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Disputing Your Credit Report – How Can I Remove Negative Items From My Credit Report? Disputing your credit report can be a time consuming process. Using the dispute process to remove negative items off of your credit report can be frustrating. Nevertheless, it is one of the best ways to get negative information off of your credit report. Starting with the basic dispute process is quite often the fastest and most effective way of disputing your credit report. Now that you have your reports in front of you, make sure to check the personal information section and check that all entries are correct. Check your name, date of birth, present, and past address, current and past employer, and social security number. After you have verified your basic information, you should scan all three reports and circle or highlight any errors you find. Scroll down each report and check for any errors or discrepancies regarding accounts, or inquiries. Here are some important red flags to look for:

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Improve My Credit: Dispute Negative Information on Your Credit Report  

Improve My Credit: Dispute Negative Information on Your Credit Report.

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