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Above: Cough-Up, digital painting, 14 X 11 inches

book of your art. In 2013 a 160-page book was published covering 60 years of my art. It included 357 illustrations of some of my work, mostly in colour. Over the years I had kept track of most of my art but gathering the information needed to form the book, I found there were gaps. There were some lists of works but no photographs, and some photographs but no information or code numbers. After searching and borrowing works back from collectors so that

I could get them photographed, I was able to form a master list of most of my creative output. There are still many pieces missing, and I wish I had been more deliberate over the past 65 years in archiving and cataloguing my art. Back in the early 60’s when I was in graduate school at the Otis Art Institute, I was able to sell art through several galleries in order to raise money to help pay for my education. The gallery owners required that I have some system of numbering each piece so that we both could keep track of the work. 14

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