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Can A Judgment Be Removed? A judgment is one of the most damaging accounts that can be placed on your credit reports. A single judgment can lower a credit score up to 120 points, and if there are multiple judgments, it can drop your score to the very bottom of the barrel. What exactly a judgment? We will give you a simple example to describe how something as simple as missed credit card payments can turn into a messy judgment. Let’s pretend that you had a credit card with American Express and began to fall behind in payments. A few months of missing payments would result in the card being closed and internal collections would begin directly from American Express. If you failed to pay the account they could turn the account over to a law office and hire them to collect the amount owed. This will add in attorney fees and also late fees and interest penalties. The law office can then file a lawsuit for the money owed and have the court issue a judgment in their favor, which would then become public record and be reported to your credit as a judgment. As you can see, something as little as missing a credit card payment can snowball into a huge financial and credit score mess. Your report will have a charge off reported from American Express, possibly a collection account from the law office and then a judgment in the public records section. This combination can totally ruin a credit score virtually overnight. If this does happen to you, there is help available. In order for a judgment to remain on your credit reports it needs to contain 100% accurate information. With the amount of files that the county courts process on a daily basis, it makes errors in the public filings very common. Experienced credit repair companies know exactly what to look for when they work on removing these from credit reports. Because of their experience, they know how to remove a judgment very effectively. It is not recommended that one tries to have them removed on their own, as one simple mistake can prevent it from ever being removed before its scheduled removal date, which can sometimes last over seven years. It is also important that you keep any notices sent to you regarding a potential lawsuit or judgment. Proper procedures need to be followed and they are required to give you a court date prior to placing it on your credit. Many times these companies will make mistakes and not file the paperwork in the correct order, and this can be used to your advantage, so make sure to keep all records and documentation that is sent to you. It is important to understand that if a judgment is removed from your credit reports that it will still exist in public record, and it does not make the actual debt go away. You are still responsible for the debt, it just does not report to your credit any longer. Many people believe that as long as it is not on their credit reports that they are not responsible for it, which is far from the truth. The only way to satisfy it from public record is to pay the amount owed and that will have it marked as settled.

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