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Credit Repair Houston Helps Home Buyers Qualify For Mortgages With home prices at an all time low and inventory at an all time high, many potential homebuyers are seeking out credit repair Houston to help them qualify for low FHA mortgage rates that are being offered by lenders at the moment. Mortgage rates have never been this low and with the anticipation of the Federal Reserve raising them soon many consumers are looking to take advantage of this opportunity. There are plenty of homes available for purchase and the prices of these homes are at all time lows. The rates are at all times lows also, so what is preventing everyone in Houston from becoming a homeowner? Poor credit scores are to blame, as the lending requirements have risen and tightened up significantly since the housing market started to crash beginning in early 2006. In today’s lending market the banks are requiring strong credit scores as well as full income documentation. With rates under 4%, it is worth investing in credit repair Houston to improve your credit so you can take advantage of this opportunity before the window closes. Let’s take a purchase price of $220,000 for an example so you can see how much money you can save with improved credit. At a 3.75% rate, a traditional mortgage payment would be $1,018 and at a rate of 7.5% that same payment would be $1,538. This is a $520 monthly savings because of your improved credit score! Over the term of the loan you would save $187,200! Does that show you how important credit repair is? The savings you receive from your first couple of payments cover the cost of fixing your credit, so this makes it an easy decision. Those individuals that want to take advantage of the current real estate market need to enroll in credit repair Houston immediately. The longer you delay or go back and forth, the slimmer the chance of you being able to benefit greatly. This is an investment in your financial future as well as that of your family. If you have the financial means to own a home, then there is no reason to miss out on this excellent time to buy. Do not let bad credit stop you from becoming a new homeowner. If you are ready to improve your credit then you need to find a reputable credit repair Houston company to assist you with the process. They can help you clean up incorrect, inaccurate, questionable and unverifiable information from your credit reports that are impacting your scores in a negative manner. They will work with the three major credit reporting agencies: Trans Union, Experian and Equifax to ensure that your reports are accurately reflecting your credit worthiness. There are even program available to designed to help add positively reporting accounts to your credit reports. There are companies that offer guaranteed financing approvals and report your payment history to the credit reports. While looking for a credit repair Houston firm to work with please make sure that they are reputable and practice legal credit repair methods.

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