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CalPERS Mulls Doubling Credit Enhancement

Another type of LOC is a “Confirming” or wrap LOC. Many smaller or community banks may provide LOCs to secure bond issues. However, because these banks may not be rated by one of the three bond rating services, their LOCs are considered non-rated by money market funds and others that buy VRDO bonds. As a result, smaller banks look to “upstream” banks to provide “confirming LOCs. Rated confirming LOCs are drawn upon if the correspondent bank does not honor draws on its LOC. The Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority and Florida Development Finance Corporation use the composite, two-tiered LOC bond structure for qualified small issue and 501 (c)(3) borrowers.

As a longtime advocate for small business, I can see this initiative helping to create jobs all over Kentucky,” said Rep. Tanya Pullin, of South Shore. “This announcement could not come at a better time for small business. I want to thank U.S. Treasurer Rosie Rios, Gov. Beshear and the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development for their attention to small businesses. Today’s announcement will long be remembered as a high point for small business job creation.” Can't get a credit card without a credit history, and can't get a history without a card? Break the catch-22. How To Establish A Credit History

As the GSEs go about their credit enhancement work this year, FHFA must factor in a number of considerations for them, including the impact of the Qualified Mortgage and Qualified Residential Mortgage Rules, risk retention requirements and even the potential for a catastrophic-loss guarantee by the federal government. Lenders selling loans to the GSEs get a temporary pass on QM. However, the credit enhancement valuation exercise will depend on the quality of the underlying collateral. If we assume the proposed QRM definition holds at an 80% loan-to-value ratio (an unlikely scenario, admittedly), the mortgage risk profile could look different from even the GSE risk profile today.

Credit Financial Corp Credit Enhancement Division provides guarantees to enrolled banks to increase capital availability to world-wide borrowing firms, helping them to create new jobs and grow faster. The minimum guarantee for a loan is US ,000,000 up to no limit. There are many benefits associated with utilizing Credit Financial Corp to collateralize a loan. Credit enhancement is a method whereby an entity attempts to improve its credit worthiness. With credit enhancement, the lender is provided with reassurance that the borrower will honor its obligation through insurance, additional collateral or a third party guarantee.

Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation has worked closely with the cabinet for economic development on numerous projects to help attract, start and expand businesses,” said Jerry Rickett, president and CEO of Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation. “These three credit enhancement programs developed within the Kentucky Small Business Credit Initiative are sure to improve many entrepreneurs’ ability to access funding, grow their operations and hire workers. We fully support the Kentucky SSBCI programs and applaud the governor and the cabinet for economic development for their hard work in applying for these funds.” The average American household has four cards, but does that mean more is better? How Credit Cards Affect Your Credit Rating

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CalPERS Mulls Doubling Credit Enhancement  
CalPERS Mulls Doubling Credit Enhancement