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Tips For Making Engaging Social Media Posts

Social Story

• Social media has become an integral part of the marketing strategy of the brands today. •The challenge is to create engaging content. •While the limited number of characters should be used for tweets and Google headlines, writing short posts is important for some social media, platforms such as Facebook are encouraging longer word counts. • While the bottom line remains that word count is secondary in importance to valuable content, there are a few standard practices that will help your posts’ online performance.

Post With Purpose • The posts which create value for the audience and is relevant with the context make sense. • Research what the audience needs or wants a solution for.

Eye Grabbing Headlines • Sharing posts or writing blogs , headline rules! • Take time to craft some edge worthy headlines.

Embed Bigger and Better Images • Posts with photos receive more “Likes” on average than just a text post. • Using high-quality photos that connect with your message make for a better overall post and user experience.

Write for the audience • Keep in mind the content which would create value for the clients. •Are they professional or relaxed and casual? • Make sure to keep your target markets in mind when writing and direct your posts to them!

Keep it short and instructive • When writing posts – shorter, succinct posts are better received. • No one wants to take the time to read lengthy posts and in most cases, long posts will even be cut off making the reader have to click to read more. • The attention span of users on social media lasts for seconds so the first 34 words of your post are crucial.

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