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How To Obtain Your Annual Credit Report A quick search online for “free credit report” will turn up thousands of sites that provide access to credit reports, but these are not the sites you want if you are looking for the annual credit report that by law you are entitled to each year at no cost. The only place to obtain that is at There is a lot of confusion when it comes to this free report. When you log in to the website you can obtain a direct report form each of the three main credit reporting agencies: Trans Union, Equifax and Experian. The reports are delivered to you online if they are able to properly confirm your identification. They will ask a series of questions related to personal information and information that would be found on your credit report pertaining to current and old accounts. Now, if they are unable to confirm your identity they will provide you with an address to mail your request to, along with a checklist of items you will need to provide. These typically include a copy of your current driver’s license or government issued identification, a copy of a recent utility bill containing your current address, and a copy of your social security card. If you are unable to provide a copy of your social security card they will accept a W-2, 1099, pay stub, or a copy of a paystub containing your social security number. One more thing about the annual free credit report that you will need to know is that these reports will not include credit scores. Many people are curious to know what their credit scores are, but the free reports will not contain these. The reports you will receive will have all of the information, and this is the best source as you are receiving it directly from the credit bureaus and not a 3rd party service provider. There are some instances where the reports obtained from 3rd party companies will not contain full information. When you take advantage of your free report you will want to review all of the information contained in it to make sure it is accurate. Look over the personal information section, and make sure that the addresses that are being reported do in fact belong to you at the present time or did at one point. Other information you will want to make sure is accurate is your social security number, date of birth, phone numbers, and employers. You will also want to review all of the accounts listed throughout the credit report, including open and closed accounts. Incorrect information can be removed through credit repair. In the instance that you do want to see your actual credit scores you have a couple options. If you want your actual FICO scores you can purchase them at, but please not that you may only purchase FICO scores from Equifax and Trans Union, as Experian does not sell their FICO score to the public. If you just want a general idea of where your credit stands, then you can order your credit report on one of the many sites that offer that service. Many of these websites will provide you a free copy of your credit report along with scores as part of a trial offer. Ultimately they want you to join their monthly credit monitoring service. If you go this route just make sure you read the fine print of any trial offer you are presented with.