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/MANSS AVAL Nature, with all its patterns, textures and colours plays a pivotal role in San Diego based artist Manss Aval’s work. Primarily a fine art photographer, Manss also turns his images into works of art, transforming inanimate objects into faces, designs and complete figures that present our environment in a different, more intimate perspective. How old were you when you started venturing into photography? I was 14, but about ten years ago, I began to pursue it more seriously.

considerable time and effort, and requires above else hard work and an attractive and unique signature style. It is a tough business with plenty of competitors and three What would you say are the perks billion camera owners. of living in San Diego, California as an artist? Do you still get nervous before an If you are a Nature person, San exhibition of your work? Diego offers a fantastic and very No, not after 90+ shows. diverse scenery. How important is photographing What advice would you give nature from an archival and photographers that may be conservationist point of view? starting out and need to get their I think it can be vital. Our work out there? environments are rapidly declining It really depends on the individual’s as is and we need efforts, including long-term objective and ambitions: visual documentation to stem this to make an impact will take development.

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