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What To Do If Credit Bureaus Refuse To Investigate Some individuals try to work on fixing their credit on their own, which is not advised, and get a generic response back from the credit bureaus. So, what can be done if the credit bureaus refuse to investigate? You need professional help to force them to do what they are required to do by law. There is a major misconception online that anyone can just send a dispute letter to the credit agencies and the result will be a favorable outcome. This is very far from the truth. The internet is littered with do it yourself kits and sample letter templates. Guess what? The credit bureaus have seen those letters and templates a million times and their scanning software is set up to detect those. When one of those goes through their system it is flagged and a generic response is sent out. They know that whomever sent that is not experienced and educated when it comes to credit repair and they fire off a generic response hoping that will be the end of it. Do not become a victim of the credit bureaus tendency to not follow the law. It is best that you retain the services of a highly experienced credit repair company and let them deal with the credit agencies. It is a full time job to make sure that the investigations are performed according to law, and a credit repair company will hold the bureaus accountable. With their experience and ability to build a solid paper trail, you will get the best possible results by letting them handle the process from start to end. If you did attempt to do it on your own without success then you can let a credit repair organization take over and try to clean up the mess that has been started. It is never too late to seek out an expert’s help on the matter, and the sooner you reach out for that help, the sooner you will start to see improvements in your credit score. The Fair Credit Reporting Act, or FCRA is used against the credit bureaus to hold them accountable, and to make sure that they follow the laws that were put in place to protect consumers. They might not always do the right thing, but thankfully there are credit repair companies that specialize in dealing with them, and throughout the years have dealt with every situation imaginable. Because of this, they know exactly how to respond to them to make sure the right steps are taken. Do not be fooled by online sites that claim that they can provide you with a magic letter that makes bad credit disappear. This is nonsense, and using these online letters will actually hurt you more then help you when it comes to cleaning up your credit reports. These outrageous claims are designed to sell you these kits, and it will just be money thrown out the window. If you really want to clean up your credit, and if you are serious about improving your credit score then you need the help of a credit repair company. Credit Restore USA has over 16 years of experience and will have your credit looking much better once you sign up for their affordable and effective service.

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