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Your new style is a departure from your previous works, was the evolution organic? Are there any other artistic endeavours you want to focus on apart from painting? I enjoy exploring movement in all my work, and I wanted to bring in more of my scientific background into my work, hence in a way the evolution was seamless and organic yet it flowed into this new style. I have always used bright colours, and it was through this movement of paint and blending of hues that I wanted to capture ‘instance’ – in a way a snapshot of creation. In

this series, the colours are bolder, sometimes meld and complement yet sometimes repel and jar – but this is what I am aiming for. I have experimented with blacksmithery – heating metal to make the atoms more malleable and working the heated metal into organic shapes that still hold that ‘instance’ but evolved from a dull piece of metal into a shining sculpture. I did feel a little like the god Vulcan in his forge using fire and hammers to create an object. This is something that I will tie in with my next collection and create a narrative to go with it. 99

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