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Page 1 574-239-8400 We are within walking distance of South Bend, IN or a

The Value of Experience

short drive from many other cities in northern Indiana.

Don’t let the cost of a private education scare you away from

In the fall, on our northern Indiana campus, you will be

Holy Cross College. Our tuition

able to watch red maples, pin oaks, and dozens of other

and fees place us among the most

varieties of trees, as they change from the lush greens of

affordable private schools in the

summer to the rich reds and yellows that signal autumn.

United States. What’s more, the value of personal attention from

All freshmen arrive early for Welcome Weekend!

caring mentors, a 13:1 student/

You’ll have the opportunity to connect with other

teacher ratio, and experiences

new students, meet faculty members and get

you won’t find anywhere else,

comfortable with your new home before classes start.

make this one of today’s truly exceptional values in higher

In winter, experience activities such as cross-country

education. More than 70 percent

skiing, ice hockey, ice skating, and even snow tubing!

of our students receive some form


of financial aid, we hope you will Enjoy spring with Art’s Day, and don’t miss reading the

consider applying and let us show

Cauldron, our arts magazine, or acting in the annual

you how affordable Holy Cross

drama production.

College can be.

Holy Cross College

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Page 2 574-239-8400

Holy Cross College With five colleges and universities within a five mile radius, there is always something to do in this big college town.

We’re a small college in a big college town!

As a Holy Cross student, you’ll have all the advantages of a small college—professors will know you by your first name. Professional librarians at our McKenna Library will give you individualized research help. You will be able to take one-on-one guitar and piano lessons with our music professor. You can get individualized help with your fitness at the Pfeil Recreation Center. And, you can get personally involved in all the activities on campus from student government, to arts publications, to campus ministry, to athletics, to whatever you want to accomplish! At Holy Cross, we encourage everyone to be involved.

You’ll cheer on your own Holy Cross Saints in soccer, basketball, lacrosse, baseball, hockey, and more. But you can also join the Holy Cross cheering section on football Saturday to cheer on the Fighting Irish at the University of Notre Dame.

If our campus ever starts to feel small, you can walk to St. Mary’s College or the University of Notre Dame to sit in a coffee shop, visit friends, see a play, or take in a lecture.

Catch a South Bend city bus and you can see minor league baseball at Coveleski Stadium, go shopping at the mall in Mishawaka, or see a Broadway production at the Morris Performing Arts Center. And for a weekend getaway, the great city of Chicago is a short trip on the South Shore Railroad. Arriving in Millennium Park, you can walk north along the Magnificent Mile or south to the museum campus. Take in a concert, a ballgame, or a matinee play then catch the late train back to South Bend.


Notre Dame, Indiana

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Page 3 574-239-8400 As you can see, Holy Cross College, St. Mary’s and

disciplined college education. Anyone who is open

Notre Dame share many things in common,

to a rigorous college experience that includes

especially our commitment to Catholic education.

learning about the history and ideas of Christian

Historically, Catholics have been instrumental in

faith (essentially the last 2,000 years of Western

developing many of the great colleges and

Civilization) will find a home at Holy Cross College.

universities throughout the world as well as developing many of the great ideas of Western civilization. Philosophers, scholars, and artists of the Renaissance such as Descartes, Copernicus, Chaucer, Da Vinci, Dante, Michelangelo, Galileo, and Cervantes and of the modern era—Pasteur, Picasso, Matisse, Hemingway, Joyce, Fitzgerald—were all practicing Catholics.

Opened in 1966 by the Brothers of the Holy Cross, we are inspired by their founder, Blessed Basil Moreau, a leading educator of his time. His philosophy of relationship-based education is still very alive and present today. In fact, our professors try to be more than just teachers for our students—they aspire to be mentors. Holy Cross College is all about forming relationships that

Holy Cross College is a place where young Catholics can come to grow in their faith, where they can find

help you succeed. Fr. Moreau formed his schools around the concept of family. By developing relationships with

daily Mass on campus, participate in the sacraments,

professors, we believe that the educational experience

sing in the choir, perform works of service, and

will be richer and more fulfilling for our students.

form friendships with others who share their love

For Holy Cross College educators, the success of each

of God and Church.

student is something we take personally.

Holy Cross College is also a place where individuals of all faiths and beliefs can find a well-rounded,

Holy Cross College Distinctly Catholic Open to all… “I have definitely grown in my faith since coming here. Daily mass gives me a time to talk to God, and meeting with my fellow Mission Team friends once a week helps me to know that I am part of a community of people who care about me.” —Sara Proctor ’11


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Page 4 574-239-8400 The mission of Holy Cross College is to educate the whole person—body, mind, and spirit. When you choose to come to Holy Cross, you choose to participate in programs that will help you think critically, help you explore your faith and spirituality, help you understand the world in greater depth, and help you begin to find your place in it. We are certain that the experiences you gain by completing your studies at Holy Cross will make you stand out from the crowd.


Academics Today, more than ever, there is an emphasis

enter a practical, four-year educational

only find an internship, but provides

on the practicality of a college education.

experience in the liberal arts tradition. The

guidance and resources to research

Will you be prepared for the workforce? Will

core curriculum is designed to improve your

professions, discover your interests,

you qualify for acceptance into graduate

mind, develop your moral judgment,

and decide your future whether it be

school programs? Will you be qualified to

broaden your perspective, and enhance

business, law, education, military service,

achieve your goals? A Holy Cross College

your leadership—qualities every

entrepreneurship, politics, health care fields,

education is the answer to these questions.

employer wants.

non-profit enterprise, or religious life.

you ultimately be satisfied with your

From the beginning, you will have a faculty

We understand you have four years

achievements? Will you be ready to enter

advisor who will get to know you and be

to make life decisions that will affect the

a profession with a passion for your work

your personal guide and mentor for the

course of your future. We take our role in

and certainty that comes from knowing

first two years. After that, you will select

this process very seriously. That is why our

what you want to do, how you want to do

an advisor who is an expert in your field

classes are small, so we will get to know

it, and why?

of study.

you individually. This is why we require

However, more importantly for you—will

experiential programs, so that you learn At Holy Cross College, the major you choose

You will also have the resources of our

by doing and experience the practices

is only the beginning. All of our degree

Center for Discernment and Preparation

and principles of your future profession,

programs are designed so that you will

at your service. This office helps you not

not just the theory.

A business major or concentration is excellent preparation for any career. You will not only be ready to lead in the commercial, financial, nonprofit, or government sector, but the skills you gain will be valuable in any field you choose to pursue. With classes in accounting, economics, communication, business law and ethics, you will be prepared to assume a leadership role wherever you may be headed after graduation.

Even if your interests lie outside of the traditional business arena, the skills you will develop while pursuing this major can be invaluable. All students are required to complete an Internship Experience. In the past, students have worked with U.S. Senators, CEOs, doctors, lawyers, and other influential decision makers within their communities and our world.

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Study elementary education in order to prepare yourself for the noble work of educating our youth. You will gain practical experience in primary grade classrooms and prepare yourself to gain your teaching license. The goal of the Teacher Education program at Holy Cross College is to create competent teachers who have compassionate hearts and who are ready to take on the responsibility of being positive role models capable of transforming the lives of their future students. Holy Cross College elementary education teachers are passionate, lifelong learners who see teaching as their vocation. They follow in the tradition of the Brothers of Holy Cross who were founded as a teaching order. A child’s future is affected by the quality of education he or she receives. Your impact as educator will be strongly correlated with the quality of the education you receive at Holy Cross College. When you receive your degree, you can be certain you will have the skills and experience to ensure your students will remember you as a teacher who made a difference for them.



Elementary Education


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The study of communications considers the ways in which we all communicate—not only how we communicate, but also why. You will study interpersonal communications emphasizing language, nonverbal interaction, listening, and communication skills useful for family, social and work situations. Study the mass media and its role in our society and have the option of studying broadcasting, organizational communication, or persuasive writing. A communications major or concentration will prepare you for careers in law, government, public relations, journalism, marketing, education or television. The skills you gain and develop by studying communications are applicable in just about every field. 574-239-8400


The ability to communicate effectively is integral to every area of your life. Experience success by participating in the College’s own marketing process, website and publications development. You can get involved and fill your portfolio with published work that will impress any employer.

Holy Cross College

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Psychology is the science of mental processes and human behavior. The study of psychology will allow you a wonderful opportunity to bridge the gap between humanities and the sciences. You will have the option to take courses that introduce you to basic principles of human behavior, including conditioning, development, personality, learning, and adjustment. Additional courses include Social Psychology, where you will study group behavior and attitude formation; Abnormal Psychology, where you will familiarize yourself with the different approaches to understanding, preventing, and treating mental disorders; Educational Psychology where you will explore psychological concepts as they relate to the teaching/ learning process. You may also want to take a multi-disciplinary course such as Social Gerontology where you will undertake the study of aging with a focus on social issues. You will prepare for careers in healthcare related fields, human resources, business, or you may also consider continuing your studies in graduate school. The experiences you gain by studying this discipline at Holy Cross College will mean that any goal you set that includes working with people is within your reach.

One reason you may choose to attend Holy Cross College is because you understand that faith and spirituality are integral to your success in life. Holy Cross College takes very seriously its mission to educate our students especially in the Catholic faith and theological tradition. Theology majors develop a deep understanding of ethics that will guide them whether they choose careers in law, business, economics, public administration, or find their calling in the ministry. The study of theology will prepare you to be a leader of your religious community, your business community, or your hometown. You will explore your own personal experience of Christianity and how religion impacts the rest of the world.

When you study history at Holy Cross College, you learn to make sense of the current state of the world by closely examining our past. A history major or concentration is excellent preparation for a political career, entry into law school, or for a career in education, publishing, or business. Some topics that you might study include the development of the polis in Greece; the Persian Wars; the rise and fall of the Roman Empire; Medieval Europe; the Black Death and the Hundred Years’War; the Renaissance, and the development of the United States from its colonial beginnings to the present. But, this list is by no means exhaustive. You will find a wide variety of courses to suit your interests wherever they may lie.

You will take courses such as Church History, Theological Anthropology, Introduction to Moral Theology, Christ and the Trinity, and Catholic Social Teaching, along with many other courses designed to inform you and enrich your experience of Christianity.

Academics Experience


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Holy Cross College

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“I came to Holy Cross with the goal of becoming a teacher. Now, as I near my degree, I hope to one day have the impact on my students that my professors have had on me.” —Emily Ford ’09

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Page 7 574-239-8400


Holy Cross College

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“Hello!” The right side of your brain is calling. What is your medium? Are you a painter? A photographer? A graphic designer? The bachelor of arts program at Holy Cross College will give you the freedom to take courses in all three disciplines and many more. You will take studio courses that allow you to practice your craft, discuss your work with your peers, and give and receive feedback—all of this is designed to encourage your development as an artist or graphic designer. Upon completion, you will be prepared to enter the business worlds of advertising, graphic design, or Web layout. You may choose to attend a graduate program or perhaps you will want to continue your studies in art history, earn your MFA, or pursue your teaching license. Wherever you go, you will have strong visual communication skills and the experience that will ensure your success!

Liberal Studies

The Holy Cross College English major will inspire you to shape your own vision of the world through immersion in the greatest novels, plays, poems, and essays ever written. These works will take you inside the lives, thoughts, and feelings of individuals living in different times, places, and circumstances throughout history. In addition, you'll learn to write clearly. You'll create essays, opinion pieces and other forms of persuasive and informative writing as well as journal entries, poems, and research projects. Designed for students who love to read and write, this major sharpens your distinctive talents and vision. The writing and reasoning ability you obtain from an English major is always at the top of the list of what employers seek. It will send you into the workforce with a better understanding of other people and how to communicate effectively with them.

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Visual Arts


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Jobs in gerontologyrelated fields are expected to grow by more than 36 percent in the next five years, making for one of the fastest growing careers in the country. Holy Cross College has recently added courses in gerontology to allow you to pursue an in-depth study of the physical, mental, and social aspects of aging. With this minor, you will take courses that will be an excellent complement to other studies in psychology, theology, or related fields. You may also choose to complete your internship experience at Holy Cross Village, northern Indiana’s premier continuing care retirement community, located adjacent to the Holy Cross College campus.

Liberal studies is the signature program of Holy Cross College. It is the most versatile major and will be a valuable asset to have on your side. Your degree will open many doors for you upon graduation, and it will continue opening doors for you in the future. You will be able to take a broad range of classes, and you will have the freedom to choose the electives that interest you! Some course offerings include Art and Literature in World Culture; Business Leadership in the Global Marketplace; Personal Finance; The What and Wonder of Science; and Christ, the Church, and the Modern World. Choose one of the following optional concentrations to create a program that is practical and oriented to real-world applications. Majors and Concentrations:

Business Elementary Education Communications Psychology Theology Visual Arts Gerontology Liberal Studies History

Academics Experience


According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Page 9 574-239-8400


“We realize students are making life decisions as they settle on a major and a career path, so we try to help them find a direction that satisfies their interests, their faith, and their personal ambitions.” —John Raymer, Ph.D.

Holy Cross College

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Page 10 574-239-8400


StudentLife The years you spend in college are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. When you attend Holy Cross College, you will receive not only a strong academic background, but your participation in clubs, events, and student organizations throughout the semester will give you an integrated education that includes knowledge, practice, and leadership. You will stay involved and test your social, organizational, and leadership skills.

We are certain that you will find plenty of opportunities for personal growth in and out of the classroom.

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Page 11 574-239-8400 “If I were at a large university, I don’t think that I would have tried all of the things that I’ve been able to at Holy Cross. But with access to many of the facilities at Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s, it’s like I can have the best of both worlds.” —Brandon Beck ’09


Student Government Association The SGA is an organization of student leaders dedicated to improving student life for all Holy Cross College students. The SGA is made up of committees that diligently work to improve every aspect of campus life including entertainment, athletics, resident life, tri-campus relations, social concerns, and the commuter association. The members of the SGA are committed to fostering a sense of community. They encourage community interaction with the College and often represent the student body in off-campus activities. They also work to help develop the student as an individual by providing social and academic services. Whether you choose to pursue a position as officer or help with the fundraising drive or other activities, stay in touch with your SGA in their new offices in the Pfeil Center. You will always stay informed about what is going on at Holy Cross College.

Holy Cross College

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Page 12


Mission Team

The Cauldron is the Holy Cross College online

The Holy Cross College Mission Team is dedicated

arts magazine. The release of the Cauldron always

to promoting the Catholic mission of the College.

coincides with the annual Arts Day on campus.

As a member of the Mission Team, you will immerse

Celebrate the creative spirit of all the Saints by

yourself in a challenging program of faith-based

sharing with your classmates, your artwork, essays,

leadership development. Mission Team members

short stories, or poetry.

reach out and support the community and encourage their peers to do the same. Join the

Campus Ministry

Mission Team and you will grow not only in spirit but in character.

At Holy Cross College we recognize your faith is not something you find at test time (when you are praying for a certain grade). We take our

Cheer on the Saints You will find numerous sporting events as the

Catholic mission seriously and offer you every

NAIA Saints take on rival colleges in the midwest

opportunity to grow your faith, expand your spirit,

and Chicago regional small colleges in soccer,

and deepen your relationship with God while you

basketball, hockey, baseball, cross country, golf,

pursue your academic interests. Attend Mass, worship

lacrosse and cheerleading.

with your classmates and friends, or attend a Spes Unica retreat for a fun and intense weekend where you look at yourself and your relationship with God in detail. Everyone is welcome!



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Page 13 574-239-8400

These are only some of the activities available to you in the tri-campus area. Exhibit your artwork, sing with the Liturgical Choir, start a political action committee, or join the faith-based mission team, and don’t forget about the sports activities available to you on campus (see page 17). There is always something going on in the tri-campus area. Participate in any of these activities or even start your own club!


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Learning When we ask our students why they chose to come to Holy Cross College, we hear a variety of answers: I want to be a lawyer; I want to run my own

business; I want to make a difference in my community. But, the one answer that seems to underlie all others is that our students come to Holy Cross College for the experience.

Holy Cross College is unique in that, in order to graduate with a bachelor’s degree, every student must complete four experiential programs.

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Page 15 574-239-8400

The Global Immersion Experience has impacted everything else I have studied at Holy Cross College. Once you gain the perspective of yourself as a member of a global community, everything else in your life is affected by it. —Nichole Molnar ’09

16 1. The Service Learning Experience The Brothers of Holy Cross embrace a spirit of outreach, charity, and involvement. In keeping with this spirit, every student accomplishes a Service Learning Experience. This experience provides the insight that one of the best parts of living comes from contributing your skills, effort, and understanding to others. In working for others, students learn more about themselves, their hopes for the future, their talents, and potentially their vocation. You may want to be a “big brother or sister” to a child in need of a positive role model. Volunteer in a local health clinic to learn the impact of disease in your community, build a home with Habitat for Humanity, or volunteer in a Catholic Charities soup kitchen or clothing drive. Our students have taught reading and math on Indian reservations, tutored students in the South Bend community, cared for the sick and elderly in hospice centers, and volunteered to deliver food and toys during the holidays just to name a few. The Service Learning Experience is much more important than just a resume builder. The program is designed to teach leadership and instill in Holy Cross College students a sense of responsibility to their community and a sense of duty that will stay with them long after graduation.

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Ghana You may want to head to Ghana where you’ll be able to explore the infamous coastal slave castle. You will learn about the slave trade and its impact on US history while also being able to discuss the Ghanaian perspective of the slave trade with local experts. You will be able to visit the Kakum Rain Forest and experience its Canopy Walk, a tour that will literally take you to the treetops!

Peru The Congregation of Holy Cross operates one of the largest parishes in the world in Lima, Peru—a congregation of over 200,000 people! You will help the Brothers teach English, or help repair a local chapel. Take time to hike in Andes Mountains and explore the Inca ruins at Macchu Picchu, explore the Presidential Palace in “El Centro” in downtown Lima. Practice your Spanish as you learn about the people, their rich culture, their economic conditions, and their devotion to spirituality.




2. The Global Immersion Experience

While the small class sizes and personal relationships that you develop with classmates and professors are but two of the great benefits of attending Holy Cross College, the College also has a mission to develop students who are knowledgeable about their position in the world community and are concerned about their impact upon it. This is why every student working toward a bachelor of arts degree must complete a Global Immersion Experience. You will travel abroad under the care of Holy Cross Brothers at retreat centers in Ghana, Peru, Mexico, or India. Before you leave, you will study the history, mission, and traditions of the country you’ll be visiting. And once you arrive, be prepared to see the world in a whole new light!

In India, you will be able to explore cities like Delhi and Bangalore. In your studies, you will consider issues of poverty and study the subsistence farmers who make their livings alongside the growing economies in the cities. Ride in a bicycle taxi to visit the Taj Mahal and learn about its construction, the ancient culture, and vibrant faith of Indian citizens.

Mexico In Monterrey, you will learn about the rich cultural heritage of Mexican Catholicism, devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe, and the celebrations of Las Posadas. Students choosing the Global Immersion Experience in Mexico will explore issues of poverty and justice and study the background of Mexican immigrants in the United States. Take in the breathtaking views of nearby Cerro de La Silla (Saddleback Mountain) or browse the collection at the Museum of Mexican history.

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3. The Professional Internship Through the Lilly Center for Discernment and Preparation, students complete a thorough examination of their goals, skills, faith, and personality traits to discover if what they want to be is a good fit with who they are and what they will be good at. Do you really have the patience to be a teacher? Are you self-disciplined enough for a career in law? Does the opportunity to lead give you confidence? Is the up and down competition of business something that makes you nervous or enthusiastic? Do you like to solve the puzzles of technology? 574-239-8400

It is a common experience for many college students to realize that the dreams of their childhood are not necessarily the careers of adulthood. As you mature and discover new talents or grow in new directions, you begin to realize the relationship between career and calling. Through the Professional Internship, you can try on a career before you accept a job. We have had students take internships as Congressional aides, TV producers, marketing assistants, healthcare counselors, student teachers, construction supervisors, automobile designers, and in military officer training.

4. The Capstone Presentation Attending Holy Cross College is life changing. The Capstone Presentation allows you to share with your peers, faculty, family, and community and business leaders the ways in which your experience has changed you. You will deliver a 45-minute multi-media presentation that discusses college coursework, service experiences, Global Immersion Experiences, internship and work experiences, as well as the people and relationships that have changed your life. You will reflect on college and look forward to post college options and how what you have learned has shaped your decision-making process. College can be time of profound change. The Capstone Project helps you make sense of these changes, synthesize what you have learned, and it allows you to prove to yourself, as well as your Capstone Evaluation Committee, that you are ready to take the next step in your life.

When students are considering their careers, we want them to satisfy their own interests while at the same time bringing in an element of faith to the their decisions and their work experience‌ this translates to a rich experience that they will remember for their entire lives. —Daniel Haverty, Director, Center for Discernment and Preparation



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Athletics At Holy Cross College our students develop their—mind, body, and spirit. We have a wide range of athletic opportunities for all students, meaning that you are sure to find an activity to suit you! 574-239-8400

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Page 19

The Pfeil Recreation Center is a complete facility for indoor sports and recreation including basketball, volleyball, badminton, weight-lifting, 574-239-8400

and jogging. Go there to burn off some stress during test time or meet up with a friend for a game of one-on-one. Our campus offers more than 100-acres of field area including soccer fields, a sand volleyball area, tennis courts, and basketball courts. There are plenty of ways to stay active indoors and outside.


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Page 20

Intercollegiate Sports Men’s and Women’s Soccer

Men’s and Women’s Cross Country


Men’s and Women’s Golf


Men’s and Women’s Basketball

Men’s and Women’s Cheerleading

Men’s ACHA Ice Hockey

Men’s Lacrosse

Men’s Baseball

We are members of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) conference, which provides many challenging opportunities for competition. The men’s golf team participates in the Notre Dame Invitational where they face some of the best collegiate golfers in the country. The men’s Hockey Club participates in the ACHA (American College Hockey Association), and their home ice is the Icebox in South Bend. The Men’s and Women’s basketball teams are excited to play on the new court in the Pfeil Recreation Center. Participating in the athletics program at Holy Cross College offers a very rich experience. You will learn to set and achieve goals for yourself and learn to participate as a member of a team. You might achieve a personal best or help bring your team from behind to a spectacular victory. You will take the lessons from the field or on the court back to the classroom and with you into your life after graduation.

Recreational Sports Flag Football (September-November) Volleyball (September) Basketball (January-March) Tennis (Fall/Spring) Dodge Ball (Fall/Spring) Softball (March-April)

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