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Did the Iranian Revolution of 1979 have an impact on you as an artist? One thing that I had observed, it that whether it was the revolution or the eight-year war, the traditional art of that country has always remained and has continued. It is part of the culture and history. It is part of my culture and history.

unique beauty of the world and the miracles in nature so that we can truly feel the power of love. You have started incorporating semi-precious stones in your work lately, what was the inspiration behind that? In Iran, semi-precious stones or mineral stones are used for protection; especially Agate and Turquoise. When we always visited Germany; my husband, daughter and I loved visiting the mineral stone shops.

The way that this has shaped my journey as an artist is onefold: I wanted to create something to show that the past, present or future events in my personal life We love the energy they spread. I will not change my inner peace that have always wanted to somehow I have found through painting. work with these stones as they always seemed to spread positive The moment I picked up a brush energy. Which is why I decided and started to paint was the most to combine painting (something freeing moment I have ever that provides me inner peace) with experienced. semi-precious stones (something that spreads positive energy). It was What led you to move to the perfect combination to me. Luxembourg? We had a lot of family members For someone who only started living around in Europe, so we painting earlier this year, you decided to move to the heart of have multiple art fairs lined up, Europe, Luxembourg to be closer how does that make you feel? to them. I am very thrilled and still in a little bit of shock. I also recently was What message are you trying to nomiated by the independent convey through your work? judges of the Global Arts Award in To feel more connected to the Dubai in the Painting 44

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