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/CAROL BROWN Photographer Carol Brown’s time working in the independent film industry helped to develop her style as an artist; whether working with wardrobe, make-up, or as a still photographer, she used the experience to learn as much as possible. As an artist, Brown’s images hold an autobiographic quality, as we are offered snatched glimpses into her everyday movements albeit from an abstract perspective. When did you move to New York and what brought you there? I moved to New York City when I was young and stupid and didn’t know anything. So I was a ‘deer in headlights’ for a while then. I loved the City but it took a while for me to make myself at home. I was right out of school and really shy, I suppose I sort of shrank off a bit and retreated to the background where it was easier to watch life unfold and carve out my own identity. New York is amazing, I just really wanted to be there.

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