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As an artist and a biochemist, what are your thoughts on the crisis the natural world is currently facing? Sadly, we have damaged and continue to damage ecosystems and delicate areas of scientific interest. There are conservation projects going on, but we must all take ownership of the damage we are causing through pollution and dumping of rubbish that could easily be recycled.

with all the different shades of reds, greens, oranges, browns, purples and yellows. Sheffield is a very vibrant and cultural city with several art galleries, independent cinemas that show world films, fabulous eating places.

Our planet is amazing, yet we are continually causing stress on delicate ecosystems such that some have been lost forever. Could we use genetic engineering to recreate lost species? That is an ongoing and very heated debate covering ethics, religion, moral, political and ecological dynamics. Not a subject to bring up at a dinner party!

Does Miranda enjoy a good duvet day? I like nothing more than curling up under a blanket when it is cold outside, with my pussycat on my knee and reading a book with a cup of Yorkshire Tea. Bliss!

Could you tell us a bit about life in Yorkshire for those of us that have never been? Yorkshire is a friendly and vibrant place. We have the Peak District on our doorstep which comprises rolling hills and moors. When the heather blooms, there is this amazing burst of purple colour and autumn is visually spectacular


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