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The Creator in You: You are not Helpless Inspiration for Challenging Times

Step out of the comfort. Move beyond the chaos. Walk into greatness.

Erica T. G. Warren

Copyright Erica Warren, 2009

The Creator in You: You are not Helpless

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The Creator in You: You are not Helpless


This book is dedicated to:

To my husband Andrae, your love empowers me to walk confidently into every facet of who I am – for that I will love you forever. I couldn’t have asked God for more.

To my father who creatively published my first book when I was 5 and my mother who enrolled me in every writing and arts class possible. You both called me into who I was from childhood. Thank you for always believing in me.


The Creator in You: You are not Helpless

Acknowledgements Thank you to everyone in my editing group whose great input and amazing words of encouragement helped me to this point. Special thanks to Jayne!

To my brother William, your adventurous spirit challenges me to step out – you really can fly. To my sister Denise your heartfelt passion reminds me to whom much is given much is required.

To my extended family, the Matthews, Johnsons and Warrens especially Grandpa & Faye Matthews and Grandma Johnson your love keeps me inspired. Never doubt what a family’s love can produce.


The Creator in You: You are not Helpless

Table of Contents Introduction………………………………………6 Chapter 1……………………………….………. 9 Creation Purpose

Chapter 2………………………………….……. 21 Creation Process

Chapter 3……………………………………….. 33 Creation Power


The Creator in You: You are not Helpless


We are here, we exist, there is breath in our bodies. As long as that is true we must honor that gift by living the life we alone were created to live. No more excuses, no more delays. It is time to be who you were designed to be. In such a fast-paced era, we must slow down enough to listen, observe and understand the creation blueprint that was placed inside of us. If we do not, we will live a life misaligned and out of place wondering what happened and what could have been. You are, in fact, fully in charge of every part of your life. Even the parts you feel are beyond your reach. Regardless of the


The Creator in You: You are not Helpless

circumstances, you cannot let life dictate who you are and who you will become. Greatness has been inside of you from birth. The only question is will you use it to change the world, or will you let the world change you to the point that you forget who you are and your purpose for existence. You alone decide.

This book was written to inspire, challenge and motivate you to understand the creation power inside of you. It is a reminder that you are not helpless.


The Creator in You: You are not Helpless

Take the time to read and think through each chapter. Write down your thoughts and unleash who you were designed to be.


The Creator in You: You are not Helpless

Chapter:1 Creation Purpose


The Creator in You: You are not Helpless

You are not helpless. You are not dependent on your job or the check that it brings. You are dependent on the Creator within you. Often, the expression of hopelessness seen in our eyes and heard in our voices during challenging times is a result of becoming so dependent on things as our source instead of our resource. Thus, when things inevitably don’t work out quite as planned, we become paralyzed. We don’t realize that the answer to our problem is waiting to be realized inside of us.


The Creator in You: You are not Helpless

We are instinctively creators. Everything that is seen with the physical eye can be attributed to an idea inside the mind of someone who possessed the faith, courage and determination to manifest that idea into the earth. We were not created to be mindless drones, going through automated lives, completely losing our purpose when the script is removed. The script is within YOU. It has always been there, yet you have never read it. Each successful person has realized this.

To move out of paralyzing fear and uncertainty after life has dealt you what feels like a crushing blow is not as impossible as it seems. We often look for external things to show us how to move forward. But 11

The Creator in You: You are not Helpless

external things can only point you to what your soul already knows – who you are. Unless you take the time to understand your original design, you will continue to be frustrated, underemployed and out of place.

We were created in the image of a Creator, therefore we are creators. Yet, we have forgotten that our purpose is to create, so instead, we duplicate. The ability to create what you need in your life has been hard wired into you. This is not about principles from the “Secret” or a New Age philosophy. It’s about the understanding that purpose driven people have. Inside of you is everything necessary to achieve a successful life focused on the purpose only you can fulfill. Witty ideas and strategies abound in you, but your life is too noisy to hear them; your mind is too unsure to follow them; and your will is too undisciplined to stick with them. This is what separates those that are successful from those who are unable to achieve success.


The Creator in You: You are not Helpless

During times of economic downturn millionaires are made. They are able to push through the fear and obtain the fruition of their efforts because they saw an opportunity when a challenge was presented. What is it that you see? Challenges are real, but not more real than your ability to use everything inside of you to overcome them.

Consider Milton S. Hershey, who only had a fourth grade education and at the age of 14 began an apprenticeship with a printing press. This was short lived as Hershey and the Printer discovered this was not Hershey’s calling. He was dismissed and then began an apprenticeship with a candy maker. With his new found skills, he decided to open a candy company at the age of 19. After three failed attempts, ten years later his Lancaster Carmel 13

The Creator in You: You are not Helpless

Company had made him a millionaire. Noticing that his chocolate-covered caramel candies were his best sellers, he began experimenting with milk chocolate candies.

This experimentation led him to sell his Carmel Company for one million dollars, while retaining the rights and machinery to produce milk chocolate. Hershey found a way to take what was previously a Swiss luxury product and produce it affordably for the American masses. He learned, experimented and kept trying until he created what only he was designed to bring forth: The Hershey Company1


The Creator in You: You are not Helpless

What separates successful people from the masses? The understanding that the world is like a candy store, awaiting your unique flavor. And nothing can stop you from creating your flavor if you are willing and dedicated. What is it you desire? What is it that has eluded you? What is it that you secretly dream about? It is not whether you can obtain it; more often it is that you don’t feel you deserve it or have what it takes to achieve it.

America is a living example of people starting with nothing and creating something wonderfully unique and world-changing. However, we have forgotten that spirit and its founding principle: that there is a creation power inside of us all. So instead, we choose to imitate. We become replicators and go through life traumatized when things external to us fail to provide what we need. All along, we forget that the treasure we so desperately desire lays untapped inside of us.


The Creator in You: You are not Helpless

The wonderful thing is that creation is hard wired into our souls, so at any time, you can jumpstart it and walk the path you desire. You are not helpless. You have everything you need inside – discover and embrace it. If you do, you will find that regardless of the economic times, you can create what is needed for a world waiting for the inspiration of its arrival.


The Creator in You: You are not Helpless

Writing Space We all have passions and dreams that we secretly dream about fulfilling. If there were no barriers, no limitations, what would you do with your life? ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________


The Creator in You: You are not Helpless

What challenge or obstacle do you feel keeps you from moving toward that dream and passion? This can be circumstantial, physical, mental or emotional. ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________


The Creator in You: You are not Helpless

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