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Web Hosting for Greater Visibility Internet presence is very necessary for many companies, businesses, individuals and non- businesses. An exposure is needed globally for business and for individuals and presence on the internet offers just that. It is of extreme importance to have a website these days as this is one of the best ways to reach out to people around the world. Two things are needed for a website out of which one is the service for web hosting and the other is the domain name. On the internet your business needs to have a domain name which can be called your internet identity.

Domain name, your websites address: It is from the Registrar of domain names it has to be purchased. The Registrar needs to be registered with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Images and the pages of web and data are shown on your website. Data provided by you need to be visible online. On the servers, space is provided by the company providing web hosting services or internet hosting services. Within the profile of the services itself many of the companies providing web hosting incorporate the services for domain registration thus having both the functions combined. In the present times these services are also combined with services like email hosting for generating functionalities for customers in addition. Many additional services are now being generated by technologies that are emerging which can be combined effectively with services like website hosting. Different kinds of services are provided like the dedicated hosting service in which the customer is able to lease the server entirely and no sharing takes place with anyone else.

The server is in full control of the customer which means the operating system can be chosen by him, own hardware and software can be installed. As an add-on service, services for administration of server are also included by certain service providers for web hosting. It is the larger organizations having large data on these servers who find this service useful. Data security is ensured with firewall which is a security measure. Virtual Private Server is a server space in which the technology known as virtualization which allows a number of servers to run on one particular server only.

Sharing many websites on one server: It is into many servers that partitioning of servers is done and every server boots on its own and runs the machine on its own. As compared to dedicated hosting services these server services are less costly. On the server many programs can be installed which is one of the advantages, which can be run on their respective websites. Another service called the shared website hosting service enables many sites to be hosted on one server. This kind of a method suits small websites well. Besides this there are services for free hosting on the web which provide a sub domain on the domain of their website or may provide on their domain a directory. There is also another service called the collocation data center which can store data on one server and many servers at the same time. Websites running services that are critical or need customer connectivity throughout can make the best of this service. Another server manages the services even if one server is not able to manage it. Email hosting service allows owners of websites get a particular number of email accounts; the recently introduced blog hosting contains a system of content management, having hosting plans that are pre-installed, and the business web hosting and the ecommerce hosting which allows companies to carry out sales and business activities can also be considered.

Web Hosting for Greater Visibility  

Internet presence is very necessary for many companies, businesses, individuals and non- businesses. An exposure is needed globally for busi...

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