worked powerfully in the past is still alive and active in the world today. In Marie Durand’s biography (Reformation Heritage Books, 2015), Simonetta Carr introduces young readers to French history (useful for homeschooling families), the persecution of faithful followers of Christ, and how God is an ever present help in times of trouble. They will read the story of a woman who knew her need of a Savior and imparted truth, life, and hope to those around her.

As one who delights to read biographies and also desires to teach my sons more of how God holds all of history in his sovereign hands, I’m thankful to have a series of biographies that can whet my children’s appetites for history and the world. I want my children to be readers and to fill their minds with truths about God. I want to instill in them a biblical worldview at an early age. This series helps parents with similar goals to do just that. But more importantly, it shows them the characteristics of a God who saves his people for their good and his glory. Kimberly Campbell Mount Vernon Baptist Church in Sandy Springs, GA | 53

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