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Dear Meeting Planner, The world of organizing meetings and events has been changing rapidly in recent years. Not only the international economic uncertainties, but also the ever-changing demands of participants and sponsors make your job even more challenging. Fortunately, you can rely on the certainty, flexibility, speed and personal approach of Creator Meeting Support to support you at all times. In this catalogue you will again find many innovations, product extensions, meeting tips and of course the familiar best sellers. Haven’t found the right product yet? Please let us know, we can offer many more products! In everything we do, we take a personal approach, keeping our following core values in mind: - High Service

With our large stock of smart products, endless custom solutions and professional, personal service Creator Meeting Support is your perfect partner to organize your meetings even better. We hope you enjoy this catalogue, our products and our approach. We hope to be in contact with you soon!

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In this catalog, and on our website, products might raise more specific questions. Therefore you can request free samples of all in-stock products and most customized products.

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5 AdVANTAGES AT CREATOR MEETING SUPPORT Smart return policy Don’t you know exactly how many products you need? Thanks to the smart return policy you always have enough products and never pay too much. Return unused and unprinted goods and get them credited, free of charge! Simple and efficient

large oWn Stock Our large supply of stock products offers you many possibilities. You can order up to the last moment, get a good price and have your order sent immediately. Thus saving you unnecessary costs and stress!

FaSt delivery, WorldWide Order in-stock products before 15.00 and they are shipped the same day. Creator sends worldwide and in case of great urgency, just let us know and we will ensure your shipment is delivered the next day.

Service Need help with an order? Advice for a good product selection? Looking for customized products for your international congress or small in-company meeting? The Creator Meeting Support team is always at your service, available 24 hours a day. Our employees combined have decades of experience in the meeting industry.

innovative and creative Continuously innovating is an important aspect, on one hand to keep our standard stock products as practical as possible and maintain the highest quality, and on the other to be able to off er the many possibilities for customized products. Additionally, you can always count on our creativity to think with you to stay within budget, handle with tight deadlines, get various sponsors on one line, etc.

25 yearS! Creator Meeting Support is meanwhile already celebrating its 25th birthday. Since October 1987 Creator Meeting Support has evolved as a specialized supplier for the MICE industry, therewith being the oldest in its kind. Many economic and technological trends, such as globalization and the advent of the internet, have influenced the MICE industry in those 25 years. Creator Meeting Support has always kept pace with its products, services, knowledge and method.


- Here you will find the biggest range of real meeting support products in a row. - Specific product information, sizes, features and movies with explanations to make the right choice even easier. - In our Resource Centre you can not only download templates, but also tips & tricks, manuals, specific catalogs and much more! - The latest news and innovations are of course directly online. - In addition to directly purchasable in-stock products, you can gain many ideas for customized products and immediately request a quotation!




SelF laminating badge Laminate a badge yourself without a machine. Durable and waterproof badge. Horizontally or vertically orientation. Can also be used as a luggage tag. Includes badgepaper on perforated A4-sheets reference Outer dimensions (mm) Inner dimensions (mm)

601302 105 x 75 90 x 55

601303 75 x 105 55 x 90

preprinted badgeS Printing is not only often time consuming, but also sometimes difficult. Whether to print in black and white or colour, generic badges or individual data, it’s all possible!

congreSSbadge Easy to insert by the sides. Anti-reflective. High quality PVC. Clothing friendly clip-pin attachment. Includes badgepaper on perforated A4-sheets. reference Outer dimensions (mm) Inner dimensions (mm)

600101 58 x 91 55 x 90

Save time and effort and let us print magnificent badges that you can use or hand out quick and easy! Available as of As low as 1 badge

600102 40 x 75 37 x 75

preprinting iS poSSible on all typeS oF badgepaper or directly printable badgeS.

badge Holder Stirdy badgeholder. Rigid backside keeps the badge straight, Soft frontside makes inserting badgepaper easy. High quality PVC. All attachements possible due to smart perforations. Includes badgepaper on perforated A4-sheets. Coloured (green, navy blue, cobalt blue, black, red, yellow, orange) reference 600206 600207 600208 Outer dimensions (mm) 72 x 95 98 x 115 115 x 170 Inner dimensions (mm) 52 x 75 75 x 105 (A7) 105 x 148 (A6) Transparent reference Outer dimensions (mm) Inner dimensions (mm)


600202 75 x 98 55 x 90

600204 98 x 115 75 x 105 (A7)


600205 115 x 170 105 x 148 (A6)

clippin 600801

pin attacHement 600802

butterFly badge Stick on badge Stick a badge holder on any flat surface. Eg. a document carrier, chair, table, bag etc. Biodegradable plastic. Includes badgepaper on perforated A4-sheets.

Easy, sustainable and affordable badge. Print – Fold - Attach Send the badge and optionally extra information before the meeting and prevent long queues at the registration desk. Can be printed on two sides with any laser printer. Material: 120 gsm FSC certified paper. available WitH 1 or 3 badgeS on an a4-SHeet.

Silicone loop 600803

reference Outer dimensions (mm) Inner dimensions (mm)

601201 60 x 95 55 x 90

601202 80 x 110 75 x 105

reference 601001 Badge dimensions (mm) 97 x 86 (1 badge)

601002 97 x 86 (3 badges)

magnet 600804 strong

multi-pocket badge croc-clip 600805 metal

Sturdy badge holder with a big (A6) and a small (A7) pocket. Ideal for combining a small badge with for example a program booklet, a floor plan, vouchers or sponsor information. Rigid dividing plastic holds the badge straight, soft front and back pockets make insertion easy. High quality PVC. All attachements possible due to smart perforations. Includes 2 sizes badgepaper on perforated A4-sheets.

textile badge Quick and easy way of identification. Sticks on almost any textile surface. Can be printed with any printer (laser recommended). On A4-sheets with satin finish. reference Badge dimensions (mm)

601101 62 x 94

reference Outer dimensions (mm) Inner dimensions (mm)

601102 55x90

600209 115 x 170 105 x 148 (A6) + 75 x 105 (A7)

loop magnet 600806


crocodile clip 600807

All of our badge holders are supplied with the appropriate badgepaper. Besides this, you can always order additional badgepaper. The badges are available as punched A4-sheets of 160 gsm FSC certified paper and are easy to detach. Below is a summary of the measures and how the badges are placed in the A4-sheets. The badgepapers can be printed with inkjet or laser printers. Associated word templates can be downloaded from the website, in our online resource centre. reference 600701 600702 Badge size (mm) 75 x 105 (A7) 52 x 75

600703 36 x 70

600704 55 x 90

600705 600706 115 x 148 (A6) 62 x94

croc-clip 600808 plastic WWW.CREATORMEETINGSUPPORT.COM


LUxURY BAdGES deluxe badgeS To give your meeting a luxurious look, or when you use personalized badges very often, Creator Meeting Support offers deluxe badges. The badges can be personalised with your logo, individual function/personal name and can be fi tted with their own attachment. Print yourself or let it engrave, in a set shape or cut to size, everything is possible!

cardbadge Sturdy cardbadge with a large insertion window. Beautifully finished, firm synthetics, or as a biodegradable eco-variant. Print the badgepaper and click it in the window. Attachment: metal crocodile clip, magnet, clip-pin reference Size (mm) Colour

600931 40 x 75 black,grey

mg600932 40 x 75 beige

curve badge Luxurious, slightly bent badge that stands out! This luxurious badge begins with a plastic model that is fully personalizable with the supplied badge paper. For a more luxurious look, you can choose a curve badge made partly or fully from metal. Both can be printed with a logo. The window badge can be personalized further by printed badge paper, while the fully metal badge can be provided with an elegantly engraved name. Attachments: magnet, clip-pin, needle pin

reference Size (mm)

600921 32 x 73,5



doming Flexbadge Your own unique badge fully customized: an its shape, full colour imprint, various attachments and available from 1 piece! The flexbadge offers you unlimited freedom to stand out! The acrylic doming finish makes the badge durable and provides a distinctive, luxurious 3D look. Can be individually personalized with names, functions or departments. Attachments: magnet, needle pin, butterfly clutch reference





badge organizing Organizing and transporting, especially large numbers of badges for your congress, can be rather inconvenient. Make it yourself comfortable and organize your meeting registration professionally and clearly with help of our support articles.

badge caSe Sturdy case with two seperate badge plateaus and a set ABC cards. For waterproof, safe and orderly transport. Can be taken on the plane as hand luggage. Maximum of 300 badges per case. reference Dimensions (cm)

310102 44,5 x 36,5 x 13,5

badgeplateau Has 30 insert slots. Keeps badges organized. Badges easily inserted due to the combination of a solid backing with a top layer of softer foam. reference Dimensions (cm)

310101 42 x 29 x 2

abc tagS Set of 36 cards (A-Z + 0-9). Material: rigid polypropelene reference


do it yourSelF or Have it done ? Buy the badges the way you like! If desired, all your badges, whatever the type or quantitiescan be printed in full colour, or even delivered entirely inserted, organized alphabetically and packed! Save yourSelF mucH time, StreSS and energy!



Fully prepared



ON SITE BAdGE PRINTERS on Site badgeprinter

Finally! on-Site colour badge printer!

Now also a professional badge for on-site registrations! On site badge printer for ALL types and sizes of badges and thus a full alternative for a slower, normal A4 printer. The printer is fast and easy in use and off ers you more flexibility to make the registration process even more efficient. Because of his convenience and speed, printing badges prior to the meeting gets much easier as well. Although the printer only prints in black, naturally you can also have your blank badges preprinted in 1 or more colours.

You can now print full colour badges fast and effi ciënt on-site in high resolution! Logo’s, photo’s, illustrations, bar codes or just plain text can be printed on the badge. Choose the printing quality yourself from the 4 diff erent preprogrammed print resolutions and therewith the usage of the cartridge. Print drivers available for Windows as well as Mac!

reference Including Optional

3117 power supply(EU/UK), USB cable, software, templates, manual aluminum transport case or battery-pack

Dimension (cm) Weight: (kg)

18 x 20 x 28 2,5

Suitable for

badge paper, butterfly badges and textile badges

reference Including Optional

3121 power supply (EU/UK), cartridge, USB cable, software, templates, manual. transport case

Dimensions(cm) Weight: (kg)

26,5 x 18 x 39 2,5

Suitable for

badge paper, butterfly badges

For botH verSionS tHere are diFFerent typeS oF badgeS available:

badgepaper Suitable for badge holder, self laminating badge and stick-on badge. Available blanc or preprinted Dimensions (mm) 55 x 90, 75 x 105 en 105 x 148

butterFly badgeS Double printable badge. Print – Fold - Attach Available blanc or preprinted. Dimensions (mm) 87 x 97 en 60 x 90 (folded)

textile badge Satin finish for a beautiful gloss. Sticks on most types of textile. Dimensions (mm) 55 x 90

cuStom SizeS poSSible



BAdGE ACCESSORIES reliËF pinS Beautiful and discrete way of personalization. Usable for all types of textile or on a lanyard. Relief metal with a possibility for a colour imprint. With metal butterfly clutch attachment. Various shapes/dimensions possible. reference


doming StickerS Gives a nice 3D-experience and style to any badge. Ideal for multi colour logos or even little photos! Indentify groups or just for fun. Various shapes/dimensions possible. reference


doming pinS Pin with full colour imprint. Easy and cost-efficient. Ideal for multi colour logos. With a metal butterfly clutch or magnet. Available from only 1 pcs, also in a special shape. Quick delivery! reference


ribbonS A ribbon instantly provides recognizability. For example for a speaker, sponsor, VIP, press or personal recognition. Various sizes available, with any text and text colour in various fonts, also in full colour! Fun, easy and personal. reference


buttonS A familiar face, but still effective! Very suitable as recognition sign on textile or lanyard. Various sizes and closures possible. Printed in full colour and available from 1 pcs! reference




LANYARdS - STOCk nylon lanyardS From Stock With a lanyard anyone can wear a badge. Thereby a lanyard offers the ideal possibility to place (sponsor) logos or text. Available in 2 widths and lengths, in various colours from satin finished nylon. Our stock lanyards can be shipped quickly and be imprinted with 1 or multiple colours and can be ordered as off 1 piece. Bulldogclip

Carbine hook

lanyard WitH bulldogclip Discrete lanyard where the badge hangs higher and is thereby better readable. With a safety clip in the neck. reference Dimensions (mm) Colours

7101 10 x 800 black, white, red, reflex blue, cobalt blue, green, orange

lanyard WitH 2 carbine HookS Discrete lanyard which doesn’t twist and where a badge hangs higher and thus is better readable. With a safety clip in the neck. reference Dimensions (mm) Colours

7104 10 x 800 black, white, red, reflex blue, cobalt blue, green, orange

lanyard WitH 1 carbine Hook Wide lanyard is ideal for the printing of logos or big texts. With safety clip in the neck. reference Dimensions (mm) Colours

7103 20 x 900 black, white, red, reflex blue, cobalt blue, green, orange

lanyard WitH 2 carbine HookS Wide lanyard which doesn’t twist the badge and is ideal for the printing of logos or big texts. Without safety clip. reference Dimensions (mm) Kleuren

7105 20 x 900 zwart, wit, rood, reflex blauw, cobalt blauw, groen, oranje


badge cord

Drawstring with spring system. Easy as extension of a lanyard. Also to attach to, for example, a belt or bag.

The cheapest and most simple solution. Made from twisted nylon so very comfortable. Attachment by 2 metal T-pieces.

reference Dimensions(cm)

reference Dimensions (mm) Colours


7108 8,7 x 3,6 x 1,2


7107 2 x 800 black, white, red, reflex blue, cobalt blue, green, orange


LANYARdS - CUSTOM The lanyard is not only a populair method to attach the name badge, it is also one of the most commonly used products for sponsorship expressions. With a medium range of 100% of visitors and high exposure during the conference, the promotional value is very high. A custom made lanyard offers a perfect opportunity to put your organization or sponsor in the spotlights. Creator Meeting Support off ers you the possibility to compose the perfect lanyard for your event, based on a few simple steps. You choose: the proper personalization method, the desired attachment(s), optional accessories and matching fabrics. pleaSe Feel Free to contact uS WitH your reQuirementS, and Have uS adviSe you on a Suitable Solution!

HoW to cuStomize You can choose from a variety of materials, with a fine or rougher mesh, a matt or glossy finish and even between regular and eco-friendly materials:


The lanyard can be personalized in several ways to match your meetings look and budget best:



Tubular polyester


Silkscreen printing one or a few colours, e.g. text


Organic cotton

Transfer printing perfect for full colour print


PLA (mais)

Embroidery woven into the lanyard

You have the choise of various attachments for your badge:


The lanyard can be finished with various accessories, adding even more functionality:


Bulldog clip

Carabiners hook


Safety clip


Twisting clip

Simple hook

Phone loop





ON SITE SUPPORT - VARIOUS inSertbag Elegant bag, which is very easily reused. Print A4 sheets yourself with eg logos or names. A4 sheets can be inserted on both front and back Can even be personalized on-site. Also very suitable for small numbers. reference 3107 dimensions (cm) 39,5 x 26 x 10 Colours frosted white, lime, orange, purple

ballot box plexiglaSS

regiStration envelope

Quickly and safely collect votes, questions, tickets, evaluations, badges etc. Content is securely sealed by a lock. High quality clear plexiglass.

Hand out all your meeting info neatly and organized. Ideal for eg. programs, sponsor info or badges. Store any documents clean and dry. Mat transparent envelope. With strong, flexible velcro closure.

reference Dimensions (mm)

310201 200 x 200 x 200

310202 300 x 300 x 300

available in diFFerent colourS and SizeS (a3-a7 Format) reference Size

31061 31062 A3 A4

31063 31064 31065 A5 A6 A7

voting pad Voting pad with plastic handle. Fast and easy way of voting. Results are immediately visible. reference 3113 2-sides red or green 3114 1 side red + 1 side green

lanyard diSplay ballot box carton Leightweight and easy to set up. Easily accessible due to large insertion opening. Ideal for collecting badges, lanyards, forms, votes, etc. Can be personalized with supplied A4 stick-on. reference Dimensions (mm)



310205 400 x 990 x 280

310206 380 x 300 x 280

Durable metal lanyard display. Orderly presenting and handing out of lanyards. With hooks on the end of the arms to prevent lanyards from sliding off. reference Type Length arms (cm) Height (cm)

3110 6 arms 16 26-62

3111 12 arms 19 79

ON SITE SUPPORT - SIGNS nameSHield plexiglaSS

cardclip reference Size (cm)

Excellent way to identify meeting participants. Clearly legible from different angles. Durable in use. Re-usable with A4 or A5 inserts. Scratch resistant plexiglass.

320111 5,0 10,0 10,5 x 15 (A6)

reference Size

310601 A4

310602 A5

plexiglaSS HolderS Ideal for presenting programs, speakers, sponsors or other information.

table clotH

3-sided 320108 3 x A4 3 x A5

Slanting 320109 21 x 29,7 (A4) 14,8 x 21 (A5)

Give your meeting or conference a better appearance with a tablecloth. To be used on table tops, registration desks, bar tables etc. Increases visibility for your sponsors or the registration desk itself. Brings that extra atmosphere to your meeting. Can be printed in full colour, and custom sized.

upright 320110 21 x 29,7 (A4) 14,8 x 21 (A5) 10,5 x 15 (A6)

reference Dimensions (cm)

310301 200 x 300

310302 300 x 400

portable eaSel Set up in only a few seconds. Great for displaying signs, photographs, art, etc. Suitable for materials up to 2,5 kg. Adjustable brackets to position the board. reference Material Height (cm)

3001 metal 163 (max)

table FlagS


Various models available. Sewn on hanging cord at the top or on the side of the flag. Incl. wooden stick and table stand.

Perfect for giving program instructions, Sponsor designations, cheques or presentations. Sturdy, lightweight material. Can be custom made. reference Size

311201 A1

311202 A2

311203 A3

311204 A4

311205 A5

reference Material Size

7003003 acetate of white satin and wood. almost any dimensions possible.




a4 Stick-on

Adhesive frame with closable magnetic front. Readable on two sides. Sticks to any flat surface. Leaves NO adhesive residue. Perfect solution for changing directions, program information, opening hours etc.

An on-site must-have for any meeting planner! Ideal for fast signage, program instructions etc.

Material: hard synthetics with magnetic closures. reference Size insert

3120 A3

3121 3122 A4 A5

3123 A6

A4 FSC certified paper with adhesive backside, sticks on any flat surface. Easily removed without glue residue or damage. Can be personalized with any printer. reference


Full colour bannerS Ready-to-use supplied banners. Send us your artwork and we will do the rest. Various models available: from a simple L-banner to luxury roll-up cassettes. Including convenient carrying bag. Imprint in full colour Material aluminium Visual paper, laminated paper, vinyl Dimensions standard 85 x 200 cm, other sizes available on request.

alu brocHure Holder Luxurious brochure holder, for two-sided usage. For information brochures up to A4 size (6 compartments). Lightweight, fully foldable aluminum profile. Quick and easy to set up. Including carrying case. reference Height (cm)

320116 147

inFo diSplay Sturdy stainless steel stand . Adjustable height, up to122 cm . Information can be easily inserted. Display can be set up horizontally or vertically. reference Size



3201120 A4

32001121 A3

GIFTS & AWARdS gavel Luxurious wooden gavel. Supplied with a copper band and a sound block. Perfect item for any president to preside a meeting, And a great gift for any departing/future chairman. Engraving possible on both the hammer band and the sound block. Available in cardboard gift box with plastic cover, or in a luxuruous presentation box with plexiglass lid. reference Dimensions gavel (cm) Dimensions sound block (cm) Dimensions giftbox (cm) Dimensions presentation case (cm)

4001-4004 26 x 7,6 x 4,4 10,2 x 10,2 x 2,5 31,5 x 11,5 x 7,5 29,5 x 24,5 x 7

aWardS If you really want to put someone in the spotlights, a personal award is a beautiful, imposing present. Creator offers a wide range for any occasion and any budget.

glaSS and plexiglaS aWardS reference



artiStic SculptureS reference 00103


We can have your award personalized in many different ways, like direct print, laser engravement, pad printing, sandblasting and doming.

luxuriouS tropHieS reference 00104



Speaker GIFTS Digital luggage scale Handy gift for speakers or visitors who fly a lot. With zero and tarra function and overweight indicator. Maximum capacity: 40kg, till 100g accurate. Reference 110127 Dimensions (cm) 3,5 x 10,0 x 3,0 Color black, white, lime-green

USB businesscardscanner Scan and keep your business cards easily in digital format. Synchronise with Iphone, Blackberry, Palm, PDA, Pocket PC etc. Export to Adress Book or Outlook. Scans in only 2 seconds. Reference 110123 Dimensions (cm) 12,5 x 7,5 x 1,5

Windmill clock

Luxurious bathing set Consists of a towel, shower gel(120ml). Bodylotion (120ml) and soap (200g). In a black giftbox with a transparent. lid and black/wite satin ribbon.

Bring your green policy to expression with this windmill-clock. Display shows clock, date, day and temperature. Wind turbine is powered by solar energy. Incl. batteries.

Reference 110201 Dimensions(cm) 21 x 11,2 x 5

Reference 110124 Dimensions (cm) 23 x 12,5 x 10,5

Present yourself Laserpointer multifunction


Bluetooth mini keyboard

Messing all-in-one laserpointer with clip. contains a laserpointer, balpoint and touch-screen stylus. Incl. Batteries. Reference 110125

Ideal for people who present often. Top quality radio frequency laser presenter with laser pointer and buttons to slide to the presentation. Incl. batteries Reference 110126

Keyboard with rubber keys. Operates over a distance up to 10 meters. Compatible with Bluetooth 2.0 Incl. rechargeable Li-ion battery. Reference 110115



: More ideanstact us. Please co rotating Smart Stand Compact stand for almost every smartphone or tablet. Can be used in 2 ways, for easy reading, presenting and working. reference Dimensions (cm)

110122 3,7 x 8,2

PHONES & TABLETS toucH Screen StyluS Prevent fingerprints on tablet or smartphone with the trendy touch screen pen, in 6 metallic colours. reference Dimensions (cm) Colours

110122 12 x 1 black, silver, blue, red, pink, lime

multi pHone Holder

toucHScreen gloveS

Put your phone lose down or attach him with the strong suction cap. On almost every slippery surface, like a desk or car window. Handy to use the telephone as navigation or clock. Perfect personalizable to premium!

The special finish off the fingertips makes it possible to touch your touchscreen with gloves on. No more cold hands while using your phone! reference

reference Dimensions (cm) Colours


110128 8,4 x 4,0 grey, black, green, blue, orange, red

Silicone Speaker

WindoW Solar cHarger

Let your message be heard with the silicon iPhone speaker. For passive amplification of the sound of the iPhone. Great give away/premium.

Charge your mobile device anywhere with solar-energy. Put the charger on your car window easily, with help of the suction cap. The internal 1000mAh lithium battery makes charging on a later moment possible.

reference Dimensions (cm) Colours

110131 10,8 x 4,6 x 4,5 blue, orange, lime

reference Dimensions (cm)

110130 2,6 x 10




micro tWiSt

reference 210104

Smart tWiSt reference 210112

Solid tWiSt

reference 210103

Creator Meeting Support has a wide range of USB sticks to easily spread digital data, give a functional gift or offer sponsors better visibility. All sticks are assembled in the EU, and are provided with top quality chips, with high reading and writing speed and lifetime warranty on the chip. They are fully personalizable with full colour print, laser engravements, special packaging, extra accessories, etc. Last but not least the delivery time is exceptionally short, with shipment in 5 days ex factory, including personalizations and uploading of your meeting data. tHe perFect uSb Stick, made in 4 cHoiceS: Desired model storage capacity personalization’s


reference 210101


accessories and/or packaging.



For any QueStionS pleaSe contact uS, So We can Find tHe beSt Solution togetHer!

cuStom micro

reference 210116


mini card

coin card

SQuare card









eco Wood

reference 210113

Storage capacity Available capacities: 2GB, 4GB, 8GB,16GB, 32 GB and 64GB. The exact off er and possibilities can diff er for the various models. Check our website or contact us for the exact possibilities.

uSb key

reference 210115

data upload Uploading data on the USB-stick is exceptionally useful: it’s an ideal way to share (sponsor) presentations, contact information, websites, videos etc. with your participants. Uploading and programming of an autorun-file is one of the possibilities. This data can also be supplied only 5 workdays before shipment, giving you incredible flexibility. The data can be uploaded removable as well as non-removable. Non-removable data can for example be important in some sectors for the USB stick not to apply as a gift, but as a tool.



uSb pen

reference 210114

perSonaliSation poSSibilitieS The USB-sticks can be personalized in 3 ways: full colour direct print, a full colour scratchfree doming, or a laser engravement. Combinations of both are possible, for example with a single sided engravement with a doming layer on the other side.

type uSb-stick

direct print (Fc) 1 side 2 sides

doming 1 side 2 sides

laserengraving 1 side 2 sides

printable area (mm)

Micro twist

24,7 x 9

Smart twist

25 x 10

Solid twist

32,5 x 11,9


31 x 12,7


29 x 10

Custom micro




Eco wood

35 x 15

USB key

45 x 19

USB pen

60 x 5


85,4 x 54,1

Mini card

60 x 30

Square card

40 x 40

Coin card

43 x 43

* By the means of a doming key ring max 50cm2. Can be produced in almost every shape or size.

keycHain reference




pHone loop reference



acceSoireS & verpakkingen Diff erent accessories and packagings are available, so that you can personalize your USB stick even better. Even some packagings can be personalized, generically or individually, in full colour. tHe poSSibilitieS can vary per model, So look at tHe poSSibilitieS on our WebSite or contact uS!

giFtbox combi

giFtbox Frame


giFtbox gloSSy

velvet poucH

giFtbox claSSic











reference 210306



CATERING, FOOdS & dRINkS mentoS reference


Your catering and food products are more than just a necessary good: they offer you thĂŠ perfect opportunity to transfer information. Announce your next event, promote your company or give sponsors the extra attention they deserve. You will be surprised of the possibilities!

FlatmintS reference 8126

cHeWing gum reference 8117



Pure bottled water in 0,33l, 0,50l (plastic) or 0,75l bottle (glass). With a big full colour personalizable label.

The ideal manner to transfer information (for ex. sponsoring) in a very affordable way. Print up to full colour. Different dimensions available.

peppermintS reference 8124

0,5l alSo available WitH Fruit taSte. idea: luxuriouS embroidered napkinS alSo available.

dextroSe reference 8127


printable coFFeecupS and SleeveS

For usage during events and/or as gifts with a business expression. Can be printed and engraved.Perfectly suited as corporate merchandise.

Convey your information during a delicious cup of coffee. Printable (full colour) to your likings. Different dimensions of strong cardboard available.

lollipopS reference 8128

Foldable Water bottle Sustainable, recyclable waterbottle, with a spout, cap and carabine hook. Space saving because the empty bottle can be folded into a very small bottle reference

SWeetS reference



cHocolate SQuareS reference 8123




travelSetS Offer your participants a real functional gift with these handy small theme boxes for every situation. it getS extra Special WHen you cHooSe For your oWn label, colour or compoSition. reference

Soap SHeetS

eyeglaSS cleaning clotHS

Sanitizer gel











rain poncHo

Folding umbrella

umbrellla claSSic

Conveniently packed rain poncho of transparent plastic in a coloured plastic bal. Affordable one-size-fits-most solution.

Handy folding (2 sections) umbrella. With metal shaft and wooden handle. Packed a matching pouch.

Luxurious, classic umbrella. With wooden shaft and a curved handle. Both pouch and umbrella can be printed.


reference 3213 Dimensions (cm) Ă˜ 90

reference Dimensions (cm)


3211 Ă˜ 106



OFFICE SUPPLIES notebookS (cuStom) Top-glued or stapled and finished with beautiful (coloured) binding on the top. In A4/A5/A6-format or custom sized. With or without cover and/or drill holes. Full colour print possible on 1 or both sides. contact uS WitH For your oWn reQuirementS! reference


eco notebook binder Notebook from recycled paper with ring binder and matching recycled pen. With 60 pages grey lined paper (70gsm) with recycled-logo. Bothy cover and pen can be imprinted. reference Dimensions (cm) Colours

8101003 14 x 18 x 0,8 red, blue, black

notebook leatHerlook Imitation leather notebook in A4, A5 or A6 format. With elastic closure and bookmark-ribbon. Contains 80 pages lined paper (80gsm). Cover can be printed, engraved or embossed. reference Dimensions (cm)


8101004 9,5 x 14 x 1,5 14,5 x 21,3 x 1,2 20,9 x 29,8 x 1,2 black, navy, red, silver

deSk calendarS

Sticky noteS (cuStom)

Easily communicate your events and stay under the attention off your partners throughout the entire year. Available in various, fully personalizable versions.

Always handy those sticky notes! In a variety of standard shapes and sizes or fully custom made. With print up to full colour.


alSo available in a booklet Form!

070205 070207




070208 070209

HigHligHter puck 3-colour highlighter, in a handy plastic circle. Nice premium with print up to full colour. reference Dimensions (cm) Colour

0703 Ă˜ 6,9 x 1,4 white with yellow, pink and blue or yellow, pink and green

combicleaner 2-in-1 computer cleaning tool, for keyboard and computer screen. An ideal office desk tool! reference Dimensions (cm)

8101013 7,5 x 6,8 x 1,4

deSk organizer

mouSe pad

Desk organizer for writing instruments and business cards. Can also be used as a holder for your mobile phone.

Mouse pad with 25 sheets FSC-paper (90 g/m2) with rounded corners: convenient as calendar and for notes while you’re working. With the bottom of anti slip cardboard. Print on all sheets possible, up to full colour.

reference Dimensions (cm)

0704 11 x 7,8 x 10,5

reference Dimensions (cm)

070203 24,5 x 20

memo bookletS

buSineSS card HolderS

Booklet with 2 sticky note memo blocks and a set of 5 brightly coloured markers. Both the cover as the inside work can be personalized up to full colour.

Luxurious metal business card holders (gunmetal platering) with artificial leather finish.

reference 8101007 Dimensions (mm) 110 x 81 x 10 Softcover

reference Dimensions (cm)

8101008 112 x 81 x 20 Hardcover

0705 9,7 x 6,5 x 1,5



PROMOTIONAL PENS ballpen reference

ballpen reference

bamboe ballpen reference





ballpen reference

ballpen reference



biodegradable ballpen reference



ballpen reference

ballpen reference



ballpen biopaper reference


ballpen reference

ballpen reference






PENS - CUSTOM HQ cuStom plaStic penS Create your own promotional pen that perfectly fits the look and feel of your meeting! These pens can be fully personalized by choosing from: - Colour combinations. - Materials. - 1 or multiple personalisations. - Various fillings. - Special packing possibilities, etc. tHeSe cuStom made penS are oF HigH Quality, aSSembled in tHe eu and already available aS oFF 1000 pcS!

HoW to cuStomize cobra



Choose model that fits the look and feel of your meeting or conference.


Combine the components and from various materials, colours and fillings to get the best pen.


Personalize a pen with one or more beautiful prints or (individual) engravings.


Present a pen even more appealing with a matching (personalized) packaging.



LUxURIOUS PENS penS FirSt claSS A luxurious pen is a wonderful, classical gift to express your appreciation in style. A luxurious board meeting, marking a special moment or thanking someone special, in all price categories you will find various options. From trendy, modern and bold, to conservative, classic and sleek, always packed in a matching luxury gift box. The pens can be personalized with a beautiful imprint, an insert card or an engravement with eg a name, even laid in with gold!

parker im SerieS

parker urban SerieS

parker Sonnet SerieS

Parkers IM series’ modern design offers various beautiful combinations for ballpens, roller balls or fountain pens. With a classic style combined with a modern look, IM series offers you the best quality of the famous Parker pens.

These fashionable pens form a new generation, which redefines modern writing. Ergonomics and art combined give an unconventional bullet shape with perfect weight and balance.

A modern and luxurious series of ballpen, roller ball and fountain pens, in which precision, reliability and perfect performance are combined with a luxurious finish and exquisite details.







Waterman graduate SerieS

Waterman HemiSpHere SerieS

Waterman expert SerieS

The Graduate series is based on the classic design for the functionality and modern use of today. The ballpens, roller balls and fountain pens are an ideal entry model of this famous brand.

With a timeless design the practical and stylishly designed Hemisphere mechanical pencils, ballpen, roller balls or fountain pens always find a nice place in your pocket, bag or agenda. The models off er a modern and harmonious appearance.

In Expert series classic as well as bold colours are used to combine the refined business matter style with a personal twist. Available as ballpens, roller balls or fountain pens.



reference reference





Ask for ibilities. more poss


Portfolio Topeka Cardboard portfolio folder with push button closure. Fitted with an insert compartment and notebook. Reference Dimensions (cm) Material Colour

5107 34,5 x 25,5 x 1 cardboard natural

Portfolio Sacramento Simple A4 portfolio with velcro closure, notebook and penholder. Reference Dimensions (cm) Material Colours

5108 33 x 24,4 polyester 600D blue, dark green, navy, black

Portfolio washington d.c. Portfolio in A4 size with a zip closure. Including a notebook, pen loop and various insert compartments for business cards, documents etc. Reference Dimensions (cm) Material Colour

5102 34 x 25,5 polyester 600D / PVC black

Portfolio Los Angeles Portfolio in A4 format with a luxurious appearance. Including a writing pad, various insert pockets for documents and business cards. Reference Dimensions (cm) Material Colour

5103 33 x 24 polyester 600D / PVC black

portfolio MONTGOMERY Luxurious leather portfolio in A4 format with zip-closure. With a notebook, pen holder and several insert compartments for documents and business cards. Reference Dimensions (cm) Material Colour

5109 34,0 x 25,0 x 3,0 Leather black



ECO BAGS - ECONOMY Hobart bag non Woven Document bag made of recycled laminated paper. The bag has two compartments and a well printable white space in between. reference Dimensions (cm) Material Colour

mg0411 39 x 28 x25 recycled paper and recycled polyester natural brown

adelaide non Woven White or coloured non woven shoulder bag with long handles, made out of lightweight fibers. Large printable area, therefor ideal for multiple or large congress- or sponsor logo. reference Dimensions (cm) Material Colours

mg0412 42 x 38 recycled non-woven, 75g/m² white, grey, black, light-blue, dark-blue, yellow, orange, red, light-green, dark-green

ayerS rock eco paper Ecological paper bag with frontflap, velcro-closure and long handles. Made of brown and black traditional paper, laminated with recycled non woven fabric. reference Dimensions (cm) Material Colours

mg0413 35 x 26,5 x 4 100 g/m 2 non woven polypropylene black, red/black, blue/black, grey/black

SimpSon deSert gloSSy Big, sturdy, made of glossy laminated paper. With handles off twisted rope in black or white. Large printable area on both sides. Available in 3 standard sizes or custom sized (ask for the possibilities). reference Dimensions (cm) Material Colours

mg0414 L - 30 x 12 x 40, M - 24 x 10 x 30, S - 18 x 80 x 24 recycled paper, 200g/m² white, black

congreSSbag victoria Congress bag of recycled polypropylene. With adjustable shoulder strap and double handle. Main compartment with zipper and 3 insert compartments at the front. Badge/business card holder on the back. reference Dimensions (cm) Material Colours



mg0415 40,5 x 30,5 x 9 80 g/m 2 non woven polypropylene black , black/red, black/blue

ly SOME n o e r a e s e Th wishes? act us. r e h t O . s a e id Please cont


SHOULDER BAG CORAL SEA Shoulder bag with adjustable shoulderstrap. Main compartment with a large flap and press button closures. Inner compartment with zipper. Reference MG0416 Dimensions (cm) 36 x 30 x 13 Material 73% jute / 27% cotton Colours natural, chocolate

LAPTOP BAG GIPSON Practical laptop bag of organic cotton/jute. With adjustable shoulderstrap and 2 handles. Main compartment with a zipper and laptop compartment with inside pockets. Reference MG0417 Dimensions (cm) 37,5 x 27 x 4,5 Materiaal 73% jute / 27% katoen Kleuren natural, donker grijs

CONGRESSBAG CARPENTARIA Simple, handy congress bag, with a single handle. Main compartment with zipper. Reference MG0418 Dimensions (cm) 39 x 29 x 4 Material 100% organic cotton Colours green, sand

SHOULDER BAG KIMBERLEY Congress bag with main compartment and front pocket, both closed with zipper. Adjustable and removable shoulderstrap. Second life bag: all components used (fabric, zippers, straps, wire, buckles) are made from 100% recycled material. Reference MG0419 Dimensions (cm) 38 x 28 x 5 Material 100% organic cotton Colours gray, brown, navy

SHOULDER BAG MACKAY Shoulder bag with padding, adjustable handle. Main compartment with zipper, frontpockets with several pockets and penloops. Second life bag: all used pieces (fabric, zipper, bands, threads, buckles) are made from 100% recycled material. Reference MG0420 Dimensions (cm) 41 x 30 x 9 Material 100% recycled polypropylene450D Colours grey, navy blue



BAGS – ECONOMY Event bag Luxembourg Notable bag with zipper on 2 sides. Adjustable shoulder strap can be stored away in the rear pocket.Also available in canvas version (black, grey, brown) and a larger version suitable for laptops. Reference Dimensions (cm) Material Colours

5006023 25 x 33 x 2 polyester 600D black, blue, red, grey, white, orange, light green, dark green, purple

SHOLDER BAG PALMA Large main compartment, closed with flap and velcro closure. With transparent PVC pocket, making it easy to insert documents for personalization of the bag yourself. Perfect for full colour or last minute personalizations and reuse . Reference Dimensions (cm) Materiaal Colours

5006020 37 x 30 x 13 Polyester 600D / PVC black, red, orange, light blue

DOCUMENT BAG BERN Bicolour document bag with white accents. Made of recycled polypropylene. Equipped with two padded handles. Main compartment and front pocket with zipper. Reference Dimensions (cm) Material Colours

5006024 29 x 39,5 x 8,5 80GSM non-woven polypropyleen black, black/red, black/blue

Document bag Belfast Bicolour document bag with large main compartment and front pocket with zipper and a single handle. Available in many colour variations. Reference Dimensions (cm) Materiaal Colours

5006012 38,5 x 28,5 x 3 polyester 600D black or black with blue, red, light green, dark green, purple, orange or yellow

DOCUMENT BAG HELSINKI Simple, classic document bag. With single handle and zippered main compartment. Ideal for large imprints. Reference Dimensions (cm) Material Colours



5006025 35 x 26,5 x 4 100GSM non woven polypropyleen black or black with blue, red or grey

BAGS - Bussiness Congress bag Turin Basic and functional congressbag. With single handle and adjustable shoulderstrap. Main compartment with zipper, suitable for laptop inlay. With pen loops on the side of the bag. Reference Dimensions (cm) Material Colours

500801 40 x 29 x 8 polyester 600D black, red, blue, grey

Congress bag Sevilla Practical bicolour congress bag. With double handle and adjustable shoulderstrap. Main compartment and front pocket with zipper. Reference Dimensions (cm) Material Colours

500802 34,5 x 24 x 6 polyester 600D black with grey, red, light-blue or purple

Shoulder bag Lisbon Spacius shoulder bag with adjustable strap. Front flap with velcro closure. Large main compartment and small pockets with zipper. Reference Dimensions (cm) Material Colours

5006014 40 x 34 x 11 polyester 600D black, white, red, blue, navy/black

Fair bag Liverpool Stylish 17� laptop bag with metal handles. Adjustable and detachable shoulderstrap. Large main compartment closed with double zip. Front pocket with organizer and back pocket, both with zip. Reference Dimensions (cm) Material Colours

500803 40 x 31 x 7 polyester 600D black/red

Eventbag Kiev Striking event bag with adjustable shoulderstrap. With Velcro closures and folding top edge. Cut-out handle with black trim ring. Available in 2 sizes (biggest with organizer). Reference Dimensions (cm) Material Colours

500804 28 x 34/44 x 5,5 of 37 x 43/55 x 7,5 polyester 600D black, red, blue, white



hes? Specific wis will Let us knowa, sweolution! search for

Bags - First class

Bussiness bag Amsterdam Luxurious felt bag with adjustable shoulderstrap. Modern & classic design combined. Main compartment with zipper. 2 front pockets for smartphone and tablet with velcro closure. Pen loops on the side of the bag. Reference Dimensions (cm) Material Colour

500805 35.5 x 26 x 6 felt grey

shoulder bag Liechtenstein Basic laptop bag with zipper to enlarge the slim bag. With 2 handles and main compartment with double zipper. Removable and adjustable and padded shoulderstrap. With extra pockets for pens, documents, cards etc. Reference Dimensions (cm) Material Colour

500806 40 x 30 x 7 mini ribstop black

Laptop backpack Brussels Backpack and laptop shoulder bag in one! Two deluxe handles with reinforcements. Adjustable and detachable shoulderstrap, can be stored away in the bag.Large main compartment and various smaller insert pockets. Reference 500702 Dimensions (cm) 39 x 27 x 14 Material mini ribstop Colours black, blue, white, grey

LAPTOP BAG ROTTERDAM Laptop bag with notable finishing shape and colour accents. With two handles and an adjustable shoulder strap. Main compartment with double zipper and 2 pockets. Two additional pockets on the outside, 1 with a zipper and 1 with a velcro closure. Reference Dimensions (cm) Material Colours

500807 37 x 30 x 10 polyester 600D Black, black with red, blue or grey

LAPTOP BAG LYON Stylish laptop bag for a 15,4� laptop. With adjustable and detachable shoulderstrap and a single, sturdy handle. Main compartment and front pocket with zipper. Reference Dimensions (cm) Material Colour



500808 37 x 29 x 7,5 polyester 600D black

Bags - custom A conference bag is not only a nice gift for your visitors and a functional product to distribute different conference materials, it is also a very visible media for your sponsors! A well-designed bag will be used after the conference more often. Impress your visitors with a bag which fits your conference, your budget and your sponsors demands. Creator Meeting Support offers special designed bags to fit all your needs! For short delivery times, custom made bags can be produced within Europe. Custom made bags can already be produced as off 250 pieces with a maximum production time of 4 weeks.

How to Customize Make your own bag by first choosing the material in the colour you want. Materials like Cotton, polyester, PVC, neoprene, nylon, canvas, satin, tarpaulin, etc are available in different varieties. The use of custom coloured materials is available as off 500 pieces.


Personalize your bags with your artwork choosing one or more methods of personalization, like imprinting, stitching, transfer printing, rubbering, etc.


Adjust the lay-out of the bag using or deleting organizing features, separate (zip)pockets, laptop/tablet compartments, pen loops, padding etc.


Fine-tune the outside of your custom bag, for example by adding a (adjustable) shoulderstrap, padding, handles, special zippers, etc.



Textiles There are very many possibilities regarding textiles; various qualities, materials, colours, designs and many different brands. Creator Meeting Support happily advises you which textile suits your meeting or event best!




Not too expensive, simple yet descent, that is what a polo shirt stands for. Available in many models and colour, of course fully personalized as well!

Ideal for quick and easy promotion of your meeting or event. Available in all the colours of the rainbow and in various qualities.

A nice shirt for men and women gives your meeting a beautiful classy appearance and can be discretely personalized.

(Hooded) Sweaters



Keep warm and keep promoting, with a sweater or hooded sweater. The heavy material not only keeps you warm, but is also ideal for printing or embroidery!

A simple wind-breaker, a highly isolated polar jacket or a beautiful sailing jacket, we have it all!

For the more sporty appearance of your meeting, or as a useful item for outdoor events. Can be printed as well as beautifully embroided.

All our textiles can be personalised, as off 1 piece! A good advice is very important to get the perfect result. Send us your artwork, and we will advise you about the possibilities and how to get the right textile to fit your meeting!. Commonly used personalizations are:

Screen printing




Transfer printing

Additional information Website

24/7 Service desk

Stock products can be ordered the easiest and fastest through our website. Prices, specifications, availability and photos can be found online and stock products can be purchased directly. You have several ways to settle the payment, for frequent client also on account! Customisable products are also found online and can help you with ideas and can be used as a reference. Because these customized products are always personalized and/or adapted, you can easily request one or more quotations. Our team will come with an appropriate quotation of the requested product as soon as possible, usually supplemented with additional product ideas.

Of course you can also order through our service desk, where you can also ask additional questions and lay down special requests. Our service desk is available 24/7 via email and phone. Would you like product advice? Do you have a question about delivery times or personalization? Call: 0031–(0)10-2763113 (NL) of 0032-(0)2-2687606 (B) or email:

Delivery times


In-stock products are shipped the same day when ordered before 15.00 CET on working days and if sufficient stock is available. Orders placed outside of the openinghours or on non-working days will be shipped the next working day. Delivery times for custom made or personalised products can vary and will be indicated to you in each quotation that you will receive. The delivery time for custom/personalised products will start at the next working day after approval of the order and of the digital/ actual proof. The delivery times end at the day of shipment. Do you have a short deadline? Please contact us for the possibilities for a shorter delivery time!

Our preferred shipping carrier is DHL, although we can make divert to another carrier on request. Orders of stock products will be delivered within 1-2 working days after the day of shipment in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg. Within the rest of Europe the delivery time can vary from 2 to 4 working days after shipping. For a faster delivery , please contact us for the possibilities.

Payment Conditions New clients pay prior to shipment of their order. Existing customers can pay on account after a credit-audit by Creator Meeting Support. Adjustments in these conditions is only possible after consulting with Creator Meeting Support and can NOT be adjusted unilaterally. Cash payment at our offices is also possible.

Smart Return Policy With our Smart Return Policy you can organise your meeting even more efficiently. Standard products which are left-over from your meeting and in the original packaging, can be returned and will be credited free of charge. For selected bags, portfolios, pens and other products which can be personalised, the Smart Return Policy is also valid. So, less stress, less waste and more efficiency! Ask our account manager for the possibilities.

Sample Policy


Creator Meeting Support will send samples to customers as much as possible in order for our clients to experience the quality and functionality of our products. We try to keep our sample policy as open and broad as possible,

Creator Meeting Support will do everything to produce your personalisations as good as possible. To prevent any delay or additional costs, we ask you to provide us your logo’s and other artwork as mentioned below. We can off course make or adjust artwork for you. Please contact us for the possibilities!

Creator Meeting Support reserves the right to question or decline sample requests, or charge costs should the sample request exceed our cost guidelines.

* (high resolution) PDF (open and vectorised files) * Vectorised .AI – file * vectorised .EPS – file * if applicable, Pantone colourcodes and lettertypes included Artwork in JPG, Bitmap or PNG format are only suitable for digital imprints, only when provided in high resolution! For any questions or evaluation of your artwork, please contact us.




creator meeting Support Bombaystraat 89 3047 BA Rotterdam The Netherlands +31-(0)10-2763113

Spaanshof 10 1850 Grimbergen Belgium +32-(0)2-2687606

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Find the latest meeting support products, like badges, lanyards, conference bags, badgeprinters, awards, USB sticks and many more inspiring...

Catalogue Creator Meeting Support 13/14  

Find the latest meeting support products, like badges, lanyards, conference bags, badgeprinters, awards, USB sticks and many more inspiring...