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by Michael Nelson

In a world where sin exists, we should not be surprised by the things that occur around us. Even the most heinous acts should not catch us off guard. As the book of Judges implies, in a world that denies God as king, man does what is right in his own eyes. Even within the church, we ought to never let our guard down as to the sin that might occur. By God’s grace, many churches tend to be trusting places where everybody is welcome and anybody can easily get involved. To some degree that shows the character of Christ and we can be thankful for that display of love. But to another degree this opens up the door for those who shouldn’t be trusted to walk in, create havoc and destroy lives. As we watch the news at night and see the horrible things that happen in the lives of children, the church should not think that it is im46 | CREDO MAGAZINE | JULY 2015

mune to these tragedies. On Guard (New Growth Press, 2014), written by Deepak Reju, is a guide given to help churches prevent and respond to child abuse. It contains valuable information that every pastor and lay leader ought to be privy too. It shows us the realities of abuse that occur against children, but yet it provides wisdom for the church in protecting children and reacting rightly in the event of abuse. There are three reasons why every church leader should read this book: first, On Guard is clear and direct. On Guard is divided up into three sections. Section one begins with the problem of child abuse, section two gives strategies for protecting against abuse, and section three gives strategies for responding to abuse.

Let the Children Come to Jesus  
Let the Children Come to Jesus