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dedicated to raising three kids and by thirty I had time to really focus on my creativity. My studio is in my home so my work, parenting and partnership all become one by the end of the day.

become timid or rigid.

What is the most rewarding thing about being an artist? Of course on a personal level, I am always rewarded when I can physically portray what I was Do you have any advice for other seeing in my head onto the canvas. Mom’s who may want to explore There are plenty of times I cannot their artistic side but simply can’t get it “right” but when I do, I find make the time? myself smiling or even talking to My advice would be to just take myself. one step into creating. Create something for yourself without expectations. To me, art is executing ideas from within. As a child, I think we all found this concept easy but as we get older we

CreativPaper Issue No. 001  
CreativPaper Issue No. 001