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/KATIE IONE CRANEY There’s no denying that we world we inhabit is changing right before our eyes. Our consumerist way of living is having drastic consequences on our planet and its inhabitants. Species that have been around for millions of years are being wiped out, their habitats polluted or decimated for its natural resources. Artist Katie Ione Craney is trying to capture the essence of the elements and world around her and decipher it through her work. Using encaustic wax, silver leaf, tissue paper, line drawings, gauze, linen, and blueberry-dyed cheesecloth to hand-cut scrap metal she creates pieces that break down complicated, long-term social and ecological natures of a changing climate. You recently completed a month-long residency in Iceland, what was that like? Iceland was incredible. I gave myself a week to explore before the residency started explored the black sand beaches, volcanoes, ice, and all the things people flock there to experience.

land and seascape, took long walks along the beach and sea cliffs, and marvelled at the endless swell from the open ocean. What challenged me the most was the quiet, which forced me to face my own worst and best friend - myself.

Sometimes I liked what I saw, sometimes I hated it, but the place made me confront all the emotions After settling into the tiny and thoughts I hid away. They benorthern fishing town of SkagastrĂśnd, the actual appearance came exposed. There was nowhere to hide, no tree to curl up under, of Iceland started to show itself. I filled my space and mind with the no distractions to fill my day. 54

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