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Credit Repair Companies Can Not Guarantee Results Just like in every other industry there are always going to be bad companies, and credit repair companies are not immune to this trend. Fly by night companies will always pop up and attempt to collect as much money as possible before shutting down and often reopening under a new identity, repeating this process over and over. It is a very sad circumstance, but a lot of people fall for their false claims because they truly want to believe it. When they see advertisements saying that they can delete all negative information in just a matter of a few days many people’s common sense may tell them that it sounds too good to be true, but they take the bait based on pure hope that what they are being told is in fact true. If it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is. There are no quick fixes when it comes to restoring credit, as it takes time and a detailed plan of attack. Claims of all negative information cleaned off within 7 days, 15 days or in less than 30 days are all classic examples of things to run far away from. The truth is that the credit bureaus have 30 days to investigate any challenge and respond. Just use common sense, because there are so many so-called credit repair companies that offer service with these claims. Some of these companies have websites that look like they were developed by a 3rd grader and when you do a who is domain search you will see they are privately registered. This is a huge red flag, because if they were a real company the credit repair company would register the domain, and it wouldn’t be through a privacy network. This is a quick way to see if they have something to hide. Also, a quick Yellow Pages check at is a great way to look up their phone number. A lot of times you will find that they are operating off a cell phone. No legitimate company does this; again, just use common sense. Another thing to be suspicious of is any 100% money back guarantees. Although these sound great, you must first understand that the law does not allow credit repair companies to offer guarantees regarding results or time frames. There is no guarantee when it comes to fixing credit, so instead of being sold by a fancy guarantee it is best to find a company with the most experience. Each consumer has different needs and situations, so you need to work with a company that will use their know-how to get you the best possible results. When you are looking for a company, look for one that will produce the end results that you expect. What is more valuable to you, results and improved credit or some fancy worded credit repair guarantee? Focus on working with a well established and real credit repair company that will work hard for you and in the end satisfy you with their work.

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